Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/10/12

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/10/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Rafe goes to the coffeehouse to see Sami after she sent him a text that it's urgent. Sami says nothing is wrong but they have a lot to talk about as they have a lot to do to give Nick and Gabi the perfect wedding. Hope overhears this and is surprised to learn Nick and Gabi are getting married.

Gabi and Nick lay in bed as Nick asks if she's happy. Gabi talks about being happy to be with him and she asks Nick if he's sure he's ready to raise Will's baby as his own for the rest of his life.

Will walks through the town square as Sonny joins him. Sonny asks what he wants for Christmas. Will says he's already got it. Sonny puts his scarf on Will and talks about warming up from the cold. Sonny offers him a coffee on the house. Will doesn't want to take advantage but Sonny says everything that's his is Will's.

Daniel tells Nicole that they need to get Jennifer to the hospital. Nicole wants to make a call but there's no service. Daniel declares it's Jennifer's appendix that's about to burst. Nicole notes that the ferry is about to leave. Daniel states that it can't because she has to get to the hospital now. Daniel instructs Nicole to run and catch the ferry. Jennifer wakes up panicking about what they are going to do as Daniel assures her they will get her help.

Johnny runs into the Pub and greets Caroline with a hug. They talk about missing each other as Johnny informs her that Sami isn't there but EJ brought him as EJ enters the Pub.

Sami apologizes to Hope for her finding out like that. Hope wants to know why they are getting married. Rafe agrees that it's very sudden. Hope asks Sami what's going on here. Rafe suggests she talk to Nick. Sami promises that they are good together. Hope asks Rafe what he thinks about it.

Nick reassures Gabi. Nick and Gabi joke together in bed as Nick asks her to do the honor of marrying him.

Daniel tells Jennifer that she's lucky he had the emergency medical supplies so he injects her with a drug to lessen the pain. Jennifer asks if he's sure it's the appendix. Daniel says he is and tells her not to worry as it's a simple surgery so she should be back on her feet in a couple of days. Daniel holds her hand and she says that's great. Nicole runs back in and apologizes to Daniel that she couldn't catch the ferry and the next one isn't for four more hours. Nicole comments that Jennifer seems better. Daniel explains that he gave her pain meds to keep her comfortable but he doesn't have four hours. Nicole wonders what they will do. Daniel says they are going to see if the Hortons come prepared as he checks the bag and decides they have everything they need here. Nicole points out that they don't have a nurse and a surgeon. Nicole reminds Daniel of his hands so he can't perform the surgery. Daniel worries that if Jennifer's appendix burst then it could be fatal and she could die so he is all she's got.

EJ greets Caroline. Caroline sends Johnny to have some cookies. EJ jokes with him to leave two for them. EJ welcomes Caroline home. She thanks him and thanks him for bringing Johnny to see her. EJ talks about Sydney taking a nap but she would have loved to have seen her. Caroline tells him that she'll have plenty of time to see her. Caroline intends to make the best of her chance. Caroline recalls her mother saying the harder you work, the luckier you are. Caroline asks EJ about Stefano. EJ wonders why she asked. Caroline thinks EJ was thinking of him right now.

Rafe tells Hope that Nick and Gabi are kids in love so that's all that matters. Hope brings up Nick still being on parole and Gabi being so young. Hope realizes why they are getting married. Rafe points out that she'll be talking to Nick. Hope assures Rafe that Nick's past is in his past and he will take care of Gabi. Hope says she has something to take care of and rushes out. Sami blames her big mouth. Rafe tells her that people will be finding out anyways and he's sure Nick wasn't looking forward to telling Hope. They high five that it was a good favor. Sami realizes Nick hasn't even told his mother yet and she's on the top of her call list. Sami shows him a bunch of folders she has to get flowers, caterers, and everything for the ceremony. Rafe says Sami didn't have to plan the wedding. Sami says someone had to and she's happy to. Rafe asks if that's why she called him down there so urgently. Sami points out that Rafe knows Gabi better than anyone and she's been dreaming about her special day so she wants Rafe to tell her everything she needs to know.

Gabi tells Nick that the answer is still yes and they kiss. Nick tells her he'd give her a ring now if he had one but for now he gives her a necklace. Nick guarantees he will buy her a ring when he makes more money but Gabi calls this perfect and special just like him.

Will sits with Sonny and talks about how last year everyone was singing Deck the Halls while he was hungover and miserable. Will is in the Christmas spirit this year and doesn't think it will feel like Christmas unless it snows. Sonny talks about how it is in Dubai. Will recalls being in Europe with Carrie and Austin one year and he thought he would go back one day with someone he loves. Sonny says he can't wait but he keeps thinking about Nick and Gabi. Sonny says he and Will are thinking about all of this great stuff while Nick and Gabi will be tied down with the baby. Will doesn't think it's that bad. Sonny says he'd love a family one day but doesn't want to think about it for a long time. Chad intervenes and asks what Sonny doesn't want to think about.

Daniel gets a tremor as he prepares supplies. Jennifer tells him that it will be okay. Daniel agrees that it will be and she'll have her appendix out when she wakes up and will hopefully be feeling better. Daniel drops the needle as he's preparing it. Jennifer holds his hand and tells him it's okay as he makes an injection into her arm. Nicole returns with clean towels and sheets and asks what else she needs. Daniel asks her to sterilize supplies so she goes to do that as Daniel watches over Jennifer.

EJ admits he was thinking about Stefano. Caroline talks to EJ about being mad at Stefano before. EJ says everyone in town would be justified to be mad at Stefano. EJ talks about Johnny and Sydney. They agree that they both love their children. EJ reveals to Caroline that Sami is working at Countess Wilhelmina with him which surprises her. Caroline compares herself to Sami as Caroline talks about Sami and how Sami loves EJ and Rafe while Caroline loved Shawn and Victor. Caroline comments that Victor seems to have finally turned his life around and EJ can too.

Rafe talks to Sami about how Gabi always said Arianna would be her maid of honor and about the dress she wanted to wear. Rafe wonders if she can have the wedding in the church. Sami says they will do whatever it takes to make her dream wedding.

Chad assumes Will and Sonny are talking about Gabi and wanted Sonny to stay away from the crazy bitch. Sonny asks Chad if he ever thought he was wrong about Gabi. Chad thinks Will is too protective of Gabi and wants to know what he's not saying.

Gabi asks Nick what he thinks his mom will say when she finds out. Nick is not sure. Hope arrives looking for Nick and Gabi opens the door. Nick asks Hope what's up. Hope tells him that she heard he had pretty big news and wondered when he planned on sharing it with her.

Daniel preps Jennifer for surgery and has Nicole hand him the scalpel as he prepares.

Sami tells Rafe that she will talk to Gabi while he goes to the church to talk to Father Tobias. Rafe agrees as they prepare to exit. They get close and Rafe thanks her as he really appreciates everything she's doing for Gabi. Rafe knows she's really working hard to make Gabi's day special. Sami is happy to do it for Gabi. Sami says she might not be good at marriage but she likes a beautiful wedding. Rafe agrees to call her later. Sami wishes him luck as she exits.

Will tells Chad that he's right that he doesn't know the whole story but it isn't theirs to tell. Chad says he knows Gabi and knows that means some guy won't have a happy ending. Sonny wants Chad to cut Gabi some slack. Will tells Sonny he will catch up with him later and kisses him goodbye as he walks away.

Gabi exits to let Nick and Hope talk. Nick apologizes to Hope that she had to hear from someone other than him as he was going to tell Maggie but figured word would get out. Hope calls Gabi a wonderful, beautiful girl but they just met and thinks it's a little fast. Nick reveals she's pregnant. Hope calls it fast. Nick explains that they didn't plan it but it just kind of happened. Hope asks how far along Gabi is. Nick claims 5 or 6 weeks and calls it love at first sight. Hope understands. Nick hopes the rest of the family is as happy about it as they are.

Chad continues talking to Sonny about what he knows. Sonny thinks Chad is just looking for someone to blame because he's so bitter over Melanie. Chad tells him that he has no clue what he's talking about. Sonny doesn't care and doesn't want to hear him talk about Gabi again.

Daniel has Nicole assist in closing the wound. Nicole is surprised he's already done and wonders how he did it with his hands.

Caroline sits with Gabi. Gabi hates feeling like a disappointment to her family. Gabi tells Caroline that she loves Nick. Caroline calls it wonderful news then. Caroline believes a baby is a blessing no matter what. Caroline asks her about disappointing the family and asks if Rafe said something. Gabi says Rafe has been wonderful and she's really lucky to have him as a big brother.

Rafe walks through the town square as Johnny runs up and hugs him. Rafe realizes he's with EJ and then hugs him again.

Nick tells Hope that he's not going to screw up his life again. Nick adds that being a husband and a father is what he always wanted. Nick assures Hope that he and Gabi are happy. Hope gives him her blessing and hugs him.

Sami joins Caroline and Gabi at the Pub and Sami announces that she's Gabi's wedding planner.

Daniel tells Nicole that Jennifer will be fine and sends her to get antibiotics. Nicole exits as Daniel sits with Jennifer. He puts his hand on her head and she wakes up.

Johnny wants to go see Santa in the town square so Rafe gives him some money. EJ gives him some money as well as Johnny goes to see Santa. Rafe asks EJ if he gave him $100. EJ tells Rafe that he gave him a $5 and is not threatened by his relationship with Johnny. Rafe figures as long as he's not with Sami and EJ has her where he wants her now. EJ claims he works with Sami and nothing more. EJ adds that they work very well together. Will walks by and turns around when he sees them. Will goes around the corner and sees Johnny with Santa. Johnny tells Santa that his little sister wants a doll stroller for Christmas but Johnny is worried that they sleep in a lot of different places with different chimneys so he wonders how Santa will know where to bring it. Will thinks back to saying he didn't want his baby to bounce back and forth between parents.

Nick joins Gabi as she informs him that Sami is their wedding planner. Sami insists that she's glad to do it and won't take arguments. Sami knows it's not how Gabi imagined her marriage starting but she promises the wedding of her dreams.

Chad enters the coffeehouse where Sonny is working. Chad approaches and says he needs him to listen to him about Gabi. Chad says he isn't picking on some poor, innocent girl so he's going to tell Sonny exactly what she did and then he'll hate her as much as he does.

Daniel asks Jennifer if she misses her appendix. Jennifer is glad to have it gone and comments that Daniel did the surgery. Daniel tells her she will be fine as she thanks him. Jennifer gets a pain saying it still hurts so much causing Daniel to worry.

Rafe tells EJ that Sami is smarter than he thinks. EJ thinks she's extremely smart which is why he gave her the job. Rafe believes he has ulterior motives. Johnny runs back to them. EJ asks about talking with Santa. Johnny says they got everything sorted out with his letter and he talks with EJ about cookies. EJ wishes Rafe a merry Christmas and hopes Santa brings him everything he wants. EJ exits with Johnny as Rafe waves goodbye.

Chad tells Sonny that he doesn't want to be the bad guy and he's his business partner but Sonny takes Gabi's side just because Will tells him too. Chad tells Sonny that he's his friend so what he's going to tell him stays between them. Chad calls Gabi a huge bitch and reveals that she is responsible for Melanie's kidnapping.

Sami talks to Gabi and Nick about planning the wedding. Sami says Rafe will walk Gabi down the aisle and suggests Abigail as maid of honor which Gabi agrees with. They agree on Alli being the flower girl. Nick says all he has to do is show up in a tux. Sami asks about a best man. Nick mentions that a friend from prison still has five years. Sami thinks there must be someone local. Will enters the Pub and Caroline points him out, saying there's Nick's best man now.

Daniel tells Jennifer that it will be okay and they will get her better drugs when they get back to Salem. Daniel tells her she looks pretty good after major surgery in these conditions. Jennifer says her heart hurts. Daniel tells her that he didn't go anywhere near her heart this time. Jennifer says he did as her heart knows what she feels for him and it's not what he thinks. Jennifer declares it's love. Jennifer tells Daniel that she loves him.

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