Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/24/13

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/24/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

EJ and Sami end their hug and start kissing.

Adrienne and Justin walk through the town square as Adrienne complains about how Sami was to her. Justin tells her that it's true that Will is going to have to live with the mistake for the rest of his life so maybe they should show some compassion. Lucas arrives and says he appreciates Justin saying that.

Abigail approaches Chad at the coffeehouse and says she needs to talk to him.

Rafe enters the coffeehouse and asks Sonny if he's seen Will but Sonny says they aren't hanging out much these days.

Cameron shows Nick and Gabi the sonogram. Gabi calls it incredible. Cameron asks if they would like to know the sex of the baby. Gabi says they do. Cameron reveals that they are having a daughter. Will then enters, hearing that it's a girl. Cameron asks Gabi if she wants Will there. Will states that he has every right to be there as the father.

EJ and Sami continue kissing onto the couch.

Abigail tells Chad that she never hated him only what he did and she doesn't understand how the same guy who was her friend could be this vindictive jerk that ruined the wedding. Chad feels he has his reasons. Chad admits he regrets it now. Abigail tells him that it's too late now. Chad says he will now live with the consequences of what he's done and the chances he's lost for the rest of his life.

Sonny reveals to Rafe that he and Will are no longer together. Rafe says he's sorry to hear that as he know they were happy together. Sonny says it seems like so long ago.

Cameron says it's Gabi's appointment so it's her call. Will argues that he has every right. Nick suddenly agrees that Will should be there as the father.

EJ and Sami begin to undress as they kiss. EJ stops and says he's sorry but he can't do this.

Adrienne and Lucas argue about Will and Sonny. Justin assures Adrienne that he's on her team.

Rafe thanks Sonny and goes over to ask Abigail if she knows where Will is. Abigail asks why. Rafe says he hasn't spoken to him in private since he found out about the baby and they are close. Rafe tells Abigail that he hopes she can be there for Gabi through this. Abigail says she will as she cares about Gabi a lot. Rafe thanks her and starts to leave but Abigail stops him and informs him that Will is at the hospital with Gabi for the sonogram.

Nick exits the room to let Will and Gabi talk with Cameron.

EJ talks to Sami about knowing she feels terrible and not wanting to do it like this. Sami understands. EJ assures her that he loves her and if she needs him, he'll be there but he thinks the time needs to be right. EJ kisses her and they begin to put their clothes back on. EJ starts to leave but Sami says she wants to talk to him about something. Someone then knocks on the door. They hurry to get dressed and EJ opens the door to see Lucas. Sami tells Lucas that the kids are at sleepovers. Lucas says he wants to talk about Will so EJ decides to leave. Lucas comments that it didn't take them very long. Sami assures him that nothing happened but Lucas mocks the buttoning of her blouse. Sami admits something happened but says she doesn't have to explain herself. Lucas questions her going from Rafe to EJ again. Lucas asks if it's because of Will and Gabi that it's now out with Rafe and in with EJ.

Justin and Adrienne go to the coffeehouse. Adrienne says they came to check on Sonny and she wanted to apologize. Sonny says he's the one who's sorry for taking out his frustrations on her. Sonny brings up them both acting happy about he and Will at Christmas but now he's wondering if they really meant it or if they already knew it was a mistake.

Chad and EJ walk outside of the town square as Chad comments that EJ looks happy. EJ comments that things are heading in the right direction. Chad asks if it's because of what he did at the wedding. EJ admits that starting a war between Sami and Rafe may have helped. Chad congratulates him. EJ asks Chad how he is after his performance at the wedding. Chad calls his life now a full blown disaster.

Will and Gabi watch the baby on the sonogram with Cameron and they feel the baby move. They call it a miracle as Nick watches through the window from outside the room. Nick declares that he will make this right. Cameron goes out and tells Nick that Gabi wants him to come back in and everything's okay with the baby. Nick returns and Gabi has him feel the baby but it stops kicking. Gabi tells Nick that he could've stayed but Nick says it's okay. Gabi talks about all they have to be grateful for since the baby is healthy. Will says he knows now that their original plan of letting everyone think Nick was the father was a huge mistake after having seen and felt the baby. Will wants and needs to be a part of his daughter's life. Will thanks Nick for giving him time with Gabi and the baby. Will thinks they can work everything out for the baby. Will asks Gabi to let him know from now on about any check ups which Gabi promises to do. Will then exits. Gabi thanks Nick. Gabi says all three of them can do what's best for her daughter as Nick feels the baby kicking and calls it incredible.

Sami tells Lucas that she doesn't owe him an explanation about her personal life. Lucas says he was just making an observation. Sami says EJ has been great unlike Rafe. Lucas assumes Sami went after Gabi. Sami claims she didn't say anything untrue. Sami talks about Gabi lying to her. Lucas points out that Will lied too. Sami feels Will had to lie because Gabi and Nick coerced him into it. Sami says Will was just scared so he went along with it. Lucas doesn't think that sounds like Gabi. Sami says he doesn't know a lot about Gabi. Lucas says he didn't come to fight with her. Lucas mocks her for being with Rafe and then EJ every other day. Lucas tells her that they need to be there for Will but Sami alienated Gabi who is the mother of their future grandchild which is a huge mistake.

Rafe finds Will at the town square and says he was just on his way to see him at the hospital. Will tells him that everything is great. Rafe tells Will that he cares about him a lot. Will thinks the caring fades away when he lied. Rafe says maybe a little but he just wanted Will to be honest. Will admits he should've been honest with himself. Will states that everything has changed as he knows now what it means to be a father and he wants to be a big part of the baby's life. Rafe calls that great and says it's important to him too. Will informs Rafe that the baby is a girl so Rafe will be having a niece.

Nick tells Gabi that they've had a rough few days but he thinks things are better now. Gabi agrees that things are more real and she couldn't be happier. Nick says she could and that's why they are getting married tomorrow. Gabi hugs him and they say they love each other.

Will apologizes for lying to Rafe. Rafe understands that he was scared. Will assures that he won't be anymore because he's got to be strong and take responsibility for everything. Will says he will be his daughter's dad. Will mentions feeling her kick and calls it a miracle. Rafe tells Will that they're good and he hugs him. Rafe congratulates Will as Will walks on. Rafe says to himself that this will be a miracle if it all works out.

EJ asks Chad how Abigail is taking everything. Chad says she can't stand the sight of him. EJ encourages him to give her time. EJ says that in relationships, things can still fall out exactly how he wants.

Sami tells Lucas that she's going to ignore his comments because he's in a bad mood and she wants to move on. Sami and Lucas toast to dealing with having a grandchild. They talk about being kids when they had a kid and now Will has to deal with that. Lucas says he told Will that they would be there for him no matter what. Sami tells him about Will saying she was being selfish by making it all about her. Lucas tells her that it's the truth. Sami adds that Rafe calls her selfish too. Lucas tells Sami that she's going to have to get along with Rafe if she wants to make peace with Gabi to be a part of the baby's life. Lucas tells Sami that it's not Rafe and Gabi's fault so they are going to have to be the adults and deal with it.

Adrienne tells Sonny that no one knew what Will was keeping from him at Christmas. Sonny thinks he feels like forever ago. Justin says things are going to be different from now on since Will is a father so no matter what happens between them, he always will be. Sonny understands Will's life is going to change completely. Justin tells him that they are there for him and they all hug. Will arrives but quickly backs out the door when he sees them. Justin and Adrienne say goodnight and exit the coffeehouse. After they walk on, Will comes back around the corner and enters the coffeehouse to see Sonny. Will hoped they could have a talk. Sonny mentions hearing about the sonogram and asks if everything is okay. Will says everything is great with the baby and he felt her kick, noting that it's a girl. Will says he now can't imagine not being apart of her life and has no idea what he was thinking before. Sonny questions if he's glad now that the truth is out. Will admits that he is and he intends to be a father. Will adds there's something else he wants too and that's for Sonny to be in his daughter's life as well.

Chad arrives at the hospital to try and apologize to Cameron again. Chad knows he's angry but wants him to hear him out. Chad says it doesn't matter what his motivation was to go after Gabi but it was all about her and no one else. Chad adds that he's sorry anyone else got hurt since he used confidential information. Cameron asks what his point is. Chad admits he was wrong and wants to make it up to him because he's family. Chad thinks Lexie would want them to figure this out. Cameron agrees to try so Chad thanks him.

Nick brings Gabi to her room and asks if she's hungry. Nick agrees to get her a milkshake and kisses her then exits as Abigail arrives. Nick tells her it was perfect timing to hang out with Gabi as he walks on. Abigail says she just wanted to check on Gabi since it's been a difficult time. Gabi knows she's caught in the middle of Nick and Will being her cousins. Gabi thinks things are getting better between them. Gabi tells her that she had the sonogram and everything is perfect. Gabi tells her that it's a girl which excites Abigail. Gabi tells her that they are getting married tomorrow and she's so excited. Abigail is happy for her and is sorry for what Chad did. Gabi says Chad had his reasons to be mad at her and she admits her mistakes but she doesn't want to think about it. Gabi wants to focus on the positives in her life and the future.

Lucas tells Sami that they have to be there for Will no matter what and not alienate Gabi and Rafe anymore. Sami agrees and asks about Sonny and how they help him. Lucas says they can't get involved as that's for Will to handle. Sami says Will really loves him but Lucas states that sometimes love just isn't enough. Lucas says goodnight and exits.

Rafe enters the Pub and runs into Nick. Rafe tells him that he just spoke to Will and found out Gabi is having a girl. Nick tells him that she's so happy. Nick reveals that they are getting married tomorrow which surprises Rafe. Nick doesn't see any reason to wait. Rafe suggests Sami might have a problem with it but Nick was thinking Will might.

Will says he shouldn't have said that which Sonny agrees with. Will tells him that he wishes every day he never lied to him as he loves him and isn't going to stop. Will insists that he wants to be with him. Will swears to never lie to him again if he gives him one more chance. Will adds that he misses him every minute of every day and then he kisses Sonny.

Abigail tells Gabi that she and Jennifer are the only ones to know Abigail is still a virgin. She says Cameron doesn't know as she was embarrassed to tell him but she's not anymore as it's who she is and she doesn't care what others think. Gabi calls it kind of funny that she thinks someone might not like that she's a virgin while Gabi is pregnant. Gabi says in a way it's the opposite as she thought Nick wouldn't accept her being pregnant with someone else's baby but he did. Gabi calls Nick an amazing person and says Abigail is one too. Gabi knows Abigail will find someone to love really soon and says that person will be so lucky to have her as they hug.

Sami's alone at home as her phone rings with a call from EJ who is in bed. EJ asks how everything went with Lucas. Sami says they ended up having a good conversation and getting on the same page. Sami adds that there's something that she wants to say. She thanks EJ for putting on the brakes earlier and using his head. EJ admits it wasn't easy. EJ says as much as he wanted to make love to her, he wanted it to be the right time for both of them which Sami agrees with. EJ asks what Sami was going to tell him before Lucas interrupted. Sami thinks it would be better to say in person. They say goodnight and hang up. Sami then says to herself that she owes EJ the truth about her and Rafe.

Rafe asks Nick why Will would have a problem with he and Gabi getting married. Nick doesn't trust that Will and Sami are going to let the custody issue go which could cause them problems. Rafe tells him that legally Will has every right to be a part of the child's life. Nick says if things get ugly and he has to protect Gabi then he may need Rafe's help. Rafe says he can count on him which Nick says means a lot to him.

Will and Sonny continue kissing. Will asks if they can go back to Sonny's place. Sonny admits he wants to be alone with him so bad right now but it's not going to fix their problems or make anything better and it will be just sex which it's never been with them. Will calls him so incredible and the best thing that could have ever happened to him. Will apologizes for being such an idiot. Will then exits the coffeehouse.

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