Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/7/13

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/7/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Daniel continues setting things up at home until there's a knock at the door. Daniel opens it expecting to see Jennifer but is instead surprised to see his ex Chloe has returned to Salem.

Abigail is alone at home with a glass of wine. She says Jennifer should take her time and have a good time tonight but Jennifer then storms in, complaining that her car just died.

Daniel questions Chloe showing up without calling. Chloe knows they haven't talked and Daniel invites her in. Daniel asks if she's in some kind of trouble. Chloe tells him that she's fine and not in any trouble. Daniel questions what she needs to talk to him about. Chloe brings up the last time they talked when Daniel said their goodbye wasn't forever. Chloe declares her coming back now was meant to be.

John questions if Marlena knew Brady was sleeping with Kristen. Marlena suggests they talk about it at home but John wants it cleared up now. John questions her again. Marlena admits that she knew what was going on.

Brady and Kristen kiss in his hospital room until Sami storms in, calling Kristen a disgusting bitch. Sami yells at Brady for acting like an idiot and sleeping with the enemy. Brady tells her to stop. Sami tells Kristen to get her hands off of Brady. Sami questions if Brady is using again. Brady tells Kristen to wait outside while he tells Sami to never talk to her like that again. Sami calls Kristen a manipulative slut. Kristen tells her to leave Brady out of it. Brady tells Kristen to wait outside while they talk. Kristen asks him not to let Sami upset him and she kisses him. Kristen claims she hates that all of this is happening to his family because of her as she exits. Sami questions Brady about it. Brady declares Kristen is now part of his life so he's sorry if the family can't handle it. Sami can't believe Brady is letting Kristen in his life. Brady is fine if they never speak again but Sami refuses to let Kristen get in between them. Sami tells Brady that Kristen is getting back at John through Brady.

Kristen walks through the hospital talking on the phone.

John angrily questions Marlena not telling him about Brady and Kristen. Marlena says she wanted to. John gets mad about keeping secrets. Marlena insists that she hated knowing and knowing how he would feel. John accuses her of keeping him in the dark and questions how long she's known about it. John asks if it was an hour, a day, or a week but Marlena admits she's known for a month which shocks John.

Daniel doesn't get what Chloe is trying to say. Chloe informs him that something wonderful has happened.

Caroline talks with Kayla at the Pub, complaining about not being able to remember someone's name. Caroline talks about everything else she can easily remember. Kayla talks about being forgetful as well and makes sure Caroline is still on her meds. Kayla hugs her and says she's doing great so she shouldn't worry. Caroline jokes about forgetting as she heads to the back. Kayla gets a call from her daughter Stephanie. Kayla says they missed her at Christmas and then asks what's wrong.

Daniel asks Chloe what is so important. Chloe looks around and apologizes if Daniel was expecting someone.

Abigail offers Jennifer her car since she's being picked up later. Jennifer notices Abigail's glass of wine and thinks that means something is wrong. Abigail claims it's just that Jennifer is treating her like a child while she should be with Daniel. They both go to pick up the car keys but Abigail accidentally spills her wine on Jennifer.

Daniel tells Chloe that he was having dinner with Jennifer because they are seeing each other. Chloe questions him seeing her again but knows she's in no position. Chloe brings up Jack just dying in August so she thinks it's soon then apologizes. Chloe walks away, remarking to herself that Jennifer must not want to be alone.

John questions Marlena not telling him for a month. Marlena reminds him that she tried to stop him and keep him out of Brady's life. John is mad that she didn't tell him. Marlena feels it was Brady's place to tell him. John yells about Brady mourning and Marlena not doing anything about him. Marlena yells about all of the times she tried to convince John about Kristen but he didn't believe her. Marlena suggests she didn't tell him because she stopped trusting him after he believed Kristen over her all the time. Marlena didn't want him to believe Kristen again and was tired of being the villain.

Brady tells Sami that she has no idea what she's talking about. Sami brings up Kristen trying to murder Marlena. Brady tells her that Kristen isn't trying to get back at John since he went after her. Sami argues against it. Brady suggests Kristen would've wanted John to find out if she wanted to hurt him. Brady explains how it happened and talks about all the times Kristen tried to call it off but he was willing to risk it. Brady tells Sami that her theory is complete bull. Sami questions everyone else being wrong about Kristen and Brady being right. Sami tells Brady that if he was so sure that what he was doing wasn't terribly wrong then he should ask himself why he didn't want anyone to know as she then exits the room. Sami goes to Kristen and tells her that she's there to make sure Kristen doesn't hurt her family. Kristen questions how she plans to do that. Sami tells Kristen that she knows the truth about her and soon the whole town will know she's evil. Kristen questions Sami's past. Sami tells her to imagine what she'll do to people she doesn't like. Sami says Brady might be vulnerable and have a thing for slutty bitches but John's eyes are open so she'll be done. Kristen tells her not to underestimate. Sami says she's still here. Kristen claims she doesn't want to fight as she's their children's aunt. Kristen suggests they hang out but Sami responds that she'd rather stick needles in her eyes. Kristen claims she's trying to help and make sure she doesn't lose Brady. Kristen adds that she'll stick up for her with Brady as she might be more than just her children's aunt soon.

John admits to Marlena that he was wrong about Kristen and that Marlena was right. John thinks there's no way Marlena would've been the villain but Marlena says that's what happened every time she tried to tell him the truth. John says he believes her. John brings up Marlena breaking into Kristen's room. Marlena talks about needing proof to know that John would believe her because her word was never good enough for him. Marlena says she didn't know them anymore. Marlena suggests that she didn't tell him to protect herself and that maybe John would've done the same thing.

Kayla tells Stephanie that they will figure out whatever it is and then says oh my God in response.

Abigail apologizes to Jennifer. Jennifer feels she doesn't have time to change before going to Daniel's but Abigail insists that she has to. Jennifer decides to text Daniel to tell him that she will be late while Abigail rushes to get her prepared.

Daniel questions what Chloe said about Jennifer. Daniel says Jennifer is his friend. Chloe comments that they are obviously more than that. Daniel tells her that this is none of her business. Chloe apologizes for always saying the wrong things. Daniel tells her it's okay but Chloe says it isn't. Chloe suggests being there with him reminded her of when they were happy so it's a lot harder than she thought it would be. Daniel gets the message from Jennifer that she's going to be late. Daniel then tells Chloe to relax and offers her a glass of wine but Chloe says she'll be fine so Daniel demands to know what it is that she has to tell him.

Jennifer finishes changing. Abigail tells her that she looks even better and encourages her to go have fun. They say goodbye. Jennifer thanks her and opens the door to leave but Lucas arrives and tells Jennifer that he needs her.

Chloe is sorry Jennifer is late but is glad for the time because what she has to say is very complicated but also very simple. Daniel wants to get to the simple but Chloe says the complicated comes first. Chloe says when something goes wrong, sometimes there's an opportunity to fix it. Chloe tells him that she's been thinking about them and how deeply she hurt him. Daniel questions going there again. Chloe says it was special when they were together and when it all blew up, it killed her and she thinks it killed him too. Chloe thinks something that strong can't be erased which is why she's here and had to talk to him. Chloe asks if any of this is making sense. Daniel tells her no.

Brady gets dressed and prepared to leave the hospital as Kristen returns to his room and helps him. She asks how things went with Sami. Brady says Sami screamed at him and didn't listen to a word. Kristen tells him that she feels horrible. Kristen asks if he wants to see John before they leave but Brady says he does not as they walk out together.

John tells Marlena that he wouldn't have done the same thing. Marlena says he can tell himself that and apologizes for him finding out the way he did and that he fought Brady. Marlena is not sure though that she's sorry she wasn't the one to tell him. John gets that she's upset and he's been unfair to her but he also feels Marlena is working hard to convince him. John thinks there's another reason why she didn't want to tell him. John suggests there is something else she is keeping to herself. Sami comes in and tells them that it's worse than they thought so they have to stick together no matter what.

Kayla continues talking on the phone to Stephanie, saying she understands what happened and she did the right thing. Kayla adds that she knows it's a shock and wants her to calm down as she promises to take care of it. Kayla hangs up and Caroline asks what it was all about. Kayla informs her that Stephanie called to set things straight.

Jennifer tells Lucas that she doesn't care that Kate has lost her hotel reservation. Lucas says Kate needs a hotel suite and if she doesn't get it then she'll come back. Jennifer doesn't know what to do. Lucas suggests she call a hotel that she knows to see if she could get a room for him.

Chloe knows she's rambling but says she has a point since she's been keeping up with what's been going on with Daniel through Brady. Chloe thinks it's great for Daniel that he found out he was Maggie's son. Chloe brings up the procedure Daniel had to be a surgeon again. Chloe thinks that really great things have been happening to Daniel because he deserves them and she's here to tell him that something else really great has happened for both of them.

Jennifer finishes her phone call and Lucas thanks her. Jennifer tells Lucas that she got Kate a room for a week but Lucas says she needs a suite. Abigail questions Lucas not being grateful and mentions that Jennifer stopped everything on her way to her date to help him. Lucas is glad she said that and questions Jennifer going to see Daniel. Jennifer tells Lucas to deal with it.

Daniel tells Chloe that he's more confused than when she got there and he doesn't want her to be there when Jennifer gets there so they can talk in the morning but Chloe refuses to leave.

Brady and Kristen go to Kristen's room. Brady is still hurting from his bruised ribs. Kristen says she feels bad but Brady doesn't care what anyone else thinks. Kristen worries about everyone else in his family is going to think now but Brady doesn't care. Kristen feels Brady will miss his family and be all alone. Kristen says she's not good for him but Brady disagrees and kisses her.

Sami tells John and Marlena how Kristen was in Brady's room. Sami worries that Brady wants to give up his family to be with Kristen. Sami believes they can get him back so they have to present a united front and trust one another. Sami says they are going to get Brady back since they know what Kristen's like and can't let her get away with it. Sami tells them that they can't let Kristen play each other against one another again. John agrees that Sami is right. Sami hugs John and tells him that it will all work out. Sami tells Marlena that she's sorry but the worst is over since they know what Kristen is doing and they won't let her get away with it. Sami hugs her goodbye and exits. John comments that it looks like all of Kristen's cards are on the table but questions if all of theirs are. John brings up feeling that there is another reason that Marlena didn't want to tell him. Marlena thinks back to her argument with Kristen where Kristen said her affair with Brady would keep her from John. Marlena tells John that there is nothing but John is not sure that he believes her. Marlena questions John not believing her. John feels there is something she's not saying but he doesn't know what it is or why she's keeping to herself. John continues to believe there's another reason that she didn't want to tell him about Brady and Kristen. Marlena reminds him that Sami said they can't let Kristen pull them apart. Marlena wants to just go home but John declares that he's going to get a hotel for some time alone. Marlena wonders why. John says they have to trust each other but he's not sure that he trusts her right now.

Brady and Kristen continue kissing. Brady tells her that she's good for him and couldn't be better. Brady reveals to Kristen that he is falling in love with her. Brady asks if that freaks her out a little bit. She says yeah but then no. Kristen says he has no idea how that makes her feel as they continue kissing.

Lucas can't believe Jennifer could be so stupid. Jennifer can't believe they are arguing about this again. Lucas thought she would've came to her senses. Abigail tells Lucas to back off since Jennifer doesn't need this. Abigail gets a text that her ride is there. Jennifer tells her that she probably wouldn't want to see what she's about to do to Lucas. Abigail reminds Jennifer that she has a lot more important things to do and exits. Lucas remarks that Abigail is brainwashed. Jennifer doesn't like his tone. Lucas thinks what Daniel does to women is offensive. Jennifer knows Daniel hurt Lucas and brings up Lucas' past with Chloe. Jennifer says nobody can be hurt or split up if they are madly in love. Lucas thinks she's making excuses but Jennifer doesn't want to argue any more about it. Jennifer tells Lucas that she has a date tonight with Daniel as she's in love with him and nothing will get in the way of that.

Caroline asks Kayla what she's going to do as they look at papers. Kayla says the only thing she can do is talk to Daniel right now so she exits the Pub.

Chloe tells Daniel that she can't leave until he knows that there's been a real miracle and everything is the way it should be. Daniel questions what she's talking about. Chloe announces that Parker is Daniel's son, their son.

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