Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/13/12

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/13/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

EJ and Sami go to the coffeehouse where EJ is talking business on the phone. Sami jokes with EJ about not taking everything so seriously. Chad comes over to take their order. Gabi's wedding comes up and Sami asks EJ if he's mad that she's planning it. EJ asks why he would be mad.

Hope sits with Rafe at the town square and asks if he's as surprised as she is about Gabi and Nick. Hope asks if he's okay with any of it.

Gabi enters the Pub and Will asks her where Sonny went. Gabi says she didn't stick around to find out as she just wanted to find out how much he hated her.

Daniel meets with Dr. Lewis. He informs Daniel that it looks like he beat the odds and the tremors are gone. Kayla hugs him and tells Daniel that he did it. Daniel says it wasn't him but Jennifer and she needs to know that.

Jennifer prepares to be discharged from the hospital. Maggie comes in and offers to take her home. Jennifer wants to find Daniel and tell him that she owes him everything.

Brady hides in the bathroom as Kristen answers the door and it's John who has Brady's card and jewelry for her. Kristen calls it a surprise as John informs her that it's for her from Brady.

Maggie tells Jennifer that she knows she's grateful but questions if it's a good idea. Jennifer asks if she doesn't think Daniel wants to see her. Maggie worries about her recovering from major surgery. Jennifer says she's more than fine thanks to Daniel. Jennifer says she was so afraid that she screwed everything up but Daniel can be a surgeon again. Maggie asks her to slow down. Jennifer thinks there's something Maggie isn't telling her and worries that the tremors came back. Maggie tells her to calm down. She tells her that Daniel is having tests today and she doesn't know anything but Daniel is confident that things will go well. Jennifer states that they have to go well.

Daniel thanks Dr. Lewis and he agrees that Daniel can be back in surgical rotation as he exits. Daniel calls it still unreal as he had given up hope. Kayla thought he was working pretty hard. Daniel credits Jennifer.

Maggie tells Jennifer that she was wrong about wanting Jennifer to rest since she sees now that she needs to see how Daniel is doing. Jennifer wonders if Daniel wants to see her. Maggie assures her that he does.

Kayla tells Daniel that Jennifer is being released today and that she's bounced back from the surgery.

Rafe tells Hope that he knows Gabi wants him to be happy and accepting but he doesn't know if he can. Hope asks if he could fake it. Hope tells him that she's meeting Sami to talk with Gabi about the wedding and suggests Rafe join them. Rafe questions him helping plan the wedding. Hope offers to make an excuse for him but Rafe agrees to be there. Hope questions Rafe thinking that Sami's doing it for Gabi as she walks away.

Sami asks EJ if he's really not mad about her planning Gabi's wedding. EJ says he's not and he wouldn't object since Gabi is family to Sami. EJ says them working together is a partnership and he wants her to be happy. EJ tells her to take some time to plan the wedding if she needs to. Sami mentions that Hope and Gabi are wanting to meet with her about the wedding. EJ tells her to go ahead. Sami thanks EJ and tells him to let her know when he gets the email about projections and she'll come back to work. Sami thanks EJ and kisses him on the cheek as she exits. Chad comes over and remarks that EJ has Sami eating out of his hand but EJ claims to have no idea what he's talking about.

Will tells Gabi that she knows Sonny doesn't hate her. Gabi informs him that he didn't until Chad went to work with him. Will wants to know what it is between her and Chad but Gabi doesn't want to talk about it and says she can handle it. Will worries that Gabi dealing with so much will be too much for her. Gabi asks if he's talking about the wedding. Will thinks everything is getting out of control. Gabi sarcastically apologizes if it's all an inconvenience for him. Will thinks they should just stop and think how this whole thing is turning into one big fat lie.

Kristen questions the gifts being from Brady. John says he recognizes the handwriting and wonders what's in the jewelry box. Kristen doesn't understand. John says he also wondered why Brady would be sending her gifts. Kristen doesn't get why he hand delivered it. Brady thought it shouldn't be left in plain view at the Kiriakis Mansion or Victor might have a reaction. Kristen is more interested in John's reaction. John admits he was surprised to find his son giving her gifts and then he started thinking it was an excuse for John to come over himself. John comments that Kristen seems distracted. John tells Kristen that he was looking for an excuse to come over because he wanted to thank her.

Kayla enters Jennifer's room at the hospital. Jennifer says she's waiting on her release papers and Abigail will be taking her home. Jennifer asks Kayla if Daniel saw Dr. Lewis yet. Kayla tells her that Daniel will want to fill her in on all of that as she exits the room.

Daniel shows Maggie his hands having no tremors and she hugs him. Maggie says the medication kicked in just in time. Daniel agrees that everything worked out. Maggie mentions Daniel and Jennifer looking out for each other. Maggie thinks Daniel's smile is not just about the tremors. Daniel admits there's something else. Maggie tells him it will be the best day ever and tells him that Jennifer is waiting for him in her hospital room.

Gabi questions if Will thinks it's a lie that she loves Nick or that they will love the baby. Will isn't trying to be negative but talks about growing up with Sami's lies and he thinks they are going down the same path. Gabi thinks it's different because Nick knows the truth and they aren't trying to fool anybody. Gabi thinks this is best for the baby. Gabi says she has something to do. Will thought she was meeting with Sami about the wedding. Gabi says she is but this can't wait.

John thanks Kristen for not calling the police on Marlena when she broke into her room. John assumes Brady's gift is to say thank you as well. John tells her that they don't want any more problems. Kristen jokes with him and suggests if they can't be friends then they can at least not be enemies. They agree and John decides he'll let her get back to work. Kristen thanks John and says it means a lot as he then exits. Brady comes out of hiding and tells Kristen that he was sure John knew what was going on. Kristen is glad he didn't as that would have been a disaster.

Daniel enters Jennifer's hospital room and she smiles. Jennifer says she's fine but can't move too fast after major surgery. Jennifer asks about his meeting with Dr. Lewis. Daniel shows her his hands being stable. Jennifer talks about growing up and watching her grandfather at the hospital. Jennifer says Daniel has an amazing gift and he saved her life twice. Jennifer tells him that she was really afraid that she screwed everything up. Daniel doesn't want to look back because this is a happy ending that they will enjoy. Daniel jokes with her about not feeling guilty. Daniel thanks her for helping him and talking him into the treatment. They hold hands and Daniel says there are no words to express how much it means to him. Daniel declares that it changes everything. Jennifer says Daniel made the decision and took the risk. Daniel says it was because of her so she jokes about how he owes her. Daniel brings up what Jennifer said after the surgery but she doesn't remember and asks what she said.

Sami and Hope rush to the Pub thinking they are late but Gabi isn't there so they decide they are early. Hope informs Sami that she asked Rafe to join them. Hope apologizes and asks if she has a problem. Sami jokes about Rafe not having insight on flowers. Sami admits Rafe made their wedding beautiful. Hope asks Sami about being able to get off work with Kristen but Sami reveals that she works for EJ now. Hope calls it horrible but Sami says they've been working really well together. Hope warns Sami about EJ and questions trusting him. Sami says they just work together and that's it. Hope calls it just another DiMera coincidence. Sami thinks she's reading way too much into it and promises that he doesn't have an agenda. Sami talks about EJ letting her come plan Gabi's wedding even knowing Rafe would be there. Hope still believes EJ has an agenda.

EJ tells Chad that he is only working with Sami and they have a family so it helps when they are friends. Chad suggests what friends may lead to. EJ mentions that it was Kristen's idea. Chad tells him that he talked to Kristen who said some interesting things. EJ suggests he listen to what she has to say and he then exits. Gabi enters and confronts Chad, telling him that they are going to settle everything right now.

Kristen asks Brady why he didn't write a note. Brady says he did but he threw it out. Kristen opens her jewelry box and loves the bracelet inside. She thanks him with a kiss but doesn't know about running around wearing expensive gifts from him. Brady puts it on her and suggests what's wrong with one more secret. Kristen thinks there secrets are piling up. They agree that it's fun and they kiss. Kristen says she has to go. Brady decides he's had enough excitement for one day anyways as he exits, promising to call her. Kristen comments that she thought her family was full of secrets. Kristen says today wasn't the day for John but it's coming.

Jennifer asks Daniel what she said and assumes it didn't make sense because she was on the drugs. Daniel figures she was and Jennifer jokes about what she must have said. Daniel says she obviously didn't know what she was saying. Daniel adds that he told her he wouldn't hold her to what she said and he meant that. Jennifer agrees that it isn't the time to talk about that as she wants to talk about him going back on surgical rotation. Kristen enters and apologizes for not knowing she had company but says she scared her. Daniel exits and shakes his head as he walks on. Kristen offers Jennifer a ride home but she says Abigail has it. Kristen offers her soup but Jennifer has that covered too. Kristen says she's glad she's okay. Jennifer thanks her for coming. Kristen offers to find the doctor and speed up the release process. Jennifer informs her that it was Daniel Jonas. Kristen asks if it's the same guy that was with Nicole but Jennifer says no but the same guy who saved her life twice.

EJ finds Will in the town square and says it's been awhile. EJ mentions working with Sami. Will says he'll see him around but EJ stops him and wants to know what's wrong.

Sami tells Hope to really tell her what she thinks. Hope tells her that trusting EJ again is idiotic. Sami thanks her for chiming in on her personal and professional life. Hope warns Sami that she knows what happens when she falls back in to old patterns with EJ again. Hope suggests that she's nuts for working for EJ. They laugh together as Rafe enters and asks what's so funny. Sami jokes that Hope was questioning her judgment. Rafe asks where Gabi is since she should be there by now.

Chad tells Gabi that he's busy. Gabi asks him about talking to Sonny. Gabi threatens to call Justin about him going to prison. Chad reminds Gabi that it goes both ways and asks if Nick will get visitation rights. Gabi calls him a creep. Gabi says Chad signed those papers for a reason so he should watch what he says. Gabi hopes he got the message. Chad says he got the message but not the full story since she's all of a sudden pregnant and getting married. Gabi questions who told him that. Gabi asks if it makes him happy to know everything about her personal life. Chad isn't sure he knows everything and wants to know what was going on at her place the other day when Nick was so mad. Gabi comments that Chad just has that effect on people as she exits.

Will doesn't know what EJ means and says he's fine just busy. EJ asks Will about seeing somebody. Will admits he is. EJ calls it good and hopes it's going well. Will says it's better than he imagined. EJ says whoever the young man is, is very lucky. Will is not so sure but thanks EJ. EJ understands he's not one to confide in him but EJ hopes Will has a fantastic new year full of happiness and no complications. Will says amen to that.

Jennifer and Kristen talk until Daniel returns to the room. Kristen says she'll call Jennifer later as she exits. Daniel asks who that was. Jennifer tells him it's Kristen DiMera. Daniel gives her the release forms. Jennifer talks about so much happening and Daniel agrees it's a lot.

John and Brady walk through the town square. John talks about getting Kristen his gift and they agreed to be peaceful. John asks Brady to keep an eye on Kristen just in case he's wrong about her which Brady agrees to.

Kristen walks outside of the town square looking at her phone until Brady startles her from behind. They kiss. Brady tells her that he just talked to John, who asked him to keep an eye on her. Brady says that proves he has no idea what's going on. Brady doesn't like lying to John but would feel worse giving her up. Brady wants to go back to her place. They kiss as Kristen says he doesn't know how important he's become to her.

Kayla and Maggie talk. Daniel comes over and talks about being back in surgical rotation. Kayla goes to make the call. Maggie asks how Daniel is as he seems deflated. Daniel claims he just wants to get back to work. Maggie suggests he take Jennifer out to lunch but Daniel says Jennifer just needs to take it easy.

Jennifer sits at home and calls out to Abigail to bring her food. Jennifer thinks back to telling Daniel that she loves him after the surgery, remembering what she said.

Gabi sits with Sami, Hope, and Rafe at the Pub. Sami is excited to learn Eric will be performing the ceremony. Sami and Hope talk about fittings for the dress. Sami asks Gabi how far along she is. Gabi says 11-12 weeks which confuses Hope as Nick told her that it was more like 5-6 weeks.

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