Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/3/13

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/3/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Sami works in her office on the computer. She stops and thinks back to Rafe kissing her on New Year's Eve. EJ enters and greets her. Sami tells him that she's almost ready for their meeting. EJ tells her that she looks radiant. EJ asks about Allie. Sami tells him that she's much better and thanks him for being understanding that she couldn't stay on their date. EJ asks if she was thinking about him. EJ admits he's been thinking about her and last night obsessively.

Rafe sits at the coffeehouse as Nicole arrives and greets him. They wish each other a Happy New Year. Nicole points out Rafe's smile. Rafe declares 2013 is off to a kick ass start.

Cameron checks on Brady at the hospital. Brady thinks back to his fight with John.

Kayla checks on John at the hospital and tells him that he has bruised ribs. John thought they might have been cracked. Kayla tells him that he's lucky and asks what caused his fight with Brady but John doesn't want to talk about it. John wants to see Marlena and Brady.

Brady tells Cameron that he doesn't have much to say. Cameron gets why he doesn't want to press charges. Brady calls it a family matter that he doesn't want to talk about to anyone.

Marlena arrives at the hospital and checks with Maxine for updates on Brady and John. Maxine tells Marlena that Brady's injuries are minor and John has bruised ribs but nothing serious. Marlena is relieved to hear that. Kristen arrives and tells Marlena that it's a shame it had to come to this.

Nicole asks Rafe what his plans are now. Rafe says today is his day off so he's just helping Gabi out with last minute wedding details. Rafe apologizes for boring her. Nicole says Rafe opened up to her about Sami still being in his head and heart last night. Nicole asks Rafe not to keep her out since she did everything she could to keep EJ away. They joke about what Nicole did. Nicole asks what has happened with Rafe and Sami since last night.

Sami tells EJ that they have to focus on their meeting. Sami talks about how excited she is and shows EJ their new product. EJ kisses Sami but the phone rings so EJ answers it. EJ informs Sami that Eric is there so they allow him in. Eric enters the office and tells Sami that he was trying to call her but kept getting her voicemail. Sami asks Eric what is wrong.

Marlena blames Kristen for setting it all in motion and being pleased about it. Marlena brings up all the pain Kristen has caused John and Brady. Kayla interrupts and tells Marlena that John is asking for her so she goes to see him. Kayla then asks Kristen what she's doing there. Kristen declines to answer and walks off towards Brady's room.

Marlena enters John's hospital room and hugs him.

Cameron finishes checking on Brady and exits the room. Kristen then enters and tells him that she's done a terrible thing.

Rafe tells Nicole to relax as nothing else has happened since last night. Nicole can't believe Rafe hasn't seen or spoken to Sami since their midnight kiss. Nicole knows Rafe is feeling confident but reminds him that Sami could turn on a dime. Rafe wants her to give it a rest but Nicole is worried about him. Nicole says she did everything could to keep EJ away but he clearly wanted to be with Sami. Rafe responds oh well. Nicole points out that Sami left that night with EJ. Rafe says he's not concerned and thinks the conflict Sami felt between he and EJ is melting away. Nicole tells Rafe that women like to be pursued.

Eric informs Sami that Father Tobias called him to tell him that John and Brady were admitted to the hospital after a fight with each other. Eric adds that it was pretty intense but no charges were filed. Sami wonders what they were fighting about. Eric says all he knows is that it had something to do with Kristen, who Sami points out is EJ's sister.

John blames himself for the fight but Marlena argues that it's not his fault. John calls himself an ass and a fool for not believing Marlena and believing that Kristen could be trusted. Marlena starts to cry seeing John in pain. He assures her that he will be fine as long as he has her and she hugs him.

Brady tells Kristen not to blame herself for this. She claims she hates for this to happen as she never wanted it to come to this. Kristen tells Brady that she won't be able to live with herself if this tears Brady and John apart. Brady insists that it won't happen. Kristen talks about trying to fight her feelings but wanting Brady so badly. Brady tells her that he wanted her too and still does. Brady asks Kristen what the problem is. Kristen responds that they have to fight their attraction to do the right thing and walk away from each other. Kristen claims she means it from the bottom of her heart that they need to stop this for good.

Nicole tells Rafe that she hates playing games but thinks she's figured out that all this romantic stuff is a strategy. Nicole talks about how women like guys to be pursued and compares it to the other way around. Nicole encourages Rafe to make a move and do something. Rafe says he gets it and thanks her for her concern and advice but he believes Sami needs to contact him first. Rafe brings up that Sami will have to talk to him about Gabi's wedding. Rafe calls their relationship unique so the rules don't apply. Nicole thinks they do but Rafe says if Sami wants to work things out then she needs to contact him. Rafe ends the discussion there. Nicole accepts that and questions herself giving advice. Nicole says she's read a bunch about how to get a man to commit but it always turns out to be a huge disaster for her. Nicole suggests she take a page out of Rafe's book. Rafe encourages her to give it time and it will work out. Rafe says Nicole has a lot to offer and praises her as funny and beautiful so she will find a guy. Nicole thanks him for always lifting her spirits. Nicole says she had a lot of fun with Rafe on New Year's Eve and it helped her keep her mind off Daniel. Nicole asks what Rafe is thinking about. Rafe doesn't think he was her only distraction. Nicole can't believe he thinks she had an agenda with EJ.

EJ questions Kristen's involvement. Sami asks EJ if he knows anything about it. EJ says he has no idea. Sami hopes he isn't protecting his sister. EJ recalls Kristen telling him that she and Brady were working together. Sami declares that she's going to find out what's changed as she storms out of the office with Eric and EJ follows out.

Brady tells Kristen that they aren't ending anything as things will be fine after he works things out with John. Kristen tells him he's being naive. Brady refuses to stop seeing her. Brady feels a pain in his ribs when he gets up so he sits back down and Kristen massages him. Brady wants Kristen to promise not to talk about ending what they have ever again. Kristen says she can only promise that she'll think about it.

John doesn't think he'll ever forgive himself for being so blind. John hates that he doubted Marlena and made her feel alone. John apologizes for it as Marlena thinks back to arguing with Kristen about her affair with Brady. John asks what's wrong. Marlena informs him that there's something he needs to know. Marlena hates seeing John in so much pain blaming himself. John tells her to say what she needs to say but Sami and Eric barge in with Sami asking to know what happened. John tells her that things got out of hand with Brady. Sami wants to know why but Marlena says not now as she doesn't want John to get all worked up. John says it's alright and wants them to hear it from them. John reveals that Brady is having an affair with Kristen. Sami can't believe it. John adds that it was all a scheme on Kristen's part to hurt them. Sami thought Brady would have more brains than that and wonders where he is as she calls him a gullible nitwit.

Kristen continues checking on Brady as Cameron returns to the room to help. Kristen tells Brady to rest as she decides to leave. Brady thanks her as she exits.

EJ asks Maxine about John and Brady at the hospital but she tells him it's none of his business. EJ reminds her that his family built half the hospital. Maxine reminds him that it's not his family and they hate his guts. Maxine walks away as Kristen approaches EJ. EJ asks what's going on so Kristen informs him that John found out in the worst way about her and Brady's affair.

Nicole tells Rafe that she's not attracted to EJ and only kissed him for Rafe. Nicole insists that she wants to focus on her job right now and is giving up men for the time being to devote herself to her career. Rafe asks about the church job being her career. Nicole calls it challenging and highly fulfilling. Rafe is glad for her. Nicole adds that it makes her feel appreciated which is the most important thing. Rafe asks about Eric. Nicole says Eric hired her when no one else would and she's been trying too hard to show gratitude. Rafe asks how she was trying too hard. Nicole tells him it's not the way he's thinking as they had a thing about New Year's Eve. Rafe questions being her backup date. Nicole says it wasn't a date and mentions that Eric wanted her to help with the homeless shelter. Rafe jokes with her about it. Nicole says volunteering is great but just not on New Year's Eve. Rafe jokingly mocks the idea. Nicole feels she was a real jerk to Eric by refusing to volunteer and accusing Eric of trying to mold her into trying to be like him. Nicole doesn't think someone should try to make someone else be something they are not. Nicole thinks she screwed up. Rafe suggests she apologize. Nicole agrees to do that.

Sami asks how long the affair has been going on and if it was a one time only thing. They don't respond so Sami realizes it was more than one time. John says it's not their place to see. Sami decides she will go ask Brady herself but Marlena says Brady has been through enough. Eric decides he will go talk to Brady then. Sami demands to go with Eric and follows him out. Eric stops Sami and tells her to let them recover first. Sami wants to find out what's going on. Eric orders her to stay and not move as he heads in to Brady's room. Kayla greets Sami. Sami asks where EJ is. Kayla tells her that he's in the waiting room with Kristen.

Eric visits Brady and asks what he's doing.

EJ talks with Kristen in the waiting room at the hospital and questions her getting into bed with Brady. Kristen says she tried to tell him but Sami was eavesdropping. EJ tells her that this could be a complete disaster. EJ questions how she plans on explaining this one. Kristen asks since when does she have to explain herself to him. EJ thinks there's a lot more to this. EJ asks if she ever considered the possible negative impact on his relationship with Sami. Kristen says she did but didn't have control over her relationship with Brady. Sami enters and accuses Kristen of hiding there. Kristen starts to leave but Sami says she isn't going anywhere until she's done with her.

Nicole tells Rafe that Sami will make him miserable in the long run but knows he wouldn't have it any other way. Nicole hopes he gets everything he wants. Rafe thanks her and appreciates the honesty. Nicole hopes Eric will appreciate too as she exits the coffeehouse.

Brady tells Eric that he's recovering from injuries in a stupid, pointless fight. Eric tells him that he had to know this would affect John. Eric questions Brady hooking up with John's ex. Brady doesn't think it's wrong. Eric is concerned about what he's doing to John, Marlena, and himself. Brady doesn't want to talk to anybody who's going to give him grief about his own choice. Brady orders Eric out of the room as Cameron returns. Eric mentions Brady being a recovering addict. Cameron says Brady needs his rest. Brady tells Eric to go do some good deeds for someone else as they are done.

Sami yells at Kristen for causing John and Brady's fight. Sami calls her sleeping with Brady creepy and despicable. Kristen tells Sami that she didn't plan it. Sami doesn't believe her. Kristen calls everyone in the town predictable to assume she has some evil scheme to destroy everyone's lives. Sami believes Kristen only did it to torture John and Marlena. Kristen says she has lots of reasons to sleep with Brady but she didn't want any of the fighting to happen. Sami says nothing Kristen says is the truth. Sami goes after her but EJ holds her back. Sami yells about it being her family. EJ takes Sami out of the room and tells her to calm down. EJ suggests they go somewhere to talk but Sami refuses to leave without talking to Brady. Eric comes over and tells Sami that Cameron is not allowing Brady to have visitors. EJ offers to take Sami to talk but Sami doesn't want to talk to EJ at all right now. EJ questions her being mad at him. Sami says she's furious at his sister so she's mad at him too due to guilt by association. Sami says she can't even look at EJ right now and storms off with Eric.

Marlena apologizes to John for Sami bursting in. John understands Sami and Eric being upset. Marlena offers to get him some water but John just wants to know what was on her mind before they were interrupted. Kayla then enters and asks Marlena to leave so she can run more tests on John. They say they love each other and Marlena promises to be back as soon as she's allowed. Marlena kisses John and then exits.

Eric and Sami go to the church. Sami thinks there is something they can do but Eric says they need to stay out of it. Sami doesn't think it's fair that Eric got to talk to Brady. Eric wants her to calm down but Sami declares that this nightmare is just beginning and storms out.

EJ tries to call Sami but gets no answer. He slams the phone down and says thanks a lot Kristen.

Kristen gets a Happy New Year text message from Stefano, asking how everything is going. Kristen texts back that everything is going great and she thinks it will be the best year of her life.

Nicole goes to the church to see Eric. She apologizes for being late and for accusing him of trying to mold her into his image. Nicole wonders why she hurts people that are there for her all the time. Eric wasn't paying attention and asks what she said. Nicole says she apologized for the other night. Eric tells her to forget about it. Nicole says he clearly has and asks if he's okay. She asks what's wrong, if someone died, or if it's his nightmares again. She asks him to please talk to her. Eric doesn't want to talk about it. Nicole talks about how they shared so much and how he felt better when he opened up. She thought he could talk to her about anything but he says not this and exits.

Sami angrily walks through the town square and finds trash on the bench which she slams in the trash can. Rafe walks by and looks over at her.

EJ approaches Marlena at the hospital and asks how John is. Marlena calls Kristen a dangerous sociopath who hurts people to make herself more powerful. Marlena warns EJ that Kristen will do the same to him.

Brady wakes up in his hospital room and calls out for Kristen.

John remains in his hospital room. Kristen enters. John tells her to get out as they are done but Kristen responds that they aren't done, only just beginning.

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