Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/28/12

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/28/12


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Daniel brings Jennifer flowers. He reminds her that he's a doctor and gives his diagnosis that she's not really sick because she looks great and she's nice. Daniel knows Jennifer was cutting him some slack because she thought he didn't want to go but Daniel assures her that he does want to go, they are going, and he's not taking no for an answer.

Will wakes up from a nightmare about Nick and Gabi taking his son away and laughing at him. Sonny wakes up next to Will and senses he was having a nightmare.

John and Marlena sit at the town square. John worries about Brady being alone on New Year's Eve. Marlena thinks he'll be fine. John suggests a double date with them and whoever Brady is seeing which causes Marlena to spill her drink.

Eric, Billie, Brady, and Kristen go to the rectory for a church board meeting. Eric and Billie head inside while Brady stops and kisses Kristen. Kristen worries about someone seeing them. Brady suggests they leave Salem together for some time alone but Kristen refuses and says they are done.

Sonny suggests Will talk about his nightmare but he claims not to remember it. Sonny realizes he's late and invites Will to come to work with him but Will has school work. Sonny jokes with him spending the last day of the year that way and then they kiss. Sonny gets up and goes to shower. Will sends a text to Gabi that he needs to talk to her asap.

Gabi and Nick kiss in bed. Nick calls it the best way to start the morning. Gabi agrees as Nick says next year will be even better. Nick gets a text from Kate about a job interview. Nick responds that he'll be there. Gabi reminds him that they have a meeting with Eric about the wedding. Nick assures her the job interview won't take long. Gabi suggests he cancel but Nick insists on doing it and kisses her.

Kristen tells Brady that they are done for now but Brady wants to go somewhere and not have to pretend to not be crazy about her. Brady gives her a folder to give back to him later. They kiss and then quickly stop as Eric steps out. Kristen heads inside as Eric tells Brady that he has something important to talk to him about.

Marlena blames the caffeine on dropping her drink but John thinks Marlena thinks he's pushing Brady too soon after losing Madison. John reveals he has the sense that Brady has moved on and is seeing somebody. John thinks the best way to find out is a casual invite on New Year's Eve but Marlena suggests John should stay out of Brady's business.

Jennifer tells Daniel that he doesn't have to do this since she heard Maggie tell him to cancel the date. Daniel questions Jennifer doing that for him. Jennifer claims Maggie is always right so he should do what she says. Daniel clarifies that Maggie is sometimes overprotective. Daniel wants to tell her the whole story. Daniel explains to Jennifer that he was finding a date book for Melanie and he realized it was the anniversary of Parker's christening when he found out that he wasn't his son. Daniel assures her that he wasn't going to cover up his feelings. Jennifer is happy that Daniel shared his feelings with her. Daniel asks her to get him out of this. She agrees that they will have the best date that anyone has ever had. Daniel adds that it will be a really special date.

Nick gets dressed in a suit for his job interview. He kisses Gabi and then exits. Gabi goes back to her phone and calls Will back. Will thanks her for calling. Gabi asks if something is wrong. Will says he needed to talk to her about something.

Eric invites Brady to help with the homeless men's group if he didn't have plans. Brady is unsure of his plans so Eric assumes he has a date. Brady says he may if it works out but he's not ready to talk about it. Eric guesses it's not his first date since he's noticed Brady's mood since he came back after a rough year. Brady won't miss the year much. Eric asks if John and Marlena know who the girl is.

John continues telling Marlena that he thinks it would be a good idea to get to know who Brady is seeing. Marlena thinks back to Brady and Kristen in bed. Marlena informs John that she and Hope tried to encourage Brady to move on but it didn't go well. Kristen hides behind the tree and listens. John explains to Marlena that he's just trying to encourage him, not set him up and he thinks Brady has already moved on with someone he's chosen himself.

Jennifer and Daniel go to the Pub as Jennifer jokes about the Brady Pub being their special place. Daniel calls it a meaningful place for him. They head inside as they recall their first date at the Pub. Daniel suggests they play darts again and she agrees.

Kate goes to the coffeehouse and talks to Sonny about the Horton Christmas. Sonny jokes with her about seeing a tear in her eye at the Christmas. Nick enters and Kate tells him that he's late. Nick apologizes and wants a job. Kate agrees to talk. Sonny gives her coffee on the house and jokes about calling her Granny Kate. Kate sits with Nick to talk. Kate points out Nick not accepting Countess Wilhelmina yet and shows him a contract with a signing bonus. She asks if he's ready to make the deal.

Will and Gabi meet in the park. Will tells Gabi that he wanted to talk to her about his nightmare. He explains to her that the nightmare was about not feeling like a father to his son. Gabi tells him that's how it will be since he doesn't want the baby and Nick does. Gabi tells him that he doesn't have a claim on the baby because it's Nick's.

Brady tells Eric that he's not sure what his relationship is yet and it might be a short term thing. Brady doesn't want it to be but doesn't know what she wants.

Marlena suggests to John that they change the subject. John questions if they can't even talk about Brady anymore. John gets a phone call and steps away to answer it. Kristen approaches Marlena and jokingly suggests counseling. Marlena is surprised she would antagonize her with what she knows. Kristen says she just saw Marlena avoid telling John so she can throw it in her face. Kristen tells Marlena that she's heading to Brady's office. Marlena tells Kristen that she's going to do something because she really wants to and then she slaps Kristen.

Daniel and Jennifer play darts. Jennifer finds it humiliating that she can't play. Daniel points out how she did good last time. Jennifer says she was so mad at Jack last time and then apologizes for bringing him up. Daniel understands she loved him so she can talk about him in the same way that he does Parker. Daniel jokes with her about darts. Jennifer tries again and this time hits the wall. Jennifer tells Daniel that she won't get mad because she's on a date with him and they're there together as they smile.

Kate tells Nick that it's a really generous offer. Nick says Kate wants him to think so. Sonny comes over and offers refills but Nick asks him for some privacy so he walks away. Nick writes down notes comparing Kate's offer with Countess Wilhelmina because he wants a lot of time off with his family. Kate thinks he needs a reality check as he is an ex-con with his personality. Kate tells Nick that her company could use him. Nick says he will e-mail EJ and Sami and go over the offers as he loves bidding wars.

Gabi tells Will that they have to do what's best for the baby and Nick wants what's best. Will talks about taking her to the clinic because she wanted him to. Gabi asks Will to let it go but Will doesn't know if he can. Gabi asks if he's changed his mind. Will doesn't know but says every day the baby gets more and more real to him and he can't talk to anyone about it.

Kristen calls Marlena a bitch. Kristen calls it interesting that Marlena thinks she can attack her with no consequence. Marlena thinks the same about Kristen's affair with Brady. Kristen threatens to tell John. Marlena threatens to tell John why they argued. Kristen says she'll just explain that she was just going to return a folder to Brady. Marlena accuses her of using the church to cover up her sick affair. Kristen argues that it's not sick. Marlena calls her a sociopath and thinks she should be behind bars permanently. Kristen tells her that she's free and having a great time. Kristen adds that everyone thinks she's changed while Marlena's crazy including John as she then walks away.

Daniel helps Jennifer with darts. She tries again but hits a basket this time. They agree that she's bad but Jennifer wonders why she cares about something she doesn't care about. Daniel gets a call and steps away to answer. Ann from the hospital arrives and questions Jennifer enjoying herself with days off. She mocks Jennifer for pretending to be bad at darts to get Daniel's help. Ann adds that she doesn't seem like a grieving widow. Billie enters and calls Ann a bitch then takes her out of the Pub. Jennifer gets upset and throws darts, hitting the bull's-eye this time. Daniel comes back and figures she must be mad. Jennifer invites him to her house for dessert. Daniel agrees as Jennifer says it suddenly sounds like a good idea and they exit the Pub.

Kate sarcastically comments about wanting to spend more time with Nick and get to know him. Nick knows she hates losing to Sami. Nick tells Kate to think about it because her offer isn't in the ballpark. Nick exits. Sonny returns to Kate and says she doesn't look happy. Kate calls Nick arrogant. Sonny adds that once she gets to know him better, she will like him even less. Nick walks away from the coffeehouse saying that went well.

Gabi thinks Will needs to calm down but Will doesn't know how. Gabi points out that they agreed together that Will wouldn't be in the child's life. Will says every day it gets worse for him while it gets better for Gabi and Nick. Will questions if Gabi could do what he's expected to do and watch her child grow up with no feelings about it. Will asks what if he had the right to take her child away without even talking about it. Gabi is scared by what he's saying. Will wants what's best for his baby and says that means he is a part of the discussion. Will is not sure this is the best thing anymore and then walks out of the park leaving Gabi worried.

John runs into Kristen at the town square and they wish each other a Happy New Year. Marlena watches from the distance as John and Kristen go their separate ways.

Daniel looks at he and Jennifer's ornaments on the Horton Christmas tree. Jennifer tells him that Maggie did that. Daniel likes the ornaments together. Jennifer informs him that this was really all a ruse. She lied as she didn't really care about dessert but just wanted to be alone with him. Daniel tells her that she's got what she wanted. They almost kiss but the phone rings. They joke about always getting this close. Daniel answers the call and says he has to be right there at the hospital. Jennifer walks Daniel out.

John follows Marlena out of the town square and wonders what she's doing as he was waiting for her. John asks what's wrong. Marlena says she saw him with Kristen. John says he just ran into her and all she wants is peace. John thinks it's getting old. Marlena agrees and suggests John go to Brady's office to invite Kristen over for New Year's. John wonders what's wrong with her.

Kristen goes to Brady's office. Brady reveals he let everyone go early. She gives him the folder back. Brady thanks her and then clears off his desk. Brady picks her up and kisses her onto the desk.

Gabi goes to the church and looks at the statue of Mary then feels her stomach. Eric enters and asks if she's alright. Gabi talks about how much going to church meant to her and now she's getting married in one. Gabi tells him that Nick is meeting her there. Eric wants to talk to her about something. Eric feels there was something wrong in their sessions that they weren't telling him. Eric tells her that anything she says to him remains confidential if there's anything she wants to tell him.

Jennifer jokes about hating Daniel's job. They call it bad timing. Jennifer understands he needs to go do surgery. They agree that it was a wonderful date and then they finally kiss. They wish each other a Happy New Year and Daniel then leaves.

Kate goes to the Pub mocking Nick's offer. Will approaches and asks if she's okay. Kate tells him about her meeting with Nick not going well. Kate knows his family is thrilled that he's out but she does not trust Nick.

Nick sits at the town square and gets a call that he thinks is Kate but then realizes he forgot to go to the church to meet Gabi and rushes off.

Eric asks if there is something Gabi wants to tell him. Gabi admits that there is.

John goes to Brady's office and knocks on the door asking if he's in the middle of something as he walks right in, catching Brady and Kristen kissing on Brady's desk.

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