Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/20/12

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/20/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Kristen opens the door for Brady to leave but then they continue kissing so Brady shuts it. Kristen opens the door back up while they kiss only to see Jennifer standing in the doorway, catching them by surprise. Jennifer suggests she should've called first.

Lucas calls Jennifer from the Pub and leaves a message apologizing after Victor told him off. He says he's sorry and wants her to call him back. Will enters and says that didn't sound fun. Lucas asks Will if he's coming to Jennifer's for Christmas. Will says he wouldn't miss it. Lucas suggests he get in the Christmas spirit and invite Sonny so he'll have a better time.

Chad decorates the coffee house and asks Sonny to help him. Chad then asks what's wrong with Sonny. Sonny remarks that he's just sick of Christmas carols. Chad asks if he's at least spending his first Christmas with Will. Sonny informs him that they got into a bad fight. Chad assumes the argument was about Gabi.

Eric meets with Nick and Gabi about their questionnaires. Eric is sorry if they are uncomfortable or nervous but he thinks they can all learn from. Gabi states that she wrote she's never really gotten angry with Nick. Eric asks Nick what his answer was. Nick admits he wrote that he gets angry when Gabi lies to him. Eric thinks lying is an issue they need to work on.

John arrives at the hospital and sees Marlena at the counter. John joins her and thinks she is stalling because she doesn't want to go to the pre canon conference for Eric. Marlena comments that she doesn't want to talk to strangers about their feelings. John compares it to her work. Marlena explains that's about the patients not about them. John thinks they will do more listening than talking since they are just an example. Marlena agrees as John encourages her. John says they will go show the kids the path to wedded bliss.

Kristen apologizes to Jennifer for this being a surprise. Jennifer admits it is and asks how Brady is doing. Jennifer says she didn't mean to interrupt but just wanted to come see Kristen after she texted her. Jennifer starts to leave but Kristen offers to explain.

Hope walks through the town square with gift bags talking on the phone to Bo. Hope says she and Ciara can't wait to see the rest of the family. She tells Bo to be careful.

Will asks Lucas if he really means he wants Sonny to be there. Lucas jokes with him. Will appreciates him asking but he doesn't think they are going to spend the holidays together since they had a fight and haven't spoken since. Lucas knows fights can be hard but says they can work it out if they still love each other. Will assures that he loves Sonny but he doesn't know how he feels anymore.

Sonny tells Chad the fight was kind of about Gabi since he told Will to stay away from Gabi and he didn't like that. Chad reminds Sonny that he can't tell Will why since Chad could go to jail. Sonny knows no one else can know. Chad apologizes for the whole mess. Sonny thinks saying something about Gabi really hit a nerve with Will.

Jennifer tells Kristen that she doesn't have to explain since it's none of her business but Kristen wants to explain. Jennifer suggests Kristen just text her since she's obviously busy. Jennifer rushes off as Kristen and Brady worry. Brady chases after Jennifer to talk to her. Kristen shuts the door and declares it's not the worst thing that could've happened.

Will asks Lucas about his first fight with Sami. Lucas jokes that he thinks they are still having it. Lucas recalls first starting out in a relationship. Will says it started with wanting Sonny to love his friends and doesn't know where it's going to end.

Chad asks Sonny what he meant by struck a nerve. Sonny isn't sure. Sonny talks about feeling like he knows Will so well and for him to just blow up and storm off was questionable. Sonny says he shouldn't have told him to stay away from Gabi but he didn't even want to talk about it. Chad regrets telling Sonny about Gabi since she's come between them. Chad suggests Sonny forget everything he told him about her. Sonny says it won't be easy to forget what she did for Melanie. Sonny says if Gabi did that to Melanie, he wonders what she could do to Will.

Eric thinks lying is something important for them to talk about. Nick says it was just one lie about the baby that made him mad. Gabi doesn't want to talk about it in front of Eric. Eric says they don't have to but Nick wants to. Nick claims that he was only upset when Gabi told someone else about the baby before him. Gabi talks about being scared and apologizes. Gabi assures that she loves and trusts him. Nick says he knows that now and loves her too.

Hope continues through the town square as Kristen approaches and gives her a gift bag that she dropped. Kristen greets her and says it's been a long time. Hope remarks that Kristen's been busy bumping into John. Hope thinks back to her conversation with Marlena. Hope tells Kristen that she knows her return has been less than pleasant for a lot of people. Kristen comments that it's not the case for everyone which Hope says she's heard.

Brady follows Jennifer home and wants to talk but she doesn't want to. Brady asks Jennifer to keep it to herself and not say anything. Jennifer doesn't think anyone would even believe her. They talk about if this got out. Jennifer says it would be beyond embarrassing but Brady claims he wouldn't be embarrassed to be with Kristen. Brady reveals that they are a couple which stuns Jennifer.

Lucas tells Will that love is like a job that you have to work at and listen to the other person without getting upset. Will jokes that he can't believe Lucas is giving him boyfriend advice. Lucas admits it's weird but says Sonny is the real deal that he will want to hang on to. Lucas advises him to learn from his mistakes. Will thanks him as Lucas says he'll see him Christmas Eve, hopefully with Sonny as Lucas exits the Pub.

Chad suggests they talk about Sonny and Will instead of Gabi. Chad says Will is loyal to his friends and anything they say about Gabi won't change Will's mind about her. Chad suggests Sonny just back off if he thinks Will is worth it. Sonny states he doesn't want to change Will but just doesn't understand why he's so protective of Gabi.

Eric steps out to see what's keeping their guest counselors. Nick apologizes to Gabi for scaring her. Gabi says she overreacted but Nick blames himself. Gabi hates hiding the truth from everybody like lying to a priest about Nick being the father. Gabi says it's all getting to her. Nick says they're only doing it to protect the baby. Nick talks about loving the baby to the point where it feels like his own. Eric returns with John and Marlena.

Hope tells Kristen that Sami told her she and EJ have gotten close along with Chad. Kristen says they are just one big happy family. Hope says she's late and has to run so she walks away as Kristen wishes her a Merry Christmas and then calls her a bitch after she's gone. Kristen thinks Hope wasn't talking about her brothers and wonders if Marlena told her about Brady.

Jennifer questions Brady being a couple with Kristen when he hated her. Brady says he thought he did but he was wrong about her. Jennifer brings up Kristen trying to kill Marlena and being in prison. Brady insists that she's changed and has nothing to do with them anymore. Jennifer questions not telling anyone. Brady says he doesn't want to tell anyone until they know what this is. Jennifer warns that Brady will end up getting hurt. Brady doesn't see it that way. Jennifer brings up Madison and Brady being very vulnerable right now. Brady understands and says he wasn't looking to fall for anyone but it happened. Brady adds that he's aware of her past but he truly believes she's turned her life around. Jennifer thinks it's moving too fast. Brady says he isn't on a time table so if Kristen makes him feel alive then he's not going to turn his back on it because of timing. Brady talks about not knowing if he'd ever feel like this again. Jennifer thinks back to almost kissing Daniel and tells Brady that she understands if Kristen makes him feel alive and good then she's glad. Brady has her promise to keep it to herself. Jennifer says she will for now but all bets are off if she sees him heading down a self destructive path. They shake hands and agree on the deal.

Chad and Sonny set up the Christmas tree at the coffee house as Lucas enters and says the place looks good. Lucas asks for a quick word with Sonny. Sonny says he's busy with Chad but Chad says he can handle it so Sonny steps aside with Lucas and asks what he can do. Lucas tells Sonny that he saw Will and heard about their fight. Lucas tells Sonny how torn up inside Will is. Lucas adds that he would hate to see them break up over one little fight.

Eric leaves the room to let Nick and Gabi talk with John and Marlena. Marlena greets them and starts by saying she doesn't want them to feel like they have the answers to a happy marriage. John adds that no one does. Gabi thanks them for taking the time since it's very nice. Nick comments that it seems like they don't want to. John explains they don't want to preach or lecture. Marlena adds that they don't want to invade their privacy. Marlena says there's no way to guarantee a perfect marriage. John jokes about it and then says the one thing to learn is no secrets as they have a bad way of coming out.

Will thinks back to kissing Sonny and Sonny telling him that he loves him. Will decides he needs to talk to him and prepares to leave the Pub as Eric arrives. Eric informs Will that he just talked to Nick and Gabi and found out Will is going to be the best man. Eric says it will be his first wedding. Eric tells Will that he will let him go since he looks in a hurry. Will stops Eric and asks if he thinks Nick and Gabi will be good parents.

John asks Nick and Gabi why they want to get married so soon. Nick informs them that they are having a baby which sped things up. Marlena asks Gabi if her mother is excited. Gabi talks about her mother's respiratory problems so she and Rafe thought the news would be a bit much for her. Gabi adds that she doesn't know about the baby or the wedding.

Sonny is surprised since he would have thought Lucas would be relieved that he and Will are having problems. Lucas says it's not about him and he hopes they can work out their problems. Sonny thanks Lucas for coming to talk to him. Lucas suggests they keep it to themselves and not tell Will about their conversation. Sonny agrees as Lucas starts to leave but stops and asks Sonny if the fight was about money since he knows Sonny gave Will money for he and Gabi's school project and he did too. Lucas offers to pay him back but Sonny informs him that money wasn't the issue. Lucas says he just wanted to help and exits. Sonny thinks back to Will telling him that he needed to borrow money and couldn't tell him why. Sonny questions it being for a school project.

Kristen goes to Jennifer's to explain but Jennifer says she doesn't need to. Kristen knows she cares about Brady and she says what happened between them just happened. Jennifer says Brady already explained it to her and she believes him. Kristen thinks Jennifer is not sure about her. Jennifer doesn't know what to think about her and says Kristen doesn't show a lot of concern or care for others. Kristen calls it in the past. Jennifer worries that this whole thing could hurt John, Marlena, and Brady too. Kristen knows her word won't mean much but she promises her feelings for Brady are real and have nothing to do with hurting John and Marlena. Jennifer says she was obsessed with John. Kristen claims to have moved on and is grateful for a second chance. Jennifer hopes this whole situation doesn't turn into a huge disaster.

Marlena asks Gabi about the rest of her family. Gabi says her other brother Dario doesn't know yet. Nick says his family does know since all Hortons find out. Nick says they were happy but surprised that things are moving quickly. Nick informs John about being in prison for kidnap and murder. Gabi says Nick has done his time and moved on from them. Nick talks about Marlena helping him through things. Marlena recalls Nick convincing her that he was ready to return to society. Marlena adds that she thinks Nick could've shown better judgment in taking this whole thing a little more slowly.

Eric is surprised Will knows about the baby. Will talks about them being so young. Eric compares it to Sami being young and how good Will turned out. Will is not so sure. Eric is glad Will and Gabi are such good friends. Eric thinks it's good that Will is Nick's best man and he hopes they stay close since they will need friends. Eric says he just came to catch up with Caroline and doesn't want to keep Will. Will says it was good to see him and exits the Pub as Eric remarks that something is wrong with him.

Sonny asks Chad about when he went to Gabi's and she and Nick were arguing and then Will showed up. Chad goes over what he remembers and asks Sonny why he's asking. Sonny claims it's nothing as Chad resumes working. Sonny recalls to himself that it was the day that Will asked to borrow money so Nick and Gabi wouldn't have been arguing about a school project. Sonny wonders aloud what Will is hiding from him.

Hope goes to Jennifer's and they put presents all around the Christmas tree. Hope tells Jennifer about running into Kristen at the town square and asks if Jennifer has seen her. Jennifer says she seems to be keeping busy which Hope is afraid of. Jennifer is sad that Hope won't be there for Christmas since it won't be the same without her. Hope says she'll be there in spirit and hugs her. Hope brings up Daniel being there for Christmas. Jennifer points out that he's Maggie's son. Hope hugs her and says she loves her and wants she and Daniel to have a very Merry Christmas as she wants to see her happy.

Brady walks through the town square talking to Kristen on the phone and he tells her that he doesn't think Jennifer will tell anyone but has to go to a meeting now. Brady wants to see her later. She reminds him to take the back stairs. Brady is looking forward to the time when they don't have to sneak around anymore and hangs up. Kristen says to herself that it might be sooner than he thinks since Marlena and Jennifer know and she is pretty sure Hope knows. Kristen adds that it's only a matter of time before John finds out which means she has a lot to do starting with Christmas Eve.

John takes Nick into the other room to let Marlena talk with Gabi. Marlena asks Gabi why she hasn't told her family about the wedding. Gabi says her mom isn't feeling well and thinks she'll be upset about the baby since she had a lot of plans for her. Marlena wonders why Gabi hasn't told anyone in her family and asks about Rafe. Gabi informs her that Sami told Rafe. Marlena says she's sorry and asks if it's the pregnancy or Nick that she's ashamed of.

Chad exits the coffeehouse as Will was arriving. Chad hopes he's there to talk to Sonny since they were fighting. Will worries about Sonny being upset. Chad tells him to go in and find out himself. Will enters the coffeehouse and approaches Sonny at the counter. Will says he knows they won't always agree or like the same people. Will apologizes for getting angry and asks if they can forget about everything and go back to normal. Sonny says he doesn't know and declares that he's figured it all out with the secret between Will, Gabi, and Nick.

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