Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/23/13

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/23/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Rafe and Sami argue until EJ enters and tells Rafe to leave Sami alone. Rafe tells EJ to get lost as it's not his business. EJ says it is his if it concerns Sami or Will. EJ understands that family is important but he refuses to allow him to threaten Sami.

Gabi apologizes to Will for not talking to him since the wedding. Will apologizes for Sami. Nick doesn't think Sami should've gone after her and doesn't think Sami should expect to be part of the baby's life. Nick says they need to stick to he and Gabi being the parents.

Chad and Sonny sit at the coffeehouse going over work. Chad brings up what's happened and admits he could've handled things better. Chad says he didn't know Will was the father. Sonny points out that he'd still be in the dark if Chad didn't do what he did. Chad says he has to go apologize to Cameron now so he exits as Adrienne enters. Adrienne asks Sonny why he hasn't called her back. Sonny responds that he's not in the mood to hear I told you so about his boyfriend.

Rafe accuses Sami of threatening Gabi. Sami thinks he's exaggerating. They argue until EJ interrupts again. EJ says he understands Rafe is suffering but Sami is going through hell as well. EJ tells Rafe to show Sami some compassion and respect. Rafe questions respecting Sami for attacking Gabi and showing no compassion. EJ argues that Sami was lied to for months. EJ tells Rafe to think of it from Sami's point of view. Rafe argues blaming Will as much as Gabi.

Sonny tells Adrienne that he doesn't want to talk about it but Adrienne says that everyone is. Adrienne is glad Sonny knows but Sonny reveals to her that he had moved in and he loved Will but he lied to him so he can't trust him anymore. Sonny questions if she has any idea how that makes him feel.

Will says when they agreed to keep quiet, no one knew he was the father but now everyone knows. Gabi agrees that they can't keep pretending now. Nick wants to do it legally and wants Will to go to court to give up his parental rights for good.

Abigail goes to the hospital and greets Maxine after seeing Jennifer. Abigail asks if Cameron is on call. Maxine says he is and asks why. Abigail claims to be curious. Maxine mentions Cameron being alone since he broke up with his girlfriend Emily. Maxine walks away as Cameron approaches.

Adrienne apologizes to Sonny. Sonny figures she's not surprised. Adrienne questions what kind of man lies like Will. Sonny tells her to stop torturing him.

Will questions if Nick is kidding but Nick says he's looked into it already. Gabi thinks they should talk it through. Will remarks that he wasn't expecting Nick to be such a cold son of a bitch. Will questions giving up his rights so Nick can adopt the baby. Will brings up the baby has his DNA and his genes. Nick tells him to calm down and be rational. Will tells Nick that he's the one being insane. Nick warns Will to never say that about him again.

Rafe tells EJ that Will and Gabi are kids about to have a kid but both in love with other people. Sami asks what his point is. Rafe tells Sami that her fantasy of Will and Gabi coming together for the child isn't going to happen. Rafe brings up Sami never asking Will how he felt about things. Sami claims she cares about Will more than anything but Rafe says it's always been about Sami and what she wants and it always will be.

Cameron and Abigail say it's good to see one another. Cameron tells her that she looks great. Abigail thanks him. Cameron talks about respecting her loyalty to her friends. Abigail asks what he was going to say the other day about his girlfriend Emily. Cameron tells her that it's not all that between them anymore. Abigail asks if that means they broke up. Cameron jokes with her. Chad arrives. Abigail says it was nice to see Cameron as she walks away. Maxine approaches Cameron and reminds him of a sonogram appointment with Gabi. Chad walks up to Cameron and says he wants to settle some things. Cameron questions how they are going to settle everything he did.

Adrienne tells Sonny that she doesn't want to make him feel worse. He tells her to think before she says anything to him. Adrienne apologizes and wants him to be okay. Sonny thinks Adrienne feels vindicated after originally thinking Will wasn't right for him. Adrienne says she had came around on him so she's now sad and disappointed. Sonny suggests ending the conversation. Adrienne tells him that she just cares about him. Sonny thinks she came to make sure he's not getting back with Will. Adrienne just wanted to make sure he's okay. Will points out that she had to point out all of Will's flaws. Adrienne says Sonny deserves better than this. Sonny tells her that she called that this would be a trainwreck before it even started. Adrienne tells him not to do this. Sonny states that he's never felt worse than this in his entire life.

Will questions Nick what makes him think he would do any of this. Gabi tries to calm them down and wants to talk it out. Nick says Will was going to give them the baby before. Will explains that he convinced himself it was best for Gabi and the baby. Will says now everybody knows and the baby will know so he doesn't understand why Nick doesn't see that it changes everything. Will asks Gabi if she's going to back him up. Gabi doesn't respond. Nick asks Will how he sees this playing out. Nick questions if Will is going to pretend to care about the baby to prove something to someone. Gabi tells Nick that Will was already upset about not spending time with the baby. Nick says this isn't about feelings but about what's best for the baby. Will thinks him not being in the picture at all would be confusing for the baby. Nick tells Will that whatever guy he's with will also want to be a part of the baby's life. Nick questions if they really want the baby to be raised by 1 mom and 3 dads.

Rafe brings up Sami and Lucas passing Will back and forth during his childhood. Rafe calls her selfish. Sami calls it unfair. Rafe says it's unfair to Will and all the other kids. Rafe says Johnny and Sydney will end up the same. EJ interrupts saying that Will is not mixed up and that Johnny and Sydney will grow up happy and secure with the love of their parents. EJ tells Rafe to get out. Rafe warns Sami that he's not going to stand by and watch her screw with his sister's baby. Rafe exits.

Gabi gets in between Nick and Will. Nick apologizes for it coming out that way. Nick says he was just agitated because he cares so much about the baby. Will says he's the father and cares too. Nick adds that he didn't mean to insult him. Nick says he and Gabi have felt the same way about the baby all along so he wanted to see how Will felt about it. Gabi gets a reminder on her phone about the sonogram appointment. Nick claims that she has a school appointment. Nick apologizes to Will again as Gabi gets ready to go. Nick wants Will to think about what they are asking him to do. Will says no matter how much he thinks, he's never going to give up custody of his child. Nick declares that's good for them to know as he and Gabi exit the Pub.

Rafe walks through the town square and comes across Nicole. Nicole jokes about him being mad. Rafe doesn't want to talk about it but Nicole stands in his way and guesses that it's Sami. Rafe admits she's right and he shouldn't be surprised but she outdid herself this time. Nicole convinces him to come with her so they walk away together.

EJ tells Sami that Rafe is trying to further Gabi's agenda. Sami mentions Will saying the same things. EJ says Will is confused and knows Sami won't turn on him. EJ says Rafe is just angry and trying to protect Gabi. EJ calls it unfair for Rafe to blame Sami. Sami argues that Will does want to be in the baby's life but he's just terrified. Sami says if Nick and Gabi get married and try to get sole custody then it won't help that Will is a college student, gay, and single. EJ informs him that he got the best custody lawyer in town. Sami thanks him. EJ tells her that he's there for them 1000%. Sami tells him that she knows that. EJ thinks she's had enough today and suggests taking her home. Sami agrees and they exit the church.

Chad tells Cameron that he's trying to apologize. Chad brings up that they shared a sister and Lexie wouldn't want them to fight like this. Cameron blames Chad for ruining Gabi's life and making Will's life a mess. Cameron thinks Chad is only sorry that it didn't go how he wanted it to. Chad says he doesn't know how sick Gabi is. Cameron states that nothing can justify what Chad did. Cameron adds that Lexie would be ashamed of him just like he is. Chad questions getting this when he came to apologize. Chad asks about Cameron trying to tell him how Lexie would feel. Cameron calls him a bastard and says what he did was unforgivable. Cameron tells Chad to give it up because he can't make things right.

Will enters the coffeehouse and sees Sonny seated at a table.

Nicole and Rafe walk out of the town square as Rafe explains that EJ is using the wedge between Rafe and Sami to get her back. Rafe tells Nicole about how Sami attacked and threatened Gabi. Rafe says he saw the real side of Sami and it's a nightmare. Nicole says she's never heard him talk about Sami like this. Rafe says he's never felt it before but she was cruel to Gabi so it's over and he's done.

EJ and Sami walk through the town square and they stop at a table. Sami thanks him for his support. EJ says she and Will are important to him. Sami talks about having to talk to Lucas about the baby. EJ goes to get her some tea. Sami sits down to text Lucas but Adrienne arrives. Sami doesn't want to hear it but Adrienne says she's going to.

Nick brings Gabi to the hospital. Gabi asks about him not wanting Will to know about the sonogram. Nick says they are all figuring things out and Will has a huge decision to make so this would've made it harder for him. Nick says they are about to see their baby for the first time and he didn't want to share that moment with anybody else. Gabi questions if that's the only reason he didn't want Will there. Nick admits he was also afraid that if Will saw the baby then it would affect his decision and make it harder to be objective. Gabi asks what she means. Nick knows he can be selfish and he's not trying to be but they are the ones raising the baby together and no one else. Nick wants to share every moment with Gabi and no one else.

Will approaches Sonny and greets him. Sonny tells him to just say what he wants to say. Will tells him that he really misses him. Will sits down and says he understands Sonny doesn't want to see him anymore. Will tells him that he's so important to him and he can't imagine his life without him. Will asks for one more chance. Sonny says that depends on whether or not he can explain what he was thinking and how he lied to him the entire time about getting his ex-girlfriend pregnant. Sonny asks for a reason. Will admits he was afraid he would lose him if he told the truth.

Sami tells Adrienne that she doesn't want to do this now as it's been rough days for her and her family. Sami warns that she will take her down if she says one negative thing about Will. Adrienne says she has nothing to say about Will but Sonny has never been so hurt. Sami is sorry for that but feels Will did the best he could in a difficult, complicated situation. Adrienne questions if he had to lie to Sonny since he's heartbroken. Sami wonders how long it will take for Sonny to get over it. Sami says Sonny will get over it while Will is about to become a father and living with that for the rest of his life. Sami says Will is in college, is gay, and is about to lose a man that he loves while he's about to become a father. Sami questions Adrienne wanting to talk about Sonny's problems.

Sonny questions Will thinking he'd lose him if he told the truth. Will recalls Sonny saying he didn't want to be tied down by kids anytime soon. Sonny says he wanted to be with Will and they don't know how he would have reacted. Sonny suggests he might have bolted but he also might have wanted to work with it but now they will never know since Will couldn't trust him enough to tell the truth. Abigail enters and sees them together. Sonny walks away from Will. Abigail joins Will and asks if he's okay. She tells him that she's sorry. Will says he's fine. Abigail mentions being surprised he's there as she thought he would be at the hospital.

Maxine checks on Nick and Gabi. They ask if they will be able to find out the sex of the baby. Maxine says they probably can if they want to know. Maxine exits to go get Cameron. Nick and Gabi agree that they want to know if the baby is a boy or a girl.

EJ returns to Sami and acknowledges Adrienne, who then walks away. EJ sits with Sami and asks what happened there. Sami says it's not the right day to complain to her about anything. EJ tells her to have her tea and then they can go home and relax. Sami complains about doing everything to help their kids to not make the same mistakes. Sami tells EJ that she's glad he's there as he holds her hand.

Chad enters the coffeehouse and approaches Abigail. Chad says she gets around and mentions seeing her with Cameron at the hospital. Chad asks if she's fallen for him and if he's going to take her back. Abigail tells him to stop. Chad apologizes and says for a second, he thought they had a chance at something and it was the first time in months that he didn't feel so alone. Chad then exits.

EJ brings Sami home. Sami thanks him again. EJ jokes that she doesn't have to say that every three seconds as he's there because he cares about her. EJ doesn't want her doubting her abilities as a mother. EJ calls her a wonderful mother. EJ says he knows it's hard for her to see one of her kids go through a tough time because of how much she cares. Sami doesn't know what she would do without EJ and she hugs him.

Cameron greets Gabi and Nick at the hospital. Cameron apologizes for what Chad did. Gabi says Chad just wanted to hurt her. Cameron suggests maybe it was for the best that it came out but Nick argues it's the worst thing that could've happened.

Nicole tells Rafe that she knows he's upset but also that Sami is under his skin like no other woman. Rafe says not anymore since she was cruel to his family. Rafe says he and Sami disagree about Gabi's baby so they are going to be at odds about it for a very long time.

EJ and Sami end their hug and start kissing.

Cameron shows Nick and Gabi the sonogram. Gabi calls it incredible. Cameron asks if they would like to know the sex of the baby. Gabi says they do. Cameron reveals that they are having a daughter. Will then enters, hearing that it's a girl.

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