Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/11/12

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/11/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Jennifer tells Daniel that her heart says what she feels and is not what he thinks as it's not pity. Jennifer tells Daniel that it's love and she loves him. Daniel thinks it's the drugs talking. Jennifer argues that it's not but Daniel thinks she's confused. Jennifer insists that she meant what she said and she repeats that she loves him with all her heart.

Rafe goes to Eric's office looking for Father Tobias but he's not there. Eric asks if he can help. Rafe says he needs to make arrangements for a wedding. Eric assumes Rafe is getting married but he reveals it's for his sister Gabi.

Sami asks Nick about a best man. Will enters the Pub so Caroline points him out as Nick's best man. Sami invites Will to join them. Will asks what's going on. Sami hugs him and says they are planning Nick and Gabi's wedding. Sami suggests it would be wonderful if Will is Nick's best man.

Sonny questions Chad thinking Gabi was behind Melanie's kidnapping. Chad says he knows for a fact but Sonny accuses him of lying and wonders why.

Maggie goes to Jennifer's and sees Abigail. Maggie says she's been hard on Jennifer and wanted to apologize. She admits she was upset about Jennifer pushing Daniel into the treatment but she knows she only wanted to help. Maggie adds that she doesn't want things to be strained between them over the holidays. Maggie asks Abigail where Jennifer is. Abigail informs her that Jennifer went to the cabin on Smith Island which worries Maggie as Abigail asks if that's a problem.

Nicole re-enters the cabin. Jennifer tells Daniel that she really loves him as Nicole watches. Daniel tells Jennifer that he loves her too as Nicole gets teary-eyed.

Sonny tells Chad that he doesn't get why he's blaming Gabi for losing Melanie. Sonny asks if Chad hates her that much. Chad says he does because of what she did to Melanie. Chad tells him that Melanie would back up his story. Sonny calls it nuts. Chad says it's nuts that Gabi gets to go on with her perfect life. Chad calls Gabi a manipulative, lying bitch that should be rotting in prison.

Will assumes Nick would already have a best man but Caroline points out that all of Nick's friends are still doing time. Sami encourages Will to be the best man unless Nick has a problem with it.

Abigail asks Maggie why she's so upset about Jennifer going to the cabin. Maggie informs her that she sent Daniel up there to be alone. Abigail thinks Jennifer couldn't have known but Maggie calls it no coincidence. Maggie says Jennifer is the last thing Daniel needs right now. Abigail talks about how upset Jennifer was about Daniel and she only wanted what's best for him. Maggie doesn't care and says all Jennifer is doing right now is causing Daniel pain.

Nicole brings Daniel the antibiotics as Jennifer falls back asleep. Daniel thanks her. Nicole asks how Jennifer is. Daniel says she's okay considering. Nicole tells Daniel that he saved Jennifer's life. Daniel wishes the ferry would get there so they could get her to the hospital. Nicole says it's impressive to do an emergency appendectomy in a cabin. Daniel thanks Nicole for helping a lot. Nicole points out Daniel's hands being so steady and they still are which means the tremors are gone. Nicole declares that the treatment must have worked after all.

Eric tells Rafe that Sami told him about his sister being in Salem now. Eric congratulates Rafe on Gabi's wedding. Eric asks about wedding plans. Rafe informs him that they can't wait. Eric offers to see them first thing tomorrow. Rafe calls it perfect. Eric looks forward to meeting them and getting to know them.

Nick thinks Sami is putting Will on the spot. Nick says he has friends that can be best man, not that he isn't cool with Will but since Will dated Gabi then it might be weird. Caroline believes everyone should be past that which Will and Gabi agree with so Sami declares it settled that Will is going to be the best man and everything is going perfectly.

Sonny calls Chad's claims insane and tells him he better have solid evidence to back it up. Chad reveals to Sonny that he heard Andrew arguing with Gabi at the hospital and his dying words were that Gabi was completely responsible for everything that happened to Melanie. Sonny doesn't think Andrew could be trusted. Chad adds that Andrew revealed Gabi hired him to pretend stalk her. Chad explains that Gabi thought he would come to her rescue if he thought she was being stalked. Sonny calls it crazy. Chad goes over Gabi claiming it was all Andrew's idea and that she had no idea. Sonny doesn't think it makes any sense. Chad says it does if you know the real Gabi Hernandez, a completely untrustworthy, nasty, vindictive girl. Chad warns Sonny to never believe a word from Gabi ever again.

Daniel can't believe the tremors are gone. Nicole calls it amazing but doesn't understand since the injection was supposed to work immediately and if it didn't then it was final but his hands are so steady. Daniel says there are very rare cases where the effects delay but he didn't think it was possible. Nicole calls it the best news ever and Daniel agrees. Daniel says he can't really think about his hands since his main concern is Jennifer. Nicole reluctantly agrees as the ferry comes. Daniel asks Nicole to keep an eye on Jennifer as he goes to alert the ferry for help to carry Jennifer out. Nicole agrees to watch her as Daniel exits. Nicole steps out and watches Daniel leave.

Eric goes to the hospital and greets Kayla. They talk until Daniel and Nicole arrive with Jennifer on a stretcher. Kayla asks Daniel about what happened. Daniel explains that he operated on her at the cabin and needs to make sure she's stable as they take her into a room. Eric asks Nicole how she fits into all of this but Nicole responds that she doesn't anymore.

Gabi tells Sami that she appreciates everything she's doing for them but she would rather just go to a justice of the peace and get married that way. Nick agrees with whatever Gabi wants. Sami is confused as she thought Gabi wanted a big church wedding. Gabi says she did but she's pregnant so she feels like it will be embarrassing for them. Sami doesn't think it will be at all since Gabi won't be showing at all. Gabi thinks it's more about just knowing that she's pregnant and Nick goes along with whatever makes Gabi happy. Will agrees if it is what Gabi wants but Sami doesn't buy it. Sami thinks Gabi is making excuses while they cover for her and she wants to know why.

Chad tells Sonny that he kept what Gabi did a secret to protect Melanie since she had been through so much but she found out on her own. Chad adds that Melanie couldn't forgive him for keeping the secret from her and that's why she called off the wedding. Chad admits he also beat up Nick because he thought he was stalking Melanie. Sonny asks why Chad never turned Gabi in. Chad says he would've but Nick threatened to press assault charges on him. Sonny can't believe that Nick did all this for Gabi. Chad says Nick was in prison for years and wasn't going to let Gabi go when she was putting out. Sonny reveals that Gabi is now pregnant which Chad did not know.

Kayla tells Daniel that the stitching is perfect and questions how he managed that. Daniel can't believe it but informs her that the treatment worked as his hands are stable. Kayla calls it amazing news. Daniel says he can't assume and will have to call for confirmation. Kayla tells him that once he does, the hospital will finally have him back in the OR where he belongs.

Sonny tells Chad he had no right to tell him about Gabi being pregnant. Chad recalls Gabi blaming him for her fainting when it was because she's pregnant. Chad believes Gabi planned to get pregnant to trap Nick. Chad realizes they are getting married. Sonny is sure she didn't plan this. Chad almost feels sorry for Nick. Sonny adds that Chad didn't need to know this. Chad says Sonny needed to know who Gabi really is even if he violated an agreement. Sonny asks why he needed to tell him. Chad tells Sonny that Will is caught up with Gabi. Chad warns Sonny that he can't let anyone know he told him about Gabi or else Chad could go to jail. Sonny goes to make some work calls.

Caroline assumes Gabi feels guilty about making Sami do all this wedding planning and doesn't want to stress her. Gabi goes along with it but Caroline says she and Sami are happy to do all of this. Sami tells Gabi to just sit back and have the wedding she always imagined. Gabi says they are being so kind. Nick thinks Sami is right that Gabi deserves this and they hug. Sami tells Will that they are so cute together so the baby is going to be so cute.

Nicole tells Eric what happened and Eric realizes it's Daniel and Jennifer that she came in with. Nicole apologizes for lying to him. Eric asks how it all went down. Nicole explains that she found out Daniel was out on Smith Island and she thought he was alone so she decided to go out and keep him company but then Jennifer showed up. Nicole asks Eric if he thinks she was wrong to go out there. She believes he's thinking it. She asks if she should've just stayed away after pushing Daniel so much. Eric doesn't know what else to say. Nicole regrets going out to the Island because it was stupid and selfish and she complicated things with Jennifer getting sick. Eric asks what happened with Jennifer. Nicole calls it incredible that Daniel saved her life. Nicole figures Daniel and Jennifer have this connection between them. Nicole doesn't want a lecture. Eric insists that he isn't lecturing her as he's just trying to be her friend. Eric tells Nicole that he's sorry.

Abigail goes to the hospital to see Jennifer. Abigail hugs her and tells her that she was so scared. Jennifer tells her that she's fine. Abigail says she just had to see her after finding out what happened since she was thinking about losing Jack. Abigail cries as Jennifer tells her she loves her and Abigail tells her the same.

Maggie talks with Daniel at the hospital and asks how he did it with his hands. Daniel didn't think he'd be able to but after it was over the tremors had stopped. Daniel shows Maggie that his hands are now stable. Daniel adds that he can't be sure that it's permanent until he sees the doctor again but it seems like it. Daniel states that he wouldn't have had the treatment if it wasn't for Jennifer and then who knows what would've happened to her. Maggie calls it wonderful news and so unexpected. Daniel says Jennifer saved her life by helping him get through losing Parker and now she helped him get his career back. Maggie excitedly tells him that he can be a surgeon again and they hug.

Sami talks with Will about adjusting to the whole situation and how it has to be bittersweet for him. Will says not at all and that it's great. Will then says he has to go and exits the Pub. Caroline returns to Sami. Gabi tells Nick that Will seemed really upset so she thinks she should go find him. Nick offers to go with her. Sami informs them that Caroline is offering the Pub for their reception. Gabi thanks her. Caroline talks to her about the menu. Gabi suggests Nick handle the food with Caroline while she rushes out of the Pub to catch up with Will.

Jennifer tells Abigail about Daniel performing the surgery right then in the cabin and they wonder how he did it. Jennifer doesn't know but it worked. Abigail asks if they are okay. Jennifer tells Abigail that she went to the cabin to make it up to Daniel for being involved where she shouldn't have been but it wasn't going very well and then this happened. Jennifer says it's all foggy but she thinks Daniel has forgiven her.

Daniel finds Nicole in a room at the hospital. Nicole asks about Jennifer. Daniel says she's doing well and will make a full recovery. Daniel tells Nicole that she makes a hell of a scrub nurse. Nicole jokes that she'll keep that in mind when her current career of screwing up her life runs its course. Daniel tells Nicole that he couldn't have done it without her. Nicole asks if he has a minute. She tells Daniel how happy she is for him since she knows how much it means to him to be a surgeon again and how much it will mean to him to be back with the woman he loves, Jennifer.

Gabi goes to the coffeehouse looking for Will but Sonny tells her that he's not there. Gabi asks Sonny to tell Will to call her. Sonny questions why and if Gabi has another secret she wants him to keep. Gabi asks if something is bothering Sonny.

Will walks through the town square and comes across Chad. Chad informs Will that he found out Gabi is pregnant and tells him not to blame Sonny since it just came out. Will says it's not really a secret anymore. Will admits that's why they were acting different at Gabi's before. Chad keeps asking himself why Nick was so mad. Will calls it an accident and a surprise to everybody. Chad says maybe but maybe not. Chad then asks why Will is so wrapped up in all of it.

Gabi asks if Sonny is mad at her. Sonny doesn't like how she's pulling Will into her drama by having him lie and keep secrets from him. Sonny accuses her of taking advantage of Will. Gabi is sorry if she ever made trouble for them as she didn't mean to. Sonny says he's fine but warns that if she ever hurts Will then they have a problem.

Rafe goes to the Pub and tells Nick that he made an appointment for he and Gabi to meet with Eric at the church tomorrow morning. Nick thanks him. Caroline comes out and hugs Rafe. Rafe is glad she's back. Caroline reminds Nick that he has a job to do so he goes to wash dishes. Rafe tells Caroline that he's trying. She encourages Rafe to give Nick a chance as he's a good boy and loves Gabi so she thinks he'll do right by her. They talk about Sami planning the wedding. Rafe is glad she's doing it for Gabi but Caroline thinks she's doing it for Rafe. Sami comes back talking about plans but stops when she sees Rafe.

Maggie goes in to see Jennifer and is glad she's okay. Maggie apologizes and says she was out of line about her and Daniel and she was unfair to them. Jennifer understands Maggie was protecting her son and she was right that the treatment didn't work so now he has no other treatment. Maggie realizes that she just came out of the sedative so she doesn't know. Maggie reveals to Jennifer that the treatment worked and it wasn't just luck that he was able to operate on her but there's no more tremors. Jennifer can't believe it and calls it unbelievable. Maggie tells Jennifer that she was right all along and she'll never be able to repay her.

Nicole tells Daniel that it's not really a shock as deep down she always knew he didn't love her but she thought maybe he could one day. Nicole says she knew even when they were going to Hawaii that it was never really her. Nicole says even after she found out that he and Jennifer weren't back together, Nicole felt she needed to give it another shot and that's why she went to the cabin. Nicole admits that she wasn't thrilled that Jennifer had the same idea but she heard Jennifer and Daniel say they love each other. Daniel didn't know Nicole was there. Nicole promises she wasn't trying to eavesdrop. Nicole says Daniel is in love with Jennifer and she hopes they can work it out. Nicole cries that Daniel is the most amazing man she's ever met and he deserves to be happy. Nicole then exits.

Will tells Chad that he's involved because Gabi came to him first and they are good friends. Chad wonders if that's why Nick was so mad. Will says Nick didn't love how things came out. Chad guesses that makes sense. Will asks Chad as a friend to please leave Gabi alone. Chad says absolutely and that he was just curious as he walks away.

Rafe talks to Sami about going all out with the wedding plans and he thanks her. Rafe says it's a big deal for them and it's the right thing to do. Sami wants it to be a day that Gabi will remember forever. Sami offers to show Rafe the plans but Rafe says he trusts her. Sami remarks that he doesn't when it matters most and she walks away.

Chad goes back to the coffeehouse but stops outside and looks in the window. Gabi asks Sonny why he's so upset with her as she thought he understood why she asked Will not to tell anybody that she was pregnant. Sonny states that her MO is a little more clear now. Gabi asks what that means. Sonny warns Gabi that he's going to be watching her a lot more closely for Will's sake. Sonny walks away and Gabi turns around to see Chad in the window.

Nicole breaks down crying at the church rectory as Eric walks in and hugs her. Nicole wonders why this keeps happening to her and why she always ends up alone.

Daniel goes in to see Jennifer. Jennifer isn't sure how she's going to repay him for this one. Daniel tells her that she already has. Jennifer tells him that Maggie gave her the amazing news. Daniel tells her that it's true and jokes with her. Daniel holds her hand and kisses her on the cheek. Daniel says what Jennifer has done for him was a Christmas miracle. Daniel declares Jennifer has given him his whole life back. Jennifer responds that she was just returning the favor.

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