Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/6/12

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/6/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Nicole goes to Eric's office looking for him but he's not there. She makes a call to Sister Ann asking if she's seen Eric. She learns he is sleeping after being up all night. She hangs up and then hears Eric through the vent as he tries to sleep but is heard yelling "no please" as he then wakes up in a panic.

Abigail finds Jennifer in the living room as she talks about being unable to sleep because of what she's done. Jennifer blames herself for the fact that Daniel will never be a surgeon again.

Daniel is frustrated at a home and there's a knock at the door. He opens the door to see Maggie. Maggie wanted a good excuse to stop by but he tells her that she doesn't need one and she hugs him.

Kristen informs him that someone is about to get the shock of their life and she can't wait. EJ asks if it's vengeance. Kristen says everything she put into motion by coming back to Salem is coming together perfectly. Kristen admits to EJ that she had a plan and it's all about to come together in the perfect way.

Marlena tells John that she knows he and Kristen are not having an affair. John is glad and says it's settled but Marlena informs him that there's something else she has to tell him and he's going to hate it. John says he can take it. Marlena thinks back to what she saw. Marlena reveals that it's about Brady.

Daniel tells Maggie that he's okay but she asks how that can be.

Jennifer feels like she's ruined Daniel's life.

Maggie tells Daniel that it shouldn't have happened. Daniel knew it was a gamble. Maggie blames it on Jennifer pushing so hard.

Abigail tells Jennifer that she was only trying to help Daniel. Jennifer says her intent doesn't matter because Daniel is devastated and it's all her fault.

Daniel blames himself for making the decision. Maggie continues blaming Jennifer until Daniel stops her. Daniel says he didn't sleep and talks about getting a call from Melanie who was excited to hear good news. Daniel regrets telling Melanie without knowing the procedure would work. Maggie suggests there's a chance that the procedure could work later. Daniel doesn't want to live with false hope and says he will accept where he's at. She asks what he's going to do.

Abigail asks Jennifer what Daniel will do now.

EJ thanks Kristen for being cryptic and unhelpful. Kristen doesn't want to jinx it. EJ asks if it's about her and John. Kristen says it is in a way but she insists that it's completely over and that will be clear to everyone very soon.

John asks if Marlena wants to talk about Brady. She doesn't want to but feels she has to. John thinks it's just that Brady doesn't agree with her about Kristen so he's backed off of her and that's all. John says Brady won't be in the middle of this but Marlena tries to say he is until Brady then joins them.

Maggie tells Daniel to have patience as a doctor. She suggests he go to the hospital and see how many people need him. Daniel refuses. Maggie asks what he will do then. Daniel doesn't want to see Jennifer as he hates the look of pity. Daniel hopes whatever could have been was killed by this whole thing. Daniel declares that there is no chance for them.

Jennifer tells Abigail that she had so much she wanted to say to Daniel because he has no idea how she really feels. Abigail asks how she feels. Jennifer is sorry about what happened and wants to make it up to him but knows it's ridiculous because she can't give back to him what he lost. Jennifer decides that she needs to go to the hospital to see him since he's on duty and she wants to make this right.

Nicole works in Eric's office as Eric enters and she greets him. Nicole admits she thought she heard shouting from his room. Eric pretends to not know what she's talking about. Eric questions her listening through the vents. Nicole says it was so loud but Eric claims he was sleeping. Nicole comments that he doesn't look very rested so he warns her to back off.

EJ asks Kristen how that can be when John was her goal, the reason she came, and the only thing she cares about. Kristen insists that she's there for her family but EJ laughs and says he's still not buying that. Kristen is done talking about her and asks about Sami. EJ thinks there isn't much else to tell since he got an opening, things are beginning to grow, and he thinks things will work out to his advantage. EJ suggests he can arrange for Rafe not to stick his nose in but thinks Kristen could help. Kristen questions if EJ is suggesting she should pursue Rafe. EJ thinks she should spend some time with Rafe to poke around. Kristen laughs and knows EJ just wants a decoy to keep Rafe away from Sami. Kristen can't believe EJ is attempting it since he's perfectly capable of getting back with Sami on his own and her plate is full anyways.

Marlena is surprised that Brady is with them. Brady asks John how he's doing. John gets a call and steps away so Brady sits with Marlena. He asks how she is since she seems a little off. Marlena admits that she is. Brady asks if it's John and suggests she can tell him about breaking into Kristen's room. Marlena says that's not it and asks Brady how he is. Brady says he's great. John returns and talks with Brady about work.

Nicole apologizes to Eric if she offended him. Eric wants to drop it. Eric asks Nicole to deliver an envelope to Justin at the Kiriakis Mansion. Nicole agrees to but doesn't think she should show her face at Victor's house. Nicole says they loathe each other and it's very mutual but Victor's not the problem but Maggie is as she worries that Maggie will turn on her. Eric suggests Nicole ask Maggie for forgiveness. Nicole worries about when this will get easier. Eric tells her to take responsibility and face it. Nicole says she always ends up remembering that she screwed up any chance she had with Daniel.

Daniel talks to Maggie about taking time off. She asks what he's going to do. Daniel says he will take off for a little while. Maggie asks how the deserted islands sound. Maggie suggests the Horton cabin on the island and he can update the emergency medicine. Daniel jokes with her about sending him to a portable hospital and thinks she's determined to keep him working. Maggie says it'd be a big help and tells him how quiet it is as they hug.

Brady and John talk about work. John wants to get back to what Marlena was talking about but Marlena decides she has to go and rushes off. Brady apologizes. John says things have just been a little tense. Brady asks if he can help.

EJ asks Kristen if she's expecting a call.

John tells Brady that this is on him since Marlena misunderstood another incident between he and Kristen but Marlena isn't happy any time they touch each other. John says they agreed not to talk about Kristen anymore but hopes this will all blow over. Brady says as long as John and Kristen don't see each other anymore. John exits and Brady makes a call to Kristen. EJ asks Kristen about not sharing her call with him. Kristen says they will later as EJ exits. Kristen answers. Brady asks if she's ready for a surprise.

Daniel goes to the hospital and works with Maxine. Daniel gives her folders and says Dr. Bloom will be covering for him as he's on Smith Island at the cabin with no phone service. Daniel says they'll be fine without him but Maxine disagrees and thinks they will miss his skills. Daniel tells her to keep everyone in line. Daniel turns around to leave but runs into Jennifer. Jennifer asks Daniel about taking a leave. Daniel says it's for a few days. Jennifer is glad she got there then. Daniel asks if she's feeling alright. She says no and wanted to tell him that she doesn't pity him. Jennifer says that's not what she feels when she looks at him. Daniel tells her that he can't do this and walks away.

Kristen tells Brady to be careful about his family finding out but Brady says they won't as he can handle them. Kristen claims she couldn't live with being the problem between them. Brady assures her that they're so busy with their own stuff so they won't even know what's going on. Brady tells her that he just spoke with John and Marlena and he's the last thing on their minds.

Marlena goes to the hospital and says to herself that Brady doesn't know she saw them and Kristen didn't tell him. Marlena wonders what Kristen is thinking.

Kristen questions Brady seeing John and Marlena this morning. Brady says he didn't tell them. Kristen is surprised they didn't expect anything. Brady is positive and tells her that he's coming to her room after lunch. Kristen agrees to see him later and hangs up. Kristen wonders why Marlena didn't tell John and calls it the perfect set up. Kristen declares she won't let Marlena screw with her and she storms out.

Nicole goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and delivers the letter for Justin to Maggie. Nicole asks to come in. Maggie says no one is there but Nicole wants to see her. Maggie says she has a meeting but Nicole insists it won't take long as she wants to make amends with her. Nicole knows Maggie doesn't want to hear from her but she needs her to know how sorry she is for what she did to Daniel and Jennifer and that she told them both that. The phone rings. Maggie gets Nicole's drift and thanks her. Maggie tells her to show herself out as she goes to answer the phone. Maggie answers the call from Hope. Maggie tells Hope about Daniel heading out to the Smith Island cabin which Nicole overhears. Maggie tells Hope that Daniel is happy to have a couple days to himself as Nicole exits. Nicole pulls out her phone and texts Eric that she has a sick friend so she won't be back tonight.

Kristen arrives at the hospital and approaches Marlena.

EJ runs into Eric at the town square. Eric was just about to call him as the building fun want to get a picture of him with their donation. EJ is surprised but agrees, assuming it's to solicit funds. Eric knows he knows about fundraising. Eric hopes he and Kristen will have a decent working relationship. EJ knows Kristen thinks highly of Eric and wants everything to run smoothly. Eric says he knows there can be tension between their families. EJ thinks Eric and Kristen will rise to the occasion.

Kristen is so glad she found Marlena as they can't avoid what she saw. Marlena tries to walk away and doesn't want to talk about it. Kristen reveals that she knows Marlena saw her and Brady. Kristen calls it just one of those things that kind of happened but Marlena tells her to shut her lying mouth.

Jennifer approaches Maxine. Maxine comments that she looks like hell. Jennifer says she's so worried about Daniel. Maxine is too. Jennifer states that she can't help him if she doesn't know where he's going. She's sure he told Maxine and wants to know. Jennifer asks if Daniel hates her. Maxine says he didn't say that. Maxine adds that Daniel didn't say anything about her. Jennifer thinks that means that he won't mind if he tells her where he's gone. Jennifer threatens to follow Maxine around to find out. Maxine says nobody said it was a secret and informs Jennifer that Daniel is going to Smith Island to take supplies to the Horton Cabin. Jennifer thanks her and rushes out.

Daniel arrives at the cabin and begins unpacking supplies from his bag. He starts to get a tremor in his hand. He thinks back to Maggie thanking Daniel for operating on Phillip in the past and how lucky they were to have a surgeon with Daniel's skill and heart. Daniel continues unpacking until there's a knock at the door. Daniel answers to see Nicole. Daniel is speechless. She tells him that he shouldn't be alone. Daniel insists that he's okay but Nicole disagrees. Daniel doesn't think he's fit for any company. Nicole swears not to bother him but just sit by the fire and read. Nicole says she will stay out of his way but she will be there just in case. Daniel says he doesn't need help, just space. Nicole tells him that he will get it. Daniel says a ferry is coming but they hear a noise. Daniel looks out the window and sees a branch fell on the generator. Daniel goes out to try and fix it.

Brady sits in the town square and thinks back to being with Kristen. Brady smiles as Maggie arrives and says she likes to see that. Brady hugs her. Maggie says she's off to a hospital meeting as she likes to stay busy. Maggie comments that Brady is glowing. Maggie says she hasn't seen Brady this alive in ages. Brady admits he's very happy, he feels great and like his life is turning around.

Marlena tells Kristen not to act like being with Brady was an accident since nothing ever just happens with her and had to be a plan. Kristen is uncomfortable with her paranoia. Marlena asks if it's because she couldn't get John, so she settled for Brady. Kristen calls Brady amazing. Marlena tells her to stop now because Brady is fragile. Marlena is going to make sure it ends now. Kristen asks if that means she will tell John. John arrives and sees them together.

Nicole sits at the fire and says they could really make this work. There's a knock at the door. Nicole assumes it's Daniel but it is instead Jennifer.

Eric says he doesn't want to keep EJ. EJ clarifies that it wasn't his idea for Sami to come with him when they gave his donation. EJ understands Eric argued with her about Nicole too. Eric calls it nothing new since they were always fighting but he shrugs it off to keep his sanity. Eric asks what EJ is trying to ask. EJ says he knows it's none of his business and he doesn't know him but he does know Nicole and thinks he'd be very wise to listen to Sami. EJ says he knows Nicole does not change. EJ calls Nicole's act a facade as she's up to her old tricks.

Nicole can't believe Jennifer showed up at the cabin. Jennifer asks what she's doing there. Nicole says she's helping Daniel. Jennifer asks if she's helping him off of a cliff. Nicole says Jennifer already did that and questions how she could do that. Nicole says Jennifer had a chance to be with Daniel but she left him in pieces. Nicole tells Jennifer that he doesn't need her. Jennifer wants a chance to talk to him but Nicole suggests she leave before Daniel sees her. Nicole claims that Daniel just told her that he can't stand to look at Jennifer and that he hates her so she should go.

Maggie sits with Brady and asks what's turning his life around. Brady says it's not just one thing but how things are coming together like a few surprises lately. Maggie comments that it's not always good. Maggie suggests he's letting his guard down when he shouldn't but he insists that he's good. Maggie asks if he can say anything else but Brady says that's all for now. Brady tells her that the future looks interesting.

John gets in between Kristen and Marlena and asks what he's going to be told. John says he must have got there just in time. Kristen tells Marlena to go on and get it over with.

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