Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/27/12

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/27/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Sami runs into Rafe at the town square and wants him to explain his disappearing act.

Daniel calls Jennifer from the hospital and asks if they are still on for lunch. Jennifer reminds him that it's a date. She says she took the whole day off so Daniel tells her that he will see her soon. Abigail compliments Jennifer as she worries about what to wear. Jennifer doesn't want to wait to see Daniel.

Nicole goes to the church and finds a photo that Eric had from Africa. Eric enters and tells her that it's hers as a thank you for helping him through everything. Nicole says she just listened. Eric doesn't know if the photograph is enough. Nicole admits there is something else she wants that would mean the world to her.

Chad finds EJ outside of the Pub and asks who he's looking for. EJ admits he was looking for Sami. Chad suggests calling her. EJ tells him that Christmas is going to come a little late for him this year but it's definitely coming.

Rafe questions what Sami means by disappearing act. She explains that she felt he was making himself scarce during the holidays and she would like to know why.

Nicole talks to Eric about the best gifts being from the heart. She asks Eric to be her date for New Year's Eve.

Rafe thinks Sami is exaggerating as he was just busy during the holidays. Sami brings up midnight mass and how she went to say hi but he was already gone. Rafe blames it on being tired. Sami talks about Sydney being thrilled to get her penguin and wonders why Rafe wasn't there for that. Rafe tells her that if she wants an answer, she might not like it.

Hope arrives at Jennifer's and greets her and Abigail, who are glad she's back. Hope mentions that Bo decided to stay and spend more time with the kids. Hope asks Jennifer about seeing Daniel today. Jennifer calls it just lunch. Hope asks how things are going between them. Jennifer says it's good and they are just taking it one step at a time since they don't want added pressure. Jennifer says they are just keeping it low key. Hope wonders why it sounds like Jennifer is trying so hard to be okay with that. Jennifer says it's just been awhile and a lot has happened in between. Jennifer worries that they had their chance and they can't get back what they had.

Daniel talks on the phone as Maggie arrives. Daniel gets a confirmation number for the person he's talking to on the phone but gets distracted by something he comes across. Daniel tells them he's been paged and hangs up. Maggie approaches and asks why he said he was paged. Daniel shows her his date book and points out that it's two years to the day since he found out he lost Parker.

Nicole clarifies to Eric that she didn't mean a date but just that they'd ring in the new year together. Nicole decides to start over and explains that she doesn't want to be alone to dwell on all that she's lost and Eric is her only friend so she thought it'd be nice if they hung out together. She asks what time he'll pick her up but Eric informs her that he's going to have to say no.

EJ and Chad go into the Pub as EJ tells Chad about being with Sami by the Christmas tree with the kids and how it was magical. EJ adds that he told Sami that he wants to be a family again but she didn't say anything. EJ wants to be patient. Chad reminds him it's Sami so he shouldn't be so optimistic. Abigail enters and she smiles at Chad as EJ comments that he's not the only DiMera with something to look forward to.

Rafe sits with Sami and tells her that he's decided he doesn't want to play games anymore. Sami claims she's not playing games with him. Rafe brings up Sydney wanting the penguin so he went out and found one only to come back and see her with her arms around EJ. Sami questions why he didn't say anything about seeing it. Sami suggests he could've asked her why and she would've told him that EJ was upset after visiting Lexie's grave and it was Christmas. Rafe questions it just being a consoling gesture for the holidays. Rafe brings up Sami working for EJ. Sami tells him that they have already talked about it. Rafe doesn't think they have talked about it honestly. Rafe wonders if EJ is getting the same mixed signals that he is and he's thinking he is. Sami thinks back to EJ telling her that he wanted to clarify what was going on between them. Sami tells Rafe she doesn't want the third degree. Rafe tells her that she started the conversation so now they're going to finish it.

Hope questions Jennifer second-guessing things and wonders why she does this to herself. Hope says Bo would talk sense into her if he was there. Hope thinks Jennifer is hesitant to move on but she insists it's not because of Jack since he'd want her to be happy. Jennifer says she was crazy about Daniel but so much time has passed and she worries that they can't get back to what they had. Hope tells her to learn to trust it if she really wants it.

Daniel shows Maggie the photo of Parker that Kate gave him. He says he doesn't know why he carries it around with him. Maggie understands that he put his heart and soul into being a good father only for him to be taken away. Daniel doesn't want to focus too much on it. Daniel asks Maggie to tell him a little about Parker and what he's like since he knows she and Victor have visited. Maggie calls Parker a lovely little boy with the best smile. Daniel talks about things get like this during the holidays. Daniel states that he has a lot to be hopeful for. Maggie brings up he and Jennifer being close. Daniel informs her that they have a lunch date. Maggie thinks he'll need a little more time to get over the anniversary of Parker.

Nicole gets upset about Eric declining her and how she thinks he'd be worried about the gossip of being seen with her. Eric explains that he already had plans of volunteering. Eric tells her that he could always use extra hands. Nicole questions Eric wanting her to volunteer on New Year's and asks if he's crazy.

Chad asks EJ what he's talking about as Abigail joins them. EJ greets her and hopes she had a wonderful Christmas. Abigail admits it was better than expected. EJ asks Chad and Abigail about spending Christmas together. Abigail admits she convinced Chad to close early and spend Christmas with her at the Horton house. Chad thanks her for that. Abigail says she'll see him later as she goes to get some hot chocolate. EJ jokes with Chad about the way he looked at Abigail. EJ brings up that they had something special once. Chad questions if he should just get back with her and remarks that it would sure as hell let EJ off the hook.

Sami asks Rafe why he's doing this. Rafe doesn't want to go in to the New Year with the way things they are. Rafe says every time he thinks they are moving forward in their relationship, there's EJ and Sami doesn't push him away but encourages him. Sami admits that she's confused and conflicted as she feels caught in the middle. Rafe says Sami puts herself there. Sami is glad that they are healing and admits sometimes she feels they can move forward but she brings up EJ being the father of her children and how he's changed. Rafe doesn't believe Sami is that conflicted and that she wants to be in the middle. Rafe thinks she could've chosen by now but she wants to circle around. Sami argues that it's not true but Rafe tells her to admit it to herself.

Hope tells Jennifer not to measure what she and Daniel might have by what they had in the past since it will be different no matter what. Hope tells her to embrace it instead of trying to recapture the past. Hope says a lot of things could be different but there is no way to tell. Hope adds that all that matters is what their relationship is now. Jennifer knows she's right. Hope says she's been there and knows it can work. Hope suggests it could be better than she ever imagined. Jennifer hugs her and thanks her. Jennifer then realizes that she forgot her files in her desk at the hospital and has to go. Hope offers to go with her. Jennifer says she has to rush to get back because Daniel is picking her up so they rush off to the hospital.

Eric tells Nicole that he knows it might not be ideal but he's volunteering at the men's homeless shelter and he will talk to them about their feelings. Eric suggests she spend the night helping sister Margaret with the women's shelter. Nicole doesn't think it would be good for her as all she wanted was to not be alone. Nicole thinks he's just trying to get her to do what he wants. Nicole complains about his faith and says she doesn't want to be molded in his image. Nicole remarks that the homeless shelter can teach Eric how to have a little fun as she storms out.

Sami knows it's easy to blame her but she says she had no idea where Rafe stood and didn't know she had a deadline on her feelings. Rafe says he has feelings too and is done playing the game. Rafe tells Sami that's his answer. Sami asks about Gabi's wedding. Rafe says they are both adults and can pull it together to make it a success for them. Rafe suggests she could change her mind and shut things down with EJ because he feels he's earned the right not to be in a competition for her. Rafe then walks away.

EJ apologizes to Chad for things not working out with Melanie. They sit together and EJ encourages Chad to come to terms with Melanie not coming back. EJ clarifies that he didn't suggest he go out with Abigail to relieve guilt but because he wants him to be happy and thrive. EJ says Chad can be angry with him or Gabi but the real person he's angry with is himself and nobody is more responsible for what happened with Melanie than he is. EJ adds that he doesn't have to forgive him or Gabi but should forgive himself. EJ tells Chad not to waste what New Year's has to offer. EJ encourages Chad to make a move and go out that night with someone to seize the year. EJ continues to encourage him and then exits the Pub.

Maggie knows Daniel thinks she worries too much but she knows it's unhealthy to suppress his feelings. Maggie suggests today is not the right day for him to go out with Jennifer which Jennifer overhears as she arrives. Daniel questions cancelling his date. Maggie thinks he has too much going on but Daniel refuses to cancel the date. Daniel says he and Jennifer shared a lot of special moments and he wants more than that. Daniel adds that they finally have the opportunity to share some time together so he's not giving it up.

Jennifer goes to her office at the hospital looking worried.

Rafe drops some money at the Pub which Nicole arrives and picks it up. Nicole calls it finders keepers. They argue over it and Rafe demands it back. Nicole says she'd pay double to have someone not tell her what to do and gives it back. Rafe tells her to keep it and then they both laugh about it.

Sami talks with Eric at the coffeehouse about her argument with Rafe. Eric suggests she take a deep breath and not worry about it. Eric thinks she should give it time as he believes Rafe loves her and will come around. Sami didn't say she wanted him to come around and she thinks he sounded final. Eric thinks he just wants to pressure into making the choice. Sami says he's wrong because she knows exactly how to choose. EJ then enters the coffeehouse as he and Sami exchange smiles.

Daniel gets dressed and Maggie tells him that he looks nice. Daniel then gets a text from Jennifer saying today is not good for lunch. He tries calling her as she is now at home and she looks at their Christmas ornaments. Jennifer texts back that she's not feeling good which confuses Daniel since she sounded fine. Daniel walks away to try and call her. Hope approaches and Maggie tells her about Jennifer being sick. Hope says that's not possible since she was just with her 20 minutes ago. Hope mentions Jennifer being at the hospital. Maggie realizes she may have heard them and takes Hope to explain.

Chad runs into Abigail at the town square on his way to the coffeehouse. They talk about the holidays and Chad asks if she has plans for New Year's. Both say they don't. Chad decides he has to get going to work and wishes her a happy New Year if he doesn't see her before then as he walks on.

Nicole sits with Rafe and says she's never seen him in such a sour mood so it must have been a blowout with Sami. Rafe tells her about telling Sami that he's done playing games. Nicole thinks Rafe deserves better but understands that he wants to be with Sami. Rafe refuses to compete with EJ over her. Nicole asks if it is over then. Nicole understands as she feels that way about Daniel after he was her whole world before. Nicole insists that she's over Daniel and then admits that she's still working on it. Nicole is anxious about being alone on New Year's. Nicole then realizes that they can both help each other out.

Eric and EJ wish each other a happy new year as Eric exits the coffeehouse and EJ sits with Sami. Sami asks what he wants. EJ says she knows the answer as he made it perfectly clear yesterday as to what he's hoping for but he still hasn't heard from her. Sami tells him not to say she isn't sure how she feels since she's very capable of making important decisions. EJ is glad as he has another one for her.

Jennifer paces at home and looks in the mirror. She removes her necklace and earrings as there's a knock at the door. Jennifer opens the door and sees Daniel with flowers.

Nicole tells Rafe that they are both not busy on New Year's Eve and the town square will be having a huge party which she thinks sounds perfect.

EJ tells Sami she needs to make a decision. EJ asks her to be his date for New Year's Eve for the big party at the town square. EJ hoped that Sami would be by his side as he holds her hand and asks what she says.

Rafe asks what this would be with Nicole. Nicole insists it would not be a date but just two friends stuck with nothing to do on a day no one wants to be stuck with nothing to do. Rafe hates to admit it but says she's right. Rafe asks her out for New Year's Eve to make it official and Nicole says she would love to.

Sami tells EJ that she would be honored to go to New Year's Eve with him. Nicole tells Rafe and Sami tells EJ that it will be a night to remember.

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