Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/24/12

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/24/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Sami brings Johnny and Sydney to the Pub with presents where they greet Caroline with hugs. Sami praises the kids for helping shopping and tells them they will get hot chocolates. Caroline asks about Allie. Sami says she's with Lucas and asks about Caroline. Caroline says she's had a few good days in a row which she considers an early Christmas present. Sami hugs her and says the holidays are all about spending them with the people you love. Rafe arrives and Johnny runs up to greet him.

Abe and Theo visit Lexie's grave where Theo places flowers down. Theo tells Abe that he doesn't like this and begins to cry over Christmas without Lexie. Abe hugs him and assures him that they will get through it together. They prepare to leave but EJ and Chad arrive.

Kristen sits in the coffeehouse and uses her laptop to search Brady's name. She whispers "silent night but not for long."

Eric tosses and turns as he sleeps until Nicole enters and he wakes up in a panic. Nicole asks what's wrong as she heard him from the rectory. Nicole knows something is wrong and wants to help. Nicole wants him to talk to her and asks what it is. Eric wants her to go. Nicole questions if he's kicking her out. Eric tells her to go to St. Mary's to pick up some things for him for the Christmas Eve mass. Nicole is unsure about leaving now but she reluctantly exits.

EJ greets Abe and Theo as he reveals they came to see Lexie too. Theo hugs EJ and Chad. Abe says they all had the same idea today. Chad decides to take Theo to the car to allow Abe and EJ to talk. EJ calls Theo a good kid and Abe a good father. Abe thanks him and says Theo makes it easy by taking after Lexie. EJ lays flowers at Lexie's grave. Abe brings up hearing EJ is working in the family business again. EJ admits he took over Countess Wilhelmina. Abe asks if he was pulled back in but EJ claims it was his idea alone. Abe asks about Kristen's return being a factor. EJ admits it did which Abe is sorry to hear. EJ wonders why since it has nothing to do with him. Abe says he's family so he worries about him being under the influence of the wrong sister.

Nicole prepares herself with folders and hides behind the wall as Eric enters. Eric prays for forgiveness and adds that he's not sure if he can go on with these feelings. Nicole reveals herself and suggests God is not the one that's supposed to help him. Eric thought she left. Nicole says she did but came back. Nicole adds that she figured out what's wrong and knows what's going on with him.

Rafe sits with Johnny and Sydney and tells them how proud he is of them for donating presents. Johnny says EJ told them how important is to donate. Caroline asks Sami why she's not joining in. Sami says she wanted to give the kids some time with Rafe since they miss him and he made the holidays special for them. Caroline assumes they aren't the only ones who miss him. Sami suggests Caroline come with her to say hi to Rafe but she claims to have something to take care of so Sami goes by herself. Rafe asks the kids what they want for Christmas. Sydney wants a penguin like Johnny and Allie have which causes Sami and Rafe to think back to a past time and Sami says those were hard to come by.

Kayla talks on the phone at the hospital to Stephanie and she can't believe she's not coming home for Christmas. She admits she'll miss her and says goodbye.

Abe sits with EJ and tells him that Lexie tried to encourage his better nature. EJ says he always thinks of Lexie and tries to honor her. Abe doesn't believe him if he's aligned himself with Kristen since she stood for everything Lexie despised. EJ points out that Kristen was also Lexie's sister and that she's changed. EJ says he's seen the evidence to believe it. Abe reminds him that Kristen is clever and cunning enough to fool everyone. EJ calls him cynical but Abe says he's being real. Abe calls Kristen the antithesis of goodness, honesty, and integrity. Abe suggests EJ find another way to honor Lexie's memory. Abe wishes him a Merry Christmas and walks away.

Kristen reads an article about Brady winning a bid and says it will come in handy.

Eric doesn't think Nicole knows what's going on. Nicole says she does and thinks Eric hiring her couldn't have helped. Nicole thinks he's struggling with feelings and she doesn't want to make him uncomfortable. Nicole believes he's being tempted and encourages him not to be upset at being pulled by his past. Eric laughs off her concern and guarantees that it has nothing to do with him being tempted by her at all in any way. Nicole takes a little offense. Eric apologizes and says she was right that the dreams were not important. Eric says he wasn't honest when he said he didn't remember what they were about. Nicole tells him that he can talk to her. Nicole says she just totally embarrassed herself and believes he will feel better if he talks about it. Eric suggests maybe he will. Eric says what he's about to tell her happened down in Congo while he was there as a photographer. Eric adds that none of his family knows about this. Nicole promises not to tell anyone. Eric recalls when he first got there, it was almost impossible to get a feel of the land while they were under civil war. Eric says his job was to document it while a priest there took him under his wing. Eric talks about being inspired by his passion. Eric mentions meeting a teenager named Neema who was fascinated by his photography until the rebels took her.

Sami tells Sydney that she's not sure they could find a penguin like that anymore. Rafe says it's not the gift that's most important but who's giving it. Rafe thinks back to Sami taking care of him in the past. Johnny suggests Sydney write to Santa. Sami gets an idea and whispers to Johnny. Johnny then agrees to share his penguin with Sydney and hugs her. Sami thanks Rafe.

Eric talks about the rebels taking control of the village as terrorists. He goes on about how they looted the village and celebrated while they set everything on fire. Eric adds that it got worse. Nicole can't imagine how. Eric states the leader declared it was time to make an example out of someone and they grabbed Neema. Eric continues that they put a gun to her head while her mother cried and begged for her to be let go. Eric says he yelled for them stop since the people were innocent so the leader decided Eric could take Neema's place. Nicole understands he was scared. Eric says everyone was except the Priest who stood up and offered himself as a sacrifice instead so he was shot and killed. Eric cries that it should've been him.

Sydney and Johnny play around the Pub. Sami asks Rafe what he's doing for the rest of the day and offers to buy him another hot cocoa if he wants to continue hanging out with the kids as they are having fun. Rafe says he's having fun too but gets a call from the station. Rafe gets a direct order and apologizes to Sami as he has to go. Rafe suggests they could do it another time. Rafe tells the kids he'll see them soon. Johnny asks when so Rafe says before Christmas. Rafe tells them he loves them and then exits the Pub. Caroline returns to Sami and asks what they were talking about. Sami says it's more what they didn't talk about. Sami suggests she's feeling sentimental because of the holidays but she kept having memories of them and the good times they shared and she thinks Rafe was thinking the same thing.

Chad sits at Lexie's grave as Kristen arrives and greets him. Chad didn't expect to see her there. Kristen reminds him that Lexie was her sister too. Chad says he was just about to leave. Kristen wonders if she's made him uncomfortable. Chad says he's still getting used to her being with the family. Kristen is sure it hasn't been easy since it was just him, EJ, Lexie, and Stefano for a long time. Kristen hopes her attempts at getting to know him haven't been too lame but she's enjoyed talking to him and wants to build on that. Kristen informs him that Stefano was really hoping to talk to him over the holidays. Kristen says she and EJ are going to do a video conference with him on Christmas day and she invites Chad to join them in order to put some family into their holiday season. Chad says it would've been tougher on any other day but he agrees to be there. Kristen thanks him. Chad hugs her goodbye and then walks away. Kristen tosses her flowers to Lexie's grave and walks away.

Sami talks with Caroline about not moving forward with Rafe and she admits that she still has feelings for EJ. Sami says she realizes everyone hates EJ including Caroline. Caroline states that she doesn't hate anyone and admits that EJ has seemed kind lately. Sami agrees that EJ has been different like he's changed. Caroline wonders what's changed. Sami says EJ has been kind and compassionate. Caroline asks if she thought she would judge her for her feelings. Caroline says the heart wants what it wants and sometimes it's torn. Sami says she feels torn and talks about feeling right and like old times with Rafe but then when she's with EJ she feels the pull she always felt towards him and she doesn't know what to do. Caroline advises her not to do anything stupid. Sami laughs at the idea that she usually does. Caroline tells her that she's been going between the two men for a long time. Sami declares it might be her last chance so she better get it right. EJ then enters the Pub.

Eric talks about the priest Father Ryan being one of the best people he ever knew and how he sacrificed his life for Neema. Nicole asks about Neema. Eric says she was traumatized and wanted nothing to do with photography or him anymore. Nicole tells him she's sorry. Eric says Neema is alive thanks to Father Ryan, who acted while he was hesitant. Eric calls himself a coward. Nicole argues that he's a good man. Eric tells her that a great man is gone while Eric is trying to fill his shoes. Eric says he's not a man that stands up without hesitation or fear. Nicole tells him that she heard what he said but she knows that who he is, is not who he thinks he is.

Rafe walks through the town square on his phone talking about looking for a penguin.

EJ greets Sami and Caroline. Caroline goes back to work. Sami asks EJ if he's okay. EJ informs her that he just came from visiting Lexie's grave. EJ says he misses her every day but it's harder for the holidays. EJ offers to leave so as to not bring down her holiday but Sami offers to bring him some holiday spirit and bring the kids in who run up and hug EJ.

Abe and Kayla talk at the hospital. Kayla asks what he's doing for Christmas Eve and mentions Eric doing Christmas mass. Abe says he and Theo were thinking about driving to Chicago but will be back by Christmas morning. Kayla tells him not to make any plans as she will make some for him.

Cameron enters the coffeehouse and Chad greets him. Chad mentions just visiting Lexie and talks about how they share a sister but hardly ever see each other. Cameron suggests they hang out. Chad suggests some beers and a game. Cameron wonders if it's just the holidays talking but they agree regardless. Cameron hopes Chad can tell him more about Lexie and they agree to do that.

Nicole understands why Eric feels responsible but says he can't do this to himself. Nicole says Eric was still willing to sacrifice himself for someone else before Father Ryan stepped in. Nicole insists that Eric is a good man. Nicole calls him a great man and she knows what's in his heart. Nicole tells Eric that he has to know it all happened for a reason. Nicole suggests Eric may be here to do something that Father Ryan couldn't just like he was there for Neema. Eric thanks her for listening but he wants to be alone now. Nicole accepts that and exits. Father Tobias enters and greets Eric. He asks if everything is alright. Eric responds that for the first time in a long time, it just might be.

Nicole walks through the town square and sees one of the nuns from the church. She tells Nicole how well the donations are going.

EJ reads a Christmas story to Johnny and Sydney at the Pub. Sami and Caroline watch as Sami tells Caroline she can tell what she's thinking. Caroline takes the kids to go get cookies. EJ thanks Sami and says that's exactly what he needed. Sami tells him to thank the kids and adds that they are always happy to spend time with him. Sami wishes him a Merry Christmas and hugs him. EJ wishes her a Merry Christmas as well. The kids come back and ask EJ to read them another story so he begins.

Rafe returns to the Pub with a new stuffed penguin for Sydney and says it'll make Sydney very happy. Rafe looks through the window and sees Sami and the kids with EJ so he turns and walks away.

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