Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/1/13

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/1/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Marlena goes to Brady's office and she demands to know what's going on. Marlena mentions John sounding upset. Brady informs her that he was there.

Kristen opens her door to see John, who demands to know what's going on between Kristen and Brady.

Sami calls Rafe and tells him about getting Gabi's wedding dress. Sami agrees to text Rafe a photo of the dress. Rafe asks if that's all and Sami wishes him a Happy New Year. Rafe hangs up and goes to the church to ask Nicole if she's ready for their "date".

Daniel talks with Eric at the hospital about spending time at the homeless shelter. Eric thanks Daniel and says he knows there's probably somewhere else Daniel would rather be.

Abigail talks to Jennifer at home about going out for New Year's. Abigail assures Jennifer that she's the only person she wants to spend New Year's with.

Chad works at the coffeehouse and thinks back to asking Abigail about her plans.

Johnny and Caroline talk with Sami. EJ enters the Pub in a tuxedo and says it looks like they are all starting the new year out right.

Brady asks Marlena to let him tell her what's going on and hear him out before she reacts. Brady admits he's been seeing Kristen and they've become romantically involved.

Kristen thinks what's going on between her and Brady is obvious. John asks if she has feelings for his son. Kristen responds by calling him an idiot.

Brady knows it feels like a betrayal to Marlena but assures her that it isn't and had nothing to do with her. Brady adds that he didn't set out to get involved with her as it took them both by surprise. Brady comments that Marlena doesn't even seem surprised.

John questions if Kristen has any feelings for Brady at all. Kristen says she has all sorts of feelings and calls him fascinating. John tells Kristen that Brady actually cares about her. John adds that Brady doesn't play games and is still reeling over losing Madison. John tells her that Brady thinks what they have is real. John asks if this is some sick way of trying to make him jealous. Kristen admits to John that it is all about him and what he did to her.

Rafe jokes with Nicole about seeing her at church and calls it surreal. Sami texts Rafe the picture of Gabi's wedding dress. Rafe shows the picture to Nicole. Nicole doesn't like that Sami is helping with the wedding and wonders why. Rafe says his mom was sick so Sami is helping. Rafe tells her there's nothing more to it so no more talk about Sami tonight.

EJ and Sami talk outside the Pub. They talk about Johnny's list of resolutions. EJ liked his third one of being nice to his mom. EJ and Sami then kiss. Johnny points it out to Caroline through the window. Caroline tells Johnny that people kiss all the time on New Year's Eve. EJ tells Sami that he hopes they could go somewhere more private so they walk off together.

Marlena tells Brady that she's listening and trying not to react like he asked. Brady thanks her and wishes John would've done the same. Marlena asks if he told John. Brady reveals that John walked in on them. Marlena begins to worry. Brady says he thought he locked the door but it was a very intimate moment.

Kristen admits to John that she's never let go of him. Kristen says love never dies and questions if he thought he could just leave her on the floor. John calls it unbelievable. John talks about how he believed her when she first came back. Kristen tells John that she survived his attempts to destroy her. John sits down and declares Marlena was right. John realizes that Kristen set up everything since she came back to Salem including the little girl who fell off of her bike and all the coincidences. Kristen admits that she hates him that much.

Chad goes to Jennifer's with coffees. Abigail answers the door. Chad gives her the coffees for her and Jennifer. Abigail thanks him. Chad starts to leave but Jennifer invites him to stay and hang out with them. Chad asks if that's okay. Abigail agrees so Chad comes in and they joke about playing Monopoly.

EJ and Sami go to the New Year's Party at the town square, talking about watching the fireworks. Sami thought he wanted something more private. EJ says they have time as they sit down.

Rafe and Nicole arrive at the New Year's Party at the town square and Nicole jokes about all the times she's been married. Nicole thinks she could help instead of Sami with Gabi's wedding. Rafe spots Sami with EJ. Nicole blames herself for mentioning Sami and she begins to worry about Rafe.

Marlena can't believe John walked in on Brady and Kristen. Marlena starts to panic about where he is. Brady says it's not how he wanted it to happen. Brady tells her that he last saw John at the park. Brady apologizes and says he didn't mean to hurt or upset her. Brady hopes they can find a way to get used to the situation because Kristen is in his life now. Marlena questions if Brady has lost his mind because they will not accept that.

Kristen says she did everything she could to make John happy and talks about how they were almost married until Marlena walked in. Kristen cries about John leaving her for Marlena. Kristen recalls begging him to stay. John brings up what she did to Marlena and Susan. Kristen shouts that it was for him as she never loved anybody before. Kristen says she believed and trusted John that he would be with her but he didn't mean it and went back to Marlena. John doesn't think it was that simple but Kristen feels he threw her away like trash. John can't believe this is what she held onto. Kristen tells John that she's not going to stay away from Brady. John doesn't want her to hurt Brady or break his heart. Kristen tells John that she's going to break John's heart by taking his son away from him and says she already has. Kristen talks about how Brady is determined for them to be together even if it means turning his back on John. Kristen mocks John's relationship with Brady. John calls her a bitch. Kristen talks about everything between them. Kristen whispers that Brady is falling in love with her. John grabs her and demands she stay away from his son while she laughs.

Eric thanks Daniel. They say it was nice to meet one another. Eric mentions they share Nicole as a mutual friend. Daniel asks about her working at the church. Eric says it's not bad. Daniel calls it unexpected and is sorry for Nicole being hit hard. Eric tells him that it wasn't his fault. Eric tells him that Nicole is better and understands. Daniel thanks him as Eric leaves the hospital.

Abigail, Jennifer, and Chad play Monopoly. They end up joking around and throwing popcorn at each other. Jennifer goes to get more popcorn. Chad asks Abigail if she's sure it's okay for him to be there. Abigail tells him that she's glad he stopped by.

Rafe tells Nicole that he's good and just wasn't expecting to see Sami tonight. Rafe assures it won't be a lousy night now and they'll forget them.

EJ tells Sami that he has a special bottle of champagne that Chad kept him at the coffeehouse so he's going to get it. Sami tells him to make sure to be back by midnight. EJ rushes off as Sami spots Rafe and Nicole. Nicole blows a kiss and then tells Rafe that now is his chance because Sami's alone. Nicole encourages Rafe to go wish Sami a Happy New Year. Rafe doesn't want to leave her alone but Nicole says she has an errand to run so she takes a glass of champagne and walks away, leaving Rafe and Sami looking at one another.

Marlena questions why Kristen would choose Brady. Brady states that he pursued Kristen and chose her. Marlena thinks Brady deserves better. Marlena sees that Brady wants to believe Kristen has changed and she wishes it were true but she tells him it's not true. Marlena wants him to be careful and then rushes off to find John.

John calls Kristen a savage, twisted, manipulative bitch. John says he will do everything he can to keep her from Brady as hotel security arrive knocking on the door so John lets her go. Kristen answers the door. The security guard mentions hearing shouting and asks if she's alright. Kristen says she is now as her guest was just leaving. John tells her that he will see to it that she doesn't hurt Brady. John exits. Kristen assures security that she's okay and then shuts the door. Kristen laughs as her phone rings with a text from Brady.

Chad and Abigail continue their game of Monopoly until Abigail's phone rings with a text from Jennifer, saying she went out for a walk. Chad worries if Jennifer feels like a third wheel. Abigail tells him that she doesn't think Jennifer is alone.

Daniel talks to Jennifer on the phone and says he wishes they could've rung in the New Year together. Jennifer appears at the hospital and tells him that would be great.

Sami talks with Rafe and mentions the picture of Gabi's dress. Rafe calls it nice and worth the price. Rafe calls it kind of Sami's style as it reminded him of Sami's dress. Sami is surprised he remembered. Rafe claims he doesn't and then asks about EJ. Sami says he went for some special champagne. Sami asks what's up with Rafe being there with Nicole.

Nicole enters the coffeehouse where EJ is. Nicole approaches EJ and pretends to be drunk. EJ tells her that the party must have started early. Nicole jokes about her behavior as EJ gets his special champagne and tells Nicole to leave. Nicole takes the champagne bottle and calls it nice. EJ wants it back but Nicole holds it from him. EJ grabs the bottle back from her and Nicole spills her glass on him.

Marlena walks by the Pub trying to get a hold of John. Eric runs into her and says he's on his way to the men's shelter. He wishes her a Happy New Year but realizes Marlena is upset. Marlena declares that she really messed up and will never forgive herself. John walks up. Marlena says she's been trying to reach him. John tells her that his phone is off but he needs a drink and to talk to her alone. John heads inside the Pub. Marlena apologizes to Eric and follows John in.

Brady goes to Kristen's room. Kristen hugs him pretending to cry. Brady wants to know what's wrong. Kristen claims she was afraid he wouldn't come. Kristen tells him that John came and was so out of control. Brady hugs her and tells her to settle down as it will be all right.

Jennifer gives Daniel the dessert that they skipped on their date. Daniel thanks her and tells her that she didn't have to come all this way. Jennifer says it's the only place she wants to be right now.

Rafe tells Sami that he and Nicole are just friends. Sami calls it his life. Sami says she's not mad about Rafe avoiding her at Christmas. Sami shows Rafe a picture on her phone of Sydney with the stuffed penguin that Rafe got her. Sami adds that Sydney named the penguin Rafe as she knows where it came from. Sami knows Rafe went out of his way to get it like he always does. Sami tells Rafe that he's going to be a great dad. Rafe's phone rings so Sami suggests he check it. Rafe thanks her. Sami says its the least he deserves.

Nicole offers to wipe EJ off but he tells her to just leave it. Nicole wants to make it better. EJ tells her to go to the church and atone as he wipes his clothes off. Nicole talks about EJ having time for her when he needed a wife but not now. EJ stops her and says the conversation won't go how she wants while she's drunk. Nicole says she's trying and rambles on. EJ keeps pushing her away and tells her to stop. EJ says it's disorienting to see her this way. EJ is not surprised that Nicole has gone off the deep end. He tells her to stop working so hard. EJ says Nicole needs to not plan and scheme. EJ says it's not the time and tries to rush off but Nicole grabs his jacket.

John drinks at the Pub and tells Marlena that it's just starting to work. Marlena informs him that she talked to Brady and knows what's going on. Marlena apologizes for the terrible shock. John calls it not her fault and informs her that he went to see Kristen. John tells Marlena that Kristen hates him and Brady is her revenge. Marlena can't believe she said that. John declares he has to find Brady and end this tonight since he's not picking up his phone. John says there's only one place Brady could be so he and Marlena rush off.

Brady sits Kristen down and wants to know what happened. Kristen tells Brady how John thinks she's using Brady to get him back. Kristen claims she called it insane and says this is what she was afraid of when they found out. Kristen mentions security hearing him. Brady asks if John attacked her. Kristen says she doesn't think he realized he had his hands on her because he was so upset. Brady apologizes for setting him off by telling him everything about how they felt. Kristen claims Brady was just telling the truth. Brady adds that Marlena isn't taking it well either. Brady feels Marlena still thinks he's a kid. Kristen wants them to see Brady for the man he is now. Kristen asks Brady how it's ever going to work. Brady says they will give it time and John will cool off. Brady hugs her and tells her that everything will be fine as she smiles.

The crowd at the town square gathers for the New Year's countdown and they surround Rafe and Sami. Sami mentions not being able to find EJ.

EJ tries to rush to leave the coffeehouse but Nicole keeps him distracted.

Rafe and Sami wish each other a Happy New Year and they get close but Sami tries to walk away until Rafe stops her.

Abigail beats Chad at Monopoly and dances in celebration. They joke around about it as Chad tells her that she cheated. They hear the fireworks and realize it's midnight. They wish each other a Happy New Year. They hug each other and then kiss.

Daniel and Jennifer sit together in a room at the hospital and hear the fireworks. Daniel tells her it's midnight and she's missing the fireworks but Jennifer disagrees as they kiss.

EJ tells Nicole it's midnight so she jumps on him and kisses him.

Rafe pulls Sami back and kisses her.

Kristen tells Brady he's right that it has to work out in time. Kristen kisses him. Brady tells her not to let it get to him. Kristen pours them champagne as they hear the fireworks. They agree that it is a Happy New Year and then kiss. Brady feels like it's a new start for him and Kristen feels the same as they continue kissing. John kicks the door open and yells for Brady to get the hell away from Kristen as Marlena follows John in, wondering what he's doing.

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