Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/4/13

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/4/13


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John remains in his hospital room. Kristen enters. John tells her to get out as they are done but Kristen responds that they aren't done, only just beginning. Kristen says she knew his reaction would be pretty but she didn't think he'd punch his own son unless Brady started it. John says Kristen's done a number on his son. Kristen adds apparently on John too.

Abigail goes to the coffeehouse looking for Chad and thinks back to their New Year's kiss. She finds Chad working and greets him, telling him she was hoping to find him. Chad asks what's up. Abigail asks if he really has to ask.

Daniel goes to Jennifer's. She didn't expect him for another three hours but invites him in. Jennifer asks if he wants to take an earlier train to Chicago but Daniel informs her that there's a change of plans and they aren't going.

EJ enters the Pub leaving an angry phone message for Kristen. Kate approaches and comments that it sounds like he's finally seeing Kristen for who she really is, a DiMera through and through.

Rafe sees Sami throwing trash away and approaches her to ask if everything is alright. Sami declares that Kristen is trying to destroy her family.

Marlena enters Brady's room and tells him not to text Kristen. Marlena advises Brady to have nothing to do with Kristen ever again.

Kristen tells John that she knows him like the back of her hand. John questions her point. Kristen says she saw he was angry and disgusted but mostly jealous. He calls her deluded but she says he is. Kristen wants him to admit that he still wants her very badly.

Jennifer asks Daniel about not going to Chicago. Daniel hopes he's not disappointed since he has to be in the OR. Jennifer is okay with not going. Daniel explains that he's not canceling and offers her dinner at his place. Jennifer says they could've gone anywhere in Salem so she wants to know why he really canceled their plans.

Marlena tells Brady that he and John have never had a perfect relationship but he can't doubt John's love for him. Marlena tells Brady that his thing with Kristen is not love. Brady disagrees but Marlena wants him to hear her out.

John tells Kristen that Marlena is the only woman he loves. Kristen brings up Isabella and Diana along with herself. John calls her psychotic. Kristen recalls their time at the cabin and how John wanted to see the best in her. John calls her sick. John asks if she's really spent all these years obsessing over a man who hates her. Kristen brings up the thin line between love and hate as they agree that line has been crossed.

Daniel assures Jennifer that he wants time with just her and no one else. He tells her they will do Chicago another time but not tonight as he's realized he just needs some time alone with her.

Chad asks Abigail what's up. She thinks they should talk about last night and New Year's when they kissed. She asks what it was about. Chad doesn't know and says happy new year. Abigail brings up last year how their resolution was to break up because they were better friends. Abigail suggests they make the same resolution this year.

Brady questions everything Kristen has done being a scheme and mocks the idea. Marlena brings up Kristen trying to kill her and destroy John. Brady points out how John believed Kristen too. Marlena explains that John once loved Kristen but now he's clear and she admitted to trying to cause him pain. Brady doesn't believe it. Marlena points out that John wouldn't lie to Brady. Marlena states that Kristen is the one lying to him.

Kristen tells John that he has a colossal ego for still thinking she loves him. Kristen adds that John drove her insane and broke her by throwing her away. Kristen asks if he ever thought about her and what happened to her. John says he thought she was dead. Kristen says she wished that at times but Stefano saved her and forgave her. Kristen tells John that she's back and the one thing she has learned is that maybe she can't get over her one great love but can replace it.

EJ assumes Kate is insulting Kristen. Kate says it feels good to be an ex-DiMera. EJ tells her that she doesn't know the first thing about Kristen. Kate talks about what she's heard and warns EJ to watch his back. EJ thanks her for the advice and asks Kate why she's so upbeat. Kate declares she's finally free and is relieved to let go of someone she'd been obsessed with. Kate remarks that EJ will never know what that feels like.

Rafe follows Sami out of the town square as she's still angry. Rafe asks if she's talked to Brady but Sami says he's out of his mind. Sami talks about Kristen doing things to make men do things they normally wouldn't. Sami is upset about it all. Rafe points out that they don't know exactly how it all went down but Sami thinks they do. Rafe agrees that what Kristen did is terrible but he questions if it's really that much worse than some of the things Sami has done.

Jennifer tells Daniel that she wants to be alone with him also. Daniel doesn't want to push her or anything but just wants it to be comfortable and casual so they can reconnect.

Chad asks if Abigail thinks he's still hung up on Melanie. Abigail points out that Melanie is her best friend and she can't go through not speaking with her again. Chad assures her that Melanie is over him and wouldn't care while he's not the same person as last year after a rough year. Abigail tells Chad that he's been a really good friend and she couldn't have gotten through the year without him. Chad feels the same and they agree they aren't trying to turn back the clock. Chad suggests they just start fresh and see how things go.

Brady thinks Marlena would say anything at this point since she's convinced that Kristen is out to get her. Brady brings up Marlena reading her diary where it said she had moved on from John. Brady doesn't believe she could have any way of known it would be read. Brady brings up Kristen not calling the cops on Marlena for breaking in because he asked her to. Brady doesn't see any proof that Kristen is lying to him. Marlena thinks back to talking to Hope about Kristen not telling Brady that Marlena saw them in bed.

Kristen tells John that she only cares what Brady thinks and says they will have to see how the whole things plays out. Kristen tells John that he needs his rest so she's going to go. Kristen adds that she did not plan the way this came out as she couldn't have.

Kate tells EJ that it's so refreshing to be out of the DiMeras. Kate adds that she just got a clean bill of health. EJ calls it wonderful. Kate says she has her family and her health so she's going to celebrate by visiting her family. EJ tells her that he's happy for her. Kate thanks him and wishes she could say the same for him.

Sami questions Rafe comparing her to Kristen. Rafe says he isn't but Sami thinks he is. Sami goes off about Kristen trying to destroy her family. Rafe explains that he's not saying that and says Sami is upset about something that she can't control. Sami suggests she should fight Kristen. Rafe suggests Kristen and Brady could have real feelings for each other but Sami calls it not possible. Rafe questions if she's saying Brady is too stupid to resist Kristen's manipulations. Rafe remarks about how Brady can't fight her temptations even after knowing all of her history and that's how it works. Sami asks if he's talking about her. Rafe says he's just saying. Sami wonders why she's talking to Rafe about it and doesn't think he cares so she tries to leave but Rafe stops her and says he does care then kisses her.

Abigail tells Chad that she's always loved spending time with him so they can see how things go but she has to wait until after Nick and Gabi's wedding since things are so crazy now. Chad agrees to wait since she's worth it.

Daniel hopes it's not too much too fast for Jennifer. She says in a way it feels kind of fast but in other ways it feels like they had been in slow motion. She adds that it feels like it's been forever but she's ready. Daniel says he is too. Daniel promises no trips to the emergency room. Jennifer jokes about heart surgery. Jennifer is glad they are not going anywhere and are going to stay in Salem. Jennifer adds that she's really looking forward to tonight as they kiss. Daniel says he is too and kisses her again.

Kate tells EJ that she's never made any bones about how she feels about Sami but she thinks if Lucas can see the light then EJ can some day too. Kate suggests there must be other women that aren't torn between two or three men. EJ doesn't think Rafe is any match for him. Kate suggests if Rafe is not the problem then perhaps Kristen is. EJ says goodbye and wishes her a lovely trip as she exits the Pub.

Rafe and Sami continue kissing until Sami asks what he's doing. Rafe thinks she knows and kisses her again. Rafe says Sami felt it too. Sami pulls away and tells him not to tell her how she feels. Sami accuses Rafe of calling her a lying, selfish bitch and says he made her feel bad about herself. Sami compares it to New Year's Eve, saying Rafe just grabs her and randomly kisses her without it meaning anything. Rafe says no and asks if this means anything as he kisses her again.

Marlena tells Brady that she's going to talk to John and then maybe they can continue their conversation. Marlena adds that this doesn't make her happy at all as she just wants Brady to be happy. Brady tells her that Kristen makes him happy. Maxine enters to take Brady's vitals so Marlena exits.

Kristen questions how John knew that he'd find her with Brady. John says he didn't know and calls it one of the biggest shocks of his life. Kristen asks why he went to Brady's office since he wasn't heading there before. She wonders what changed. John says nothing. Kristen has a feeling she's not the only one with an agenda. John thinks back to Marlena sending him to Brady's office. Marlena then enters the room.

Abigail goes home and tells Jennifer that she looks great. Abigail gives her earrings to wear. Jennifer hugs her and thanks her for supporting her. Abigail knows they still think about Jack but says Jack wouldn't want them to be wearing black and sitting in a dark room forever. Abigail assures her that she just wants Jennifer to be happy and knows Jack would feel the same. Jennifer wants them both to be happy and asks if Abigail is okay.

Daniel prepares at home and lights the fireplace. Daniel's phone rings with a call from the hospital so he answers it. Maxine tells him that a patient is complaining about a pain and only wants to be seen by Daniel. Maxine offers to e-mail Daniel if he wants to send an online meds order. Daniel calls her an angel. Maxine apologizes for bothering him and promises no more interruptions tonight. Daniel thanks her for everyone. Maxine tells him to look for the e-mail and have a wonderful evening. Daniel hangs up and resumes preparing the house. He pours some wine but spills some on his shirt so he rushes to change.

Chad finds EJ outside the Pub and thanks him for his advice. Chad says he sort of took it. Chad tells him that he and Abigail had a good New Year's so they will see where things go from there. EJ is glad to hear it. Chad asks if he's okay and how things are with Sami. EJ tells him that they hit a snag. Chad asks if it was Rafe but EJ says it was Kristen.

Kristen tells John and Marlena that she wants to stay but knows they have a lot to discuss so she exits the room. Marlena tells John that she just came from trying to talk sense in to Brady. Marlena senses something and asks John what's wrong.

Rafe and Sami finish their kiss. Rafe says he has to go talk to the DJ about Gabi and Nick's wedding. Rafe adds that they will be seeing a lot of each other in the next few days. Sami says she's trying for them to be friends but it's not going to work if he can't keep his lips off of hers. Rafe asks if he got her all hot and flustered. Sami says yes but then no. Rafe suggests she figure out how she's going to break it to EJ. Rafe adds that as much as she tries to deny it, she doesn't want EJ. Rafe then walks away.

Kate runs into Rafe at the town square and asks how he's doing. Rafe says he's terrific and thanks Kate for her job offer to Nick. Kate says he will be a really valuable employee and mentions him driving a hard bargain but it all worked out in the end. Kate hopes he takes care of Gabi and their baby. Rafe is sure he will and is glad that Nick's not working for the DiMeras and that they're finally rid of Stefano. Kate is glad Rafe is rid of Sami and hopes it stays that way forever.

Sami sits outside the town square, telling herself to stop thinking about it and focus on what she can do something about as she gets up and walks away.

Abigail tells Jennifer that she's fine. Jennifer asks about her New Year's Eve with Chad. Abigail calls it fine but Jennifer doesn't think she's fine. Abigail tells her that she's not dating Chad or anyone at the moment and adds that she's still a virgin which she's okay with. Jennifer calls it a lot to take in but Abigail promises nothing has changed and she feels good about herself. Jennifer tells her she loves her and is proud of her. Abigail encourages her to go so Jennifer exits.

EJ tells Chad that he's bound to hear it eventually so he informs him that Kristen has been sleeping with Brady. Chad asks about her being his stepmom but EJ points out that Kristen and John were technically never married. EJ and Chad both say they don't get it.

Kristen enters Brady's room and asks how he's doing. Brady says he's hanging in. Kristen tells him that she's really sorry. Brady asks why. Kristen says she never meant for him to be hurt like this. Brady tells her that she can make it up to him when he gets out. Brady brings up what they discussed earlier. Kristen says she's come between he and his family and doesn't want to be the reason that he has to choose. Brady tells her that he just wants her. Brady asks her not to end this. Kristen responds that she doesn't think she can.

Marlena asks if John is okay and offers to get a doctor as John sits down. John reveals it just dawned on him that Marlena sent him to Brady's office when he found them together. John questions why she did that. Marlena wonders why that's coming up now and what Kristen said. John says it has nothing to do with her. Marlena talks about everything being about Kristen and thinks she's still playing him. John yells that Marlena is his wife so they're on the same side. John questions why she sent him to Brady's office.

Brady kisses Kristen until Sami walks in and calls Kristen a disgusting bitch.

Marlena claims she didn't send John anywhere. John questions if she knew what he was going to walk in on. Marlena says she only came there to talk to him after talking to Brady as she realized that she had to tell him first what she knew about Brady and Kristen. John questions what she means and asks if she knew Brady was sleeping with Kristen.

Daniel continues setting things up at home until there's a knock at the door. Daniel opens it expecting to see Jennifer but is instead surprised to see his ex Chloe has returned to Salem.

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