Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/21/12

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/21/12


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Caroline greets Eric at the Pub and hugs him. Caroline thinks he's really there to check on her.

Nicole runs into Chad at the town square and says she hasn't seen him much since being exiled from the DiMeras. Chad remarks that they don't really care about each other. Nicole mentions it being almost Christmas and tells Chad about a church program to get gifts for kids. Nicole says she got Sydney a few things but can't see her so she wants Chad to put them under the tree as she doesn't want Sydney to forget her. Chad doesn't respond so Nicole apologizes for bothering him and starts to leave but Chad stops her and offers to show her a picture of Sydney with Santa.

John sits with Nick and tells him that this is his chance to tell his thoughts about the marriage. Nick declares he's never been happier about anything in his life.

Marlena asks Gabi why she hasn't told her family about the wedding. Gabi says her mom isn't feeling well and thinks she'll be upset about the baby since she had a lot of plans for her. Marlena wonders why Gabi hasn't told anyone in her family and asks about Rafe. Gabi informs her that Sami told Rafe. Marlena says she's sorry and asks if it's the pregnancy or Nick that she's ashamed of. Gabi insists that she's not ashamed and thinks Marlena wants to blame Nick. Marlena points out that Nick is older and should be more responsible. Gabi talks about everything Nick is doing and all the sacrifices he's making. Marlena states it isn't a sacrifice to marry the mother of your baby.

Sonny tells Will that he figured it all out with the secret between he, Gabi and Nick. Will claims not to know what Sonny is talking about. Sonny tells him that he doesn't have to do that anymore as he knows what happened between he and Gabi.

John asks Nick what about Gabi makes him so happy. Nick states that when he first met her, he knew she was what he was looking for. Nick adds that Gabi makes him feel better about himself than he ever felt before. Nick thinks John doesn't believe him. John admits he's a little surprised at how quick it all happened.

Gabi tells Marlena that Nick is committed to spending his life with her and the baby. Marlena points out that it's only a sacrifice if he didn't love her and questions why she called it a sacrifice. Gabi accuses her of twisting her words and insists that they love each other and she thinks that's enough.

Will questions what Sonny is talking about and what he thinks happened. Sonny says it took him awhile to figure out but he did. Sonny says the last time they were together was the last time he saw Will happy and then Gabi showed up and said she was pregnant which changed Will. Sonny recalls asking him so many times what was wrong. Will says he couldn't tell him. Sonny asks why he couldn't be honest with him.

Chad shows Nicole the photo of Sydney with Santa. Nicole talks about missing her. Chad wishes he could help her but EJ would freak out if he put her presents under the tree and it would make Nicole's life worse. Nicole apologizes for asking and wishes him a Merry Christmas. Chad then decides to tell Nicole to get the presents and he'll figure out a way to get them to Sydney without EJ knowing they are from Nicole. Nicole thanks him as Abigail arrives. Nicole offers to let them catch up but Abigail says she was looking for Nicole.

Caroline tells Eric that Will was there earlier and now Eric is there to watch her. Eric says they just love her and are there to help. Caroline doesn't like to be the center of attention and wants to know about Eric. Caroline tells him what it means to her for him to be doing midnight mass. Eric yawns. Caroline questions if he got enough sleep. Eric claims he'll be fine. Caroline mentions Eric marrying Nick and Gabi and running every board meeting. She worries that he's taking on a lot. Eric has her agree that they stop worrying about each other. Caroline feels Eric acts as if he has to prove something. Eric responds that's because he does.

Nick tells John that he thinks the point of this was to try and convince him not to get married since John thinks it's too fast. John explains his feelings. Nick knows marriage is forever. John thinks Nick is nervous. Nick doesn't like the whole split up thing since he and Gabi have always done everything together. Nick adds that he believes in Gabi and she helps him believe in himself. Nick is upset that Eric didn't tell them the conference was with John and Marlena. Nick mentions having prison therapy sessions with Marlena so she knows everything bad about him and could be telling Gabi.

Gabi tells Marlena that she feels she's only examining the bad sides. Marlena tells her that she would've refused to do this if Eric told them it was with Gabi and Nick because of her relationship with Will and the bad break up. Gabi talks about being hurt at the time but understanding Will is gay. Marlena thinks if Will had returned her feelings then she'd be talking to Gabi and Will.

Will doesn't know what to say to Sonny other than he's sorry. Sonny questions if Will thought he'd never figure it out. Sonny recalls seeing Gabi before Will asked him for the money. Sonny realizes she didn't want Nick to know she was pregnant and that Will needed the money to help her get the abortion. Sonny adds that he knows there's only one reason Gabi told Will that she was pregnant and that she wanted Will to take her to the abortion clinic.

Caroline is proud of Eric but doesn't want him to burn himself out. Caroline feels he's different than he was before. Eric says he just has more responsibilities but Caroline thinks there's an uneasiness that started when he got back from Africa.

Gabi doesn't know what difference it makes that she used to be with Will. Marlena thinks she's upset her. Gabi would love for Marlena to approve but if she doesn't, they will still be fine. Gabi adds that she still cares about Will as a best friend but no one has ever made her feel like Nick does and she can see that he loves her as much as she loves him.

Abigail thanks Nicole for helping Daniel save Jennifer's life. Nicole says she didn't do that much and Daniel is the hero. Abigail knows it couldn't have been an easy situation. Nicole thinks back to her last talk with Daniel. Nicole admits it wasn't easy but she's made peace with it. She says she cares enough about Daniel to want him to be happy. Nicole hopes Abigail and her family have as happy a Christmas as they can. Abigail thanks her and wishes her the same as Nicole then walks away. Chad tells Abigail that was great of her to say. Abigail feels a little sorry for Nicole being left with nothing. Abigail tells him that he was really sweet about Sydney. Chad understands she loves the kid. Chad mentions everyone shopping today. Abigail reveals she's the maid of honor for Nick and Gabi's wedding. Chad scoffs at the wedding. Abigail tells him that she knows he doesn't like Gabi but he has to deal with their friendship if they are going to start hanging out again.

Gabi tells Marlena that she met Nick during one of the worst times of her life. Gabi talks about having a feeling things were getting better when she met Nick. Marlena asks how he made her feel that way. Gabi talks about knowing how he felt and how he showed he loved her. Marlena says she knows what she means.

Will apologizes to Sonny as he wanted to tell him and it'd been driving him insane. Will says he took Gabi to the abortion clinic because she wanted him to and it was her decision. Sonny feels he had the right to know what his money was for. Will apologizes and says the day was just crazy with Sami and Rafe finding out and then Nick finding out and then Gabi changing her mind. Will wishes he could take back everything so everything would be different. Sonny tells him it's okay and he understands which surprises Will. Will questions if he really understands. Sonny says he knows Will was with Gabi when he first came to Salem and he wasn't ready to accept that he was gay. Will says it wasn't fair to her. Sonny thinks he must've done something right since she turned to him because he was great to her. Will disagrees but Sonny says Gabi asked him to keep this secret and he did so he doesn't think less of him for that. Will questions Sonny knowing everything and still not hating him. Will calls him the most incredible person he's ever met. Sonny assumes Gabi must have really not wanted Nick to find out that she's pregnant.

Gabi and Marlena continue to talk until John and Nick return to the room.

Abigail tells Chad about being the maid of honor but Chad says she doesn't have to explain herself so she thanks him. They joke about her dress and Chad's offer to go out which Abigail thinks was because they were both dumped. They joke about other things they could do.

Caroline understands Eric must have seen some terrible things in Africa. Eric says the suffering there is unimaginable. Caroline understands if he doesn't want to talk about it but she's there if he does. Caroline jokes that she forgets half of what people tell her anyways. Eric hugs her and tells her he loves her. She walks away and Eric thinks back to having nightmares. Nicole enters and asks if Eric is okay.

Abigail and Chad continue to joke with each other. Chad suggests they could have a good time together. Abigail says anything is possible and starts to leave but Chad stops her and says he knows they've been laughing but life hasn't been a picnic for either of them. Chad knows it's Christmas and asks how she's holding up.

Will asks Sonny if he wished he knew he was paying for Gabi's abortion. Sonny says Gabi had every right to make her choice but he was upset about being in the dark and feels he came down on Will too hard. Sonny wants Will to feel like he can tell him anything. Will says he does. Sonny understands that Gabi didn't want anyone to know she was pregnant. Sonny agrees to not tell anyone regardless of how he feels Gabi. Will says it's all over now since Nick knows everything now. Sonny asks if she was just afraid of losing Nick if he found out. Will says everything worked out and Sonny believes Nick is the father. Sonny jokes that he'd prefer they never talk about Gabi again. Will agrees and asks what Sonny is doing for Christmas.

Eric says Nicole startled him but he's fine. Nicole is glad since she needs him to be fine. Nicole tells him that she was shopping for presents and thought about how this would've been her first Christmas with her baby and how she can't see Sydney. Eric understands she must really hurt. Nicole adds that she ran into Abigail who was actually nice but it reminded her that Jennifer and Daniel will probably spend Christmas together. Nicole states that sometimes Christmas sucks. Nicole adds that Eric looks like hell. Eric says he just has a few more things to do. Nicole suggests he needs a nap. Eric thinks she's right as he exits the Pub.

Will invites Sonny to the Horton Family Christmas with him. Sonny doesn't know if all the Hortons would be crazy about it. Will informs him that it was Lucas's idea as he is trying to come around. Sonny is surprised Lucas would want him to come around. Sonny thinks Adrienne would have a problem with it unless Will comes to his house too. Will is looking forward to his first Greek Christmas then and kisses him.

Gabi and Nick enter the Pub and offer to take over for Caroline. They tell Caroline about their conference with John and Marlena. Caroline says she and Shawn used to counsel young couples. She asked if they counseled them about not keeping things in and talking out problems. Will arrives and Caroline thinks he's there to check on her so she assures him she's good. Caroline goes to the back. Gabi asks Will if something's wrong. Will says he thought there was but there's not as he thought Sonny found out but he didn't. Will tells Gabi that Sonny did put it together about the abortion and Will says he's not going to lie to Sonny any more than he has to because Sonny won't tell anyone. Gabi is upset and worries that Sonny could tell Chad.

Chad talks with Abigail about his first Christmas without his parents. Abigail tells him about everything Jack would do on the holidays. Abigail says her brother JJ can't face coming home. Abigail adds that she'll be okay but feels bad for Jennifer. Chad tells Abigail that she worries so much about Jennifer when she should worry about herself and let her family help get through this. Abigail doesn't know what they can do. Chad encourages her that getting through the first Christmas makes everything else easier. Chad tells her that she'll always miss her dad but will find better ways to handle it. Abigail says that helps and thanks him.

Caroline approaches Nicole at the Pub and asks where Eric went but she doesn't know.

Eric prays in his room. Eric asks God to help him understand, to forgive him, and to help him forgive himself.

John and Marlena walk through the town square and John says this is where they split up to do their Christmas shopping. Marlena laughs at her overreaction to John saying they split up. They talk about Gabi and Nick making it through a hard road. John says today made him realize how lucky they are as they've been through all the big battles and he's still more in love with her than ever before. Marlena feels the same. John tells her she's great for always listening and always being honest. Marlena doesn't know what she did to deserve him and then they kiss.

Chad enters the coffeehouse and greets Sonny. Chad asks if he worked things out with Will. Sonny says he did just in time for Christmas. Sonny tells Chad that he promised not to talk about Gabi. Chad thinks Gabi gets in between friends and couples. Sonny says it's all good. Chad is happy for he and Will but warns him that he still can't trust Gabi because everything he told him is the truth. Sonny says he knows.

Will assures Gabi that she can trust Sonny as he won't tell Chad or anyone. Gabi is unsure. Will says Sonny gave him his word. Gabi worries that Chad could figure it out like Sonny did. Nick says nobody figured out the most important part and everyone thinks he's the father. Nick says he and Gabi are raising the baby and Nick remarks that no one will figure out the father is actually some gay boy. Nick goes to help Caroline as Will questions Nick using the term "gay boy".

Eric sleeps and has nightmares. Nicole enters and he wakes up shouting "No!" Nicole sits next to him and asks him what's wrong.

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