Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/16/13

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/16/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Marlena calls Will from her office at the hospital. She leaves a message that she's thinking about him and is concerned. Hope enters and says she pretty much left the same message for Nick. Hope asks how Will is doing. Marlena says he's upset and ashamed. Marlena brings up when Sami was pregnant with Will and all the lies that turned lives upside down. Marlena is hurt and Hope says it's not just about the situation with Will. Marlena reveals that John moved out and is staying at a hotel. Marlena adds that she doesn't know if John will ever forgive her.

Chloe finds Brady at the coffeehouse and asks about the bruises on his face. They hug and Brady asks how she's doing. Kristen joins them and greets Brady, asking if he's going to introduce her.

Daniel and Jennifer sit at the Pub together. They talk about Parker and how big he's gotten. Daniel talks about being nervous since Parker doesn't remember him. Jennifer says he soon won't be able to forget him. Kate enters and says she's glad she ran into Daniel as she needs his help and so does Parker.

Brady introduces Kristen to Chloe. Brady informs Chloe that he and Kristen have just started seeing each other. Kristen says Brady has told her all about Chloe. Chloe calls it nice to see Brady so happy. Chloe jokes about Brady fighting with Phillip over her in the past. Brady asks about Phillip and finds out he's not with her so Brady wonders what Chloe is doing in Salem.

Kate apologizes to Jennifer for interrupting and asks for a moment alone with Daniel. Jennifer steps aside with Billie to catch up while Kate sits with Daniel. Daniel assumes his happy news hasn't been so happy for Kate since he knows she loved Parker. Kate points out that she's the only grandmother Parker has known. Kate thinks Parker needs stability and she's all he has unless Daniel is going to rip that away from him too.

Hope tells Marlena that she's sorry. Marlena can't get the picture of Brady and John's fight out of her head. Hope asks why there was no police report. Marlena says John didn't want to press charges. Marlena blames Kristen for John finding out. Marlena says she's losing badly to Kristen and she's losing things very important to her.

Chloe tells Brady that it's a long story so they can catch up later but Kristen says she has things to do so they can catch up now. Chloe goes to get coffee. Brady asks about Kristen leaving. Kristen says she wanted to talk to Chad about what happened at the wedding. Brady and Kristen continue talk and then kiss until Chloe returns. Kristen exits and Chloe is surprised Brady is dating Kristen DiMera. Chloe points out Kristen used to be Brady's stepmother.

Maggie and Victor talk at the Kiriakis Mansion with Parker. Maggie apologizes to Victor but Victor feels he hasn't lost a grandson. Victor is happy for Maggie, Daniel, and Parker. Maggie worries about Phillip. Victor says it's hard to imagine losing a kid but the good thing is that Phillip has escaped Chloe for good. Victor feels Kate will try to use the situation to her advantage. Maggie agrees and says they both saw how Chloe looked at Daniel. Victor says he's in for a bumpy ride.

Kate brings up talking to Daniel at the hospital about how he missed Parker and would always love him. Kate says she's been Parker's grandmother for two years. Kate adds that there's no way that Chloe would let her be a part of Parker's life. Kate tells Daniel that Parker is not too young to remember only too young to understand why he's around strangers. Kate cries about it being cruel abandonment if she can't see him. Kate says it's not just about her but Parker too as she's only asking to be a little part of his life with supervised visits. Kate doesn't see the harm in that as opposed to having her ripped out of Parker's life. Daniel declares that Kate is a good mother and grandmother. Daniel says he can't promise her anything but he will do what he can. Kate thanks him. Daniel tells her that he's not doing it for her. Kate understands and they agree to be in touch. Daniel then exits the Pub with Jennifer. Billie returns to Kate and asks how it went. Kate tells her that Daniel is going to try and let her see Parker. Billie calls it great news but Kate reveals that's only half of the reason she came.

Brady sits with Chloe and explains that Kristen and John were never married so she wasn't his stepmother. Chloe calls them lovers and brings up Kristen trying to kill Marlena. Chloe recalls how Brady used to talk about her. Brady claims he was wrong. Chloe assumes Brady's the only one who sees that she's changed. Brady doesn't care as he doesn't want anyone's approval. Chloe realizes that Brady fought John and that's what happened to his face. Brady says Kristen is very important to him and he won't let anyone tell him how to feel. Chloe compares it to Victor trying to stop Phillip from seeing her. Brady notes that Victor doesn't know yet. Brady feels Victor and Maggie deserve to hear it from him. Chloe says they had a long week. Brady asks about Chloe. She calls it a long story that she will tell him on the way to the mansion. Chloe says it's nice to have a friend and feels she owes Brady so much. Chloe talks about Brady saving her life in the past. Chloe wishes she never got into the horrible situation of being a prostitute. Chloe is thankful Brady never told anyone as she worries about it coming out now. They talk about Kate being the only other person that knows and they don't think Kate will say anything. Chloe hopes she finally has Kate out of her life once and for all.

Billie asks what Kate is up to now. They sit together as Billie asks what more she wants. Kate tells her that she'll see. Billie asks if she's going to try and kill Chloe again. Kate says no because she wants Chloe to be in a living hell.

Daniel and Jennifer go to the Kiriakis Mansion. Daniel invites Maggie to take Parker through the town square later. Maggie and Victor exit as Daniel surprises Parker with a new toy truck. Daniel and Jennifer talk to Parker about picking it out and they hope he likes it. Daniel goes to check his bag to make sure everything is ready for Parker. Jennifer plays with Parker but he starts crying. Daniel comes back in and Jennifer says she's the stranger so Daniel doesn't have to worry about being a stranger to Parker.

Kristen calls Stefano, who has heard the news. Stefano says if he was not in negotiations right now then he'd be on the first plane back to Salem. Stefano can't believe Kristen is serious about Brady. Kristen says everything happens for a reason.

Hope tells Marlena that John will come to his senses and realize he's upset with Kristen and not Marlena. Marlena is upset with herself. Hope wonders why since she was in an impossible situation. Marlena admits that it wasn't just her concern for John getting hurt that kept her quiet. Marlena says Kristen made her see that part of her was realized that she was happy Kristen was in bed with Brady and not John. Hope says Marlena is just human. Marlena adds that she couldn't tell John that because he knows she's hiding something. Marlena didn't think things could get worse but she's not sure there's any way out of this thing. Hope responds that there is always a way out. Hope tells Marlena that she can beat Kristen at her own game but she just needs a little help and Hope's going to make sure she gets it.

Stefano questions if Kristen has some grand plan. Kristen says she is his daughter. Stefano brings up John's ego taking a beating along with his face. Kristen thought that would make Stefano happy. Kristen adds that it's never been just about John. Stefano asks Kristen what it's really about.

Hope shows Marlena a device to bug Kristen's room. Hope thinks Roman would even understand. Hope adds that it may be illegal but she has to do what she has to do to save her marriage. Hope says Roman's out of town anyways and she can show Kristen's true colors to Brady. Marlena feels she can't do it. Hope reminds her that she's dealing with Kristen DiMera so if she doesn't play by her rules then she'll lose.

Maggie comes back in and takes Parker to change his diaper. Daniel tells Jennifer that she won't be a stranger for long and he invites her to the town square but Jennifer doesn't think Chloe would like that. Daniel says Chloe understands that Jennifer is a part of his life. Jennifer says they don't have to rush things. Daniel doesn't think it's rushing and says Jennifer would be doing him a favor by breaking the tension between he and Chloe. Daniel kisses her as Chloe then walks in.

Billie asks what Kate could possibly do to Chloe that she hasn't already tried. Kate says she doesn't have to do a thing as they both know each other's tricks. Kate says she needs to keep her hands clean but Daniel doesn't. Kate says goodbye and exits the Pub.

Daniel and Jennifer continue kissing so Chloe goes back and slams the door to interrupt. Chloe walks in and says she didn't know Jennifer would be there. Daniel mentions her joining them at the town square. Brady enters and greets them. Daniel and Jennifer ask what happened to Brady's face. Victor comes down and wants to know too. Brady says Daniel and Jennifer are leaving so he can save that story for another time. Brady congratulates Daniel on becoming Parker's dad. Daniel and Jennifer exit with Chloe and Parker. Victor questions Brady as to what happened and Maggie asks where he's been since they've been worried. Brady apologizes and says he's been laying low but they will understand when he explains. Brady tells them to be happy for him because he's happier than he's been for a long time.

Stefano mentions that Kristen promised not to hurt Marlena. Kristen says she won't but she didn't come back just to brainstorm over EJ's love life. Kristen feels she deserves some revenge since Marlena made her life hell which Stefano can't deny. Stefano asks Kristen if she's gotten what she's really wanted. Kristen says not where Marlena is concerned as she just started.

Hope continues convincing Marlena to use the bugging device. Marlena agrees so Hope attaches it to Marlena. Hope adds that it could be her only chance. Marlena agrees to seize the moment and nail Kristen.

At the town square, Daniel takes Parker for ice cream leaving Jennifer and Chloe. Jennifer comments that Parker is beautiful. Chloe notes that he's shy. Jennifer agrees and mentioning Parker crying when they were alone as he's not used to her. Chloe talks about Parker dealing with all these changes and she's trying to do the best for him. Jennifer decides she has to get to work and wishes her a nice afternoon. Jennifer joins Daniel and tells her that she should get to work. Daniel says they just got there but Jennifer insists she's got to go and will see him later. Daniel kisses her goodbye. Jennifer takes a picture of Daniel and Parker and then she exits. Chloe rejoins them and remarks that she's sorry Jennifer had to leave so soon.

Brady tells Victor and Maggie about Kristen. Victor can't believe it and thought it couldn't get worse than Nicole or Chloe. Maggie brings up Brady's grief over Madison but Brady says what they have is real. Victor asks if Brady got his bruises from defending Kristen. Maggie realizes it was John. Brady doesn't want to defend himself and just wanted to tell them himself. Brady says Kristen has changed. Victor calls him more of an idiot than ever. Brady calls Victor cynical and jaded. Maggie worries about Brady jumping in with someone with Kristen's history. Maggie calls it a self destructive reaction of an addict. Brady says Kristen makes him feel good and alive.

Marlena goes to Kristen's room.

Daniel and Chloe sit with Parker as he eats ice cream. Daniel says he's sorry Jennifer had to go but he's glad they had this moment alone since he wanted to talk to her about something between them. Chloe tells Daniel that he can tell her anything.

Jennifer arrives at the hospital where Kate approaches. Kate admits seeing her again is not a coincidence because she was waiting for her. Jennifer asks why. Kate wants Jennifer to come with her so they go into a private room. Kate says she needs to talk to her about something important about Chloe and Daniel as well as Jennifer. Jennifer doesn't understand. Kate brings up Daniel being so generous to her earlier with letting her be a part of Parker's life. Kate adds that there is something Daniel needs to know about Parker but she can't tell him. Jennifer doesn't get it since it's Daniel's child and wonders how else he would find out. Kate tells Jennifer to understand that Chloe has no business around children. Jennifer points out that she's his mother. Kate feels that makes it worse and he needs Jennifer's help. Kate tells Jennifer that she needs to be the one who talks to Daniel.

Chloe puts Parker in his stroller. Daniel tells Chloe that he needs to ask her to do something for him. Chloe says anything but Daniel says she might want to hear first. Chloe asks if it's about Jennifer but Daniel says it's about Parker. Daniel talks about wanting what's best for him and mentions he ran into Kate earlier. Daniel brings up Kate wanting to stay in Parker's life. Chloe says Kate is not Parker's grandmother. Daniel talks about how Parker sees Kate that way but Chloe doesn't think it's a good idea. Daniel explains that Kate just wants supervised visits because she loves Parker but Chloe disagrees. Daniel adds that Kate's done horrible things to them but Chloe says he doesn't know the half of it. Daniel questions what he doesn't know.

Kate talks about having two children ripped away from her and she would never do that to someone unless she believed the mother was putting the kid in harm's way. Jennifer assumes it's about Chloe's attempted suicide and her depression. Kate says it's not about that but because Chloe was a prostitute while Phillip was taking care of Parker.

Victor tells Brady that he's deluded himself when it comes to Kristen. Brady argues that Victor doesn't know what he's talking about. Victor says no one knows the DiMeras better than him and Brady will be upset when he finds out how Kristen really is.

Kristen and Marlena argue. Kristen asks what she's doing there. Marlena says it's about time they have a conversation to get what's between them out in the open. Kristen says that may take a while. Marlena says she has all the time in the world as she walks into the room.

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