Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/22/13

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/22/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Daniel notices the note that was left on Jennifer's desk is a number for child protective services. Daniel questions why Jennifer has it and if it's about Chloe. Jennifer doesn't understand. Daniel talks about Chloe being blackmailed. Jennifer says she had just found out and was going to tell him. Daniel questions if she was going to call protective services on Chloe.

Chloe and Ann talk about setting Jennifer up to make it look like she went behind Daniel's back.

Rafe goes to the Pub and talks to Nick, who tells him that Gabi went to the church. Nick says he's helping out at the Pub until his new job starts. Nick gives Rafe back the honeymoon plans he had set up but insists that he and Gabi are still planning to get married.

Gabi prays at the church for forgiveness for lying. Gabi promises to always put the baby before herself as Nicole enters and asks if she's okay. Gabi says she doesn't know what she's going to do.

EJ walks through the town square talking on his phone to a custody lawyer. EJ states that he is calling for Will.

Sami asks Will if he's going to be a father to his baby or not. Will mocks the idea of Sami trying to take the pressure off. Sami thinks he put the pressure on by having sex with Gabi. Will is not going to talk to Sami until he talks to Gabi. Sami accuses Gabi of having an agenda. Sami wants Will to have rights to his child and says it's up to him if he wants those rights then he will have to fight for them and do it soon. Will reiterates that he's not going to talk to her about it. Will says it's his child so she shoud do less talking and more listening. Sami says she'd love to listen to him talk. Sami says she's talking because she cares and she loves him. Sami doesn't think it's sunk in for Will yet because he hasn't heard the heartbeat or seen the sonogram. Sami thinks once he has then the baby will be his most important thing. Sami begs him not to make a decision until he knows what he's giving up. Will questions taking advice from her. Sami suggests he talk to either of his grandmothers, Lucas, Eric, or anyone who is on his side.

Nick asks Rafe if he sees where he's coming from. Rafe commends Nick for still being there and for being willing to marry Gabi with someone else's baby. Rafe adds that there's no need to rush into anything. Rafe exits as Justin enters and greets Nick. They sit together as Nick says he has some questions that can't wait. Nick wants to know what he and Gabi's rights are. Justin assumes he's talking about Will and Gabi's baby. Nick brings up the baby being born after he and Gabi are married and asks if that would make him the baby's legal father. Justin says it depends on Will and what he decides to do. Nick asks what he and Gabi have to do to make sure they get total custody of the baby.

Nicole says she's someone who's made every mistake so she tells Gabi that she'll listen if she wants to talk. Gabi says she thought they had everything figured out but it blew up in her face. Gabi knows Nick still wants to marry her but feels everything has changed now that everyone knows the baby is Will's. Gabi feels she's screwed up her whole life, her mom doesn't want to talk to her, and she has no friends. Rafe arrives and listens from the door. Nicole talks about how much she's screwed up but people forgive. Nicole tells Gabi that she's dealing with it the best way she knows how so she'll be alright and they hug as Rafe watches with a smile.

Will tells Sami that he doesn't need anyone's advice as the baby is his and not Sami's. Will goes to leave but EJ arrives. Will questions what he's doing there. EJ asks Will not to go as he wants to talk to him which Sami likes.

Jennifer tells Daniel that she doesn't know how the note got on her desk as it's not even her handwriting. Daniel wants to figure it out but Jennifer insists that she doesn't know how it got there. Daniel gets paged and rushes off to the OR but Jennifer goes after him. Chloe and Ann watch on approvingly. Ann approaches Jennifer asking if she's alright. Jennifer demands to know where the note came from. Ann points her to the new nurse Haley. Jennifer questions Haley as to why she put it there. Haley says Jennifer asked for it but she denies it. Haley says she just started and must have thought she was someone else. Ann sends her away as Jennifer then heads back to her office. Haley rejoins Ann and Chloe tells them that they are good.

Rafe enters the church so Nicole says she'll let them talk and she exits. Gabi tells Rafe that she came to apologize to God for lying but he's not the only person she needs to apologize to.

Sami decides to leave Will and EJ alone. Sami says Will has been dealing with this alone for too long so she thinks that EJ could be the perfect person for him to listen to. Will tells Sami that she doesn't have to leave. Sami hugs Will and says she loves him. Sami decides she's going to see Eric at the church as she has a lot to do. Sami exits. Will asks EJ what he thinks he should do. EJ responds that he doesn't know. EJ knows it's a difficult situation but he thinks he's trying to do the right thing. Will does not believe that.

Justin asks Nick about wanting full custody. Justin says Nick must convince Will to give up his rights as a father then Nick could adopt the child. Nick says that's fine. Justin questions if he's sure that Will will go along with it. Nick wonders why he wouldn't since he was going along with pretending the baby was Nick's. Justin points out the world knowing now that it's Will's. Nick questions Will wanting to be a father. Justin thinks it's possible that he could change his mind. Nick asks what it would take to prove that Will is unfit to be a father. Justin questions Nick wanting Will declared unfit. Justin says that means he doesn't even want Will allowed near the child. Nick says that's right. Justin asks how he defines unfit. Nick says that's for the judge to decide. Justin wonders if it's because Will is gay but Nick says he didn't say that. Justin thinks there must be a reason. Nick thinks back to hearing Lucas tell Will that he went to prison for him. Nick claims he just wants to consider his options. Justin tells Nick to consider another attorney because this case doesn't appeal to him as he then exits.

Will talks to EJ about when he first came out as gay and then everyone found out in the newspaper. Will says he was scared and didn't know how people would react and say. Will recalls being insecure and ended up having sex with Gabi. Will realized it was the stupidest thing he could have done but after it, he felt he knew who he was. Will talks about getting with Sonny and being apart of something so real then Gabi told him she was pregnant. Will talks about wishing it wasn't true. Will admits to EJ that he saw Nick claiming the baby as a way out so no one would have to know and he could still be with Sonny. Will declares that he didn't do the right thing and it wasn't the easy way out.

Billie goes to the hospital finishing a call with Kate. Daniel approaches and asks if she's talking to Kate. Daniel tells Billie that he wants to talk to Kate sooner rather than later. Billie wonders what's going on. Daniel tells her she knows damn well and asks her to have Kate call him. Billie walks away as Chloe approaches. Daniel is surprised she's still there. Chloe informs him that they have more to talk about.

Jennifer goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and Maggie greets her, saying Daniel isn't there. Jennifer informs her that Daniel is really angry with her but she can't tell her all of it. They go into the living room to talk. Jennifer explains that she was given information that Daniel needed to know but she kept it from him and then Daniel found out and found out that she knew. Jennifer tells her that now Daniel thinks she was going to use this information to go behind his back. Maggie wonders how he'd get that impression. Jennifer assumes it was an accident and then decides maybe it wasn't.

Chloe tells Daniel that they didn't really get a chance to talk about her bombshell earlier. Daniel says he needs to go and wants to talk to Jennifer but Chloe tells him that she saw Jennifer leaving. Chloe is scared that her news will affect the way they deal with Parker and that's what she wanted to talk about. Daniel tells her that they will talk. They sit down as Chloe tells Daniel that he's scaring her. Daniel says he just has a lot on his mind but he knows that Chloe wouldn't sell herself under any circumstance if she wasn't in a bind. Chloe brings up trying to kill herself in the past. Daniel says they both got played when it came to their son and both went a little crazy. Daniel praises Chloe for putting her life together and being a good mother. Chloe hugs him and thanks him for saying that. Ann watches with a smile. Daniel apologizes for making Chloe worry. Daniel says he needs to go now. Chloe understands as Daniel walks away.

Jennifer asks Maggie if Chloe is there but Maggie says she isn't. Maggie took Parker home because Chloe said she had something to do at the hospital. Maggie asks if the information concerned Chloe. Jennifer admits it does and wonders if Chloe set this up. Jennifer wants to think it's a horrible mix up but she and Daniel are already having problems after Chloe's been back for 2 days. Maggie adds that Chloe was waiting to talk to Daniel so they could finish a conversation when she brought Parker home. Maggie suggests Jennifer talk to Daniel. Jennifer decides to go do that right now.

EJ assumes Will talked to Sonny about things. Will admits he has. EJ asks how it went. EJ adds that he would like to help him and already hired him a custody lawyer because it's the smart thing to do. Will tells him that he doesn't need anyone else trying to run the show as he has Sami already. Will asks why he wants to help anyways. EJ calls Will a fantastic brother to Johnny and Sydney and adds that he cares about Sami a lot too. EJ tells Will to think about what he wants and he'll help him get that. Will wonders how he's supposed to do that when everyone is trying to tell him what he wants. They talk about how Sami gets when she's passionate about something. Will asks EJ what he'd want if he were him but EJ says he's not him. EJ states that his children are the world to him so that's anothe reason he wanted to help him. EJ calls it hell to be separated from his children.

Gabi sits with Rafe, who promises to be there for her in any way he can no matter who gets in their way.

Nicole runs into Sami at the town square and calls her Granny which angers her. Sami calls it a wicked sense of humor. Nicole admits it's not funny but says she just talked to Gabi. Sami mocks her for lying about the father of her baby. Sami talks about not being lied to which Nicole mocks. Nicole talks about her own son lying to her. Sami asks if she wants to start something. Nicole tells Sami that she likes Gabi and Rafe so she told Gabi that she's there for her. Sami mocks Nicole's idea of being a friend. Nicole regrets helping Sami get Rafe back. Sami questions her so Nicole admits that she stalled EJ so Sami and Rafe could be together. Sami questions why she'd do that for her. Nicole says she did it for Rafe as he wanted to be with Sami so much but she should've known she'd blow it like she always does and they go their separate ways.

Rafe hugs Gabi goodbye and tells her to let him know what the doctor says as she exits for a checkup. Rafe turns back and asks God to look out for Gabi and the baby. Rafe then goes to exit as Sami arrives. Rafe asks what she's doing there. Sami says it's not for a trip down memory lane. Sami talks about how happy she was to plan Gabi's perfect wedding. Rafe doesn't want to do this here. Sami suggests telling the truth in church. Rafe reminds her that Will signed off on everything Gabi did including lying to Sami. Sami accuses Gabi of playing Will. Rafe calls her just a scared young girl. Sami brings up Gabi almost going to prison and if she had gone then she wouldn't be pregnant. Rafe tells her that's enough.

Billie walks through the town square leaving another message for Kate. Nicole overhears as Billie tells Kate to call her because Daniel is very mad.

Jennifer returns to the hospital and tells Daniel that they need to talk. Daniel agrees that they should talk but he wants to go first. Daniel apologizes which Chloe overhears from behind the wall. Daniel says Jennifer is the most decent, honest person that he knows so he should've believed her instead of making her defend herself. Daniel tells Jennifer that he loves and believes in her and will always trust her. They agree that they're okay now and they hug as Chloe looks upset. Daniel and Jennifer go to Jennifer's office. Daniel holds her as Jennifer admits she was scared of him being upset. Daniel says he was confused but should've known that he can always count on her. Daniel tells her that nothing and no one will ever make him doubt that and they kiss.

Nicole sits in the town square as Chloe walks by. Nicole greets her and asks her about seeing Daniel. Nicole talks to Chloe about Billie's message to Kate. Chloe says Daniel is still on her side but not in the way she hoped. Nicole tells Chloe that she won't win against Jennifer. Chloe says Daniel loved her until people started screwing their lives but they have a son together. Chloe says she may have lost this round but she's not giving up.

Gabi goes to the Pub and kisses Nick. She tells him that she had her checkup and the baby is perfect. Gabi talks about fooling herself thinking everything will be okay and she doesn't know what to do next. Nick tells her that their marriage license is still valid so they can get married but Gabi says she can't do that. Will approaches and says they can't until they talk about what they are going to do about the baby.

Rafe tells Sami that what Gabi did before has nothing to do with the situation now. Sami knows Rafe wants to cover for Gabi but she will have to take responsibility for her actions. Rafe brings up all the times he covered for Sami. Rafe tells Sami that she has no say in the matter anymore. Sami promises that Will won't sit around to make life easy for Nick and Gabi. Sami declares that Will is going to be a great father and he won't just stand by to have his child raised by a felon and Gabi. They argue until EJ enters and tells Rafe to leave Sami alone.

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