Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/15/13

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/15/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

EJ walks through the town square with Johnny. Johnny wishes Sami was with them. EJ says she had a big wedding to attend.

Rafe brings up Will taking Gabi to the abortion clinic. Sami argues that Rafe has no idea. Rafe tells Sami to face that Will wanted the baby gone. Sami blames Gabi for looking up the information and dragging Will along. Sami says they don't know a lot of information but they know Gabi was calling the shots. Rafe blames it on Will wanting nothing to do with the baby.

Marlena walks through the hospital on the phone, leaving a message for John that they need to talk about the whole Kristen mess.

Abigail confronts Cameron at the hospital and blames him for Chad finding out about Will being the father of Gabi's baby, telling him that it all came out at the wedding.

Will tells Lucas that he thought he was doing the right thing for the baby as Nick listens in. Will talks about having nightmares about it. Lucas tells Will that this is good that it all came out because there's no way he could've turned his back on his own kid. Will says he's right. Lucas feels it's good that it happened now so Will can be there for the baby from the beginning.

Sonny works at the coffee house as Chad enters. Sonny can't believe Chad showed up after what he did. Chad apologizes, swearing he had no idea it would turn out like this. Sonny doesn't believe him. Chad says he had no idea it was Will's, just that it wasn't Nick's. Chad adds that he wouldn't have done it if he knew. Sonny points out that he did it and ruined peoples' lives. Sonny declares the truth is out and there is no going back.

Rafe and Sami continue to argue as Gabi begs them to stop. Rafe continues talking about Will taking Gabi to the abortion clinic and not telling them what was going on. Rafe says Will didn't want the baby then and doesn't want it now. Sami tells Rafe that he's wrong and blames Gabi for Will keeping the secret. Rafe says Gabi didn't do anything but Sami yells at Gabi for lying. Sami talks about treating Gabi like a daughter and then she lies to her and tries to take her son's child. Rafe tells Sami it's not about her but Sami feels it is because it's her grandchild. Rafe repeats that Will wanted nothing to do with the baby. Rafe says if Will wanted, he would've taken responsibility in the beginning. Sami believes Gabi didn't give him a choice. Gabi insists that the first thing she did was tell Will. Sami doesn't believe her since she lied to a priest. Gabi tells them to ask Will. Gabi adds that Will was the one who said not to say anything about the baby until they figured things out.

Will wonders what kind of role model he could be and talks about all the custody battles he went through when he was young. They argue about the sacrifices Sami and Lucas made for him. They argue and Lucas yells about all he's done for Will including going to prison for him.

Chad tells Sonny that the last thing he wanted to do was hurt him or Will. Chad says he only heard Gabi admit to Cameron that Nick wasn't the father but she never said Will was the father. Chad says there is no way he could've known that Will got Gabi pregnant as EJ enters with Johnny, asking what Chad just said.

Sami questions if Will was the one who asked Gabi to get an abortion. Gabi says no but she thought she should because Will didn't want the baby. Sami doesn't believe Will would say that. Gabi says he didn't have to say it as he just had gotten with Sonny and feared that the baby would destroy them. Gabi adds that she was in no position to raise the baby on her own so she thought it was best. Rafe asks if Will agreed. Gabi states that Will got money from Sonny and Lucas. Rafe declares it's pretty clear that Will wanted the baby out of the way so he could be with Sonny.

Abigail tells Marlena about Chad interrupting the wedding. Abigail blames Cameron for knowing the whole time and says Chad overheard Cameron. Cameron calls it a private conversation but Abigail says it doesn't change that he knew. Marlena agrees with Cameron that he couldn't say anything due to patient-doctor confidentiality. Marlena talks about her and John speaking with Gabi and Nick at the pre canon session. Abigail is not surprised they didn't tell Marlena. Marlena wonders why. Abigail says Marlena's going to figure out eventually. Abigail reveals that the baby's father is Will.

Will apologizes for Lucas as he knows he's made sacrifices and he's not being ungrateful. Lucas says nobody expects him to be grateful as they just did what parents do for their children. Will says he did fine. Lucas thinks he did something wrong and wonders why Will didn't tell him. Nick continues to listen. Will admits that he thought if Lucas knew then he'd try to hold on to a semblance of him being straight. Lucas talks about going to classes and understanding if people are born gay. Lucas tells Will that it's going to be a hard road but his family will be there for him all the way. Will and Lucas hug as Will thanks him. Will apologizes and says there's someone he needs to see. Lucas understands and tells him to go. They hug again and Will then walks away so Lucas heads in the other direction. Nick comes out from behind the corner and walks out of the town square.

EJ sends Johnny with Sonny and steps aside with Chad. EJ asks Chad to explain Will being the father of Gabi's baby. Chad calls it crazy and explains that he overheard Cameron and Gabi so he called her out on it in front of the wedding. EJ asks if this is payback for what she did to Melanie. Chad says he should've seen the look on her face. EJ brings up that Sami must be devastated. Chad says she looked pretty shocked as did Rafe. Chad says he was just telling the truth that Gabi is a lying bitch. EJ notes that Chad seems proud of himself. Chad feels bad for Sonny, Will, and Abigail. EJ doesn't know why Abigail would be upset. Chad decides he has to go and exits.

Marlena tells Abigail that there's got to be a mistake as Will can't be the father. Abigail reveals that Will announced it to everyone at the church. Marlena decides she has to go and rushes out of the hospital. Abigail apologizes for blaming Cameron as he didn't do anything wrong and she then walks away. Cameron tells the nurse that he has to step out for a few minutes and he exits.

Will enters the coffeehouse and Johnny greets him. Will greets EJ. EJ says he heard Will had a really bad day. Will says it could be worse. EJ offers to do anything he can. Will thanks him and says he'd let him know. EJ hugs Will and says it may not seem like it, but things will work out. EJ exits with Johnny. Sonny comes out from the back and ignores Will after they exchange looks.

Sami argues with Rafe about blaming Will and she accuses Gabi of playing Will. Rafe argues that Will only had to tell the truth and the baby would be in his life. Sami continues to blame Gabi. Gabi reveals it was Nick's idea to pass the baby off on his. Gabi talks about Nick loving her so much that he understood. Sami complains about Nick stealing the baby from Will. Gabi tells them that Will was in on it. Rafe says Will was going to get rid of the baby that way. Sami tells him to stop making Will the bad guy. Sami warns Gabi that she won't keep the baby out of her life. Sami calls Gabi a little bitch so Rafe tells her to get out as Eric enters, asking what's going on. Sami exits as Gabi cries and hugs Rafe. Gabi tells Rafe she's fine. Gabi cries and apologizes to Eric for lying to him. Gabi wishes it hadn't come out this awful way. Nick enters and says it's his fault. Gabi hugs him as she cries.

Abigail walks out of the town square and sees Chad sitting on the bench. Abigail tries to walk the other way but Chad sees her and tries to apologize. Abigail believes he only came to the wedding to hurt everyone she cares about. Chad swears it wasn't planned but Abigail doesn't buy it. Chad tries to stop her from leaving but Cameron arrives and tells Chad to let her go.

Will approaches Sonny and wants a chance to explain things. Sonny asks if he means his lies. Sonny questions how he's going to do that and if it will be with more lies. Will wants him to listen as Marlena enters so Sonny suggests Will explain to her. Marlena approaches Will, who assumes she's heard the news. Marlena asks if he's okay. Will says not really and gets a phone call from Sami. Will answers the phone. Sami says she just had to check on the kids and then she'll come find him so they can talk. Will calls it not a great time but Sami thinks it's urgent. Will tells her not tonight. Sami asks if he's with Sonny. Will says he's with Marlena and he's real wiped out so they should talk tomorrow. Sami agrees to do that and tells him that she loves him. Will says he loves her too as they hang up. Sami goes into her home and finds EJ seated inside.

Gabi tells Nick that she won't let him blame himself because they were doing what's best for the baby. Rafe says it wasn't the best or the right thing and they need to understand that. Gabi thought Rafe would never judge them for it. Rafe says he's not judging. Gabi compares it to Rafe claiming to be Nicole's baby's father. Rafe questions if they think his lie justifies their lie. Rafe says he did set out to do the right thing with Nicole but he knows now that a lie like that even with the best intentions is just not right. Rafe apologizes. Gabi cries and hugs Rafe, saying she needs him so much. Rafe tells her that he's always there. Eric suggests they give Nick and Gabi a moment alone so he and Rafe exit the room. Gabi cries and hugs Nick, apologizing for everything being ruined. Nick asks if Gabi still loves him as much as he loves her. She says of course. Nick declares that nothing's changed then and nothing's ruined.

Chad tells Cameron that it's none of his concern. Cameron threatens Chad if he doesn't take his hand off Abigail. Chad says he wasn't going to hurt her but Cameron accuses him of doing so already. Cameron warns him that he will regret if he ever eavesdrops on his conversations again. Chad feels Gabi's secret needed to be exposed. Abigail thinks Chad doesn't regret it at all. Chad says his only regret is hurting Abigail and Will. Chad walks away as Abigail calls him an unbelievable jerk which Cameron agrees with. Abigail asks if Cameron's shift is over. Cameron says he's still on duty but needed to find her.

Will sits with Marlena and talks about how he lied to everybody. Marlena tells Will that she loves him and has so much faith in him. Will asks what he should do now. Marlena has faith that he will sort it out and won't be alone as his family will see him through it. Will worries about Sonny and says no one can help him there. Marlena encourages Will to talk to Sonny and tell him how he really feels. Marlena says even the best relationships are complicated. Marlena tells Will that she loves him and to be kind to himself. Will thanks her and says he loves her. Marlena hugs him goodbye and she exits as Will wipes tears.

EJ tells Sami that he saw Will earlier. Sami asks how he seemed since he didn't want to talk. EJ says Will seemed to be hanging in there and that he offered his help. EJ adds that the same goes for her. Sami says it means a lot for him to say that. EJ hugs her as she holds back tears.

Abigail says she understands if Cameron is mad at her for losing it on him before. Cameron clarifies that he's not mad at her and he thinks it's great how protective she is of her friends. Abigail thanks him but feels he didn't need to track her down just to tell him that. Abigail mentions Cameron's girlfriend Emily. Cameron tells her to forget about it and says it was nice seeing her as he exits.

Gabi and Nick take off their wedding rings. Nick says it's just for now as he still wants to marry her more than anything and he wants to raise the baby with her as well as have more kids to build a family. Gabi wonders how and cries about not knowing what Will is thinking. Gabi says everything that they were counting on is over now that the truth is out. Nick tells Gabi that he loves her and she loves him so he promises that nobody will stop them from being together.

Eric and Rafe go to Eric's church office. Rafe questions Nick and Gabi being fiercely committed to each other. Eric says they love each other. Rafe brings up all the lies. Rafe knows he didn't set a good example with Nicole but feels things started to work out after the truth came out. Eric assumes he means Nicole found her way again while Rafe found his way back to Sami. Rafe says that's all true but he saw Sami's true colors today.

Sami tells EJ that everything's blown up and is a disaster that will mess up Will's whole life. EJ insists that things will be fine and Will and Sonny will get through it. EJ compares it to he and Sami putting each other through hell but always working through it. EJ sits with Sami and asks what else is bothering her. Sami admits it's Rafe. Sami says Rafe is blaming it all on Will. EJ says he knows Will and he has a good heart and conscience. Sami complains that Rafe wouldn't hear that. Sami believes Nick and Gabi pressured Will and now the whole thing is a big mess. EJ tells Sami that they will be there for Will as they are on his side and they will fight for him so that he's not alone.

Will approaches Sonny again and says he's going to get his stuff out of Sonny's place as he figures Sonny doesn't want him there tonight. Will adds that he doesn't know how this is going to play out but he doesn't want to lose Sonny over it.

Rafe tells Eric he thought there was a chance for he and Sami to start over and reconcile but after today with Sami attacking Gabi, he saw a side of her that made him want to run in the other direction. Rafe complains about Sami defending Will after what he did. Rafe declares there is no way that he and Sami could ever get back together.

Sami tells EJ that he has no idea how much it means to her to hear him say that he's on her and Will's side. Sami adds that she's glad he's there. EJ says he'll always be there as he holds her.

Will tells Sonny that he doesn't have to say anything but he just wants him to know that despite everything, he loves him. Will then exits the coffeehouse as Sonny looks conflicted. Sonny then says out loud that he loves Will too.

Gabi worries to Nick about Sami since she said she's going to be a big part of the baby's life. Nick thinks back to hearing Lucas shout that he went to prison for Will. Nick tells Gabi that they are going to be together and they can still have everything exactly the way they want it.

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