Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/18/12

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/18/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Daniel continues looking at the photo of Parker. Jennifer arrives and is glad he's still there. Daniel thought she was discharged. Jennifer declares she had to come back and see him. Daniel suggests she should be resting and whatever she has to say can wait but Jennifer insists that it can't wait a minute longer.

Gabi works at the Pub as Rafe arrives. Rafe greets her but she seems annoyed. Rafe asks if Nick is around. Gabi remarks that she can get him so he can hassle him more about when she got pregnant. Rafe tells her that he actually came to talk to her. Gabi asks if he's going to yell. Rafe says he came to say he's sorry.

Sami goes to EJ's office and finds it filled with Christmas presents people sent for the children. EJ tells Sami he doesn't want the kids thinking this is what Christmas is about.

Marlena walks outside the town square and thinks back to seeing Brady and Kristen in bed. Hope approaches and asks what's wrong. Marlena says she was lost in thought. Hope thinks it's something else but Marlena says it's someone.

Kristen lays in bed with Brady, who is asleep. She thinks back to talking to John and then decides it's time to take this to another level.

Hope assumes Marlena's problem is Kristen and asks what she's done now. Marlena has her to promise it stays between them. Marlena informs Hope that Kristen is having an affair with Brady and reveals that she walked in on them in bed. Hope can't believe it and knows Brady must not have been thinking. Marlena adds that John doesn't know yet. Marlena says she's had chances to tell him but has chosen not to. Hope wonders why.

Kristen remains in bed with Brady and wakes him up by pretending to be having a nightmare. Brady wakes up asking what's wrong and hugs her as she pretends to cry. She claims it was a nightmare. Brady asks why she was saying don't hurt us but Kristen claims that she doesn't remember any of it now. Brady thinks she does remember but Kristen insists and gets up from bed. Kristen tells him that it was just a bad dream. She apologizes and admits she had a nightmare about John and Marlena and what could happen if they found out about them.

Sami agrees with EJ that there are too many presents. EJ says the gifts had been piling up since Thanksgiving so he had already been talking to the kids about them. EJ points out that all of the gifts are for Johnny and Sydney so Allie would feel excluded. EJ thinks they have enough but the babysitter comes in with Johnny and Sydney running in. They ask about the presents. EJ says they are having toy donations at the town square. EJ suggests they help and all go down there together. Sami agrees to join them. EJ has the kids start trying to guess what's in each present.

Rafe tells Gabi that he spoke to Sami who pointed out some things to him. Gabi thinks Rafe crossed the line. Rafe agrees and apologizes. Rafe tells her this whole thing is kind of hard for him to accept. Rafe says it didn't make it any easier to find out they were together. Gabi stops him and says it's making her feel uncomfortable. Rafe thinks it's harder for him since he feel worse and knows Gabi went through a lot when she and Nick were first together. Rafe believes Gabi may have made some decisions that she normally wouldn't have. Rafe tells her he's really sorry. She thanks him with a hug and says she's glad he did this. Rafe assures her that he is not disappointed in her even if he wishes things worked out differently. Rafe asks her if she's sure about everything. Gabi assures him that she loves Nick. She knows Rafe is worried but she insists that Nick is different, kind and gentle and he wants to be with her to raise the baby together. Rafe tells her that he's sold.

Daniel asks Jennifer what he needs to hear. Jennifer says she's so glad that she caught him as she thought he left. Jennifer then decides it's probably not the right time and she should've waited and called him. Daniel stops her and tells her to say it. Jennifer notices the photo of Parker and asks what's in Daniel's pocket. Daniel shows her that Kate of all people gave it to him as a Christmas card. Jennifer asks why Kate did this and if she's trying to torture him. Daniel says Kate was nice to him and he's handling the Parker situation much differently now thanks to Jennifer since she taught him how important it is to let go. Daniel talks about when he found out he wasn't Parker's father and he couldn't even look at Parker but he loved him very much. Jennifer remembers. Daniel brings up Jennifer telling him something that Alice told her that it's possible to love someone entirely but still know when to step back and let go. Daniel says they all want to believe love is timeless and endless but in a lot of cases it's just not. Daniel thanks Jennifer for helping him realize that. Jennifer tries to ask what he means but Daniel agrees this isn't the time or place to talk. Daniel suggests they wait and she go rest as he exits. Jennifer wonders what is wrong with her and chases after Daniel.

EJ and Sami bring Johnny and Sydney to donate toys for Christmas. The lady in charge is surprised by how many presents there are and says they will make a lot of people happy for Christmas. Johnny declares this feels great. EJ agrees as Sami tells EJ that he was right that this is what Christmas is all about. Rafe walks by and he and Sami exchange looks.

Kristen tells Brady that she knows it was a just dream but it happened for a reason because what they are doing is risky. Brady disagrees. Kristen wonders why they are acting like it's an affair between two married people if it's not risky. Kristen brings up when John and Marlena find out. Brady tells her that she's just worked up and nothing's changed. Kristen says keeping her feelings bottled up isn't working. Kristen worries that John and Marlena will think she's only with Brady to drive a wedge between he and John. Brady says that's not true but Kristen points out that John won't agree. Kristen says they will be so hard on Brady to buy into it. Brady says that can't happen because it's not how he feels. Kristen worries about what they will do. Brady says they'll never have to find out because he's not going to let John and Marlena find out about them.

Hope questions Marlena walking in and them not knowing. Marlena explains that Brady doesn't know but Kristen does. Hope assumes Kristen must be loving it and asks why she hasn't told John since they tell each other everything. Marlena states that every time she tells John something about Kristen it comes back to haunt her. Hope asks what else has happened since she's returned to Salem. Marlena brings up the whole debacle on Smith Island that caused her to be paranoid and do something she never thought she would do. Marlena explains that she got John's phone and deleted a message from Kristen but it turned out to be a message telling him that Brady was in the hospital. Marlena thinks back to arguing with Kristen about it. Marlena says life was perfect until Kristen came to town and now everything's a mess. Hope questions Kristen not telling Brady that Marlena saw them and she doesn't understand why. Hope doesn't think staying quiet will get Marlena the right result either. Marlena doesn't know how to handle it so Hope offers to help. Marlena decides there may be something she can do but she just has to figure it out. Hope asks what she's thinking. Marlena wants to figure out if Brady is committed to Kristen and if he has true feelings.

Kristen asks what Brady means by not letting John and Marlena finding out. Brady thinks they can keep it under wraps until the right moment to tell them. Brady talks about this still being new and not knowing what's going on between them. They agree that it's a good time. Brady says only time will tell what this will turn into. Brady says if it turns into something significant then John and Marlena will just have to accept it. Kristen thanks him and hugs him. Brady declares 2013 will be a good year as he then exits while Kristen agrees.

Marlena tells Hope that she can attend the police Christmas benefit with Brady and try to set him up with a detective named Sara that Brady used to have a crush on to see if Brady has feelings for anyone else. Marlena says if Brady's feelings are only physical then it's just an affair and John never needs to know. Hope asks what she wants her to do.

Jennifer follows Daniel to the Pub and says he's hard to keep up with but they aren't done as Daniel is surprised she followed him all the way there.

Hope and Brady sit at the coffeehouse. Brady is making a donation to the police department which Hope is grateful for. Brady talks about enjoying Christmas. The other detective Sara arrives and gives Hope a folder. Hope introduces her to Brady, Sara points out that they have met. They shake hands and wish each other a Merry Christmas. Hope tells Sara about Brady's donation to the police benefit. Brady is happy to help. They wish each other well as Sara exits. Hope gives Brady a look. Brady asks why she's looking like that. Hope declares she just had the most amazing idea.

Sami tells Rafe about how they are donating toys for Christmas with the kids. They talk about it being great for the kids. Rafe asks about it being EJ's idea. Johnny and Sydney run up and hug Rafe. Johnny tells him that they gave presents away. Rafe is proud of them. EJ tells Sami that things might take a while since they have to check all the presents. Rafe calls it a very generous gesture. EJ calls it the right thing to do. Rafe agrees as Sami remains in between them.

Jennifer asks Daniel to show her the picture of Parker again. Daniel questions if that's why she came after him like that. Daniel shows her the picture. Jennifer tells him that what she told him about letting go was because he was hurting over Chloe and had just found out that he wasn't Parker's dad. Daniel says that's why he brought it up. Jennifer thinks she knows why he brought it up today. Jennifer says it wasn't just about letting Parker go because he'll always love him but couldn't have him. She states that it was about her too. Jennifer says there's something she wants to say to him but she can't. Daniel thinks they should wait but Jennifer declares it will only make things worse if she doesn't say it.

Brady asks Hope about her idea. Hope brings up Brady and Sara knowing each other already. Hope offers to find out if Sara is single for him and suggests they could go on a date. Brady insists he's okay. Hope continues to offer but Brady tells her that he is not interested in dating.

Kristen sits outside the town square and looks at her phone.

Rafe tells Johnny and Sydney that he will see them soon. Rafe tells Sami and EJ to take care. EJ adds that he hopes thing are shaping up for Nick and Gabi. Rafe says they are as EJ goes back to helping with the donations. Rafe offers to help Sami get the rest of the presents out of the car but Sami says she's fine. They wish each other a Merry Christmas as Rafe walks away and Sami walks on the other way. Kristen arrives and greets EJ with a hug. She calls it festive of him to be getting into the spirit. EJ asks how she is and if she's staying out of trouble. Kristen tells him to define trouble.

Jennifer tells Daniel that sometimes one just trips up with their words and they don't come out as they were thinking but other times they expect someone else to say something and they don't. Jennifer rambles about things seeming clear then being destroyed. She hopes it's not too late. Daniel jokingly asks her to repeat all that. Jennifer tells Daniel that she knows what he was waiting for her to say in the hospital room which is what she didn't remember then but now she remembers. Jennifer remembers that she said she loves him and that he said he loves her too. Daniel asks about her saying she was sick and blamed the meds. Jennifer points out that Daniel said he wouldn't hold her to anything but she wishes he would now and for good. Daniel asks if she's sure which she says she is. Jennifer tells him that she loves him. They look up and realize they happen to be standing under the mistletoe.

Rafe sits in the church lobby as Gabi comes out and asks why he's there. Rafe says he just wanted to see how everything went. Gabi says she filled out her information and Nick is filling out his questionnaire. Gabi tells him that she feels good and adds that Maggie invited them over for Christmas Eve. Gabi asks if Rafe is sure that he doesn't have anything with Sami and the kids. Rafe tells her that his only plan is to make sure she has a great Christmas and she hugs him.

Brady apologizes to Hope but says he's not interested in being set up. Brady thanks her for thinking of him and says he'll see her soon. Brady wishes her a Merry Christmas. She thanks him for the donation and he exits. Marlena comes out from the back and joins Hope. Marlena reveals she heard all of it and points out that Brady couldn't have shut her down faster. Hope believes Brady isn't dating because he's sleeping with Kristen. Marlena calls it bad and worse than she thought.

Sami returns with the rest of the presents and sees EJ with Kristen.

Hope knows Marlena doesn't want to tell John but warns her that she could be playing with fire since John could find out anyway and then wonders what she'd say to him if he did.

Kristen tells EJ that she's said too much. EJ points out that he tells her everything so he wants the whole story. Kristen admits she's getting close to someone. EJ asks who. Kristen tells EJ that he's not going to like it as Sami listens from nearby.

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