Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/25/12

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/25/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

The Horton house is decorated with pictures for Christmas as Doug and Julie arrive from their late flight. Jennifer greets them with hugs and they wish a Merry Christmas. Nick enters and wishes Julie a Merry Christmas.

Nicole runs into Brady at the town square as Nicole almost dropped a poinsettia. They hug and wish each other a Merry Christmas. Kristen and EJ arrive with Kristen looking at Brady.

Maggie jokes with Victor about eating sweets at the Kiriakis Mansion and they kiss. Abigail prepares to leave with some food and she runs into Daniel.

Eric prepares for his first midnight mass as Marlena and Roman arrive with a Christmas present for him.

Hope sits with Ciara on their trip. She talks about how great it is to be there with the rest of their family Shawn, Claire, Belle, and Bo. Hope calls out to Bo and hugs Ciara.

Sonny greets Adrienne and Justin at the coffeehouse. Adrienne hopes Will is coming over and he then enters. Justin and Adrienne are happy and Adrienne calls Will practically part of the family.

Rafe returns to the Pub with the stuffed penguin for Sydney. He enters the Pub and Sami is surprised that he got the penguin. She wonders what's wrong but Rafe pretends it's nothing.

Nick talks with Julie about he and Gabi. She admires him wanting to do the right thing but questions if he's ready for this type of commitment. Doug talks with Jennifer on the other side of the room about how she's doing. She talks about missing JJ. Doug kisses her on the cheek. Jennifer is glad he's there and talks about how blessed they are to have an amazing family and wonderful friends.

Abigail tells Daniel that all that matters to her is if he makes Jennifer happy. Daniel promises not to let her down as they joke together and Abigail then exits.

Gabi enters the Pub to get Rafe to go to the Hortons. Sami asks Rafe if she'll see him at mass tonight.

EJ thinks Kristen is thinking of John but she denies it. Kristen says they are bound to run into the entire clan at midnight mass. EJ jokes about Marlena. Kristen says she doesn't care what Marlena thinks of her and she believes she has come up with a way to convince John she's over him. EJ asks how and Kristen reveals to him that she may have decided to get in bed with Brady, leaving EJ confused.

Eric thanks Marlena and Roman for the new priest robe they got him for Christmas. Marlena says they are so proud of the man he's become as Eric hugs her.

Nick tells Julie how in love with Gabi he is and how happy he is with her. Julie is convinced and tells him that she's very glad that he's so happy. They hug and the doorbell rings. Jennifer answers it as Lucas arrives with Allie. Allie runs in looking for presents. Jennifer is glad Lucas came. They wish each other a Merry Christmas as Lucas insists he wants her to be happy. Jennifer thanks him and says the same as they hug.

Justin and Adrienne arrive at the Kiriakis Mansion with Sonny and Will, and wish a Merry Christmas. Sonny and Will talk. Adrienne talks with Justin about how she used to think Will and Sonny were wrong for each other. Justin reminds her that people said the same about her. Victor asks Daniel about joining them at the Hortons later but he says no. Justin approaches and informs Victor that they all got him a surprise. Justin says Brady is bringing the gift so Victor wonders where Brady is.

Brady asks Nicole about her plans for Christmas. Nicole says she's working but it's not all bad since it will take her mind off everything. Nicole asks Brady to give Sydney a kiss for her if he sees her. Kristen and EJ approach. Nicole doesn't know Kristen so EJ introduces them. Kristen tells Brady that she wants to talk business. Brady tells her that he has some family plans but will text her when he's free. Brady exits. EJ and Kristen start to walk away but Nicole stops EJ and says she needs to talk to him.

Rafe tells Sami that he and Gabi decided to go to a different church to see some old friends. Sami suggests tomorrow but Rafe adds that he took an extra shift. Sami talks about Rafe getting Sydney the perfect gift so she invites him to stop by and see her open it but Rafe says he can't. Sami thanks Rafe for everything. Rafe goes over to get Gabi, who is sitting with Johnny and Sydney. Rafe hugs Johnny and tells he and Sydney that Santa will bring them everything they want. Rafe tells Sami that it goes for her too as he exits the Pub with Gabi.

Brady arrives at the Kiriakis Mansion and wishes a Merry Christmas, apologizing for being late. Brady gives Victor his surprise gift. Victor opens the box and then an envelope. Victor finds a deed for the first boat his grandfather ever owned. Victor can't believe it as his grandfather had lost it in a poker game. Justin reveals that Bo tracked it down and wishes him a Merry Christmas. Victor goes to call Bo and Hope as Adrienne kisses Justin.

Nicole asks EJ to tell Johnny and Sydney Merry Christmas for her. EJ thought she already sent a gift through Chad. Nicole just wants the kids to know she's thinking about them. EJ walks away with Kristen. Nicole takes her flowers and walks in the opposite direction.

Gabi and Rafe arrive at the Horton house with tamales. Julie congratulates Gabi and Nick and says she's very happy for them. Gabi thanks her. Lucas takes the tamales to the kitchen. Julie approaches Rafe and asks where Sami is. Rafe informs her that they aren't together anymore which surprises Julie.

Caroline talks to Bo on the phone at the Pub, wishing him a Merry Christmas. Sami sits with the kids as Kristen and EJ arrive. Johnny runs up and hugs EJ. EJ sits with them as Kristen says she has to go to a meeting. Kristen wishes them a Merry Christmas and exits. Kayla comes out of the back and is unhappy to see EJ. Sydney takes EJ to the back to show him her gift while Kayla questions if EJ is staying. Sami nervously calls it a surprise.

Brady says he has to get going to his meeting. He asks Daniel if he'll see him at the Hortons later after saving Jennifer's life. Daniel says he'll just catch up with Justin and Adrienne instead. Brady exits. Daniel looks at his phone then decides he will see Jennifer soon enough.

Jennifer looks at her phone as Justin, Adrienne, Sonny, Will, Victor and Maggie arrive. Jennifer wishes them a Merry Christmas and admits to Maggie that she was just thinking of texting Daniel. Maggie suggests Daniel is thinking of her too. Lucas thanks Sonny for joining them which surprises him but Will is happy about it. Rafe asks Nick about wedding plans and lets him know that marriage is not easy and a baby complicates things. Will watches and thinks back to his last exchange with Nick where he labeled him some gay boy. Gabi wishes Sonny a Merry Christmas but he quickly walks away from her.

Kristen drinks wine at the town square as Brady joins her for their meeting. They agree that they are both ready to get down to business.

Nicole enters the church and looks at the baby statue. Eric enters and is glad to see her. Eric is thankful for their talk since he finally got some sleep. Eric notices she's starting to cry. Nicole tells him about wanting EJ to wish the kids a Merry Christmas for her but it was too much. Eric asks her to attend midnight mass but Nicole calls herself hopeless. Eric tells Nicole that she's not hopeless. Nicole says she used to believe in miracles when she fell in love with EJ and got pregnant but now she realizes miracles are for other people. Eric recalls wondering every day why God let terrible things happen in the Congo. Eric blames it on people doing terrible things. Eric encourages her to look for joy. Nicole doesn't plan on a merry Christmas and she rushes out.

Kristen gives Brady a folder for Christmas and inside is a Caldwell painting that he had been looking for. Brady wonders how she knew. She thinks back to seeing that he won an auction for a Caldwell painting and then claims that she had no idea he was a Caldwell fan. Brady declares he will be really happy when the day comes that he can tell the world how happy she makes him.

Jennifer opens the Christmas ornaments and feels badly for Hope not being there like she traditionally is. Lucas brings the laptop in with Hope on video chat. Hope tells them she promised to never miss a Horton Christmas. She says she may be halfway around the world but wasn't going to miss it. Hope wishes everyone a Merry Christmas. Doug and Julie begin the traditional hanging of their ornaments. Julie hangs the ornaments for Hope and Zack. Jennifer hangs Jack's ornament as well. Maggie includes Daniel's and hugs Victor. Nick hangs his ornament. Maggie and Julie bring Gabi her own ornament which she hangs on the tree next to Nick's. Nick kisses her as everyone watches on. Lucas and Will hang their ornaments and hug. Everyone sits together enjoying Christmas, Hope watches with a smile, as Tom and Alice's ornaments hang together on the tree.

Brady tells Kristen that he feels terrible for not getting her anything. Kristen calls it no big deal but Brady disagrees. Brady says he has to go meet the family for mass but hopes they could spend the night together. Kristen jokes with him. Brady says he's already got everything he wanted from Santa. Brady adds that he saw Daniel earlier and knows Jennifer didn't say anything about walking in on them. Brady hopes they can tell the world soon as he thinks it will be a good new year. Kristen agrees and Brady says he will see her soon as he exits. Kristen says to herself that Brady is helping her get the one present she really wants and that's revenge.

Nicole sits alone at the town square and holds back tears. She looks at her phone and thinks about calling her brother Brandon. She gets a video e-mail from EJ of Sydney thanking Nicole and wishing her a Merry Christmas. Sydney says she loves her as Nicole cries thankful to God.

Jennifer finishes the ornaments as everyone has left. Maggie approaches and offers her a ride to mass. Jennifer says she just needs a minute. Maggie hugs her and says she'll see her soon as she exits. Jennifer looks back at Daniel's ornament on the tree. She pulls out her phone and decides to text Daniel a Merry Christmas message. Daniel gets the text and smiles. He texts her back the same which makes Jennifer smile. Jennifer looks at all of the Horton family photos on the mantle. She picks up the photo of Jack and thanks him for taking care of her. Jennifer then exits.

Ciara wakes Hope up, thinking she heard Santa. Hope tells her to get back to bed or else Santa won't come. Hope agrees to read her a bedtime story to get her back to sleep.

As Hope reads the Christmas story, everyone gathers at midnight mass. Will hugs Johnny and Sami. EJ arrives and Kristen follows him in. Brady and Kristen exchange glances. Jennifer enters with Abigail and Lucas behind them. Lucas and Allie join Sydney. Daniel and Jennifer smile at one another. Rafe enters and Nicole joins last as Eric makes his entrance. Everyone sings "Hark the Herald Angels Sing" as Eric kneels in front of the altar.

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