Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/10/13

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/10/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Sami talks on the phone to Rafe about her to do list. Rafe encourages her that the wedding will be over soon and then they can get to the good part. Rafe agrees to pick her up and they hang up as EJ arrives at Sami's. EJ asks her not to close the door as he just wants to clear the air.

Rafe enters the Pub where Nick is. Nick informs him that Gabi went to Abigail's to get ready. Rafe reveals he's there to see Nick.

Will wakes up to breakfast in bed from Sonny. Sonny calls it his gift to the best man since he has a busy day. Will opens a present from Sonny which is a key to his place.

Gabi prepares at Abigail's as Chad arrives. Abigail invites him in. Chad wonders if it's too early for a lame excuse to take her to breakfast. Gabi then comes downstairs.

Kate enters the coffeehouse where Victor is. Victor thought she was supposed to be out of town but Kate says she got an overnight flight after talking to Phillip. Kate questions Victor being so calm when they're losing their grandson but Victor feels they aren't losing him since Chloe brought him straight there.

Chloe reads to Parker as Daniel joins them. Daniel states that he didn't sleep as he kept listening for Parker. They talk about getting used to it. Chloe offers to let Daniel finish reading to Parker so he does. Chloe exits to let Daniel read to Parker.

Nick tells Rafe that he's been expecting the talk and says he'd be the same way but he first wants to say two things. Nick believes love is an action.

Sami questions EJ believing she'd slam the door on him. EJ knows she's upset about Kristen. Sami admits that she is. EJ wants her to know that he had no idea what she was doing and would never blindside her like that. Sami is not ok with what Kristen is doing. EJ suggests they don't talk about Kristen so she won't be a problem between them. EJ adds that he doesn't like to see Sami upset and assures that he had nothing to do with it as he wants them to move forward. Sami thinks back to talking with Rafe. Sami is glad EJ said that because she thinks they should be straight with each other.

Sonny talks about living with Will unless he doesn't want to if he thinks it's too soon. Will tells him it's what he wants and they kiss.

Gabi questions what Chad is doing there. Chad says he came to see Abigail. Chad tells Gabi to have a great day and congratulates her. Abigail insists that Chad means it. Gabi questions why. Chad says he's tired of being mad all the time so he's done. Chad says he's not saying they will be great friends but they will be okay. Chad and Abigail then hold hands causing Gabi to question what's going on.

Chloe watches Daniel read to Parker. Chloe re joins them as Daniel says he knows it will take time. Chloe informs him that he will have all the time in the world as she just got a job in Salem so she can stay now. Daniel calls it great and asks if it's sure it's what she wants. Chloe feels it's the least she owes Daniel and now he can have all the time in the world for a fresh start with Parker.

Victor and Kate walk outside of the town square. Kate still doesn't understand how calm he is. Victor insists that Parker will be fine with Daniel as a good father. Kate thinks Phillip was a good father. Victor thinks they should be proud of Phillip for doing the right thing. Victor adds that Chloe did the right thing also. Kate still doesn't believe that Victor isn't upset. Victor says he is but there's nothing they can do about the facts which Kate disagrees with. Victor questions if Kate is making a threat and if this is about Parker or Chloe being back. Kate is surprised to hear Chloe is back in Salem and questions Victor letting her stay in their house. Victor feels Chloe is part of the package to have Parker with Daniel. Kate blames Maggie and realizes that Victor is still Parker's grandfather by marriage so nothing changes for him. Kate declares she's the only one left in the cold here and she won't take it lying down as she storms off. Victor wonders where she's going.

Daniel asks Chloe what she means by a fresh start. She clarifies that she means for he and Parker. Daniel says he was just checking. Chloe claims she understands that she betrayed him and everything went to a huge mess but she feels she can finally make it up to him now. Chloe is glad that Parker is his. Daniel thanks her for staying. Daniel adds that this part isn't her fault since they were both lied to. Chloe says Daniel's missed out on a lot and she hopes this makes up for some lost time. Daniel says it will and adds that they obviously can't stay there every night. Chloe talks about getting her own place and Daniel says he'll set things up at his place for Parker. They agree that they will figure things out.

Will and Sonny continue kissing until Sonny reminds him that he needs to not be late for the wedding. Will feels he has hours but Sonny says he should be running things as the best man. Will thinks he only has to give the rings. Will decides to shower and get things from Sami's to move in. Sonny suggests they do it after the wedding but Will says he has plans for them after the wedding and kisses him. Will goes to shower. Sonny grabs his phone and calls about a special order being delivered for Valentine's Day dedicating it to their new beginning. Sonny hangs up and says that Will is going to love this.

Chad decides to leave. Abigail says she'll see him later. Chad tells Gabi to have a wonderful wedding and adds that she has a beautiful maid of honor. Chad exits. Abigail points out the look on Gabi's face. Gabi questions what's going on. Abigail calls it new and isn't sure what it is yet. Gabi comments that Chad looks happy. Abigail hopes so and is glad whatever was between Chad and Gabi is over. Gabi suggests Abigail ask Chad to be her date for the wedding. Abigail asks if she's sure that's okay. Gabi says she just wants everyone to be happy today.

Nick goes over his two year plan with Rafe with his salary from his new job at Countess Wilhelmina and making sure that Gabi has everything that she wants. Nick says he knows he can say he loves Gabi but wants to show Rafe that he's going to step up. Nick wants Rafe to know that he is holding himself to the same high standard. Rafe stops him and informs him that this wasn't the reason he came to talk to him. Rafe then gives him a flyer for Cancun for their honeymoon. Nick doesn't know what to say and calls it unexpected. They shake hands as Nick says he appreciates it. Rafe knows Nick loves Gabi or else they wouldn't have gone this far. Rafe adds that he liked hearing Nick's plan.

Sami talks on the phone making wedding plans. She hangs up and apologizes to EJ. EJ knows she's busy. Sami adds that she does have to talk to him about some things. Johnny runs in and hugs EJ. Johnny wonders what EJ is doing there in the morning. EJ offers to take him to school. Johnny begs Sami to let that happen so Sami agrees, saying it will help her a lot. Johnny goes to get ready as Sami prepares his lunch. EJ says he's happy to help. EJ adds that he'd like things to be this way going forward. EJ says he didn't take the job at Countess Wilhelmina because he loves cosmetics but to make things easier for her and to be close to her. EJ says he doesn't remember the last time he was this happy and thinks it feels normal. EJ asks what Sami thinks. Sami says they make a great team. EJ agrees and tells Sami that he's in love with her. Sami says he she did not see that coming. EJ suggests that she did as he feels she knows she feels it too. EJ hopes Kristen is not coming between them. Sami promises she won't let Kristen run her life. EJ worries if it's too much too soon. EJ says he just feels it and doesn't want to waste any more time as he knows she feels it too. EJ brings up Sami wanting to talk but Johnny runs back in and is ready to go to school. Sami tells EJ that they can talk later. EJ tells her to have a good time at the wedding. Sami says she will and tells EJ not to worry as they will talk. EJ asks what she's doing after the wedding but Johnny pulls him away. EJ exits with Johnny leaving Sami conflicted. Sami tells herself that she's going to tell him.

Gabi goes to the Pub and hugs Rafe, thanking him for the honeymoon. Nick thanks Rafe again and then goes to make a call. Gabi tells Rafe that it means the world to her. Gabi calls Nick a great guy. They talk about Nick being smart. Rafe gets a phone call from their mom. They wonder if they should tell her. Rafe answers the call.

Chloe answers the door at the mansion to see Kate. Kate wants to see her grandson but Chloe reminds her that Parker isn't hers in any way.

Daniel talks to Melanie on the phone from the hospital about sending her a picture of Parker. Daniel hangs up as Victor arrives. Daniel wonders why he's there since he hates the hospital. Victor admits that he came to check on him and wanted to see him away from everyone else so that he could speak freely. Victor asks Daniel how he's really doing. Daniel calls it a dream come true.

Kate tells Chloe that Parker must be confused and needs a familiar face. Chloe says he has her. Chloe tells her that Parker and Daniel are already happy together. Kate argues that Parker doesn't even know Daniel. Chloe says that will change. Kate questions Chloe throwing her out of Parker's life. Kate accuses her of being cruel. Chloe brings up everything Kate has done to her in the past. Kate wants to see Parker. Chloe repeats that he's not her grandson and questions why she's still there.

Abigail sits with Sonny at the coffeehouse. Sonny talks about Will moving in. Abigail suggests a housewarming party and wonders why they didn't do it sooner. Sonny notices Abigail looking around and tells her that Chad isn't there. Chad suggests she call him. Abigail thinks she will with an offer he might like.

Chad runs into EJ with Johnny at the town square. EJ says he was just taking Johnny to school. Johnny suggests Chad go with them so he agrees. EJ notes Chad seems to be in a good mood and Chad says the same about EJ so he asks what's up.

Will gathers his things at Sami's and tells her about being happy to move in with Sonny. Sami just wants him to be happy. Sami jokes about Will not being old enough to be moving away from home. Sami gets emotional and hugs Will. Will promises to be happy. Will then remarks that Sami will have less to deal with when she moves in with Rafe. Sami questions where that comes from. Will says he saw them making eyes at each other last night and assumes they are getting back together. Will agrees not to say anything as he just wants Sami to be happy. Sami wants the same for Will. Sami jokes that it would be weird for everything to work out for both of them. Will tells her not to jinx it.

Rafe talks on the phone to their mom. Gabi wants him to let her talk but she hangs up. Rafe tells her it's okay as Gabi begins to worry that she hates her. Rafe insists that she'll change when she sees her grandchild. Rafe tells Gabi that it's her perfect day and she will get everything she wants.

Daniel sits with Victor at the hospital and tells him that losing Parker had left a big void but now he has him. Victor asks if this is what he wants and offers lawyers if Chloe goes back to Chicago. Daniel reveals that Chloe got a job and is moving back permanently. Victor is unhappy but Daniel calls it a good thing. Victor points out the way Chloe looks at Daniel.

Kate calls Chloe the worst mother and doesn't think it's a good idea for Parker to lose her. Kate says she had been constant in his life. Chloe talks about putting up with her for Phillip. Kate says she would never hurt Parker. Chloe tells her she will never have the chance now. Kate tells her that Parker loves her and she's loved him. Chloe feels Parker will forget her since he now has a real grandmother. Chloe declares that she and Parker are both free of Kate now.

Chad and EJ walk through the town square after dropping Johnny off. Chad gets a call from Abigail, asking what he's doing today. Chad thinks she should be getting ready for the wedding. Abigail asks him to be her date as Gabi says it's okay. Chad accepts her invite and they agree to see each other then. Chad tells EJ that he has a wedding to attend as the maid of honor's date. Chad offers to keep an eye on Sami for EJ.

Sami searches her house in her robe. Rafe arrives and Sami worries that he's early because she's not ready which Rafe calls good.

Will enters the Pub and asks Gabi where everyone is. Gabi tells him that Rafe is doing something and Nick's in the back. Will asks what's wrong. Gabi claims it's nothing but Will insists. Gabi asks if he thinks she'll be a good mom. Will says of course. Gabi knows the baby will always know it's loved. Gabi apologizes to Will. Will notes that Gabi is glowing and so beautiful. Will says she'll be a beautiful bride. Gabi thanks him and calls him the best. Gabi adds that they have to stay friends. Will wonders how that will work. Gabi thinks there will be a way for him to be in their baby's life.

Victor complains about Chloe looking at Daniel. Daniel thinks he's wrong. Victor calls Chloe a conniving woman. Daniel feels she knows better but Victor laughs at the idea. Daniel says he told Chloe that he's with Jennifer and she understands. Victor doesn't think so. Daniel tells him that he's going to see his son and his mother is part of that equation. Victor disagrees but Daniel tells him not to worry as everything will be just fine.

Kate calls Chloe the same selfish bitch she's always been so Chloe slams the door in her face. Kate calls Chloe a whore and adds that Daniel doesn't know that. Kate wonders how Daniel would take the news of finding out that Chloe worked as a prostitute when Parker was a baby. Kate doesn't think Daniel would take it well as she walks away.

Chloe plays with Parker and tells him that they will have a house big enough for a whole loving family.

Will asks Gabi what she's saying. Gabi wants him to be part of raising their child and suggests he be the Godfather but Nick returns and says no way in hell.

EJ asks Chad about he and Abigail. Chad says he took EJ's advice. EJ thought he couldn't stand Gabi and Nick. Chad says he's trying to let it go. EJ asks if revenge is out of the question. Chad wishes EJ was coming. EJ says Sami will be running around making things perfect. Chad asks if he doesn't mind her helping Rafe's sister. EJ says they have time.

Sami tells Rafe that he needs to go and come back when she's ready but they get close. Sami thought they were going to do this after the wedding and then they end up kissing.

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