Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/18/13

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/18/13


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Nicole tells Chloe that she overheard Kate talking to Billie and that she told Jennifer the dirt on Chloe being a prostitute. Chloe can't believe it and says she needs to get to Daniel. Nicole thinks it's too late since Jennifer is talking to Daniel so he might already know.

Daniel asks Jennifer what it is about Parker. Jennifer says she needs to talk to him about Chloe so Daniel asks what about her.

Brady puts the pieces of the ripped up paper together that reads "I know what you're doing".. Kristen comes out and Brady asks what it is.

John listens to Marlena's bugging device and hears Kristen. Marlena turns around and sees him. John asks if it's true that she was happy Kristen was with Brady so she wasn't with him and if that's why she didn't tell him about the affair.

Will has a present for Gabi and Nick with him at Sami's place as Sami enters. Will asks if she's supposed to be at work. Sami says she was on her way but she saw him sneaking in. Will says he was looking for a book he left. Sami brings up all the messages she left him. Will tries to leave but Sami says he isn't going anywhere until they talk like he promised they would. Sami says they are going to keep talking right now until they figure out what Will is going to do about his child.

Daniel tells Jennifer that he doesn't want to talk about Chloe. Daniel assumes she's worried about Chloe being back but Daniel insists she can't change anything. Jennifer thinks they are connected permanently through Parker. Daniel says he plans to stay out of Chloe's life and all that matters is that she's a good mother to Parker.

Chloe says she needs to rush to the town square but Nicole thinks it's too late. Chloe thinks Nicole is enjoying it. Nicole says she's just trying to get her to wake up. Nicole tells Chloe that Daniel had gotten over her and moved on. Chloe points out that he didn't know Parker was his son. Nicole doesn't think that changes that Chloe cheated on him. Chloe feels she will make it up to him. Nicole questions if she really thinks she and Daniel would ride off into the sunset. Nicole declares that Daniel is in love with Jennifer so there's no way in hell Chloe will get him. Chloe tells Nicole to watch as she will do anything to get him back.

Jennifer asks if Daniel thinks Chloe is a good mother. Daniel doesn't know and talks about Parker's life taking a 180. Daniel points out that Chloe has remained steady to make it all work out for Parker. Jennifer is glad he told her that. Daniel says it's true and doesn't want to talk about Chloe anymore. Jennifer agrees and decides she needs to get back to work. Daniel agrees to walk her there but Chloe rushes up telling Daniel to wait.

Brady questions Kristen's handwriting on the paper. Kristen asks about him going through her trash can. Brady questions why she would write this note. Kristen thinks back to showing it to Marlena. Kristen tells him that it's work related and claims she showed it to EJ while he was on the phone. Brady calls it a really good lie but he doesn't believe it. Kristen wonders why he's making such a big deal out of it. Brady apologizes and starts to get a headache as he slumps down over the bed.

John questions why Marlena was recording her conversation with Kristen. Marlena admits she was trying to get proof on her as Brady did not believe her. John thinks it's more revealing about Marlena than Kristen. Marlena knows it was a long shot but wanted to save her family. John assumes it didn't work. Marlena says Kristen figured it out and lied the whole time. John asks if the part about why Marlena didn't tell him was true. Marlena says she didn't want to hurt him. John questions her not trusting him. John tells Marlena to admit it so she says she will tell him all of the truth.

Daniel asks if Chloe is alright as she seems tense since she yelled for him to stop but now isn't saying anything. Chloe claims she was just wondering if Daniel had Parker's bunny. Daniel says he gave it to Maggie so Chloe says she'll just get it from her at the hospital. Jennifer reminds that she has to go so Daniel walks away with her. Chloe wonders out loud why Jennifer didn't tell him. Nicole approaches and asks what happened. Chloe doesn't know since Daniel still doesn't know anything but Jennifer knows. Nicole wonders why Jennifer didn't say anything. Chloe doesn't know but is glad it will give her some time.

Will doesn't want to talk about things. Sami says she didn't want to become a grandmother while he's still in school but she's going to be and he's going to talk about it. Will doesn't think it will change anything. Sami wants to know what's going on in his life and asks about getting Gabi pregnant. Will calls it a one time mistake. Sami points out that he created a life and asks if he was thinking about that when he drove her to the abortion clinic. Will admits that wasn't his idea so Sami questions why he took her there and if Gabi talked him into it. Will felt he owed it to her to respect her wishes and he thinks Sami should have a little empathy for what she went through. Sami is worried about Will facing this difficult situation and she doesn't understand why Will is being so passive about it or why he was okay with her getting an abortion or passing the baby off as Nick's. Sami wants to understand what Will is thinking and how he is feeling. Sami adds that she needs to know if he's prepared to turn his back on his child.

Cameron goes to Kristen's and checks Brady's blood pressure so he wants him in for another checkup soon. Brady thinks he just got a little light headed. Cameron says he's been in the hospital twice recently and head injuries are no joke. Kristen asks if it was from the mugging. Kristen thinks back to that time, revealing that she paid off the muggers and that she told them it was supposed to be John.

Marlena talks to John about having to deal with someone who tried to kill her coming back into her life. John still believes Marlena didn't trust him and asks if it was true that Marlena was just happy that he wasn't in Kristen's bed. Marlena admits that it was true.

Nicole wants Chloe to listen and tells her how hard Jennifer went after her. Chloe realizes she's still not in the clear. Chloe thinks Daniel might not like it if Jennifer was being malicious. Chloe declares that she's going to turn this disaster into an advantage but she has to act fast so she hurries off. Nicole remarks that Chloe makes her look sane and rational.

Cameron tells Kristen to make sure Brady gets to the hospital if he feels faint again. Kristen thanks him for the house call as he exits. Kristen wants Brady to tell him the truth on how he's really feeling. Brady says he's fine. Kristen talks about hating to see him hurting and that she came between he and John. Brady wishes John and Marlena were there now to see how Kristen is looking after him so they'd know they are the real thing. Brady then hugs her.

Nicole works in the rectory as Eric walks in. Nicole talks about trying to do his budget. Eric wants to know what's really bothering her. Nicole questions him wanting her to open up and share her inner feelings. Nicole declines to do so since Eric didn't share his problems.

Chloe sits with Ann at the Pub. Ann says she would love to help wipe the smirk off Jennifer's face. Chloe thanks her and tells her that she has no idea how important this is.

Will tells Sami that he's not turning his back but he's trying to do what's best for the baby. Sami questions him thinking it was best for him not to be in his baby's life and having it raised by an ex-con. Will thought it was most important for the baby to have a real family. Sami talks about all of their family who would give the baby a wonderful life. Sami declares Will turned his back on all of them. Will says he's sorry and it won't happen again. Sami yells that she's not judging him but trying to make him understand what he's doing. Sami talks about all the painful memories that she's lived through and it hurts everyone and never works out. Sami feels she could've helped him. Will mocks the idea that his big sin was not coming to her. Sami shouts that she would do anything for him. Will says he didn't have a choice since they agreed not to tell anybody. Will adds that if he did tell anyone, it wouldn't have been Sami since he's learned through many painful experiences that she just makes things worse.

Eric is sorry Nicole feels that way and says it wasn't because he doesn't trust her but it was because it was a privacy issue that wasn't his to share. Eric says it was his family. Nicole knows now since she talked to Brady. Nicole understands why he's upset about Brady and John fighting. Eric says cuts and bruises were heal but they were so close and he doesn't think it will ever be that way again because of Kristen. Eric brings up everything Kristen did to Marlena and now Brady's involved with her. Nicole is shocked as she didn't know that part. Eric thought she knew the whole story. Nicole can't believe Brady is with Kristen. She apologizes to Eric. Eric states that it's tearing his whole family apart.

Marlena complains about John focusing on her betraying him. John says she didn't trust him so she decided to let Brady and Kristen continue their affair even though he would never cheat on her. Marlena brings up John being so quick to believe Kristen had changed because he wanted to believe it. Marlena questions if there's not some small part of John that's not attracted to Kristen still.

Chloe talks to Ann at the hospital. Ann says she knows what she's supposed to do as it's right up her alley. Ann goes to the desk and makes a call to Jennifer. Ann says she has a problem and needs her to come to the nurse's station so she agrees to be right there.

Chloe finds Daniel in a room at the hospital and asks if he has a minute. Chloe says Parker is with Maggie so they could talk. Chloe tells Daniel that there is something that she has to tell him but it's really hard to say. Chloe adds that he has to hear it from her so she has to tell him now. Chloe announces that she made a really terrible mistake after Parker was born. Daniel talks about knowing she was depressed and tried to hurt herself. Chloe tells him it's worse than that and she doesn't know if he'll be able to understand it. Daniel wants her to talk to him. Chloe reveals that before she left Salem and came to her senses, she was working as a prostitute.

Sami tells Will that she knows she's not perfect and has made a lot of mistakes. Sami says she's not preaching or judging but just trying to understand. Will questions if saying that he turned his back on his family is not judging. Sami admits she shouldn't have said it but she doesn't get why he just gave up and let go. Will says it's not out of character for him but just something Sami wouldn't do. Will thinks the most important thing for his child is to have a mother and father in the same home without custody issues. Will says he'd just be letting his baby grow up in peace. Will doesn't want his child in a broken home. Sami blames herself because of how he grew up. Will tells her it's not about her. Sami declares it's about Will and what he's going to do with his child.

Nicole asks Eric if he wants to get a drink. Eric laughs and says he's a preacher so he can't just go drink in the middle of the afternoon. Nicole wants to make it up to him for being a pain while he was going through family issues. Eric suggests she start with an apology so Nicole says she's sorry. Nicole wants him to then tell her that she wasn't a total pain. Eric jokes that she's never a total pain. Eric now asks Nicole what really is bothering her. Nicole informs Eric that Chloe is back in town and she senses that there's going to be trouble.

Chloe sits with Daniel and assumes he already thought she sunk as low as she could go. Daniel insists he didn't think that. Chloe talks about pulling herself out of that hell. Chloe says she's not excusing herself or trying to make it sound better but she was forced into it. Chloe reveals that she was blackmailed which infuriates Daniel who threatens to go after whoever blackmailed her. Chloe says it doesn't matter because she was able to pull herself out on her own to become a better person and mother. Chloe hopes Daniel knows and believes now that she's no longer that person. Daniel tells her that he can tell that she is not that person by the way she's raised Parker. Chloe says she didn't want to tell him but is really glad now that she did and that he heard it from her and not Jennifer. Chloe reveals that Jennifer knows since she heard Kate telling Billie that she told Jennifer. Daniel asks if that's why she was upset just now. Chloe admits that she could tell Jennifer knew and that she hadn't told him. Chloe says it's nice to know Jennifer is above something like that which Daniel agrees with.

A nurse goes into Jennifer's office and leaves a note on her desk.

John can't believe that Marlena doesn't know he loves her and not Kristen. John says it's like she and Brady have become complete strangers. Marlena knows how that feels. John decides he needs to figure out what's going on between them, what to do with his son, and what to do about their marriage.

Sami agrees that this isn't about her but him and what he's going to do about his baby. Sami doesn't think he's come to terms with the fact that the situation has changed and that the idea of passing the baby off as Nick's is not on the table as an option anymore. Sami tells him that the baby will be born soon and she knows how it feels to have secrets blow up in her face. Sami says some day the child will grow up and judge him. Sami asks if he's going to be a father to the child or not.

Brady and Kristen kiss. Brady decides that he's going to take a shower. Brady invites her to join him. She says she will check some messages first as Brady enters the shower. Kristen tells herself to stay focused as it will stream along a little bit longer then it will all be over.

John tells Marlena that this place is so toxic that he thinks he needs to step away from Salem for a while to think. John doesn't know where he's going. Marlena asks him to call her when he gets there but John doesn't know. Marlena begs him not to do this but John says they'll talk about it as he exits.

Ann tells Chloe that it's done. Chloe thanks her and says now they just have to wait and see.

Jennifer goes back to her office. Daniel enters and asks if they can talk as he just talked to Chloe, who told him about her life right before she left Salem. Daniel adds that Chloe told him that she's pretty sure Jennifer knew about it too. Daniel asks if it's true. Jennifer claims she isn't sure what he's talking about. Daniel starts to say but notices the note that was left on Jennifer's desk is a number for child protective services. Daniel questions why Jennifer has it and if it's about Chloe.

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