Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/12/12

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/12/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Will goes to the Pub and talks with Abigail about Caroline being back. They agree that he's lucky to have her. Abigail informs him that she wanted to talk to Will because Gabi asked her to be maid of honor. Will adds that he's the best man and figures Nick just didn't have anyone else to ask. Abigail asks Will if he thinks it's weird that Gabi and Nick are together and getting married and that Gabi's pregnant.

Gabi and Nick wait to meet with Father Eric. Gabi worries as she thought they were meeting with Father Tobias. Gabi wonders if Eric knows she's pregnant as he enters.

Justin and Sonny meet at the town square. Justin wonders why they aren't at the coffeehouse. Sonny didn't want anyone they know to walk in as he wants to talk about Gabi.

Kristen goes to the coffeehouse where Chad is working and she makes an order. Chad talks about never seeing her. Kristen tells him that she's been a little busy.

Brady sits at the Kirakis Mansion and thinks about Kristen. Brady writes a note to Kristen saying he hopes it makes her wrist feel better and he hopes their night together was as memorable for her as it was for him.

John goes to Marlena's office. She's surprised to see him and asks what he's doing there as they kiss. John figured that whatever was bothering her still is. Marlena admits that she hasn't been completely honest with him.

Victor walks in on Brady and notices he has a jewelery box. Brady calls it nothing important but Victor points out how he hid it. Brady tells him that it's none of his business.

Chad asks Kristen what's been keeping her so busy. She talks about handing over Countess Wilhelmina to EJ. Chad asks again what's been keeping her so busy. Kristen says it took a while and now she wants to get to know Chad. Chad tells her that he's not in a great place these days. Kristen offers to talk about and says she's on his side. Kristen asks what he did. Chad says that he told somebody something that he shouldn't have. Kristen asks if he's upset because he broke a trust or he thinks it will come back and bite him.

Justin asks Sonny about Gabi. Sonny thinks she's using Will somehow. Sonny informs Justin that Gabi is pregnant and marrying Nick. Justin asks what that has to do with her using Will. Sonny says he loves Will and knows Will so he thinks he's protecting her from something. Sonny reveals to Justin that Chad told him Gabi was behind Melanie's kidnapping.

John assumes what's been bothering Marlena has been Kristen. John asks what's going on as he thought it was over and they were moving on. Marlena insists that she meant that but thinks back to seeing Kristen and Brady in bed. Marlena says circumstances have conspired against her. John asks what that means. Marlena states that something has happened that she can't ignore. John wants her to just tell him what it is.

Chad talks with Kristen some more. Chad asks if she knows what she wants. Kristen says she's working on it but is a quick study.

Victor questions Brady buying jewelry and telling him to butt out. Victor says he's delighted. Brady questions that. Victor wishes he knew who the lady was but he's delighted that she's brought him back. Victor brings up Madison and he hopes whoever this woman is has brought him back. Victor says that's all he will say about it. Brady thanks him. Victor invites Brady to the coffeehouse but Victor gets a call so Brady steps out and adjusts writing his card. Victor calls Brady in for work so Brady rushes back into the room, leaving his jewelery and card behind.

Sonny tells Justin that if Chad's right then Gabi kidnapping Melanie must be what she has Will in on. Justin can't talk about the situation. Sonny thinks it's true and that Justin is Gabi's lawyer.

Will tells Abigail how surprised he was that Gabi was pregnant. Abigail brings up them not being together that long but they both hope things work out. Abigail asks if everything else is okay since Will seems a little down. Will says he's just worried about Gabi. Will adds that he and Sonny are doing awesome. Abigail says Will talks about Sonny the same way Gabi does about Nick. She asks Will if he's in love.

Eric brings up Gabi and Nick wanting to get married as soon as possible and asks how long they've been together. Nick admits it hasn't been that long. Gabi reveals they met at the Pub. Eric informs them that Caroline is his grandmother and Will is his nephew which surprises them both. Eric asks if that's going to be a problem.

Justin assures Sonny that he's not representing Gabi but he wants Sonny to let it go and not talk to Will or anyone else about it. Sonny asks if he's kidding. Justin says what happened is none of anyone's business. Sonny says what Gabi did is a crime. Justin tells her that she's innocent until proven guilty. Sonny doesn't care but Justin tells him not to talk to anyone about it. Sonny apologizes for putting him in a tough situation but he's worried about Will. Justin tells him that Will won't get in trouble and then he exits to go to a meeting.

Will tells Abigail that he loves Sonny and he's the best thing to ever happen to him. Abigail asks how Sonny feels. Will admits they both feel the same way. Abigail envies Will. Will tells her that she just hasn't found a guy that deserves her. Abigail doesn't think she's very good at the whole girlfriend thing but Will tells her to just give it time. Will is sure the right guy will come along. Abigail agrees it's possible. Will gets a call from Sonny so Abigail tells him to take it as she exits the Pub. Will answers. Sonny asks where he is and tells him to wait there as they need to talk. Sonny adds that he's upset and it's about Gabi.

Gabi tells Eric that Will is one of her best friends. Nick adds that Will is his best man. Eric calls it a small world. Eric adds that he's also Sami's twin brother. Eric asks if they are still okay with him marrying them. Nick says absolutely. Eric has a few more things to confirm before they can proceed. Nick asks if he's saying they might not be able to get married in the church.

Kristen tells Chad that she found out the hard way that revenge can come back. Chad asks if he should just let it go. Kristen tells him that revenge is a dish best served cold which means he can't be emotional or bloodthirsty but he has to step back and look at the situation then put it in motion to make sure what he wants happens.

John sits with Marlena and tells her to talk to him. Marlena begins by saying they have survived so much because they are together and such a team. Marlena tells him that the whole thing with Kristen has made her feel alone. She understands she isn't if she handles it like John does by taking Kristen at face value. Marlena says that doesn't work for her. John asks if she still thinks Kristen is after him. Marlena says not exactly. John then asks what the problem is.

Eric tells Gabi and Nick that they can get married in the church. Eric says they must first go through appointments that he set up for them. Gabi and Nick look them over and agree. Eric gets a call and says he'll see them at their appointments. Eric shakes hands with them and exits. Gabi asks Nick if he still wants to get married at the church. Nick does as he knows it's important to Gabi. Gabi talks about how her mom feels. Nick thinks they are doing the best thing for them and their baby. Gabi loves when he says their baby. Nick loves her and kisses her as they exit.

Chad thinks he gets what Kristen is saying. Kristen tells him that revenge is only truly satisfying when the object of the revenge can't turn it back on them. Kristen says that's just how it has to be and if it's played carefully then they never know what might fall into their lap as Victor and Brady enter. Victor remarks on Kristen being back in town and asks Brady if he's worried about what she'll do to John but Brady says he is not.

John tells Marlena that he's just trying to reassure her. Marlena says it's not what he thinks it is. John gets a call from work so he has to go to the office. John tells Marlena that employees from a manufacturer went on strike. Marlena understands and they kiss goodbye as John exits. Marlena wonders to herself why she didn't tell him. Marlena concludes that if she did, it would destroy both of their relationships with Brady. Marlena thinks back to arguing with Kristen about it.

Sonny goes to the Pub and meets with Will. Sonny repeats that he's upset about Gabi. Sonny reveals he has a problem with Will being the best man at their wedding. Will says he does too but he can't back out on his word. Sonny thinks Nick could find someone else. Will asks why he's so bothered by this. Sonny declares that he doesn't trust Gabi and doesn't think Will should either as Nick and Gabi enter the Pub.

Victor and Brady sit together at the coffeehouse. Kristen tells Chad to think about what he said and to think about spending some time with she and EJ during the holidays. Chad agrees and Kristen hugs him then he goes back to working Kristen walks by Brady and looks as she exits the coffeehouse. Victor comments on Kristen. Brady suggests he let it go and informs him that John wants to as well. Victor can't believe it. Brady says he had the same reaction at first but feels differently now. Victor wonders if he scrambled his brains. Brady notes that they helped each other out and even John realizes Kristen isn't after him. Brady believes Kristen wants to correct her past mistakes. Victor questions Brady and John believing that and asks what Marlena thinks. Brady says he can't worry about that. Brady then exits. Victor pulls out his phone and makes a call, saying he has to see someone right away.

Gabi and Nick join Will and Sonny. Sonny immediately leaves. Nick wonders what's up with him. Gabi follows Sonny out and asks what's going on with him. Sonny doesn't feel like talking. Gabi stops him and says she does feel like talking.

Abigail goes to the coffeehouse and greets Chad. She's looking for Sonny but Chad doesn't know when he's coming in. Abigail just wanted to tell him how happy she is for he and Will being in love. Chad calls them lucky. Chad asks Abigail if she ever hears from Melanie. Abigail says it's been a long time. Chad adds that he never does. Abigail comments that it's like she blew through their lives and now is just gone. Chad thinks Abigail might be the only other person that gets it. Chad asks Abigail out saying it'd be nothing special. Abigail jokes with him. Chad says she's always made him laugh even when he doesn't laugh much. Justin arrives and needs to talk to Chad so Abigail steps away. Chad asks what's going on. Justin declares that Chad has turned into a real DiMera.

Brady goes to Kristen's. Kristen worries about him showing up without warning her. Brady tells her to just shut the door. Kristen thought they weren't letting anyone know. Brady says if that's what she wanted then she wouldn't have given him that look at the coffeehouse as they begin kissing.

Justin steps aside with Chad and questions if he thinks he can do whatever he wants. Justin reveals that Chad is in direct violation with the agreement he signed. Chad says he was forced to sign that. Chad says he had to talk to someone and Sonny is his business partner and one of his best friends so he won't tell anyone. Justin says Sonny told him and asks Chad if he wants jail time. Chad promises not to tell anyone else but Justin says to him that Chad's fate now lies in Sonny's hands.

Gabi tells Sonny that she thought they were friends and wonders what happened. Gabi realizes that Chad talked to him.

Nick tells Will that Eric is going to be marrying he and Gabi. Will calls it a nightmare. Nick says it will be okay. Will says for him it will be since he doesn't have to stand in front of the church and watch another man marry the woman carrying his child.

Marlena goes to the church rectory to see Eric. Eric greets her with a hug and asks what's wrong. Marlena says her psychiatrist is out of town and she needs someone to talk to. Eric asks if it's about Kristen again.

John meets with Victor at the Kiriakis Mansion. Victor says Brady told him he and John are believing Kristen. John tells Victor that he has to handle it his own way. Victor considers him family and warns him that Kristen is crazy and cunning so he doesn't want John and Marlena to be blindsided. John tells him that he'll figure it out himself. Victor thanks him for coming as John then exits. John stops on his way out and sees Brady's card and jewelry with Kristen's name on it. John wonders who in this house would be sending Kristen gifts. John looks at it and recognizes Brady's hand writing.

Brady and Kristen lay in bed together after making love. Brady gets up to get her gift but realizes it's not in his pocket and he left it at home. Kristen says it's okay but Brady says it isn't since he left it on the table where anyone could see it with her name on it. Kristen calls him an idiot.

John looks at Brady's envelope with Kristen's name on it and wonders what's going on here.

Nick questions Will and tells him to calm down. Nick says they will get through this after the wedding and things will go back to normal. Will wonders how Gabi feels about being married by his uncle. Nick tells him she's fine now and asks Will if he's going to be trouble.

Gabi can only imagine the horrible things Chad told Sonny. Sonny asks if Chad's making it up. Gabi says Melanie left because Chad beat up Nick and he blames it on her. Sonny says Chad's his business partner that's never lied to him. Gabi tells him that he wasn't there and doesn't know what happened so he should back off.

Chad explains to Justin that he was trying to make Sonny see that Gabi was poison. Justin worries what if Nick finds out. Chad hates the agreement that was signed. Justin reminds him that Nick has witnesses so Chad just has to take it. Justin exits. Abigail returns to Chad and says that looked intense as she asks if he's okay. Chad says he's fine or he will be if she goes out with him. Chad suggests they go have fun. Abigail agrees to think about it as she exits.

Marlena tells Eric that she feels like her whole life is about Kristen these days and that Kristen keeps pulling her back in. Marlena is beginning to question her own behavior as she doesn't know to do what's right or what's best for her. Eric wishes he could do more but doesn't have a clue what's going on. Marlena understands she can't give him or John a clue. Marlena doesn't know what John will do if he finds out the truth.

Kristen encourages Brady to go as he gets dressed but John arrives knocking on the door so Brady hides in the bathroom. Kristen answers the door as John has Brady's card and jewelery and he tells Kristen that he thinks it's for her

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