Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/9/13

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/9/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Eric sits in the church and texts Marlena that he's worried because he hasn't heard from her and John. Nicole enters. Eric tells her that she looks great but Nicole tells him not to pretend like everything's fine when it isn't. Eric says he's just worried about someone. Nicole questions why he can't be honest with her and if he still doesn't trust her.

Rafe goes to Sami's and suggests they go to the wedding rehearsal together. Sami shows him a heart shaped piņata that she got for the reception. Sami then worries that she made the wedding a stereotype. Rafe jokes about it and says he should be a little more careful with her heart as he then kisses her.

Nick and Gabi talk outside of the Pub. Gabi tells Nick that she talked to Cameron at the hospital and he knows that Nick is not the baby's father.

Will and Abigail set up for the reception dinner at the Pub. They talk about feeling weird about the wedding.

Jennifer asks Kayla why she's there and where Daniel is. Kayla tells her that Daniel had to go out and tried to call her. Jennifer calls it the craziest night. Kayla informs her that it is about to get crazier.

Daniel hugs Parker and tells him how much he's missed him as Victor and Maggie watch. Daniel can't believe it. Chloe declares they are finally a family like they always should've been.

Sami tells Rafe that they have to get ready to go to the Pub. Rafe asks if that's it. Sami calls him a good kisser. Rafe tells her to let her guard down. Rafe says they both want to be where they were before and he knew that when he kissed her on New Year's. Sami asks why she hadn't heard from him since then. Rafe responds that he was giving her time to tell EJ.

Jennifer asks if Daniel is okay. Kayla says he's better than okay. Jennifer wants her to stop beating around the bush and say what she's not telling her. Kayla decides to take Jennifer to Daniel so that he can tell her.

Chloe tells Daniel that Parker has all the time in the world to get to know Daniel. Daniel asks how long Chloe is staying in Salem. Chloe reveals she and Parker can stay as long as Daniel wants.

Eric yells at Nicole that people in his family have been hurt. Nicole says she cares about him if he wants to talk. Eric calls it a family matter and she's not family so it's none of her business.

Sami tells Rafe that now isn't a good time to tell EJ since he's watching the kids so that she can get ready for the wedding. Rafe tells her that the wedding is tomorrow so she can break the good news after picking up the kids. Sami mentions fighting with EJ over Brady and Kristen already. Rafe questions if Sami is using that to keep EJ on the hook. Sami asks if he wants to talk. Rafe says no and kisses her. Sami promises to tell EJ soon. Rafe then suggests after they get Nick and Gabi married, they can start their own happily ever after. Sami thinks that sounds like a great idea and they kiss again.

Nick questions how Cameron could know. Gabi explains and Nick says Cameron can't say anything to anyone. Gabi adds that she didn't say anything about Will. Nick hugs her and tells her everything is okay as they will be married by this time tomorrow as someone watches them from the bushes.

Will tells Abigail that he will be very happy when this is all over. Abigail asks if there is something he's not telling her. Nick and Gabi enter the Pub. Abigail gets a call and steps away. Will asks Gabi if everything is good with Cameron. Gabi tells him that everything is fine. Nick questions Will upsetting Gabi and accuses him of running his mouth off to Cameron.

Maggie takes Parker as Chloe says that she has someone to see and knows they have a lot to talk about. Victor tells Chloe that she can stay there for a couple of nights. Chloe is glad the truth finally came out and she exits the room. Daniel doesn't know where to begin to talk about this and asks about Phillip. Victor says he's not too well and went to spend time with Kate and break the news to her. Daniel worries that Parker must be so confused. Maggie says they have to get to know each other. Daniel wants to be there in the morning when Parker wakes up so Victor agrees to set up a room for Daniel. Victor takes Parker to the kitchen. Chloe goes to leave the mansion as Jennifer arrives, surprised to see Chloe in Salem. Chloe says it all happened kind of fast but she's back.

Will tells Nick that Cameron only had to put two and two together so all Will did was call Gabi to let her know. Nick apologizes and says he's just a little nervous about the wedding. Sami and Rafe arrive and Sami says they need to eat so they can get to the church. Sami and Rafe take Gabi to get food. Nick hopes Will takes his apology seriously as he was out of line. Will responds with whatever.

Nicole apologizes to Eric. Eric says it's not his secret to tell. Nicole agrees to not bother him anymore and says she has a meeting with a friend and exits.

Jennifer asks Chloe if Daniel is still there. Chloe says he's in the living room. Jennifer asks if that's all she's going to tell her. Chloe suggests she go on in and she'll get the picture. Daniel and Maggie sit with Parker in the living room eating cookies as Jennifer enters. Jennifer asks if Chloe and Phillip are letting Daniel visit with Parker. Daniel tells her that's not really it which is why he texted her since he just found out that he's Parker's father. Daniel calls it still hard to believe but he really is his son which surprises Jennifer as Chloe re-enters the room with Kayla. Chloe says goodbye to Parker and that she'll see them tomorrow as she exits. Kayla knows they have a lot to talk about but she wanted to apologize for what her daughter Stephanie did. Maggie asks how Stephanie was involved. Kayla calls it a complicated story but she was responsible for the DNA test switch. Daniel tells her it wasn't Stephanie but her friend Ian. Daniel explains to Jennifer what happened. Kayla still feels Stephanie had no business messing with his life. Daniel says everything is fine since it all worked out so it's okay and things are good. Kayla calls Parker lucky to have all the love. Kayla says goodbye and exits. Maggie and Victor decide to take Parker to bed. Daniel tells Jennifer he has a lot to tell her as it's a lot to take in but Parker is his.

Sami toasts Gabi and Nick and reads their prayer in Spanish. Gabi hugs her and thanks her, saying she's been so amazing and doesn't know how to thank her. Sami is glad to help any way she can and would like for Gabi to think of her as a substitute mom and grandmom to her baby as they hug. Rafe tells Gabi that he hasn't spoke to mom but he will first thing in the morning when she has the most energy. Rafe tells her not to worry as everything will be okay. Abigail talks to Will at the counter and says her call earlier was from Chad. Abigail mentions them spending New Year's Eve together. Abigail says she told Chad to stop giving her grief for being in the wedding so he apologized for everything. They talk about whether he meant it as Sami joins them.

Nicole meets Chloe at the coffeehouse and they hug with Nicole unable to believe Chloe is back in town. Chloe asks how Nicole is. She says she has good days and bad but today's good now that Chloe is there. Chloe is sorry to hear about Nicole's baby. Nicole says she misses him every day but is glad to have a friend. Nicole asks about Chloe as she seems happy. Chloe says her whole life has turned around and it feels like a miracle.

Parker returns to the living room. Daniel tells him that Chloe will be back soon if he's looking for her. Daniel notices Parker's stuffed bunny has a hole so he agrees to sew it for him. Daniel takes Parker to go find Henderson as Jennifer watches. Daniel quickly returns to the room. Jennifer tells him that Parker is amazing and so beautiful. Jennifer asks if Chloe and Parker aren't going back to Chicago right away. Daniel says that's what Chloe said but even if they wanted to, he couldn't let Parker go again.

Sami, Rafe, Nick, Gabi, Will, and Abigail wait at the church as Sami wonders what's keeping Eric. Abigail congratulates Nick on his new job which Sami overhears and questions.

Daniel sews Parker's bunny for him. Daniel introduces Parker to Jennifer. Victor and Maggie come in looking for Parker since he wasn't in his room anymore. Daniel tells them that he fixed the bunny and shows it to Maggie. Jennifer comments to Victor that it's been quite a night. She adds that Daniel told her the whole story and she's sorry for Victor. Victor says Daniel has a son and Maggie has a grandson so he's technically still part of the picture. Jennifer is glad he sees it that way. Victor encourages Jennifer to see it that way too and not let anything change it for her.

Chloe explains everything to Nicole. Chloe can't believe she had Daniel's baby and didn't even know it then she feels she's been insensitive to Nicole for going on how happy she is. Nicole talks about how amazing Chloe was about her baby and wants to focus on Chloe. Nicole is happy for her and Daniel. Nicole says Parker will have the most amazing father in the world which Chloe agrees with. Nicole asks what Chloe's plan is now.

Maggie and Daniel joke about Parker getting out of his bed. Jennifer tells Victor that she didn't get what he meant before. Jennifer wonders how this couldn't change Daniel's life. Victor says he was talking about her and that almost anyone could see she and Daniel belong together.

Chloe tells Nicole that her plan is to get back everything that was taken from her and to have everything that should've been hers.

Daniel continues to play with Parker.

Nick tells Sami that he should've told her but he took the job with Kate. Sami questions why. Nick says Kate made him an offer that he couldn't refuse. Sami accuses him of using her interview to get a higher offer from Kate. Rafe tells Sami that it's not the time but Sami wants to know. Nick says he didn't want Sami to think that's what he was doing after all she did for them. Sami reveals she had a contract ready for him as a surprise for their reception. Sami thinks Nick owes it to her to tell her what he settled on with Kate. Sami takes Nick out to the hall to talk. Gabi can't believe it. Rafe calls it not the best timing as Gabi hopes it doesn't ruin everything.

Nick shows Sami his contract and Sami is surprised that Kate offered him that much which is more than she could've afforded. Nick hopes she won't hold it against he and Gabi. Sami says she won't but she will hold it against Kate.

Nicole and Chloe continue drinking coffee and joke about getting drunk in the past. Chloe says she only drank back then when she was unhappy and thought Daniel didn't love her. Chloe says she never stopped loving Daniel even after the divorce and after they were over. Chloe adds that none of this would've happened if not for Stephanie and everyone would have known Parker was Daniel's. Chloe adds that she wouldn't have had to spend the last year with Phillip and she'd be a happy family with Daniel. Chloe says the truth just has a way of coming out which Nicole agrees with. Chloe promises to do whatever it takes to make things right.

Victor tells Jennifer that Chloe will work this to her advantage but Jennifer doesn't want to go there while Daniel is so happy. Jennifer looks over at Daniel with Parker and Maggie and she decides to leave. Jennifer puts on her jacket and heads for the door but Daniel stops her. Daniel asks if she was going to ditch him without saying goodnight. Jennifer thinks he should have time with his son and she should go but Daniel says not yet as he has something to say to her that can't wait. Jennifer asks what it is that can't wait. Daniel tells her that his whole life changed tonight. Jennifer knows it's a lot to take in. Daniel says what hasn't changed is how crazy he is about her and he wants her in his life. Daniel hopes she wants the same. Jennifer says she does and then they kiss.

Nicole asks Chloe if she's going to try and get Daniel back. Nicole quickly realizes she is when she doesn't answer. Nicole tells Chloe that Daniel has moved on and is in love with Jennifer so Chloe won't get him back. Chloe tells Nicole to watch her.

Eric speaks at the church and calls it a big night for Nick and Gabi. Eric suggests everyone make a commitment to their love. Eric adds that love is something they should always fight for. Sami and Rafe think back to their wedding. Eric walks Nick and Gabi through the rehearsal. Eric declares that it will be a perfect day for the two of them as someone watches through the door.

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