Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/19/12

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/19/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Jennifer tells Daniel that she loves him. They look up and realize they happen to be standing under the mistletoe. They almost kiss but Lucas arrives and interrupts them.

Eric talks with Father Tobias about Gabi and Nick being the first marriage he performs and it's with a pregnant college student and an ex-con. Eric thinks they are really serious about the commitment but worries about them being so young. Eric feels they are both innocent but understands they want this. Tobias talks about using a more experienced couple to prepare them. Eric likes the idea and knows just who to ask.

Kristen admits she's getting close to someone. EJ asks who. Kristen tells EJ that he's not going to like it as Sami listens from nearby. EJ asks who the person is that he doesn't like as Kristen thinks back to being with Brady.

Hope talks to Marlena about Brady being hung up on Kristen. Hope thinks she needs to tell John. Marlena feels she can't but Hope suggests she can do it instead.

John goes to the Kiriakis Mansion to see Brady, surprising him. John tells Brady that they need to talk about Kristen.

Lucas mocks Daniel for getting with his patients. Jennifer tells him to stop. Lucas wants to talk about the holidays so Daniel exits the Pub. Daniel looks happy as Victor walks by and comments that it looks like someone got what he wanted for Christmas. Inside the Pub, Lucas continues to mock Daniel. Jennifer says he's acting like a jerk but Lucas tells her that she's acting like an idiot.

Kristen points out Sami being nearby. Sami claims she didn't want to interrupt a family conversation. Kristen tells her that she's not interrupting as she's family and she was just telling EJ about getting close with someone.

Brady tells John that he thought they talked about Kristen enough. John brings up Marlena breaking into Kristen's room and wants to know what Brady was doing there in the first place.

Tobias agrees with Eric on the couple he has in mind to talk with Nick and Gabi. Eric starts to leave but Tobias stops him and asks if he's still having nightmares.

Victor tells Daniel that Maggie told him the treatment worked and he's back in surgical rotation as well as saving Jennifer's life at the cabin. He adds that he and Maggie are very proud of Daniel. Victor wants to know what happened to make Daniel so happy.

Jennifer tells Lucas to back off. Lucas rants about Daniel preying on vulnerable women. Jennifer tells Lucas that Daniel is her friend and they have a lot more than a friendship.

Marlena tells Hope that she can't tell John either. Hope sees how worried she is but Marlena calls it Brady's business. Hope wonders if Brady is consenting. Hope believes Kristen is using Brady's grief. Marlena says Brady needs his father and Kristen could cost him that relationship forever.

Brady tells John that they should forget about that day as he doesn't want to talk about it. John says Brady has something to hide but Brady wants him to let it go. John decides he'll go ask Kristen then but Brady stops him. Brady states that he didn't want to have to tell him this but explains how Marlena used his phone to text Kristen to get her out of her room so she could search it and he went there to stop her. John is glad he told him since he hates secrets. John thinks they could put this all behind them now if everyone would put their cards on the table. John comments that it's nice to know at least Brady doesn't have anything else to hide from him.

Kristen tells Sami that she's gotten closer to Jennifer and calls EJ her favorite brother. They talk about family and Kristen feels the Christmas spirit. Kristen mentions that Stefano can't make it back in time for the holidays but he wants a video chat with his family. EJ admits he would like to see Stefano too which Sami questions.

Eric admits to Tobias that he's still having nightmares but he claims he has them under control. Tobias thinks he's doing very well considering what he's been through. Eric mentions not telling anyone in his family about the nightmares or else he'll have to tell them why he's having them and he doesn't want to go through that. Eric says he's talked with Tobias and other priests as well as therapists. Eric says he fears no evil but fears sleep. Tobias encourages him to keep talking to the therapist.

John is glad Brady was there to keep things from escalating. Brady adds that Kristen has been terrific through the whole thing and he's realized that she's not the woman that Marlena remembers. Brady brings up how hard Kristen is working for the church board. John thanks Brady for taking his place on the board to save him grief from Marlena. John comments that they are apparently working well together.

Sami brings up everything Stefano's done to EJ. EJ reminds her that Stefano is his father. Sami says Stefano isn't the father that EJ is. Johnny and Sydney run up and Johnny tells EJ about seeing Santa. EJ introduces them to Kristen. Johnny asks Kristen why she doesn't have any kids. Sami decides to take the kids aside so they say goodbye to EJ and Kristen. EJ apologizes to Kristen. Kristen understands that little boys ask questions. EJ understands it still hurts though.

Lucas can't believe Jennifer. She calls it none of her business. Lucas says Jennifer is his sister and is about to make a big mistake. Jennifer understands what Daniel went through with Chloe. Lucas brings up Nicole and Kate. Jennifer says Daniel was trying to help Nicole. Jennifer sees Lucas as someone who got hurt and can't get over it.

Daniel jokes with Victor about being insensitive. Victor hopes Daniel has made headway with Jennifer and compares her to other women Daniel has been with. Victor questions why Jennifer is in the Pub and Daniel's out here talking to him.

Jennifer wants to stop but Lucas continues saying that Jennifer is overwhelmed and taking too much. Lucas questions how Jennifer could do this to Jack. Jennifer says what he just said is almost unforgivable as he knows how much she loved Jack. Lucas says that's not what he meant. Jennifer asks what he wants her to do. Lucas wants her to take her time. Lucas brings up Jennifer watching her husband die and then tried to avoid prison and then ended up in the hospital. Lucas calls Daniel a piece of trash. Jennifer tries to leave but Lucas continues accusing Daniel of ruining Chloe's life. Jennifer doesn't want to hear anymore. Lucas shouts that he refuses to let his sister become another notch on Daniel's bedpost. Jennifer then slaps Lucas.

EJ tells Kristen he knows she's always wanted kids. Kristen suggests he go spend time with his family and then maybe he can make time for them on Christmas. Johnny calls for EJ so he goes to him. Kristen approaches the present donations. She picks up a present and shakes it. She then smiles and pulls out her phone. She calls Brady and says she needs to see him right now.

Eric meets with Marlena and Hope at the Coffeehouse. He greets Marlena with a hug and asks for a minute with Hope as John arrives so Marlena joins him. Eric sits with Hope and asks for a favor. Eric wants Hope and Bo to be the experienced couple that talks with Nick and Hope. Hope wants to say yes but is afraid it's not possible.

John and Marlena sit together at the coffeehouse. Marlena comments on John being late. John asks if she doesn't trust him. Marlena says she was worried. John mentions that he just came from a conversation with Brady about his relationship with Kristen.

Hope informs Eric that Bo left to see Shawn and Belle and she's going to join him for Christmas. Hope adds that Bo will be staying a little longer. Eric decides he'll have to find another happily married couple. Hope wishes him luck finding that in Salem.

Marlena asks John how he feels about the relationship. John doesn't have a problem with it and asks Marlena. Marlena talks about knowing about it but not feeling like it was her place to tell him. Marlena says they are both adults and is glad John knows. John questions what she is talking about.

Daniel and Victor enter the Pub. Daniel questions what Lucas said to Jennifer. Jennifer rushes out of the Pub. Lucas shouts out that Daniel will hurt her because that's what he does and can't help himself. Daniel follows Jennifer out of the Pub and asks if she's alright. Daniel says it's weird because Lucas has every right to hate him and that Jennifer could do better than him. Jennifer assures him that Lucas didn't change her mind as no one could.

Brady goes to Kristen's room. He's glad she called as he hoped to talk to her. Brady reveals he came to a conclusion that he doesn't want to see anyone else but her. Brady wants them to be exclusive and asks what she says. Kristen did not see that coming. Brady tells her it came and hugs her as Kristen looks over at the present she took and put on the table.

John asks Marlena if she didn't think it was her place to tell him that Kristen and Brady are working on the board together. John reminds her that he's the one who told her. Marlena claims it must have slipped her mind. John asks if it was what she was talking about. Marlena goes along with it. John knows it's not easy for her but he thinks the work they are doing is very important. Marlena agrees and wants to drop it now. Eric approaches. John gets up to say goodbye to Hope. Marlena asks Eric about working too hard as he looks like he hasn't slept. Eric says he was up late and will take a nap later. Marlena is glad to hear he's working on the Christmas mass. Eric wants to make it good. Marlena adds that they are so proud of him. Eric asks Marlena if she and John will be the couple that talks to Nick and Gabi.

John talks with Hope about hearing that Bo left town. John says he knows the trip may be personal but they both know that Bo has a lot of unfinished business.

EJ and Sami sit at the town square. Sami is not happy about Stefano slipping back into EJ's life. EJ reminds her that they can't change the fact that he's his father. Sami questions everything being forgotten. EJ assures her that he's not breaking away from his family. Johnny and Sydney run by playing. Sami tells EJ that she's sorry but it feels like déja vu. Sami feels EJ has been happy since Stefano has been out of his life. EJ states that it hasn't been Stefano being out of his life but spending time with her and the children that has made him happy. Sami credits Stefano not being around to give EJ time with them. Sami jokes about spending Christmas with his family. EJ says he can't just reject his family but he can reject their ways. EJ explains how Kristen didn't run from being a DiMera but didn't let it define her either. EJ declares that he will always be a DiMera and the people that love him will just have to accept that.

John tells Hope that he can tell she's worried about Bo. Hope supports him in whatever he does and is not worried. Hope is excited for Christmas and focusing on her family. Hope wants him to do the same. John says he will as Hope hugs him and they wish each other Merry Christmas. Hope exits as John returns to Marlena and Eric. Eric continues trying to convince Marlena and John to talk to Nick and Gabi. Eric thinks they could both help. John thinks they should do it so Marlena agrees. Eric thanks them.

Kristen asks Brady if he's sure he doesn't want to keep his options open. Brady says he doesn't have to as he knows what he wants. Kristen tells him that he might not have all the information he needs. Brady spots the present and decides to open it. Kristen tries to stop him but Brady opens it anyways and it's a toy truck. Brady's confused but Kristen gets teary-eyed and calls herself stupid. She talks about seeing EJ and Sami donating toys for charity when she saw that truck and had to have it. Kristen wishes she had her own little boy to give presents to on Christmas. Kristen reminds Brady that she can't have kids and says that's what she meant by keeping his options open because he would make a great dad. Brady stops her and tells her there is always options like adoption. Brady thinks they are getting a little ahead of themselves. Brady says all he wants is her right now and that's enough for him. Brady hugs her and she smiles. Kristen calls him sweet as they kiss.

Daniel tells Jennifer to take care of herself. Jennifer doesn't think either of them are good at taking care of themselves so they should work out an exchange. They joke together and almost kiss but their phones ring. Daniel has to go to the hospital. Daniel jokingly blames her for getting him back on surgical rotation. Jennifer invites him to come with Victor and Maggie to the Horton family Christmas. Daniel mentions he and Maggie doing a video chat with Melanie and invites her over. Jennifer says it sounds like it will be a Merry Christmas. They almost kiss again but people come out of the Pub and walk by getting in their way. Daniel says he really has to go. He tells Jennifer that she's pretty as he then walks away.

EJ tells Sami that she's right that he can truly say he is very happy for the first time in a long time. Sami is glad for however long it lasts. EJ adds that it's not only because of Sami and the kids but he stopped blaming people for his own mistakes. Sami suggests he's matured. EJ says she's changed as well. Johnny throws his ball to EJ so EJ gets up to go play with him.

Daniel works at the hospital and runs into Hope. Hope thanks him for saving Jennifer's life again. Daniel starts to say any doctor would've done it but Hope tells him how much Jennifer means to them. Daniel asks if he'll see her at the Horton Christmas but Hope informs him that she'll be out of town with Bo. Hope asks Daniel if Jennifer was the one who invited him. Daniel points out that Maggie is a Horton. Hope says that wasn't her question but it answered her question. They wish each other a Merry Christmas as Hope exits.

Eric thanks John and Marlena and says he will let them both know when to be at the rectory. Eric exits. John asks Marlena if she's okay with this. Marlena is if John is. John talks about all that they have been through and still being together because they love each other and don't have any secrets as they hug.

Brady apologizes to Kristen but has to go to a meeting. Brady kisses her. Kristen tells him to call her later which Brady agrees to do. Kristen says she'll miss him. She opens the door for him to leave but then they continue kissing so Brady shuts it. Kristen opens the door back up while they kiss only to see Jennifer standing in the doorway, catching them by surprise.

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