Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/2/13

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/2/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Brady and Kristen kiss. John kicks the door open and yells for Brady to get the hell away from Kristen as Marlena follows John in, wondering what he's doing.

Sonny and Will enter the coffeehouse and find EJ fighting off Nicole's kiss.

Rafe and Sami kiss at the New Year's party. Gabi and Nick arrive. Gabi talks to Sami about the dress and how everything will be amazing as Rafe smiles at Sami.

Brady tells John not to do this. John calls Brady a damn fool for falling for Kristen. Brady tells him to calm down and let him explain. John repeats Brady being stupid to fall for Kristen's scheme. John questions how Brady can't see that Kristen is using him to get back at him. John says they owe an apology to Marlena and insults Kristen. Brady warns John to watch his words. Marlena tells Brady to listen to John as Kristen questions if he believes them.

Nicole jokes with EJ about having to kissing someone on New Year's. Will approaches and asks where Sami is. EJ says she's waiting for champagne while Nicole was drunk. EJ tells Will to make sure Nicole gets home ok as he exits. Nicole tells Will that it was a successful diversion.

EJ rushes back to the town square and kisses Sami. EJ talks to Gabi and Nick about being excited for their wedding. EJ hopes everything is good and asks about a date. Gabi says it will be really soon. EJ says if anyone can make it happen it's Sami. Rafe decides to go and Gabi and Nick follow as well. Sami asks EJ what took so long and where he was. EJ tells her that he was delayed by Nicole.

Nicole sits with Will and tells him that she was pretending to be drunk for EJ's sake. Sonny brings her coffee but Nicole informs him that she was acting. Nicole explains that she was just doing her part to make people that are supposed to be together get together. Nicole exits with her job done. Sonny tells Will that he has to stick around until they close. Will understands as long as they spend New Year's night together alone. Sonny agrees and they kiss.

The hotel security guard arrives again asking if John is causing trouble again. Kristen tries to explain. The guard warns John about putting his hands on Kristen then exits. Brady thinks everyone should take a breath. Brady apologizes for keeping John in the dark. John says this is about Kristen lying and manipulating like always and then playing the victim. Brady refuses to go and says John and Marlena are going to leave. Brady tells them that he will come by tomorrow morning to talk about it but John refuses to leave, saying he'll never leave him alone with Kristen ever again. Brady tells Kristen that he needs to speak to John alone so he's going to leave with him. Kristen worries about John trying to convince him but Brady assures her that nothing will happen and it's going to be fine. Brady exits with John. Kristen shuts the door and tells Marlena that they are going to get something straight.

EJ explains to Sami about Nicole spilling her drink on him and seeming determined to stop him from spending in the New Year with her and if he didn't know better, he would think it was deliberate.

Rafe walks with Gabi and Nick to the park. Gabi mentions Rafe being quiet and admits seeing Rafe kiss Sami. Nick calls it weird to see Sami then kissing EJ five minutes later. Rafe doesn't want to talk about it and tells Nick to take Gabi home. Rafe hugs Gabi goodbye and they wish Happy New Year. Gabi and Nick then walk on.

EJ asks if Sami if she's okay and not upset about him missing the New Year. Sami says she isn't and figures it's just the beginning of their year. EJ gets a text from Beijing and says his assistant didn't send an e-mail so he has to take care of it. EJ tells Sami that she can come with him and then they can pick up where they left off. Sami agrees and they walk off together.

Brady and John walk outside of the town square. Brady tells John that he pressured Kristen into keeping things a secret and admits it was a mistake but he didn't want to hurt him. John tells him he doesn't have to apologize but he just needs to listen. Brady agrees to listen and asks what it is about Kristen that he doesn't know.

Nick and Gabi go to the coffeehouse. Nick asks what happened to getting some rest but Gabi had a craving. Gabi finds Will there. Will wishes her a Happy New Year and she hugs him. Gabi goes to get food. Nick asks Will if he made any resolutions. Will says he resolved that he's going to have to beat the bigotry out of Nick if he ever calls him gay boy again.

Rafe finds Nicole at the church. Rafe admits he's thinking about Gabi's wedding and calls it hard to believe. Nicole encourages that she'll make a beautiful bride. Rafe asks what Nicole did before. Rafe goes over Nicole seeing Sami and EJ so she followed EJ and EJ didn't make it back to Sami. Nicole asks what happened with Rafe and Sami. Rafe tells her not to try so hard because he doesn't want to compete with EJ. Nicole doesn't believe him and asks if he seized the moment.

EJ promises Sami that it will only take a moment as they enter his office where EJ had set up a candle light dinner.

Marlena tells Kristen that she won't get anything straight with someone twisted. Kristen tells her to explain her behavior. Marlena says she knows all about her plan to get even with John. Marlena says the game is over since Kristen self destructed but Kristen feels empowered. Marlena tells Kristen that John will make Brady understand.

John sits with Brady and tells him that Kristen has a sensational appetite for revenge and has had a motive ever since she came back. John tells him that Kristen wants to harm him and Marlena the same way she feels they did to her years ago. John explains that she went after Brady to achieve that. John says Kristen pulled off getting to him by getting to his son. John calls Brady an unsuspecting pawn in Kristen's chess game. John tells him that it's not his fault as Kristen is brilliant and seductive. John calls Kristen the most black hearted person he's ever known. John tells Brady not to let Kristen ruin them. Brady questions him saying everything Kristen's done is a lie and all his feelings. John tells Brady that his affair with Kristen ends tonight, forever.

Kristen thinks Marlena is being dramatic. Marlena tells her that everyone is on to her. Kristen brings up how long Marlena kept the secret about her and Brady from John. Kristen talks about how John would've liked to have known sooner. Marlena calls her disgusting and starts to leave but Kristen suggests that John could be lying to her to protect her ego. Kristen says maybe John kept some of what she confessed from her. Kristen talks about how John was crazy about her and she believes he's as jealous and irrational as Marlena. Marlena argues with her. Kristen says all that matters is who Brady will believe.

Brady tells John that Kristen predicted he would do this and make it all about him. John argues that he's not doing that. Brady accuses John of trying to destroy what's making him happy. John argues that Brady doesn't understand their history. Brady thinks Kristen is trying to change. Brady points out how John convinced him that she was different now. John admits he made a horrible mistake and didn't see the truth. Brady thinks John only changed his heart when he found out they were together. John tells him that it's not too late for him to get out. Brady thinks John just hates that he's with someone he used to be with. Brady shouts at John to let her go. Brady says John can't stomach anyone else being with her but himself.

EJ reveals to Sami that the text and business was a setup. Sami asks why his office. EJ thinks it's a quiet place for their date. EJ tells her that he got a chef to set up everything she loves. EJ calls her the most beautiful sight in Salem.

Rafe doesn't understand Nicole's motives. Nicole talks about wanting people to be together that are supposed to be. Rafe admits he kissed Sami.

Gabi talks to Sonny about how they both care so much about Will.

Nick questions Will wanting to beat the bigotry out of him and mocks him. Will questions how Gabi is dealing with Nick's homophobia. Nick says things just got heated because of the baby and the secret but he regrets calling him gay boy and didn't mean to offend him. Nick asks why Will is smiling. Will says if he really means that then it's all good. They agree that they all want what's best for the baby. Will adds that he wouldn't let a bigot anywhere near his child.

Nicole is glad Rafe kissed Sami. Nicole tells him that she kissed EJ to take one for the team. Nicole adds that she's over EJ but Rafe is clearly not over Sami. Nicole jokes about Rafe having it bad.

EJ tells Sami that he thinks the office would be a good place for them to celebrate since it's where they started to get into a rhythm. They toast each other.

Nick questions if Will is threatening him. Will says he's just stating a fact that his child will not be raised by a homophobe. Nick says Gabi was an emotional wreck when he met her and she was in a bad place while Will wasn't there. Nick blames Will for confusing her. Nick says they have a big problem if Will is going to threaten to take the baby away any time they do something he doesn't like. Nick tells Will that he's not going to let him make their lives crazy for the next 18 years. Nick asks Will if he understands that.

Sonny tells Gabi that he cares about Will a lot so he'll do anything for him including learning to tolerate her. Sonny warns her that if she hurts him then she'll have to deal with him so she should watch herself.

Nick tells Will that he understands that he didn't plan this but he agreed to let everyone believe it's Nick's baby. Nick tells Will that it means he can't weigh in on anything. Nick adds that it has nothing to do with Will being gay. Nick tells him to man up and stand by his decision. Will doesn't think Nick is hearing what he's saying. Nick understands Will doesn't want his kid to be tossed around like he was. Nick tells Will to let the kid be his and Gabi's so they can be amazing parents.

Marlena tells Kristen that she didn't' want this war with her but now it's on as she loves Brady as her family. Marlena plans to stand with John and not let her hurt Brady. Kristen reminds her that Brady is a grown man. Marlena calls her a vile, despicable woman. Marlena threatens her. Marlena says they are done but Kristen responds that they'll never be done until Marlena's dead. Kristen states that at this time next year, Marlena could be her stepmother in law. Marlena doesn't think she'll be so amused when Brady ends things with her and wants nothing to do with her ever again. Marlena exits. Kristen quickly follows out.

John tells Brady that the only thing he feels for Kristen is disgust. Brady thinks it's clearly jealousy. Brady questions John going from telling him she's changed to saying she makes him sick. John tells Brady that Kristen admitted to using him. Brady doesn't believe him. Brady thinks John is just hearing what he wants to hear. Brady accuses John of twisting her words to try and get him to turn on her. John says Kristen flat out said she was using him. Brady argues that it's not possible and wants credit. John tells Brady that Kristen only cares about her sick obsession for revenge and wants to hurt anybody she can. Brady thinks John just lost it when he found out. Brady declares he needs to be with Kristen now. John warns him to stay away from that manipulative bitch. Brady responds by knocking John down with a punch to the face.

Will and Sonny kiss in bed at Sonny's. Sonny talks about putting his resolutions in a box and checking it at the end of the year. Will takes it to look at Sonny's resolutions from the past year. Will reads Sonny's one resolution was to get Will to fall in love with him. Sonny tells Will that it's what he wanted all year and then they kiss.

Sami tells EJ that he's changed. Sami adds that she'll have to explain some things to her family because she's thinking about being with him again. Sami gets a call from Lucas as he's with the kids. Sami answers and says she'll be there as soon as she can because Allie has a fever. EJ understands that she has to go. Sami tells EJ that this is something she'll never forget. EJ encourages her to be with Allie and he'll check on them tomorrow. Sami thanks him and kisses him then exits his office. Sami thinks back to Rafe kissing her as she walks on. EJ remains in his office and toasts to the woman he loves as he takes a drink.

Rafe admits to Nicole that he is a little optimistic after tonight. Nicole jokes that he's making head way in the competition but Rafe questions what competition.

Brady warns John to never talk about Kristen that way again. John gets up and tackles Brady, saying he's not going anywhere. Brady punches him. They exchange punches. Brady knees John against the wall. John punches him and Brady punches him back. John knocks Brady onto the bench with a punch. Brady kicks John down. They continue fighting and struggling against each other as Marlena arrives screaming for them to stop. Kristen walks by and hides around the corner, happy with what she hears going on.

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