Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/14/13

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/14/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Everyone stands as Rafe walks Gabi down the aisle. Eric welcomes everyone to celebrate the union of Gabi and Nick in holy matrimony. Rafe says he is giving Gabi to marriage and kisses her on the cheek. Rafe then joins Sami's side. Rafe thanks Sami for giving his sister the wedding of her dreams. Eric speaks about marriage being more than just a union of two people. Nick and Gabi smile at one another. Eric asks everyone to give their pledge to the couple. The crowd says they do. Eric begins Nick and Gabi's vows. Nick says he's loved Gabi since he first saw her. Gabi calls him such a gift to her. Eric jokes that nobody messed up a word. Eric adds that from this day forward, they go on as one. Eric starts to pronounce them husband and wife but Chad suddenly stands up and announces that if this marriage is about love and truth, then Gabi should be marrying the real father of her baby. Everyone is shocked. Doug and Julie enter apologizing for being late. Chad tells them that the wedding is a joke anyways. Rafe tells Chad to sit down. Chad tells Gabi to tell the truth. Chad argues about being unable to swallow all of this about honesty. Chad declares he will need Gabi to come forward and tell the truth for once. Chad calls it truth time. Abigail asks Chad to sit down. Chad asks if everyone wants to hear what Gabi's been hiding. Chad complains about the lies. Rafe and Hope try to get Chad out of the church. Nick calls Chad a bitter loser who is still upset about Melanie. Chad screams back that it's not about Melanie and he breaks free from Hope and Rafe. Chad calls Gabi a slut which infuriates Rafe, who then tackles Chad to the ground. Lucas, Hope, and Sonny get between Chad and Rafe. Eric calls for no violence in church. Hope takes Chad out of the main room and Rafe follows. Sonny and Will exchange looks.

Rafe questions Chad trying to ruin his sister's wedding. Hope holds Rafe back demanding he backs off. Hope tells Chad he's under arrest for assaulting an officer. Hope takes Rafe's phone and calls in a unit for the church.

Nick tries to calm Gabi down in the church. Nick insists that it will be okay. Abigail pulls Will aside and blames herself. Will tells her that it's not her fault. Doug and Julie ask Maggie what's going on but she doesn't know. Jennifer can't believe this is happening. Julie points out that Chad is a DiMera. Maggie thinks Chad blames Nick for his breakup with Melanie and Victor calls this his revenge.

Rafe wants Chad in jail. Hope reminds Rafe that he's a police officer who just attacked an unarmed man so they need to make sure Chad doesn't press charges. Hope asks Rafe to try and keep it together so he goes back inside to the church. Hope asks Chad why he went off. Chad calls Gabi a lying bitch which brings Rafe back. Rafe questions if this is really about Gabi or if EJ put him up to this. Chad tells him that EJ couldn't care less. Chad questions being under arrest. Hope calls it disturbing the peace. Hope tells him to accept his citation and he can go home. Chad tells them that Nick was in prison when Gabi got knocked up so he's not the father.

Abigail tells Gabi how sorry she is. Gabi tells her that it's not her fault. Nick says it will be okay. Abigail goes back to Will and calls herself a traitor. Will says nobody thinks that. Abigail wonders why Chad would make up a lie like that as Will looks over at Sonny. Nick keeps telling Gabi that it will be okay. Gabi wonders how Chad found out but Nick says he can't prove anything and he just wanted to ruin their wedding. Kate talks to Sonny and Lucas about how this isn't like Chad and he wouldn't make up a story to ruin the wedding. Sonny suggests maybe he didn't. Lucas wonders if he thinks it's true. Eric apologizes to everyone for the disruption. Nick wants to just continue the wedding but Eric says he cannot. Nick doesn't understand since they said their vows and just need to complete the ceremony. Nick says they are ready and nothing's changed other than a DiMera shooting his mouth off. Nick says they just want to be together and no one will stop them.

Rafe questions Chad. Chad reveals that he saw Gabi's talking to Cameron and she said Nick wasn't the father. Hope questions Chad finding that out. Chad says he overheard at the hospital and that Nick didn't care as he just wanted to get married. Rafe calls it all lies.

Eric tells Nick and Gabi that he wants to bless their marriage but asks if there's anything they need to tell him. Nick claims that they have told him everything and nothing's changed but Eric feels it has changed. Nick declares that just Chad hates them. Will says that's not all. Gabi tries to calm Nick down. Will adds that this is not going to work. Nick argues that it's all going to be fine but Will says no. Will declares he's not going to keep doing this so the truth is going to come out. Will apologizes.

Chad sits down as Hope holds Rafe back. Rafe thinks Chad is lying but Hope suggests maybe he's not. Hope recalls Nick having a different due date for the baby than Gabi did. Rafe points out that they explained it. Hope says that works if they jumped into bed the minute Nick got out of prison but that never felt right and didn't sound like them. Rafe brings up how Gabi wasn't seeing anyone else. Rafe approaches Chad and accuses him of being the father but Chad quickly denies it. Chad declares it must have been her stalker Andrew.

Gabi tells Will not to do this. Nick reminds Will that it's their wedding day so he shouldn't ruin Gabi's day. Billie comments to Kate that the day is already shot to hell. Lucas asks Sonny if he knows what this is about but he doesn't know. Lucas wonders why Will is in the middle of their trouble. Nick agrees to go sit and talk with Eric but Will tells him it won't work. Will says they should've told the truth from the beginning. Will says he has to. Will announces that Chad was telling the truth, Nick is not the father of Gabi's baby but Will is, leaving the crowd shocked.

Rafe questions Chad thinking Gabi messed around with her stalker. Chad reveals that they knew each other and he was an assistant on their model shoots. Rafe doesn't believe it but Chad suggests Gabi must have seduced him unless she picked up some random guy. Chad calls it the only solution and calls Gabi a slut but Hope tells him to sit down and shut up.

Gabi runs out of the church. Nick tries to follow her but Maggie and Julie hold him back and ask what's going on. Lucas asks Sonny if he knew. Kate says he doesn't look like it. Sonny walks away. Will tries to follow him but Sami stops him and asks if it's true. Will apologizes for not telling her. Will runs after Sonny and stops him from leaving. Will apologizes for lying and says he loves him and doesn't want to change things between them because it doesn't have to but Sonny pulls away and says this changes everything. Sonny storms out. Nick says he'll explain everything but has to talk to Gabi. Sami goes after Gabi as Maggie and Julie hold Nick. Jennifer and Caroline try to talk to Will. Lucas tries to ask Will. Will tells Lucas he'll be a grandfather. Billie comments on what this means for Kate.

Gabi goes to the room where she got dressed and breaks down crying. Gabi cries that it was supposed to be so perfect and that she's so sorry.

A cop arrives and Hope instructs him to keep Chad away from Rafe. Hope approaches Sonny and asks if the wedding is over. Sonny tells them that it's true. Rafe heads back inside and Hope follows. Sonny calls Chad a bastard. Chad says he didn't even like Gabi. Victor joins them and declares that Chad proved himself to be a true DiMera. Victor and Sonny exit the church.

Rafe pulls Nick aside and asks where Gabi is. Nick says Gabi went to the dressing room with Sami. Rafe questions what happened and if Nick is not the father. Lucas wants Will to talk to him but Will storms out looking for Sonny. Hope joins Rafe. Rafe questions Nick claiming the baby. Nick says it's Gabi's and he loves her so he loves the baby. Nick adds that he'd do anything including this all over again for Gabi.

Abigail approaches Chad and questions how he could do that. Abigail accuses him of playing her but Chad says he came for her. Abigail says Will was his friend and Chad humiliated him. Chad doesn't understand but Abigail reveals that everyone now knows that Will is the father of Gabi's baby.

Rafe questions why Nick and Gabi didn't come to him. Nick says Gabi didn't think he would understand. Rafe says he would've been there and taken care of her. Nick says he didn't have to because Nick was there. Rafe questions if they even thought. Nick says they all decided that he and Gabi raising the baby was the right thing to do. Nick tells Rafe about Gabi telling Will first and in the process, reveals that Will is the father.

Chad is shocked to know that Will is the father of Gabi's baby as he had no idea. Abigail questions who he thought it was. Chad didn't know and is shocked. Abigail tells Chad that he hit his target but hurt a lot of others too. Chad says he couldn't control himself. Abigail calls what he's done so sick. Jennifer comes over and tells Abigail to go. Chad tries to apologize but Jennifer doesn't want to hear it. Jennifer adds that it's good that Abigail saw the real Chad before it's too late as Jennifer exits with Abigail.

Rafe can't believe that Will is the father and starts to storm out but Hope holds him back. Nick wants to go find Gabi but Rafe tells him no. Rafe wants the truth and he exits. Nick tries to follow but Hope stops him. Nick worries that Rafe will go off on Gabi. Nick calls it all a mess. Hope wishes they thought it through. Nick says that's all they did and it came down to what was best for the baby and it was supposed to all work out. Nick declares that the bigger truth is that Nick and Gabi love each other and the baby which is what really matters.

Gabi continues crying as Sami enters the dressing room. Gabi apologizes for ruining everything. Gabi cries that Nick had been so amazing and Sami planned everything perfectly so everything is working out. Sami accuses her of creating her own little family at Sami's family's expense. Sami accuses Gabi of trying to keep Will's child from he and her. Sami guarantees that is not going to happen.

Maggie says she was right there for Nick all this time and wonders if it's her fault. Julie tells her it's not and says she and Doug should never have gone on that cruise. Doug says Nick wouldn't have told them either but Julie feels she was always on Nick's side. Julie apologizes for rambling and wonders what they can do for him now. Nick sits with Hope and says they will go to a justice of the peace and still get married. Kate and Billie approach. Kate tells Nick that she's second guessing him being a fit for her company now. Nick says it's not his fault but she can do what she needs. Nick says there's someone else besides Gabi that he needs to see and he exits.

Chad asks the officer if he can go but he says not until Hope tells him it's ok. Nick approaches Chad and asks if he enjoyed the show. Chad says he did and calls revenge sweet. Nick tells him to enjoy it and remember it as the last time he was happy without having to worry because he won't see him coming. Nick then heads back into the church.

Sonny works at the coffeehouse. Victor enters and orders his usual. Victor ranks this a 7 on wedding disasters since nobody was blackmailed or shot but figures Chad should watch his back. Victor compares it to Carrie breaking up Sami's when she found out that Sami lied about Will's paternity. Victor assumes Sami won't remember that today and calls Sami's reaction ironic as history repeated itself. Sonny brings Victor his coffee but Victor points out that it's not the right size. Sonny tells him not to complain. Victor suggests it's good that Sonny found out about Will now instead of later but Sonny reveals it's too late as he had already fell in love with him, had him move in, and planned the rest of his life with him.

Lucas follows Will outside of the town square trying to talk but Will wants to find Sonny as he's worried about how hurt he is. Lucas tells him that this isn't about Will and Sonny but about Will and Gabi and the life they created now. Lucas questions Will letting another man raise his kid. Will says he thought it was best. Lucas questions that and says it doesn't matter now as Will abandoned his responsibilities and that's over. Nick listens from around the corner.

Gabi tells Sami that it wasn't like that and she can ask Will that they all agreed to this. Sami accuses Gabi of using her and Will. Sami says Gabi took advantage. Gabi continues crying. Sami continues berating Gabi. She accuses her of using Nick and her. Sami calls Gabi a manipulative lying bitch. Rafe enters and tells Sami to stop it.

Caroline talks to Eric as the last two in the church. Caroline tells him he did well but Eric disagrees. Caroline says Eric couldn't have known and what he did was good. Eric says he knew something was off and they weren't telling him something but he didn't trust his instincts. Caroline questions how he could've known. Eric says it won't be easy for Will. Caroline adds that it won't be easy for anybody.

Maggie sits at the Kiriakis Mansion as Victor returns home. Maggie suggests Victor needs a drink but Victor declines as he just had coffee. Victor sits with her and asks if she knew Will had moved in with Sonny which she didn't. Victor asks about Nick. Maggie says Nick is still hell-bent on marrying Gabi and raising the baby. Victor thinks it could work. Maggie thinks she should've done more for Nick. Victor points out that she gave him a home and fought off any criticism of him. Maggie mentions that Julie said Nick could've used more guidance. Victor argues against it and says Nick is a grown man who can make his own decisions. Maggie says Nick is trying as he really loves Gabi. Victor hopes it all works out.

Hope sends the officer away. Chad asks if he's free to go. Hope tells him not to ignore the summons as the fines will add up. Hope says Chad hurt a lot of people today. Chad says he didn't know about Will and is really sorry about him. Hope sarcastically says that helps as Chad exits. Doug and Julie return to Hope and ask about Nick since they were waiting for him. Hope says Nick is so optimistic as he really thinks this can still work. Julie hopes it can and hopes Gabi and the baby are alright with so much to deal with.

Will tells Lucas that he doesn't know how things are going to work now. Lucas questions how he thought they'd work out before and questions Will not even knowing his child. Will says they thought it was best for the baby. Lucas wonders how that would be best since they'd be living a lie. Will wants to find Sonny. Lucas tells him that he needs to stay and listen. Lucas says he wasn't much younger than Will when he and Sami had him. Lucas says everything changed when he found out Will was his. Will says because of him, Lucas and Sami fought all the time. Lucas says Will meant everything to him and he would've done anything for him. Lucas thinks Will would feel the same way when his baby is born. Lucas adds that the kid will be the center of Will's life for the rest of his life as Nick continues to listen in.

Rafe tells Sami not to talk to Gabi like that. Sami questions Rafe understanding that Gabi lied to them and used her. Gabi cries for them to stop. Sami talks about wanting to help while Gabi lied to her. Gabi cries that it's not true since Sami just assumed. Sami continues going on about Gabi. Gabi says she told Will. Sami thinks it was only after they had a plan. Rafe brings up Will taking her to the abortion clinic. Sami argues that Rafe has no idea. Rafe tells Sami to face that Will wanted the baby gone.

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