Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/26/12

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/26/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Eric & Sami let the kids play in the town square. Eric talks about Sami being a good mom and Sami says she always thought Eric would be a good dad. Sami talks about supporting Eric as he feels he is where he is supposed to be.

Sonny thanks Will for the celebration last night and they realize they are under the mistletoe so they kiss

Maggie and Abigail video chat with Melanie at the Kiriakis Mansion as Daniel and Jennifer talk about how their Christmas is about to start.

Billie finishes a video chat with Chelsea at the coffee house. Lucas comes in and joins her. Kate comes in as she had called a family meeting. Kate announces she has positive news.

Brady and Kristen lay in bed kissing until there's a knock on the door and it's EJ and Chad with Christmas gifts.

Sami and Eric continue talking. Sami wishes she could know where she's supposed to be and talks about her kids having different fathers. Eric encourages her to enjoy Christmas.

Sonny and Will finish their kiss under the mistletoe as Doug and Julie watch on. Julie comments on how they would miss each other as they exit for the hospital. Nick and Gabi prepare to follow but Will stops them to talk.

Maggie and Abigail get ready to leave for the hospital Christmas party. Daniel and Jennifer talk about not getting each other a gift. Daniel asks her out on a date tomorrow which she accepts. Daniel calls that the best gift and they almost kiss but Victor interrupts and tells them they need to get going to the hospital.

Brady and Kristen get up. Brady hides in the bathroom as Kristen answers the door to greet EJ and Chad. Kristen talks about not sleeping very well and wonders what God's plan is for her being back in Salem which EJ laughs at. Kristen concludes that she just needs to keep doing what she's doing and things will fall into place.

Kate is glad to have her children, her grandchildren, and her health. Kate informs them about being still in remission for four years which makes them happy. Lucas wants them to all to spend Christmas together at the Hortons. Lucas jokes that if Gabi can get an ornament then they can go too. Kate and Billie laugh and joke, agreeing that they will join Lucas.

Will tells Gabi and Nick that since they're family, he hopes they can all get along for one day. They agree as Nick suggests they could even go 2 or 3 days. Will, Sonny, Nick and Gabi head to the hospital to spread Christmas cheer.

Abe and Kayla talk at the hospital. Abe talks about Christmas with Lexie and thanks Kayla since he feels he and Theo belong there. Abigail arrives at the hospital and sees Cameron and they wish each other a Merry Christmas. Theo runs up and pulls Cameron away. Abigail walks on to where Doug and Julie are talking with Maxine about reading the Christmas Story. Abigail joins Daniel and Jennifer as Doug suggests Jennifer should read the Christmas Story that Tom always did. Jennifer doesn't think she should but Maggie and Victor join them with Maggie saying no one is more perfect to read it than Jennifer.

Chad gives Kristen a Christmas gift card for lattes and they hug. EJ and Kristen give Chad his Christmas gift of a corporate credit card. They talk about Chad enjoying the perks of being a member of the family. Chad thanks them. Kristen says it's not actually them he should thank and she turns on the computer where Stefano is on video chat. Wearing a Santa hat, Stefano wishes a Merry Christmas.

Sami and Eric joke together as Brady joins them and wish a Merry Christmas. Allie and Sydney run up and hug Brady. Sami notices that Brady is wearing the same outfit that he had on at church last night. Brady gets a text from Kristen, telling him to come back when he can.

Stefano apologizes for not being home for Christmas but says this is the next best thing. Stefano adds that Lexie would be gratified to see them all together without arguing and celebrating Christmas. The three all credit Lexie for bringing them together. Stefano feels he doesn't say or show it enough but he declares he loves them more than they know. Stefano wishes them a Merry Christmas. Kristen wishes him one back as EJ then shuts the laptop.

Kayla and Abe talk to Victor about being the guest of honor this year. They joke about never saying no to Maggie. Jennifer argues against reading the Christmas story but Maggie and Julie insist on it. Jennifer mentions doing it with Jack in the past. Maggie says she still sees Tom, Alice, and Mickey with wonderful memories but many new ones waiting to be made. Jennifer agrees to do it. Maxine tells her that they are just about ready and gives her the book. Jennifer sits in front of Theo and the kids at the hospital as Doug, Julie, Maggie, Daniel, Abigail, Victor, Abe, Kayla and Cameron watch on. Jennifer talks to the kids about the hospital having the best doctors. Will and Sonny arrive and watch as Jennifer encourages the kids. Jennifer begins reading the Christmas story.

Chad exits Kristen's room so she asks where EJ is going. EJ says he's off to see his kids which Kristen says is good. EJ adds that there is something else he wanted to give her. EJ gives her a holy family medallion which Lexie gave him for good luck. EJ wants Kristen to have it now. Kristen thanks him and says she will cherish it. EJ hopes so as he cherished Lexie and is now grateful to have another sister in his life as they hug.

Eric asks Brady if he's coming by the Hortons later. Brady says he will try. Sami adds that she will just hang out with the kids. Brady wishes them a Merry Christmas and rushes off. Sydney asks Sami if Santa or Rafe brought her the penguin present. Sami thinks it was a little bit of both.

Jennifer continues reading the Christmas story to the kids. Julie gets teary-eyed as Doug talks about bringing back memories which Maggie agrees with. Jennifer finishes and she and Daniel smile at one another as Doug and Julie lead everyone in singing "Silent Night." Maggie hugs Jennifer and tells her that she did a beautiful job. Maggie tells the kids not to go anywhere or they'll miss the surprise of seeing Santa. Victor then enters dressed as Santa Clause and all the kids rush up to him. Santa hands out presents to the kids. Julie and Doug praise Jennifer for her reading. Doug and Julie head for the house to get the Christmas party started. Abigail hugs Jennifer and tells her how proud of her she is. Daniel joins them and says he only met Alice a few times but she seemed very spirited. Daniel says sometimes people they love never go away as he hugs Jennifer. Maggie tells them that they'll be heading to the Horton house for Christmas and she hopes Jennifer was able to convince Daniel to come along this time. Daniel declares that he wouldn't miss it.

Johnny plays on his scooter as Sami encourages Sydney that she'll get one when she's older. Sami looks at her phone at Rafe's number. EJ arrives and Sydney runs up to hug him.

Lucas, Allie, Billie, and Kate arrive at the Horton house and greet Doug and Julie. The phone rings so Kate answers and it's Bill who wishes a Merry Christmas. Billie admires the tree and looks at Chelsea's ornament. Julie asks about her. Billie says she's great and thanks Julie for having them. Julie wants her to always feel welcome in the house. Billie offers to help so Julie takes her to the kitchen. Kate gives the phone to Lucas so he can talk to his dad. Will, Sonny, Gabi, and Nick arrive. Will hugs Kate and Lucas as they wish each other a Merry Christmas. Lucas is glad Sonny came and Sonny praises the Hortons for their Christmas celebration. Doug brings Maggie and Santa Victor in. Daniel and Jennifer then enter. Lucas informs Jennifer that she just missed Bill's call. Jennifer says she'll get back to him. Lucas adds that he was worried about her. Jennifer admits it's been a hard Christmas but also a really good one.

EJ talks with Sami about the kids presents. EJ comments that they seem to be having a lovely holiday. Sami asks if Santa brought everything EJ wanted but he says not yet. Sami calls it impossible and wonders what EJ doesn't have. EJ hopes for a little bit of clarity this Christmas about this thing between them. EJ wonders where she sees it going.

Eric enters the church and kneels to pray. Eric thanks God for getting him through his first Christmas mass, for bringing him home, and for giving him the chance to do better. Eric asks to help him do better as a priest, an uncle, a brother, a son, and most of all he asks God to help his family find peace this year.

Sami is not sure what EJ means. EJ talks about how they take work home and they talk about the kids, life, and love. EJ adds that they laugh. EJ asks if he's just imagining it or if she feels something too. Johnny rides by on his scooter shouting that he wishes it was Christmas every day. EJ feels the same.

Chad works at the coffeehouse but it's empty. Abigail enters and questions why he's there when it's empty. Abigail puts the closed sign on the door and declares Chad is coming with her since no one should be alone on Christmas and she takes him out of the coffeehouse.

Brady returns to Kristen's and they begin kissing.

Julie notices Gabi not eating and asks if she's having morning sickness. Gabi insists that she's fine. Nick and Julie encourage her to have at least a donut. Julie jokes with Nick about eating donuts. Will watches on. Sonny asks him if everything is okay. Will says everything is great and they go over to talk with Lucas. Maxine arrives and Jennifer is glad she came. Maxine is glad to see Daniel's there. Jennifer takes Maxine to get some coffee. Santa Victor tells Daniel that he'll never get used to seeing his name on the Horton Christmas Tree. Daniel knows what he means. Jennifer joins them. Abigail arrives with Chad and they wish a Merry Christmas to Gabi and Nick. Chad walks away. Nick questions why Abigail would bring Chad. Abigail says Chad is her friend and she doesn't care how he feels because they are all going to get along on Christmas. Lucas gives Sonny an envelope and it's a donation to a parents of gay children community. Lucas admits he goes to the meetings as Will and Sonny are proud of him. Doug joins Maggie at the tree and asks if she's okay. Maggie asks him for a favor and whispers it to him. Doug gets everyone's attention and announces that Maggie has something to say.

Brady kisses Kristen in bed and wishes her a Merry Christmas. Kristen wishes him one as well as they continue kissing.

EJ tells Sami that he's not one for New Year's resolutions but if he makes one, he sticks to it. EJ declares that this year, he would like for them to be a family.

Maggie begins her speech to everyone at the Horton House. She says she was thinking about Tom and Alice and how proud they must be of their family since everyone is at their home with the stockings, the tree and the ornaments while singing the songs and following the traditions. Maggie says she was not a Horton by blood or not even by name anymore but that never mattered to Tom and Alice as family was family whether one was born into it or not. Maggie says every year their group gets a little larger as it should not that they always got along. Maggie says the important thing is that they put their differences aside to find common ground and know they are loved. Maggie declares that they are and always will be family. Maggie wishes everyone a very Merry Christmas. Everyone applauds and Jennifer hugs Maggie as they look to Tom and Alice's Christmas ornaments hanging atop the tree.

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