Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/17/13

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/17/13


Written By Joseph
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Chloe argues that Kate doesn't know how to love. Daniel adds that Kate's done horrible things to them but Chloe says he doesn't know the half of it. Daniel questions what he doesn't know. Daniel asks what Kate did to Chloe.

Kate and Jennifer go to Jennifer's office at the hospital with Kate repeating that Chloe was a prostitute. Jennifer questions how Kate knows and how she knows Kate isn't making it up. Kate says she has proof. Kate talks about wanting Parker to be happy. Kate wonders who will protect Parker if Jennifer doesn't.

Nicole goes to the Pub and greets Brady, noticing the bruises on his face. She jokes about seeing the other guy as John then enters and they exchange glares.

Marlena tells Kristen that they are going to get everything out in the open between them and that she has all the time in the world as she enters Kristen's room. Kristen agrees that they should have this conversation but wonders why now. Marlena says she has to concede that Kristen has won. Marlena says this time all Kristen had to do was bed John's son to put herself right between her and John. Marlena worries that this time it could be forever. Kristen says she has no idea how much that means for her to hear. Marlena talks about Kristen taking pleasure in others pain. Marlena tells Kristen to go ahead and gloat. Kristen says she has things to get off of her chest but Roman then arrives pounding on the door. Kristen answers the door but Roman is surprised to see Marlena.

John and Brady exchange looks leading to John then turning around and leaving the Pub. Brady admits to Nicole that he and John went a couple of rounds but it's no big deal and he doesn't want to talk about it. Brady switches the subject to Chloe being back and Nicole mentions Parker being Daniel's.

Daniel knows it's asking a lot to let Kate be involved in Parker's life. Chloe questions Daniel taking Kate's side but Daniel calls it taking Parker's side. Chloe says she only tolerated Kate before because she had to. Daniel says Parker loves Kate and needs stability in his life. Chloe questions if that's her fault but Daniel blames himself for letting Kate play on his guilt. Daniel still thinks Kate has a good point but Chloe disagrees. Daniel wants her to tell him if there's something else that she isn't telling him that would change his mind. Chloe starts to tell him but Daniel spots Maggie across the town square so Daniel takes Parker to go greet her. Chloe says to herself that maybe it's not such a terrible idea as much as she can't stand Kate, she suggests there's a better way to play this.

Kate talks to Jennifer about not wanting to see Parker in foster care. Kate knows Daniel is a good father but complains about Chloe's lack of judgment putting Parker in danger. Jennifer doesn't believe Chloe would put her son in danger but Kate says that she already has. Kate talks about not being able to save her children. Jennifer suggests Kate tell Daniel what she knows but Kate says Daniel would never believe her so she's giving Jennifer the chance to protect him. Kate asks Jennifer if she's going to do it or if she's going to stand by and let Chloe destroy them. Kate assumes Jennifer blames her for a lot of her pain in childhood. Jennifer calls it ancient history and admits she compares to what Kate did. Kate says that when she took money for sex, it was all about taking care of Lucas while what Chloe did was after Phillip took Parker so she was just lonely and desperate. Jennifer questions Chloe enjoying being a prostitute. Jennifer thinks there is more to the story like Chloe being desperate to provide for her son. Kate talks about Chloe not stopping even after hookers were being beat up. Kate tells Jennifer that Daniel needs to know the truth about the mother of his child since she's been lying to him ever since and still is. Kate says Jennifer knows the truth and asks if the man she loves deserves to know it too.

Brady asks if Nicole is right. She claims to be fine. Brady assumes it was hard to hear Chloe's kid was actually Daniel's. Nicole says her dreams never come true. Nicole feels Chloe and Daniel deserve to be happy. Nicole doesn't want to keep him and tells him to take care of himself. Brady tells her to as well and then he exits the Pub.

Daniel returns to Chloe and says he gave Parker to Maggie for some alone time. Chloe talks to Daniel about one of Parker's toys and his first word. Chloe mentions Kate giving Parker a toy truck. Chloe decides that as much as she can't stand Kate, she admits that Kate helped Parker become who he is. Daniel asks if she's changed her mind. Chloe says she would never be petty about their son so if Daniel thinks it's okay to have Kate in his life on a limited basis then she trusts him. Chloe says Daniel was always her better half which Daniel calls too much credit. Daniel takes the toy truck and goes to give it to Parker.

Roman questions Marlena trying to reason with Kristen and says she knows she can't do that so why even try. Marlena says she's fine. Roman asks about Will not answering his calls. Marlena suggests Will could feel more comfortable talking to Roman so he should go track him down. Roman figures she wants him to leave so he exits. They argue about the men in Marlena's life. Marlena accuses Kristen of enjoying it. Marlena tells Kristen to go ahead with her victory speech. Kristen says nothing would make her happier. Kristen puts on an act and starts apologizing to Marlena. Marlena questions what is going on with her. Kristen talks about trying so hard to fight this thing with Brady but she was weak. Marlena accuses her of bedding Brady to get back at John. Kristen tells Marlena to stop with the fake outrage as she knew she was with Brady. Kristen says Marlena didn't want it to end as she was happy that it would keep John out of her bed.

Brady runs into Daniel at the town square. Daniel mentions hearing he's with Kristen and isn't passing any judgment. Brady talks about trying to keep it on the DL since they knew how people would react. Brady apologizes for putting Jennifer in the middle but Daniel is surprised to learn that Jennifer knew.

Kate calls Chloe a homewrecker and goes over all the men she's been involved with. Jennifer points out that Chloe isn't the only one to ruin a marriage. Jennifer thinks it's personal and questions what she would be saying to Daniel since it's not her business. Jennifer doesn't think Daniel would take her seriously but Kate feels Daniel trusts her. Jennifer says it's not her place. Kate tells her that she can just stand by then. Jennifer thinks it's all old news. Kate tells her that Chloe being back means she is laying ground work. Kate tells Jennifer that dealing with Nicole will be nothing compared to Chloe. Kate tells Jennifer to keep Kate's involvement in this strictly between them. Jennifer declares that she won't say anything to Daniel. Kate warns Jennifer to cut Chloe off or else she'll walk over her and straight back to Daniel.

Chloe goes to the church rectory and finds Nicole. They joke about Nicole finding her calling. Chloe talks about feeling like a family again with Daniel. Nicole brings up Jennifer but Chloe says she got rid of her in five minutes. Nicole brings up what she's been through and questions if Chloe even gives a damn. Nicole asks Chloe to just go. Chloe apologizes for not being there for her but she called and wrote and is here now. Nicole calls it too late. Chloe asks what's wrong with her. Nicole brings up the last time they both fell for the same guy. Chloe asks if she's talking about Daniel. Chloe questions if Nicole slept with Daniel. Nicole admits that she did which shocks Chloe, who then calls Nicole a witch. Chloe knows she's been a lousy friend but brings up Nicole being in love with Rafe and then being with Rafe but Daniel was hers. Nicole brings up Chloe cheating on Daniel, trying to kill herself, and then being a prostitute. Chloe says she and Daniel share a child. Nicole can't believe she'd throw that in her face. Nicole says she loves Daniel and realizes she can't be with him but feels he deserves better than Chloe. Chloe calls that mean and nasty. They argue and then they calm down. Nicole says the truth is that Daniel never wanted her and doesn't want Chloe but the only woman he wants is Jennifer.

Jennifer reminds Kate that Daniel and Chloe have been apart for two years and Daniel doesn't love her so she's not threatened. Kate feels she should be and calls Chloe a lying slut. Kate says Chloe knows how to push Daniel's buttons. Jennifer declares they are done and sends Kate out of her office. Kate hopes Jennifer can live with herself if something happens to Parker as she then exits. Jennifer sits down at her desk and looks at her photo of Daniel and Parker on her phone. Jennifer then takes her things and exits.

Kristen talks about Marlena being happy that another man was in her bed instead of John. Marlena calls her unbelievable. Kristen calls Marlena uptight. Kristen says Marlena won't accept her olive branch. Marlena decides this was a mistake. Kristen writes on a piece of paper that she knows what she's doing and shows it to Marlena.

Brady tells Daniel not to be upset at Jennifer since they asked her not to say anything to anyone. Jennifer arrives and asks if she's interrupting. Brady says he has to go anyways and walks away.

Chloe says Parker is her reason to keep going and he will bond her with Daniel forever. Nicole calls her delusional but Chloe says Nicole is delusional if she thinks Daniel cared for her. Chloe says Parker will bring her back to Daniel. Nicole brings up Jennifer. Chloe shouts back that there isn't a guy in the town who hasn't taken Nicole for a spin and then thrown her out like trash as Chloe then storms out.

Kate and Billie go to the Pub and sit together. Kate tells Billie that by the end of the day, Daniel will know exactly who Chloe is.

Daniel walks with Jennifer through the town square. Daniel brings up Jennifer knowing about Brady and Kristen which she admits to.

Kristen shows Marlena her paper so she walks away. Kristen goes back inside and rips up the paper.

Brady walks out of the town square and comes across John. John says he just wants to talk so Brady tells him to talk. John says this is killing him and offers a cup of coffee but Brady says he doesn't have time so he should just say what he has to say. John says nobody knows how he's feeling better than him. John admits Kristen is beautiful, funny, and smart with an incredible way of making people think the way she wants. Brady insists that he's not brainwashed, stupid, or a sucker. John says he's not either. John tells Brady that Kristen is not good for anyone. John warns him that if he keeps going this direction then he'll have worse than bruises. Brady accuses John of being jealous which John can't believe. Brady tells him that Kristen makes him very happy when he never thought he'd be happy again. John will never accept it. John brings up losing Madison but Brady tells him to shut up and says goodbye as he storms off.

Brady goes to Kristen's and brings her flowers. Kristen thanks him and they kiss as Brady enters the room. She asks if he's okay. Brady says he is and is a lot better now as they kiss.

Marlena goes to the coffeehouse and slams down her bugging device. Marlena calls Hope and leaves a message thanking her for everything she tried to do to help but it didn't go well. Marlena calls it very disastrous as John then enters.

Nicole is at the Pub as Kate tells Billie that Daniel should be finding out about Chloe from Jennifer about now. Nicole overhears and exits the Pub.

Chloe goes to the hospital to see Ann at the front desk. Ann complains about Jennifer and says she has to cancel their lunch as she has to work. Chloe doesn't understand why everyone thinks Jennifer is so perfect. Ann agrees and Chloe suggests they could make the situation better for everyone.

Daniel tells Jennifer that he understands she was keeping Brady's confidence and it's not his business anyways. Jennifer doesn't want secrets between them. Daniel says she can tell him anything as he would never betray a confidence. Jennifer thanks him as Daniel gives her flowers. Daniel asks what's wrong. Jennifer says talking about not having secrets made her realize there's something important he needs to know.

John finds Marlena's bugging device on the floor and listens to it, finding out that Marlena knew about Kristen and Brady and that Kristen said Marlena wanted to keep John out of Kristen's bed. Marlena turns around and sees him with it.

Kristen goes to freshen up. Brady sits down and finds piece of the ripped up paper that Kristen wrote. Brady looks through the trash and finds the rest of the pieces. Brady puts them all together. Kristen comes back and sees Brady with the paper.

Chloe returns to Nicole at the rectory. Nicole tells Chloe that from what she just heard, Kate is the reason that she'll never be with Daniel again.

Daniel asks Jennifer what it is that he needs to know. Jennifer tells him that it's about Parker.

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