Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/7/12

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/7/12


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Jennifer wants a chance to talk to Daniel but Nicole suggests she leave before Daniel sees her. Nicole claims that Daniel just told her that he can't stand to look at Jennifer and that he hates her so she should go. Jennifer asks if they are going to do this again with Nicole trying to come between them. Nicole thinks it's the other way around. Jennifer calls her a liar and says her apology meant nothing. Jennifer feels sick. Nicole questions if she should really be there. Jennifer needs to talk to Daniel. Nicole asks about Daniel's needs and says he's suffering because of Jennifer. Nicole tells Jennifer to put Daniel first for once and get lost. Daniel returns to the cabin and asks what Jennifer is doing there.

Eric prays with Ciara at the rectory as Sami arrives. Eric explains that he's helping Ciara prepare for her first communion. Ciara hugs Sami and talks about Sami and Eric being twins. Ciara asks why Sami isn't a nun then.

Maggie asks if he can say anything else but Brady says that's all for now. Brady tells her that the future looks interesting. Maggie asks if it's a romance. Brady doesn't want to get ahead of himself. Maggie apologizes. Brady doesn't know what to call it yet because it's new so he wouldn't call it romance yet. Maggie suggests it could be too soon if he can't define it. Brady admits it's crossed his mind. Maggie knows how much Madison meant to Brady but she wouldn't want him to be alone and she'd want him to be with someone special.

John gets in between Kristen and Marlena and asks what he's going to be told. John says he must have got there just in time. Kristen tells Marlena to go on and get it over with.

Maggie talks about her and Mickey and how she fell in love again. Brady explains that he doesn't know what this thing is yet. She tells him that's okay since he doesn't need to rush into anything. Brady informs her that the reason he's hesitating is not for the reasons she thinks since his feelings for Madison aren't the only issue. Maggie asks what the other issue is. Brady calls it more a complication. Maggie asks if it's a complication for him or someone else.

John takes Kristen and Marlena into Marlena's office at the hospital. Marlena says this is really hard to talk about and she thought it was better left unsaid but she's changed her mind. Marlena says the longer she waits to tell the truth, the harder it will be when it comes out. John asks what's coming out and if Kristen did something. Marlena says she did something. Marlena explains that she texted Kristen to lure her out of her room and went in when she was gone. Marlena explains that she was trying to find proof or evidence of what she was doing. Marlena knows it was wrong but she hopes somehow John can find a way to forgive her. John hopes this is some kind of joke but Marlena says it isn't and tells him to ask Kristen since she walked in on her. John doesn't think Marlena would do something like that. Marlena tells him to ask Kristen since she had her tablet. John questions what she was thinking. John gets a call. John says they aren't done talking about this and will meet at the town square. John exits taking his phone cal. Kristen tells Marlena that she didn't think she was going to tell him that. Marlena says she saw his reaction to that so she can't imagine how he'll react to finding out about Kristen and Brady. Marlena adds that she won't be the one to tell him. Kristen asks her about telling the truth. Marlena says that's not her place but Kristen's so she and Brady can explain it to John. Marlena tells Kristen that she just did her a favor.

Eric explains to Ciara that people honor their faith in different ways. He tells her that he likes being a priest and is happy. Sami explains that she doesn't want to be a nun even though she respects those who serve God. Eric sends Ciara to light a candle in the chapel. Sami jokes with Eric that she could never become a nun. Eric asks Sami what brought her over. Sami tells him that they both know she's there because she owes him a huge apology about Nicole.

Jennifer apologizes for just showing up. Daniel questions again what she's doing there. Jennifer feels like there was so much left unsaid and she didn't want to leave things without working them out. Daniel says there's nothing to work out. Nicole agrees that she told Jennifer to leave. Jennifer asks Nicole to stay out. Nicole sees that Daniel doesn't want Jennifer there. Daniel asks Nicole to give them a minute because Jennifer is right that they need some closure. Nicole agrees to exit the cabin. Jennifer apologizes to Daniel for making it more difficult for him since she didn't know Nicole would be there. Daniel asks if she knows why he's there and what he's trying to get away from. Jennifer says she does and needs him to understand why she came since she told Daniel that she would be there for him no matter how the treatment turned out and she meant it.

Kristen mocks Marlena for thinking everything she does is a favor. Marlena admits she owes her a favor for not running to John to tell him about their fight. Marlena says now she's in the clear but she will never get the picture of her and Brady in bed out of her brain. Kristen suggests a drink. Marlena says they are consenting adults so how they handle it is up to them and they can either tell John or continue the secret affair. Kristen thinks it sounds like that's what she wants but Marlena says she doesn't give a damn. Kristen believes that as long as she continues her affair with Brady, it will keep Marlena from sleeping with John. Marlena says she and John are in love and will always be faithful to each other. Kristen brings up Marlena cheating on Roman with John in the past. Marlena says she has work to do so Kristen exits. Kristen wonders out loud why Marlena didn't tell John. She adds that John has to know everything if this is going to work. Kristen then pulls out her phone.

Brady tells Maggie that he thinks he's said too much already but she doesn't think he's said anything at all. Brady says he just needs to work out a few things before he defines it. Maggie agrees that he doesn't have to talk until he's ready. Brady asks to keep it between them. Maggie says whatever makes the situation complicated, in a perfect world he should just remember that the only person he has to worry about pleasing is himself. Maggie offers him to call her any time. Maggie hugs him goodbye as she heads off to a meeting. Brady gets a text message from Kristen.

Nicole waits outside the cabin. Daniel says he knows Jennifer wanted to be there for him but he's fine and doesn't need anyone hovering over him. Jennifer explains that she doesn't feel responsible or pity but Daniel sees it in her face. Daniel yells at her that he doesn't need it and questions why she's there. Daniel says she's obviously sick so she should be home resting but Jennifer wanted to tell him that he doesn't need to be all alone. Daniel reminds her that he's not alone. Jennifer questions him leaning on Nicole. Daniel tells her to leave Nicole out of it. Jennifer questions why Nicole is there. Daniel asks why Jennifer is doing this to him since it's making it worse. Jennifer thinks he's admitting there's a problem. Jennifer refuses to let him shut out the world because he needs his friends to help him through it. Daniel thinks she means that she needs him. Daniel asks if she only wants to help him to stop feeling guilty. Daniel tells her that she has no reason to feel guilty since she's not responsible. Daniel tells her to go live her life. Jennifer yells at him to stop and says she's there because she cares about him. Daniel doesn't want Jennifer like this and tells her to just go away.

Brady goes to Kristen's and finds her in a black dress as she pulls him into her room.

Sami and Eric talk about having Caroline back. Eric asks what she wanted to say to him about Nicole. Sami doesn't take back what she said about Nicole but states that Eric is a different, more forgiving man. Sami says Eric is forgiving enough to not kick her out of his office. Eric thinks they both said things they regret. Sami tells him that what he was saying is true. Eric didn't mean to hurt her. Sami tells him to let her apologize. Sami regrets what she said about his decision making, his judgment, and that she implied Nicole was taking advantage of him. Sami sees Eric is just trying to give her the benefit of the doubt. Eric appreciates that. Sami enjoyed seeing him with Ciara and says Eric has a gift. Sami wants this to be the right decision for him. Eric says he's still human. Sami talks about Eric striving to be good and kind so she admires him for that. Sami apologizes again for what she said and regrets it since she's really proud of him. Sami says Eric is a priest even if she doesn't get it.

Jennifer tells Daniel that what he's doing is not going to work. Jennifer refuses to leave. Daniel tells her to hear what he's saying. Daniel feels her face and knows she's burning up. Jennifer gets a stomachache and feels dizzy. Daniel tries to check on her but she faints into his arms.

Eric and Sami go to the coffeehouse. Eric talks about Sami not getting him being a priest. Sami insists that she respects everything he's doing but she's conflicted about it because he's her brother. Sami can't imagine life without being in love and Eric not having a wife. Eric is glad she's honest but wants her to stop focusing on that and just focus on him being happy. Eric feels right with his life choices. Sami keeps thinking about Ciara asking why she's not a nun. Sami recalls how shocked she was when Eric first told her about being a priest. Eric knows no one expected the change. Sami asks if it bothers him that people will be shocked that it seems out of character. Eric doesn't care since he's secure with who he is and the choices he's made. Sami is glad he doesn't have doubts. Eric says he's fully committed to life as a priest. Eric tells her that he's who he is always been and nothing's changed. Eric feels like he just needed to connect more with his faith and serve it better. Sami questions him making that decision. Eric admits it wasn't easy but it was after things he had seen in the Congo. Eric calls it unbelievable what people can actually do to each other so he needed to understand the world. Eric feels that he's in the right place now and sees things more clearly. Sami asks if it was really that horrible over there. Eric says there are things he just can't get away from. Sami questions what things he can't get away from.

John and Marlena sit in the town square. Marlena tells John about breaking into Kristen's room and how Brady arrived to calm things down. She talks about not wanting things to get worse so they didn't tell John. Marlena doesn't expect him to understand but she felt desperate and alone when it came to Kristen so she thought if she could find some proof then she would find a little less alone. John asks her about not finding any proof since there wasn't any. Marlena admits it wasn't there but she tells him that she is no longer going to be worried about Kristen or her plans since there doesn't seem to be a need for that.

Brady and Kristen lie in bed after making love. Brady wasn't expecting this after her text. Kristen knows it was impulsive but she felt that she needed him and hoped he felt the same. Kristen says there's worse ways to spend an afternoon but not many as complicated. Brady talks about thinking about that complication. Kristen asks if it's too much for him. Brady says no but they need to talk. Brady says he can handle complicated and thinks she can too. Brady wants to stay but has to have lunch with John and Marlena. Kristen doesn't like what she's doing to him outside of the room as she's turning him into a liar. Kristen feels she is making Brady sneak around. Kristen says if Brady's heart is telling him that he needs to tell John the truth then maybe he should. They argue. Kristen tells Brady that she can take it if he has to tell John so she doesn't want to stand in his way and then they kiss.

Sami asks Eric what he can't get away from. Before he can respond, Maggie arrives and greets him with a hug. Maggie mentions stopping by the church yesterday but he was out. Maggie wants to catch up now that he's back. Maggie brings up Eric heading up the construction of the new school and she's interested to hear his plans. Eric says it has to wait since he needs to meet John and Marlena for lunch. Eric asks Sami about coming along but she has too much work. Sami points out that they weren't done with their conversation so Eric says they will continue later as he hugs Sami and Maggie goodbye then exits. Maggie tells Sami it must be nice to have her brother back and asks what she's thinking. Sami says in some ways Eric is exactly the same but in other ways he's totally different.

John tells Marlena that she doesn't have to make any promises because she thinks it's what he wants to hear. Marlena says it's good enough for her if John doesn't think Kristen has an agenda. John doesn't want any more secrets. Marlena says that's why she told him about breaking in. She suggests that maybe now they can move past the shock of Kristen coming back to Salem.

Brady and Kristen continue kissing. He calls her amazing but also very wrong because he thinks the alternative to sneaking around would be worse. Brady says John and Marlena would view this as another attack if they found out and he doesn't want that to happen since he really likes her. Brady thinks they should keep the whole thing between them. Kristen comments that it sounds like Brady thought it out.

Daniel calls for Nicole so she comes into the cabin. Daniel has Jennifer on the couch as she has passed out. Nicole wonders what happened and why. Daniel tells Nicole that he needs her help.

Brady leaves and Kristen angrily wonders what she has to do. Kristen questions people keeping secrets now as she desperately wants Brady or Marlena to tell John. Kristen says she could tell him herself but that's not as good unless..

Brady joins Marlena, John, and Eric at the town square for lunch. Brady apologizes for being late as he had a few things to do. John says they'll talk about a few things afterwards. Marlena talks about Sami not being able to make it. Marlena asks Eric to say grace before they eat so he says a prayer.

Kristen lays on her bed and now decides it's much better for John to stay in the dark a little bit longer since that will make the moment when he finds out the truth that much sweeter.

Sami sits with Maggie and says Eric is still as trusting as ever. Maggie thinks that's good but Sami says it depends on who he's trusting. Maggie has heard Eric hired Nicole. Sami wonders when people will learn that when you see Nicole you should just run.

Daniel tells Nicole that they need to get Jennifer to the hospital. Nicole wants to make a call but there's no service. Daniel declares it's Jennifer's appendix that's about to burst. Nicole notes that the ferry is about to leave. Daniel states that it can't because she has to get to the hospital now.

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