Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/8/13

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/8/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Chloe tells Daniel that she can't leave until he knows that there's been a real miracle and everything is the way it should be. Daniel questions what she's talking about. Chloe announces that Parker is Daniel's son, their son.

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Henderson announces to Victor that Phillip is there with Parker and has said it's urgent to speak with him immediately.

Nick walks through the town square with Maggie as they talk about Nick going to work for Kate. Maggie worries about how Kate is but Nick insists that the business is legit. Maggie is happy that Nick will be able to provide for Gabi and the baby. Maggie tells Nick that he will make a wonderful husband and terrific father. Gabi arrives and agrees as she kisses Nick.

Sonny and Will talk as Will gets dressed in a tuxedo. Will comments on how many weddings Sami has had. Sonny helps him with his tie and tells him he looks incredibly hot then kisses him.

Jennifer tells Lucas that she has a date with Daniel who she's in love with and no one is getting in the way of that. Lucas tells her that she's making a big mistake that she's going to regret. Jennifer disagrees and tells him to leave her alone. She opens the door to leave but trips over a box and falls down, knocking herself out, leaving Lucas worried about her.

Daniel accuses Chloe of being cruel. Daniel tells Chloe that he loves Parker and says he's still dealing with finding out Parker wasn't his. Chloe insists that she's not lying and can prove that Parker is Daniel's son.

Lucas brings Jennifer back in to the house as she's unconscious. Lucas tries to wake her up as Billie arrives. Lucas tells Billie what happened. Billie reveals she left the box at the door for Jennifer to take to the hospital and worries about what she's done. Billie and Lucas try to wake Jennifer up.

Daniel questions Chloe's proof. Chloe tells Daniel that she and Phillip had another DNA test done and there's no way Parker is Phillip's son. She says they ran two tests and looks through her purse for the results. Chloe thinks she left it in her car and wants to go get it but Daniel says no. Daniel tells her that it's impossible. Chloe says people changed the results. Daniel says only Caroline changed it. Chloe says it had already been changed before Caroline changed it. Chloe swears that Daniel is Parker's father. Daniel doesn't believe she's lying but he feels she wants it to be true so she decided it was.

Maggie is glad Will is Nick's best man. Nick calls Will a great guy and Gabi agrees. Maggie tells them goodbye and says she'll see them tomorrow as she walks away. Gabi talks about loving Nick's family. Nick wishes his parents could be there tomorrow. Gabi thinks they aren't coming because of her and not wanting Nick to marry her.

Sonny finishes helping Will with his tuxedo. Will apologizes for pulling Sonny into the bachelor party since they aren't comfortable with Nick. Sonny tells him it will be fine as Will goes to change. Sonny remarks that at least Gabi won't be there.

Maggie returns home and asks Victor about Phillip's car being there and if he brought Parker. Victor says yes but looks unhappy. Maggie questions what he's not telling her.

Lucas and Billie continue trying to wake Jennifer up. Lucas goes to call 911 but Jennifer wakes up. Lucas checks on her. Jennifer is mad about the box. Billie apologizes for putting it there and Lucas apologizes for upsetting her. Jennifer forgives them both and checks how she looks. Jennifer wants her purse so she can go to Daniel's but they tell her that she can't drive. Jennifer insists that she's fine and worries about Daniel wondering where she is.

Chloe questions Daniel thinking she's crazy. Daniel understands she was depressed after the truth came out. Daniel wonders what this is about and what she's doing. Chloe insists that she's not playing any game and this is real. There's a knock at the door and Daniel assumes it must be Jennifer. Daniel opens the door to see Kayla. Daniel tells her that it's not a good time but Kayla says she just talked to Stephanie and has to come in. Chloe tells Daniel that Kayla can explain what she's been trying to tell him. Kayla recalls insisting Daniel be told the truth when Caroline changed the test but Kayla says she now knows that Parker is Daniel's son. Daniel wonders how that's possible. Kayla hands him papers that explain everything.

Nick tells Gabi that a year ago he was in prison and is now about to marry a gorgeous girl he loves and have a baby. Gabi points out that the baby isn't his but Nick says every other way it is so his parents are thrilled. Gabi wishes her parents were thrilled if she even gets the nerve to tell them. Nick is sorry she can't tell her mom about it tonight and that they are getting married without them knowing. Gabi says she couldn't lie to her mom and she worries that she would be so ashamed and never forgive her if she found out she was marrying one man and having another's baby. Gabi adds that her mother is sicker than they thought and she worries that this may kill her.

Will and Sonny arrive at the Coffeehouse and greet Cameron and Chad. Will announces the bachelor party is happening there tonight. Will tells Chad not to start on Gabi. Sonny asks Will if being the best man means he has to get Nick a gift but Will feels he's given him enough.

Billie and Lucas argue against letting Jennifer go. Lucas tells her that Daniel will understand that Jennifer knocked herself out and needs to see a doctor. Jennifer points out that Daniel's a doctor. Lucas offers to take Jennifer over there then but Jennifer doesn't want Lucas getting in Daniel's face. Lucas wants to be sure that she's okay. Billie decides she will drive Jennifer to the hospital and then call Lucas with an update. Lucas agrees to go to the bachelor party and makes them promise that Jennifer will take care of herself. Lucas exits. Jennifer gets a text from Daniel that he needs more time so she guesses it's good that she didn't go. Jennifer then wonders what she would've been walking in on.

Daniel tells Kayla to explain. Kayla explains that Stephanie knew about Chloe and Phillip and goes over how Stephanie was worried about losing Nathan if Phillip lost Melanie. Kayla goes over how insecure Stephanie was and how she persuaded a computer friend of hers named Ian to change the test. Kayla reveals that the papers are a statement from Ian so his guilty conscience must have gotten the best of him. Kayla reads the statement that Ian said he changed the test results to say that Phillip was the father and lied to Stephanie. Daniel doesn't get why he did. Kayla says Ian had a major crush on Stephanie so he decided to make sure she lost Nathan. Kayla tells Daniel that they all want to make this right so he has to know the truth that he is the father of Chloe's baby.

Nick tells Gabi that she has nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to the baby. Gabi thinks it would make her feel a lot better to tell her mom at least that they are together but not about Will or the wedding. Gabi pulls out her phone but Nick says he's stopping her from making a really big mistake.

Lucas arrives at the coffeehouse and asks if it's just them. Chad says he and Cameron aren't on the guest list. Will says Rafe was supposed to be there. Cameron jokes about all of them having coffee. Lucas figures it makes sense that Nick doesn't have many friends. Chad says they're all in prison. Lucas comments that Nick just got out of prison after Labor Day. Cameron asks if he's sure about that.

Billie and Jennifer wait in the hospital for Jennifer's MRI results. Jennifer thinks she should've just gone to Daniel's. Billie says they had to know if she had a serious head injury. Jennifer talks about really liking Daniel again and apologizes for being a pain. Billie blames herself for putting the box in her way. Jennifer says everything keeps getting in the way for her and Daniel while tonight was supposed to be a new beginning. Jennifer feels impatient to get there before anything else gets in the way.

Victor tells Maggie about Parker being Daniel's son. Maggie can't believe it and wonders if Daniel knows. Victor tells her that Chloe is telling him now. Maggie thinks about calling him but Victor says they and Daniel all need to absorb this. Victor talks about Parker not calling him grandpa and worries about Phillip. Maggie says it breaks her heart and wonders how it could've happened. Victor says Chloe.

Daniel questions the DNA results already being tampered with. Kayla explains that Caroline switched them to the true results since Ian had already changed them. Kayla talks about Ian confessing after having drug and alcohol problems. Kayla says Stephanie was torn up and told Phillip and Chloe everything. Chloe talks about how she couldn't believe it and Phillip didn't want to believe it so they had another DNA test. Daniel asks why Chloe didn't tell him right away. Chloe felt she couldn't do that to him until she knew the absolute truth which she now does. Chloe gives him the DNA test results. Daniel reads that it says Phillip has no genetic relationship to Parker so it's true that Parker is Daniel's son.

Gabi talks on the phone with Rafe, who agrees to tell Gabi when he talks to their mother. Gabi thanks Rafe and says she'll see him at the rehearsal. Gabi hangs up and tells Nick that he was right that it'll be better coming from Rafe. Gabi asks Nick about his bachelor party but Nick doesn't feel it's much of a party with four guys. Gabi jokes about getting a stripper. Nick decides he should go and kisses her goodbye. Gabi tells him to have fun.

Chad says September 10 is the day Nick got out of prison since that's the day he proposed to Melanie. Cameron comments on how fast time flies and says he has to get to the hospital so he exits. Will decides to call and find out when Nick's coming. Gabi answers and tells him not to worry as Nick is on his way. Will says that's not why he called and asks how who was the doctor when she found out she was pregnant. Gabi informs him that it was Cameron. Will reveals that Cameron has figured it out.

Victor and Maggie talk about Chloe. Victor mentions Parker being Maggie's grandson now. Maggie calls it a shock. Maggie tells Victor that they may not be biologically related but he can still be Parker's grandfather. Victor says he loves him even more knowing he's part of Maggie.

Billie tells Jennifer that she got a nurse to track down her daughter. Jennifer searches her purse for her cell phone but can't find it. Billie offers hers but Jennifer wants to see if Daniel called her. Jennifer wants to get home but Billie orders her to stay while she goes to find her doctor. Jennifer decides she's getting out now and will use the taxi so she exits the room.

Daniel tells Chloe that he wants to see Parker. Chloe tells him that Phillip took him to the Kiriakis Mansion to say goodbye. Daniel asks how Phillip is dealing with it. Chloe admits he's miserable but she thinks he always sensed that he wasn't really his. Kayla wishes this all never happened. Chloe is glad the truth came out. Kayla tells Daniel that she's happy for him. Daniel declares that he has a son. Daniel mentions not seeing him since he was born so Parker won't even know him. Chloe suggests they go to the mansion together. Daniel agrees that Parker will have an easier time if Chloe's there. Chloe says she wouldn't miss seeing Daniel with their son.

Nick arrives at the coffeehouse for his bachelor party. Lucas jokes with him about losing his freedom but Nick is happy to be marrying the woman of his dreams. Lucas comments on thinking Gabi would be his daughter in law at one point. Lucas and Nick go to get coffee. Sonny asks Will if he's okay since he seems wired. Will blames it on too much coffee and claims everything is fine.

Gabi goes to the hospital to find Cameron. Gabi thinks they need to talk.

Daniel gets dressed and remembers to call Jennifer but gets her voicemail. Daniel feels he can't leave this on a message. Chloe suggests he just tell her tomorrow. Daniel wonders if she's on her way now. Daniel then asks Kayla to do him a huge favor.

Sonny tells Nick it's not much of a party. Nick tells him not to worry and jokes about not being hung-over. Sonny asks if he's ready for tomorrow. Nick says he's about to have it all with a gorgeous wife and hopefully more kids on the way. Nick says it's what every guy dreams of. Sonny points out that not every guy does but Nick says the ones he knows do.

Lucas asks Will about the wedding and thinks he doesn't sound enthusiastic about it but Will says he's very happy for them. Lucas thinks Will feels resentful towards Nick and he thinks he knows why.

Gabi tells Cameron that everything between them about her pregnancy is supposed to be confidential. Cameron agrees not to say anything to anybody but then asks her if Nick knows that the baby couldn't possibly be his.

Lucas tells Will that he knows the state allows Nick to get married after prison but not Will. Will talks about not being ready for marriage but does think about it. Lucas declares that it truly bothers him. Will adds that it bothers him too. Will thinks one day, when he's ready, he would like to get married and have kids like anybody else.

Gabi tells Cameron that Nick knows everything and wants to raise the baby as his own. She calls it hard to explain but he's happy about it. Cameron asks about the biological father. Gabi says he knows too. Cameron calls that good since they could've had problems otherwise. Gabi tells him that the father is totally out of picture as they decided that's best for the baby. Cameron agrees not to say anything while someone watches from the cracked open door. Gabi adds that no one else knows. Cameron calls it a big secret to keep and asks if she's sure. Gabi says she has to for many reasons and no one can ever know who the baby's father is.

Jennifer goes to Daniel's and is surprised to find Kayla there. She asks where Daniel is.

Daniel and Chloe go to the Kiriakis Mansion. Victor hugs Daniel and tells him how happy he is for him. Victor greets Chloe. Daniel asks about Parker. Victor sends him to the living room with Maggie. Maggie plays with Parker as Daniel and Chloe enter with Victor. Daniel calls Parker beautiful. Chloe picks him up and introduces him to Daniel. She sends Parker to hug Daniel so they hug as Maggie and Victor watch.

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