Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/11/13

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/11/13


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Suzanne Rogers (Maggie) introduces this as the 12,000th episode of Days of Our Lives.

Rafe and Sami continue kissing at Sami's. Rafe asks if she wants him to go. Sami thought they were going to wait until after the wedding but they keep kissing. Rafe asks if this is not what she wants as they continue kissing.

Chad goes to leave the coffeehouse but Sonny stops him and questions him going to Gabi & Nick's wedding.

Abigail greets Jennifer at home and says she missed her this morning. Jennifer says she just went for a walk. Abigail asks what happened last night at Daniel's. Jennifer calls it a big night. Abigail asks why she doesn't look happy. Jennifer says it wasn't what they were expecting and reveals that Daniel found out Parker really is his son.

Kate exits the town square and runs into Lucas, who is surprised she's back in town so soon. Kate tells him it's an emergency because the bitch is back.

Chloe runs into Daniel at the hospital and says it seems like old times.

Gabi tells Will at the Pub that she wants him to be the baby's Godfather but Nick comes over and says no way in hell. Will asks why not. Gabi apologizes for not asking Nick first. Will questions what Nick's problem is. Nick doesn't want to get into it but Will declares that he's had it and this is not how it's going to go on.

Rafe and Sami continue kissing on the couch as Rafe is now shirtless until there's a knock on the door. Rafe stops Sami from answering it but she insists that she has to get it. Sami gets up and gives Rafe his clothes as she answers the door and it's Hope. Hope tells Sami she's running late and then comes in to see Rafe getting dressed. Rafe says he has stuff to do and they agree that Hope will take Sami to the wedding. Rafe and Sami say goodbye as Rafe exits. Sami realizes she's really late and runs off to get dressed as Hope comments that it looks like they really lost track of time.

Chloe talks about old times of volunteering with Maggie. Chloe tells Daniel that she will need a pediatrician at the hospital for Parker since they are staying in Salem. Daniel offers suggestions to her. Chloe thanks him and suggests a cup of coffee but Daniel has plans to stop by Jennifer's. Chloe says she understands but Daniel questions if she does.

Gabi asks Nick and Will not to do this today. Will questions Nick thinking he's not capable of being the Godfather because he's gay. Nick explains that Will would be around the baby all the time and wouldn't be able to tell the truth. Nick brings up what if the baby finds out in the future that they've been lying all this time. Gabi compares it to what Will went through. Nick claims he's worried about Will too since it'd be torture for Will to be around the baby all this time without being able to tell the truth.

Hope talks about Sami being with Rafe. Sami admits they are trying again. Hope is happy for them and hugs her. Sami makes Hope agree to not say anything about it to anyone. Hope tells her that Sami and Rafe are meant to be like Hope and Bo.

Sonny questions why Chad would ever agree to go to Gabi's wedding. Chad says time heals and he's tired of being mad all the time. Chad says he's actually happy too. Sonny realizes it's Abigail. Chad admits she invited him. Sonny repeats that it's Gabi and Nick's wedding. Chad claims to be happy for them. Sonny calls it disorienting. Chad says it's the biggest day of their lives so they have to be happy for them.

Jennifer sits with Abigail and explains Daniel being Parker's father. Jennifer's phone rings with a text from Daniel, saying he wants to come over before she goes to the wedding. Abigail calls it good. Abigail reminds Jennifer that Chloe really hurt Daniel. Jennifer says she did too but Abigail points out it's not the same. Abigail insists that Daniel won't want Chloe back and tells her not to assume. Jennifer declares that she and Daniel will be fine.

Kate explains to Lucas what's happened with Chloe being back. Lucas is glad. Kate hopes he doesn't have his eyes on Chloe. Billie joins them. Kate makes Billie tell Lucas stay away from Chloe. Lucas says he won't go anywhere near Chloe but he's just glad that Chloe will go after Daniel and keep him away from Jennifer. Billie thinks Jennifer would be a good influence on Parker.

Daniel sits with Chloe and explains that he and Jennifer are together and nothing will change that. Chloe asks if he thought she expected that. Daniel just wanted to be clear. Chloe says she understands that they've both moved on and just wants him to connect with his son. Daniel thanks her and they agree that they're good. Daniel goes back to work as Chloe sighs.

Will tells Gabi and Nick that he doesn't have to be around the baby all the time but if he was the Godfather then he could make sure. Nick questions Will not thinking he can take care of the baby. Will feels that he should be a part of the baby's life. Nick tells Will that he's already done the bravest thing he can do so he should stop punishing himself. Gabi says she wasn't thinking and apologizes for being selfish. Will disagrees but Nick says he knows Gabi meant well. Will claims he understands. Nick adds that Will is still going to see the kid and know all about it. Will decides to go to the church. Gabi hugs him and thanks him. Will exits the Pub. Gabi apologizes to Nick. Nick says it's alright but they should talk about making any moves next time. They hug and say they love one another.

At the hospital, Anne complains to another nurse about Jennifer as Chloe walks by.

Daniel goes to Jennifer's and tells her that he loves her and having Parker back doesn't change anything for them. Jennifer thinks it does and understands he needs to be with his son but Daniel wants Jennifer to be a part of that.

Abigail and Gabi get dressed. Sami arrives with the dress. Abigail leaves to go check on Chad. Sami talks to Gabi about what she's planned but asks if something's wrong. Gabi tells her that she's been so great and amazing. Gabi thanks her. Sami hugs her and assures that she'll make it through the day. Gabi talks about never thinking she'd have a sister again. Sami says she always will and she's happy to be there for her. Sami says she'll always be a sister to Gabi if she wants. Sami talks about being glad to do this and still thinks of them as family.

Rafe, Nick, Will, and Eric prepare at the church. Eric talks about performing his first wedding. Nick says he's not nervous. Rafe suggests he will be when he gets out there. Rafe encourages Nick that the bride is the only thing that will matter. Rafe gets a call and steps out. Eric goes to get his notes leaving Will and Nick. Nick asks Will if they are okay now.

Sami tells Gabi that they'll always be connected through the baby since she was with her when she first found out. Sami jokes about being an aunt. Rafe knocks on the door and tells Sami that he needs to talk to Gabi. Sami thinks they don't have time but Rafe says it can't wait and heads inside. Rafe tells Gabi that their mom wants to talk to her. Gabi takes the phone and answers it.

Will tells Nick that they are okay. Nick tells Will that what he's doing is incredible if he hasn't said it enough to him. Nick says Will was a big enough man to do the right thing and not be selfish.

Gabi speaks in Spanish to her mom on the phone. Gabi thanks her and hangs up. Rafe says it sounded good. Gabi reveals that their mom is really excited about the baby. Rafe hugs her. Sami tells Rafe he has to get out now so they can prepare her for the wedding.

Maggie and Victor talk at the church. Caroline arrives and greets them. Maggie credits Caroline for giving Nick a second chance. Maggie steps out to say hello to someone. Caroline tells Victor that she's glad Daniel is getting a second chance with Parker. Victor wishes Chloe dropped off Parker and ran.

Anne and the other nurse continue talking about Jennifer. Anne talks negatively about Nick as well as Jennifer. Chloe greets Anne, who is glad to see her. Chloe offers to take her for coffee so they can catch up and they walk off together.

Jennifer tells Daniel that she loves kids and loves him so she would never back away from him because he has a child. Jennifer thinks Parker needs to bond with Daniel. Jennifer knows it will be a lot of change. Jennifer promises to be there with Daniel. Daniel worries about making her late but Jennifer says she has a couple of minutes. Jennifer thanks him for not giving her a hard time about going to the wedding after what Nick did to Melanie. Daniel understands that he's her family. Jennifer points out that Parker is his family and asks when he will bring Parker to his place. Daniel feels he needs to set his place up. Jennifer offers to help and go shopping with him. They call it a shopping date and they kiss.

Chad arrives at the church and joins Abigail. Abigail thanks him for coming. Chad says he wouldn't miss it and calls her beautiful.

Sonny arrives at the church. Will greets him. Sonny comments on Will moving in fast and he thinks that's great. Sonny can't wait to dance with Will later. Will goes to find Eric.

Sami rejoins Rafe and tells him that she has got Gabi all prepared to be the most beautiful bride and then they kiss. Rafe asks if she still thinks Nick and Gabi are going to make it. Sami says she does. Rafe kisses her and hopes they will be half as happy as they're going to be this time around. Sami reminds him that they are at church for someone else's wedding. Rafe kisses her one more time and tells her that he loves her before she runs off to finish getting ready.

Lucas and Kate take Allie into the church. Lucas suggests Billie go check on Jennifer so she does. Billie goes to Jennifer and Hope and greets them. They talk about Parker. Jennifer says she's fine. Billie asks if she's worried about Chloe. Jennifer says she was but Daniel made it clear that Chloe won't be an issue. Hope and Billie agree that the ship sailed after everything Chloe did to Daniel.

Daniel goes to the Kiriakis Mansion where Chloe is with Parker. Chloe says she didn't want to leave him with a stranger. They talk about Parker sleeping. Daniel offers to stick around if Chloe has things to do. Chloe thanks him and says she does have to handle something right away so she could use his help.

Kate and Lucas get seated at the church. Hope and Caroline sit together and talk about crying at weddings. Jennifer joins Victor and Maggie. Jennifer says they'll take lots of pictures of the beautiful wedding.

Eric tells Nick that it's time as his wife and child are waiting for him. Eric asks if Nick's ready. Nick follows Rafe and Will out of the room with Eric.

Sami and Abigail get Gabi prepared. Gabi talks about being nervous but Sami insists it will be wonderful and perfect and she'll remember every moment for the rest of her life.

Nick and Eric enter in front of the church. Sami enters and takes her seat. Eric and Nick await as Allie goes down the aisle as the flower girl. Abigail and Will walk down the aisle as Sonny and Chad watch. Kate whispers to Sonny that some day that could be he and Will. Lucas jokes that he could be one of the bridesmaids. Everyone stands as Rafe walks Gabi down the aisle. Eric welcomes everyone to celebrate the union of Gabi and Nick in holy matrimony. Rafe says he is giving Gabi to marriage and kisses her on the cheek. Rafe then joins Sami's side. Rafe thanks Sami for giving his sister the wedding of her dreams.

Daniel asks Chloe what she needs. Chloe says it's about Parker's name since Phillip wanted to change it but she fought him off of it. Chloe adds that she always felt like the child belonged to Daniel and felt he was his son. Chloe wants to keep his name as Parker Daniel and she wants it to be Parker Daniel Jonas. Daniel thanks her as she then exits the room.

Eric speaks about marriage being more than just a union of two people. Nick and Gabi smile at one another. Eric asks everyone to give their pledge to the couple. The crowd says they do. Hope speaks in front of everyone about marriage. Maggie speaks next about husband and wife joining together. Eric asks if anyone objects to the marriage to speak now or forever hold their peace.

Daniel sits with Parker and talks to him about his watch. Chloe listens from the doorway. Daniel promises to love and protect Parker and to never let him go again. Chloe remarks that she couldn't have said it better herself as she leaves.

Eric begins Nick and Gabi's vows. Nick says he's loved Gabi since he first saw her. Gabi calls him such a gift to her. Eric jokes that nobody messed up a word. Eric adds that from this day forward, they go on as one. Eric starts to pronounce them husband and wife but Chad suddenly stands up and announces that if this marriage is about love and truth, then Gabi should be marrying the real father of her baby.

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