Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/17/12

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/17/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Gabi sits with Sami, Hope, and Rafe at the Pub. Sami is excited to learn Eric will be performing the ceremony. Sami and Hope talk about fittings for the dress. Sami asks Gabi how far along she is. Gabi says 11-12 weeks which confuses Hope as Nick told her that it was more like 5-6 weeks.

A nurse tells Daniel at the hospital that Jennifer left a mirror behind and she thought Daniel would like to give it back to her personally but Daniel tells her to leave it in Jennifer's office as he won't be seeing her any time soon.

Jennifer sits at home and calls out to Abigail to bring her food. Jennifer thinks back to telling Daniel that she loves him after the surgery, remembering what she said. Jennifer worries about what she's done as Abigail comes in asking if she's okay.

Kate walks through the hospital looking for her cell phone in her purse. Maxine approaches and mentions next year marking 5 years since she's been cancer free. Kate jokes about throwing a huge party as she comes across a picture in her purse of her grandson Parker while Daniel walks behind them.

Will approaches Sonny at the coffeehouse and mentions hearing he talked to Gabi. Will asks what happened between them. Sonny claims nothing. Will asks him to say something nice next time he sees her because she thinks he doesn't like her. Sonny responds that she's right, he doesn't like her.

Gabi tries to cover saying it's hard to say this early how far along she is. Gabi doesn't know where Nick got 5-6 weeks. Rafe questions it. Hope tells Gabi that she needs to know when she's due. Gabi thinks back to talking to Will about their secret. Rafe asks what's going on. Gabi says it's nothing. Rafe questions why she and Nick have different due dates for the baby.

Jennifer tells Abigail that she's fine but Abigail doesn't believe her and wants to call Daniel but Jennifer asks her not to do that.

Kate goes to look for her phone thinking she left it in the exam room. Maxine steps away to answer a call. Daniel steps up to where they were and looks at the photo of Parker that Kate left on the counter. Kate returns and sees Daniel with it.

Gabi explains that she and Nick aren't really sure but they will find out. Rafe encourages her as Nick arrives and Gabi quickly rushes up to greet him with a kiss. Hope asks Nick how far along Gabi is. Nick repeats 5-6 weeks. Rafe questions that since Gabi said 11-12. They question if Nick has been taking Gabi to the doctor and what's going on. Nick apologizes and says he knew it was a long shot but tells Gabi that they have to tell the truth.

Daniel gives Kate the photo back and walks away.

Jennifer apologizes to Abigail for sounding freaked out. Jennifer asks her to not call Daniel. Abigail worries about her not feeling well. Jennifer promises there's nothing wrong with her health. Abigail asks if something is wrong with Daniel.

Kate follows Daniel to a room in the hospital. She asks if he still thinks about Parker and hasn't forgotten him. Daniel responds that he will never forget Parker.

Will questions Sonny not liking Gabi. Sonny calls her a liar and a user and he doesn't think Will should trust her. Will doesn't think it makes sense and wonders where the animosity is coming from. Will realizes Chad talked to Sonny and says Chad has been trashing Gabi ever since Melanie left. Sonny tells him that he's been watching Gabi and how she dragged Will into her baby drama. Will says he's just her friend that really wants to help. Sonny says Will is just a good friend that deserves good friends. Will questions Sonny wanting him to just a drop a friend. Sonny tells him to lose Gabi, get away from her, and never look back.

Gabi apologizes to Nick. Nick tells her it's not her fault but it's hard to keep up a lie like that. Hope questions what lie. Nick explains that they haven't told them everything about the baby. Rafe asks what it is. Nick says Gabi was afraid of what everyone would think. Nick explains that Gabi is 12 weeks pregnant and he didn't want to embarrass her so they were just going to say the baby came early. Nick clarifies that this would mean they got together a lot sooner than everyone thought. Rafe asks how soon it was. Nick calls it love at first sight. Rafe asks if it was his first day out of prison. Nick says they met at the Pub. Rafe wants to understand. Gabi talks about how they were both serious about what they wanted. Rafe points out that Gabi didn't know Nick. Gabi claims that she knew he was a good person. Hope tries to stop Rafe. Rafe goes after Nick for taking advantage of Gabi and warns him not to say a word back to him.

Will questions Sonny ordering him to stay away from Gabi. Sonny apologizes and didn't mean it like that but he's worried. Will explains that Gabi is a good person and she wanted their relationship to work. Sonny understands their history but sometimes one can miss the changes in someone they are close to. Will remarks that he hates when that happens and exits the coffeehouse.

Hope intervenes and tells Rafe that he's way out of line. Rafe questions Hope thinking Nick did the right thing. Hope suggests they could've shown more restraint but they are clearly in love. Nick apologizes for lying about the timing as he just didn't watch Gabi to catch grief. Nick tells Rafe that he loves Gabi and wants to make a good home for their baby which is what really matters. Sami wants to get back to focusing on the wedding of Gabi's dreams. Hope agrees while Rafe decides to leave. Rafe tells Gabi that he can't believe this as he exits the Pub.

Daniel tells Kate that he knows Parker isn't his son. Kate understands but was surprised since he hadn't seen the photo. Daniel explains that Victor and Maggie don't really talk about Parker around him, knowing it would be hard. Kate asks when he last saw Parker. Daniel says it was when Chloe took him to Chicago. Kate can't believe it. Kate informs Daniel that she's still cancer free after her annual check up. She credits Daniel for her being healthy and says no matter what went on between them, she's still in remission because of his work and she's grateful to him. Kate offers to let Daniel know more about Parker.

Jennifer explains to Abigail that she went to see Daniel on Smith Island to make things right because they thought the procedure went wrong and then her appendix burst. Jennifer recalls Daniel being okay and able to operate to save her life but she blew it. Jennifer admits she told Daniel that she loved him. Abigail asks if she does.

Sami decides they can plan the wedding a different day and she will call Hope another day. Sami decides to go find Rafe to try and talk sense into him. Sami hugs Gabi and tells her to hang in there as it will be alright then she exits. Nick apologizes to Hope for lying to her. Gabi adds that he did it to protect her. Hope understands but asks if they're sure that they are ready to jump into marriage as she worries it's too much, too fast. Nick knows it seems that way but they insist it's what they want. Hope hugs them and says they will plan a great wedding. Nick calls Hope the best as Gabi thanks her.

Sami finds Rafe outside the town square. Rafe asks how she found him. Sami jokes that she just followed the steam coming out of his ears. Rafe asks how Gabi is. Sami admits she's upset and mortified that she disappointed Rafe. Rafe says this isn't what he wanted. Sami knows Rafe is tough to disappoint. Rafe didn't want to stick around and make things worse as he wanted to punch Nick. Rafe brings up Nick having sex with Gabi the second day out of prison. Rafe says it scares her that she wasn't thinking. Sami talks about what Gabi was going through with the stalking and the tunnel explosions. Rafe blames himself for not being around. Sami tells him not to. Rafe says he's Gabi's only family but Gabi turned to an ex con. Sami insists that Nick is a good guy trying to protect Gabi. Sami says all that matters is that they are in love now. Rafe doesn't think that's enough since love doesn't necessarily make a marriage work as he and Sami know that.

Kate tells Daniel about seeing Parker when he turned two last month. Kate talks about how Parker is walking now and climbing on everything. Maxine enters and hands Daniel his surgery schedule for next week. Kate is surprised to hear he's operating again. Daniel explains there was an experimental condition. Maxine explains how Daniel saved Jennifer's life in the cabin. Maxine exits.

Jennifer tells Abigail that she doesn't know how to answer it. Abigail points out that she said she did. Jennifer blames the drugs and meds so she doesn't think she would've said it otherwise. Abigail asks Jennifer if she's still in love with Daniel. Jennifer doesn't know if in love is the right phrase. Jennifer says she does love him and could love him again and doesn't know if she ever really stopped caring about him. Jennifer decides she can't do this and thinks it's a really strange conversation. Abigail thinks it's strange that she's fighting it so much. Jennifer explains that she feels like it's a betrayal to Jack and would understand if Abigail felt the same way. Jennifer picks up a photo of Jack and holds it.

Nick and Gabi sit outside the Pub. He holds her to keep her warm. Nick asks Gabi why she told them how far along she was. Gabi says it just came out. Nick calls it a blessing since they don't have to lie about that. Gabi thanks him for bailing her out. Gabi admits she was so scared as she thought he was going to tell them about Will. Nick says he had to make it seem like a big deal so they'd believe him. Nick is sorry about Rafe. Gabi is glad Rafe didn't hit him. Gabi talks about how tough his look of disappointment was. Gabi calls that look like a knife.

Rafe apologizes to Sami if that sounded harsh as he isn't blaming anyone but is just saying that sometimes it takes more than love to make a marriage work. Sami tells him that Nick and Gabi do love each other and are excited about the baby so they have a lot in their favor. Rafe hopes so. Sami wants him to help make it so. Rafe doesn't want to make things harder. Sami wants him to just wish them well. Rafe says he does and admits it would be nice to see love work out for someone. Rafe then walks away.

Kate asks Daniel about back to being a hero. Daniel calls it a simple surgery and says Maxine exaggerated since he had supplies. Kate assumes Jennifer must be grateful. Daniel explains that Jennifer was the one who told him about the treatment for his hands so they are even. Kate questions them just being good buddies. Kate asks if he's still in love with Jennifer. Daniel calls it none of her business. Kate admits she's butting in but she did tell him a long time ago that he'd never get over Jennifer. Daniel calls it a lifetime ago. Kate knows a lot has happened since then but says she was right.

Abigail tells Jennifer that everyone knows she loved Jack. Jennifer talks about how Abigail was just starting to get so close to him. Abigail admits she misses him more the longer it goes when it becomes more real. Jennifer knows it's crazy. Abigail says Jack is gone so Jennifer can't stop living her life because of it as Jack wouldn't want that. Jennifer calls her amazing and hugs her. Jennifer assures her that she won't stop living. Abigail tells her to then let Daniel know if she cares about him. Jennifer asks how she feels about that. Abigail is relieved that Jennifer would be happy again since Daniel is a good guy that obviously cares about her. Abigail adds that the real question is whether or not she's ready.

Rafe finds Will studying in the town square. Rafe wants to talk about the day Will took Gabi to the abortion clinic. Will suggests he talk to Gabi about it. Rafe informs him that he already talked to Nick and Gabi about it and he knows the real story which startles Will.

Sami goes to the coffeehouse where Sonny brings her coffee. Sami asks how he is. Sonny says he's busy with a lot on his mind lately. Sami understands with work and holidays. Sami says she's planning the wedding now and being referee to those who are stressed out. Sami mentions Will being the best man. Sami says she has a list of things to do. Sami states that Sonny is a friend of Nick and Gabi so she asks him to be an usher but Sonny says hell no.

Rafe sits with Will. Will says Rafe must be angry and adds that nobody planned for this to happen. Will calls it stupid not to think about the possible consequences. Rafe says Gabi could've used a little judgment and thought about who she was sleeping with. Will states that she was with a man who really cares about her. Rafe questions how well he really knows Nick anymore since he was a teenager last time he saw him. Will is confused as Rafe questions Nick sleeping with Gabi a day after he's out of prison and now she's pregnant and getting married. Will goes along with it and calls it unfortunate and intense. Rafe asks if Will talked to Gabi and if he knew she was in trouble. Will says yes but explains that Gabi and Nick got together because she loves him. Will asks what Rafe thinks is wrong. Rafe thinks Gabi was feeling alone. Rafe asks if Will thinks Gabi asked him to take her to the abortion clinic because she was afraid of Rafe being disappointed in her.

Kate talks to Daniel about being compassionate since she just had her heart broken. Kate tells him that she had it out with Stefano and her marriage is over. Daniel says he's sorry. Kate calls it way too much work to protect that it's pointless since she knows how everyone felt about their marriage. Daniel knows it hurts. Kate says she has to get to work. Daniel thanks her for telling him about Parker. Kate gives Daniel the photo of Parker and says Merry Christmas as she then exits.

Jennifer sits at home looking through a photo album at a picture of her and Jack. She smiles as she continues looking through the family photos. Jennifer sighs and kisses a picture of Jack as she wipes tears away and puts the album back in the drawer. Jennifer grabs her things and calls out to Abigail that she's going out.

Sonny apologizes to Sami as it's just not his thing. Sonny says he isn't good with weddings. Sami asks if he's friends with Gabi and Nick. Sonny says they aren't that close which is why they didn't ask him. Sami claims they were just overwhelmed and busy. Sonny says it's fine as he has a lot going on so he thinks it's better this way. Sonny thanks her and walks away.

Gabi asks Nick if he thinks it gets easier and that family and friends will stop asking so many questions. Nick is sure that will happen after they get through the wedding. Gabi worries about lying to a priest and to God. Nick says he loves her and that's not a lie. Gabi says she loves him too. Nick assures her it will get better and kisses her.

Rafe asks Will if Gabi was so scared about how he would react about Nick that she thought an abortion was the only way out. Will says it was just about whether or not to have the baby. Rafe wonders why she didn't come to him. Will says it's just because he's her brother. Will says sometimes it's easier to go to friends for some things. Rafe thanks him. Rafe knows he gave Will a hard time for taking her to the clinic but he was wrong and he's glad Gabi has Will. Rafe then exits.

Daniel continues looking at the photo of Parker. Jennifer arrives and is glad he's still there. Daniel thought she was discharged. Jennifer declares she had to come back and see him.

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