Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/31/12

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/31/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

John goes to Brady's office and knocks on the door asking if he's in the middle of something as he walks right in, catching Brady and Kristen kissing on Brady's desk.

Will approaches Kate outside the Pub and asks if she's okay. Kate tells him about her meeting with Nick not going well. Kate knows his family is thrilled that he's out but she does not trust Nick. Will asks why she says that. Kate tells him to keep it between them but she offered Nick a job with a good salary and bonus for Mad World but he turned her down. Will calls that strange since he's getting married and having a family. Kate reveals that Nick wants to play her against Sami. Will is surprised since Kate was just trying to help him. Kate calls Nick arrogant. Kate asks Will if he trusts Nick.

Gabi admits to Eric that there is something that she wants to tell him. Eric reminds her that it will stay between them. Gabi thinks back to first telling Will that she was pregnant and he's the father. Eric senses she's upset and asks if it's because she's getting married. Gabi responds that it's because they've been lying to him.

Marlena paces outside the town square. She sits down and worries about what she's done.

John questions what in God's name is going on. Brady responds that he thinks John knows.

Eric tells Gabi that lies can be forgiven. Eric wants her to tell him the truth but Sami arrives, wanting to talk about the wedding.

Kate thinks Will has something to say. Will doesn't want to trash Nick especially not to Kate since she might overreact. Will suggests Nick may be trying to do what's best for his future family. Will doesn't want to mess things up for Nick and Gabi. Kate thinks Will must know something that could mess things up for them. Will thinks back to Nick calling him some gay boy. Kate asks what it is that Will knows.

Marlena remains seated outside and thinks back to her last conversation with John where she sent him to Brady's office. Marlena worries about what she's done and decides she has to stop it so she pulls out her phone and calls John but gets his voicemail. She leaves a message for him to call as soon as he gets it as it's important. Hope arrives and notices Marlena is really upset. Hope asks what's wrong. Marlena responds that so much is wrong.

John talks about how he and Marlena were going to spend New Year's with Hope and Bo but Bo had to go out of town so he was going to invite Brady and a date. Brady and Kristen get dressed as Brady doesn't think it's a good idea. John questions Brady's manners and asks Kristen what she thinks of the idea.

Sonny works at the coffeehouse as Adrienne enters and greets him. Adrienne wishes him a Happy New Year's Eve. They joke about Victor's Christmas gift for her of large earrings. Sonny tells her that Will picked out the scarf they got her. They are glad Will came over for Christmas. Adrienne says that seeing them together makes her wonder why she ever doubted them. Adrienne then asks if something is wrong.

Will sits with Kate and tells her that he doesn't know why Nick is acting that way but he knows he loves Gabi and is only doing it to take care of her. Kate feels Nick had no choice due to the pregnancy but Will says Nick doesn't see it that way. Will talks about finding out before Nick and how Nick proposed right away. Kate doesn't believe it was good news for Nick but Will defends him for not leaving Gabi. Kate wonders why Will cares.

Eric tells Sami to leave but she refuses to go and wonders if Eric hurt Gabi's feelings. Gabi worries about Nick not being there since they are supposed to be doing this together. Sami is concerned about Gabi being upset and asks Eric if he said something to upset her. Gabi tells Sami that it's all her. Nick rushes in apologizing and asks Gabi what's wrong. Gabi tells Nick that they have to tell Father Eric the truth.

Hope wants Marlena to tell her what's wrong and refuses to leave until she does. Marlena reveals that she did something terrible to John. Hope has a hard time believing that. Marlena explains that they were having an argument about Kristen and how she couldn't tell him so she sent him to Brady's office. Marlena wishes she hadn't done that since Kristen will be there. Hope suggests it could be good but Marlena doesn't think so since she argued with Kristen earlier about going to Brady's office. Marlena says she should've told John but didn't and now he's walking in on that. Hope tries to encourage her that it might not happen but knows that it will. Marlena regrets not telling John. Hope wonders why she didn't. Marlena thinks back to arguing with Kristen. Marlena tells Hope that there are good reasons for not telling John. Hope understands that she's afraid of what it'll do to their relationship. Marlena admits there was also a self-serving reason and she's afraid that's why she did something that she will regret for the rest of her life.

Kristen asks for a moment. John sarcastically asks if they want to come over for drinks first. Brady tells John to stop playing games. John wants Brady's definition of games and screams that they are obviously not on the same page. John storms out. Brady tells Kristen to wait there and rushes out after John. Kristen starts saying it wasn't supposed to happen like this but she doesn't care and is ecstatic that it's really happening.

Sonny tells Adrienne that he has no doubt that he loves Will. Adrienne knows there's a problem. Sonny calls Justin the best guy he's ever known but he works for Victor and deals with creeps so he wonders how she handles that. Adrienne says that she would definitely do something if Justin's behavior was changing because of the people he dealt with. Adrienne adds that she tries to be understanding and asks if someone in Will's life is making him crazy. Sonny admits there is but can't say more about it. Adrienne tells him that the most important thing is to keep things good between he and Will no matter what it takes.

Will tells Kate that he cares because he cares about Gabi and wants her to have a happy life. Kate questions overlooking Nick's act for Gabi's sake. Will talks about how they would both have to leave Salem if they can't find a job. Kate tries to see Nick as a man driven for his ambition to provide for his family. Kate wonders if it could drive him off the rails again. Will assures her it won't because Nick wants to take care of Gabi. Kate starts to understand Will's concern for Gabi and thinks it has to do with the baby since Will's parents were young. Will agrees that he wouldn't want that for any other kid. Kate remarks that at least Gabi isn't lying about the baby's father like Sami did or that the baby will be used in a tug of war between the parents. Kate encourages him not to worry. Will tells her goodbye and walks away.

Nick isn't sure what Gabi means. Eric tells Sami to leave and declares no one say another word until she leaves. Sami tells Gabi that it's going to be alright and hugs her. Sami exits. Eric sits with Nick and Gabi. Nick asks Gabi if she's sure she wants to do this. Gabi tells him that anything they say there stays there and she doesn't want to get married with a lie on her conscience. Gabi wants everything out in the open.

Will arrives at the church and finds Sami outside in the waiting area. Sami tells Will about Eric throwing her out and is upset thinking Eric is giving Gabi a hard time. Sami tells Will that Gabi seemed very upset and she heard Gabi tell Nick that they need to stop lying. Will tries to storm inside but Sami stops him.

Brady follows John outside. John says the only way he could figure that Brady would be sleeping with someone who tried to kill Marlena was that Kristen must have gotten to him but Brady tells him that it was he and not Kristen that pursued it.

Hope wonders if Kristen wanted John to find out. Marlena says she played right into her hand if she did. Hope tells her that John would've found out one way or another. Marlena gets a headache so Hope goes to get her some water. Kristen then arrives and says it's fancy bumping into her there.

Nick suggests he and Gabi go talk in private as he doesn't understand since she was totally fine in the morning. Eric starts to leave but Gabi doesn't want him to. Eric says he got a feeling that there was something important they weren't telling. Eric adds that the church doesn't require them to be completely honest but they seem to have a conflict. Eric declares it's not a good way to start a marriage. Eric urges them to speak honestly to him and it won't go any further.

Adrienne goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and finds Kate, who she is surprised to see. Kate tells her that she had to deliver a report from Mad World and goes to leave but Adrienne asks her not to rush off and asks how she is. Adrienne mentions Will spending part of Christmas with them. Kate mocks her. Adrienne admits she was at first unsure about Will and Sonny. Kate suggests they just go their separate ways but Adrienne doesn't want that.

Sami tells Will that he's not going in there since Eric was mad at her. Sami wants to know what's going on but Will calls it none of her business and starts texting on his phone.

Gabi tells Nick that she knows what she's doing. Nick asks if she's sure. Gabi starts to talk but gets the text from Will saying that he was wrong and she was right so they have to do what's best for the baby. Eric encourages Gabi to continue.

Brady apologizes to John for finding out the way he did. John can't think of any good way to get that information. Brady begins to explain that things started to change when she brought him in to the hospital and he started to look at her different. John calls it a mistake. Brady says he's not like John who fights his battles. Brady says he's a drug addict who's done a lot of self destructing things that he's had to fight back from and he saw Kristen the same way. Brady says they became friends. John mocks it as being more than friendship. Brady says it all happened fast. John reminds him that Kristen was almost his stepmother. Brady declares again that Kristen tried to stop it but it was him who wanted it.

Marlena asks Kristen where she's been. Kristen reminds her that she already told her she'd be at Brady's office. Marlena wants to stop the stupid games and asks what happened.

Adrienne says she's apologized to Will but wants Kate to know that she knows how wrong she was about him. Adrienne pleads guilty to being an overprotective mother and is sure Kate can understand. Adrienne feels bad and praises Will for making Sonny happy. Kate says she doesn't know Sonny very well but hopes to change that. Kate adds that she sees they raised a terrific kid. Kate starts to leave again but Adrienne continues. Adrienne wants to give Sonny a wedding some day. Kate wants that for Will too. Adrienne is grateful that they have Kate. Kate thanks her. They joke that they don't have to start having lunch together now and Kate exits.

Will asks Sami to just go but she refuses to go until Will tells her what's going on. Will says he's not going to tell her because she'll barge in there and screw everything up. Will accuses Sami of trying to run the show ever since she found out about Gabi's pregnancy. Sami talks about knowing what Gabi is going through and caring for her. Will adds that she's not the only one who knows what she's going through. Sami knows he cares for her and then stops, saying she knows what's going on.

Nick asks Gabi about the text she got. Gabi starts to talk but Sami bursts in and talks about Rafe wanting her to be like a bigger sister to Gabi. Sami starts talking about how things moved so fast for Nick and Gabi. Will watches from the doorway. Gabi stops Sami and says she'd rather tell Eric herself.

Kristen tells Marlena that she would love to give her all the details but has to run. Kristen exits as Hope returns with water for Marlena. Marlena tells her about Kristen being there. Hope wonders if maybe nothing happened.

Brady insists that Kristen didn't want him to get hurt or this to happen and that she was torn. John calls Brady naive. Brady suggests John deal with it. Brady's relieved to have it out in the open and decides he will give John some space. Brady walks away. John wonders what to do and gets a call from Marlena.

Gabi starts to speak. Eric asks Sami to leave but Gabi says it's okay. Gabi claims she was only lying about when the baby was conceived as she's more than three months pregnant. Eric doesn't think it's a big deal. Gabi didn't want him to think she's a slut and didn't want to embarrass Nick either. Gabi apologizes for not telling. Will walks away. Sami blames Eric for making Gabi feel guilty. Eric walks Sami out and shuts the door. Sami tells Will that Eric is starting to tick her off. Eric goes back to Nick and Gabi, apologizing for Sami. Eric says they can talk freely if there's anything else troubling them.

John answers the call from Marlena. Marlena asks if he went to Brady's office. John says he did and they will talk when he sees her then quickly hangs up.

Brady returns to his office and finds Kristen is gone. Brady wonders where she went.

Kristen has returned to her room and pours champagne, saying it's a little early but there's so much to celebrate. Kristen takes a drink and wishes herself a Happy New Year.

Gabi holds Nick's hand and tells Eric that he now knows everything. Eric asks if they're sure and they say they are. Gabi apologizes for not getting him the whole story before. Nick assures that they love each other and want a wonderful life for their baby. Nick thinks it'd be getting off on the right foot if they didn't get married by Eric in the church. Eric sees they want this and each other. Eric reveals that the bishop has given his consent so he will be happy to marry them in the church.

Will jokes with Sami about snooping on them. Sami says they look happy. Will calls that great. Sami tells Will that he can relax and not worry about Gabi anymore. Sami suggests Will think about Sonny and asks about New Year's. Will says he's going out with Sonny and asks about Sami. Sami responds that she's going out too and quickly turns away. Will asks what she's not telling him. Sami reveals she's going out with EJ. Will calls that great. Sami is surprised he doesn't have a lecture or advice. Will says it's her life and he's lately begun to see that not everything is black and white. Sami wonders what that means. Will wishes her a Happy New Year and exits.

Marlena goes to Brady's office as he was making a call and she demands to know what's going on.

Kristen had a call from Brady but there's a knock at her door which she concludes can't be Brady. Kristen opens the door to see John.

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