Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/5/12

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/5/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita


Marlena goes to Kristen's and prepares to knock but hears Kristen moaning inside so she barges into her room. Marlena is shocked by what she sees.

Sami returns to EJ at the town square. He asks how it went. She complains about Nicole ruining Eric's life again. EJ promises that he won't let that happen. Rafe walks through the town square and sees them smiling together. Sami reminds EJ that they are talking about Nicole. EJ says they know her and she won't get past them. Sami agrees and suggests they go back to work so they walk off together. Rafe shakes his head and heads the other way only to run into Eric. Rafe is surprised to see him. Eric says he was hoping to run into him.

Gabi declares that if they tell the truth then they could both lose the people they love and would still have to raise the baby. Gabi asks if that's really what Will wants. Nick enters and greets Gabi with a kiss. Nick mentions seeing Rafe on his way out. Gabi tells Nick that she told Rafe about Nick proposing. Nick asks Will if he's decided what he's going to do about the baby.

Marlena sees Kristen and Brady kissing in bed.

Gabi tells Nick that she wants to marry him as he's the best thing to ever happen to her. Nick says he loves her and will love the baby. Will asks if he means no matter what. Will asks what if he says he's the father. He asks if that changes what Nick does. Nick states it will make things harder but won't change how he feels about Gabi or the baby. Nick asks if that helps. Will says it does but it's still lying about his child. Gabi claims they wouldn't lie since nobody would ever ask. Nick points out that he'd be the only father the baby ever knew so there's no confusion or trouble, just a great life for the baby. Gabi promises Will that the baby will have all the love in the world. Nick asks Will what he's thinking. Will says he's thinking about how he bounced between parents who were young and didn't plan on having him so they didn't pay attention. Nick agrees that it's awful. Will says if he ever let that happen to his kid, he'd never forgive himself. Gabi says they would never let that happen. Gabi adds that either way, they will all make sure that never happens to the baby. Will thinks Gabi is trying hard not to beg him to walk away so she obviously wants this. Gabi thinks it's best for everybody and the baby. Will agrees they must do what's right for the baby so he will keep his mouth shut. Gabi asks if that means he's okay with she and Nick raising the baby as their own. Will says yes. Gabi hugs him as Nick breathes a sigh of relief.

John sits at the coffeehouse and thinks back to going to Kristen's when she told him there was something she needed to discuss with him. John pulls out his phone and calls Marlena. Marlena checks her phone but declines John's call as Brady and Kristen continue in bed while Kristen glares at Marlena.

Rafe welcomes Eric back and asks about him seeing Sami. Eric tells him about having different views with Sami. They agree that Sami is a piece of work. They joke about knowing how to argue with Sami. Eric mentions that Sami always sounded happy with Rafe. Rafe says he was happy with her too but things change.

EJ and Sami return to the office. She thanks him for talking her down about Eric and Nicole. Sami says it's hard since Nicole is Eric's first love and the first woman he slept with. Sami worries about Nicole being the only person Eric ever slept with. EJ tells her that she's jumping to conclusions and reminds her that he's a priest so she should trust him to run his own life. Sami disagrees since Nicole is involved. EJ reminds her that they have a campaign to finish. They agree that their work is fun.

Gabi promises Will that he won't be sorry and it's the right thing to do. Will comments on Gabi's smile. Gabi admits she's happy for all of them and declares they are getting married as she hugs Nick. Gabi wants to go tell Rafe so Nick agrees to cover her shift. Gabi asks Will to be happy too as she rushes off. Will tells Nick that he guesses they are done then but Nick says not quite.

John leaves a message for Marlena telling her that it's important and asks her to get back with him as he then leaves.

Kristen gasps so Marlena exits the room and says "Oh God no" as she walks away. Brady asks Kristen what's wrong.

Sami shows EJ work on her computer. EJ praises it and thinks they are ready for phase one of their campaign. They agree that it's great. Sami doesn't think she could have ever done work this good with Kristen. EJ tells her that they make a better team. Sami's phone rings with a message from Johnny's teacher, who sent a drawing that he made. Sami shows it to EJ and he explains that it's a drawing of a robot lobster as they joke about Johnny and Sydney. Sami comments that they did good work with both of their kids and EJ agrees.

Eric tells Rafe that sometimes change is good and he hopes there is happiness for Rafe after Sami. Rafe says he's still figuring it out. Eric invites him to come to the church any time. Rafe recalls the holy cross saving his life as a kid and setting him straight. Eric hopes to see him at mass. Rafe says he will as Eric tells him to take care and exits. Gabi approaches Rafe. Rafe asks about her. Gabi tells Rafe that she and Nick are getting married and will raise the baby together. Gabi wants Rafe to sound a little happy for her.

Will tells Nick that he understands that he can't tell anyone about the baby, Nick's the father, and he can't tell anyone including the man he loves. Nick wanted to thank Will since he knows it wasn't easy. Nick insists that Will is doing the right thing. Will warns him about if he ever lets the kid down. Nick promises it won't happen as it's his responsibility from now on. Will doesn't want Nick to act like he's taking a bullet for him since he got what he wants, Gabi and his baby so Will doesn't want Nick to rub it in. Will then exits the Pub. Eric comes around the corner and greets Will with a hug. Wil apologizes for not coming to see him sooner. Eric asks how he's doing and what's going on. Will says he just has finals and holidays. Eric thinks he has a lot going on so they should catch up soon. Eric states that a lot has changed since he last saw him, Eric's a priest and Will's grown up. Will reveals to Eric that he's gay.

Brady asks Kristen again what's wrong but she claims it's nothing and she's sure as they resume kissing.

Marlena walks through the town square and runs into John, who asks if she's alright.

Rafe sits with Gabi and tells her that if she's happy then he's happy. Gabi says she is. Rafe asks if she's sure this is what she wants. Gabi says she loves Nick so much and knows it might not be ideal as she wishes she had a couple years to sort it out but she's still doing exactly what she wants. Gabi is excited to be getting married. Rafe hugs her and congratulates her.

John asks Marlena if she got his message since he called. Marlena claims that she couldn't answer her phone as she thinks back to what she saw. They both say that they have something to tell the other. Marlena says hers can't wait. John comments that she doesn't look too good and goes to get her some water. Marlena wonders how she will tell him this.

Brady and Kristen lay in bed as Brady comments that she's quiet. Brady wonders if he wants to know what she's thinking. Kristen says probably not and tells him again that this is a mistake. Brady thought they settled this. Kristen argues about what she said before. Brady doesn't like taking instruction and doesn't like walking away from anything this amazing. Brady wants Kristen to admit it but she won't. Brady remarks that her body doesn't lie the way she does. Kristen says Brady doesn't trust her and questions how he could want to be with her then. Brady tells her not to tell him how he feels. Brady informs her that he didn't expect this either but doesn't want to see it end. Brady wants to see how it goes and play it out but Kristen refuses.

Marlena sits alone in the town square. Billie approaches and asks if she's alright since she left her and Kate so soon. Billie wonders if it was something she said about seeing John at the Salem Inn. John then returns.

Kristen tells Brady that John and Marlena would go insane and never understand. Brady tells her that he doesn't need their approval. Kristen doesn't want them to run her out of town. Brady says he would never let that happen. Kristen worries that they would think she used him and she doesn't want to cause a brink with his family. Kristen says it would hurt him too much so she declares it over and that they are done as she gets out of bed.

Eric tells Will that he hopes him being a priest won't be a problem for him. Will does not think Eric can possibly be okay with him being gay. Eric tells him he's there if he ever wants to talk. Will thanks him. Eric says he is not judgmental so they can talk about family or football. They joke about football. Eric just wants Will to be happy and fulfilled in life. Eric mentions that he was up all night so he should go get a nap. They say it was good to see each other as they shake hands. Eric says he loves him and will see him soon as they head their separate ways.

Sami and EJ continue working. They talk about Johnny and joke about him being so honest unlike them. They talk about their campaign. EJ says he has to update Kristen to get the vendors approval. Sami thanks him for handling that. EJ says Kristen would be proud. Sami doesn't care and says this is better. EJ agrees as he steps out of the office. Rafe arrives and asks for Sami but EJ tells him they are working on a deadline. EJ talks about how they are creative together and can finish each other's thoughts. Rafe tells him to guess what he's thinking as he knocks on the office door and EJ walks away.

Brady and Kristen get dressed. Brady tells her that he likes her and calls her sweet and generous. Brady thinks she should give herself more of a chance. Kristen says people don't really give her a chance. Brady says she's in luck and starts kissing her but her phone rings so she answers a call from EJ. EJ asks if she's busy as he needs to see her. Kristen tells him that she's at the hotel so EJ heads that way. Brady kisses her neck but Kristen says he has to go and stay gone. Kristen tells him the call was from the real world so they have to rejoin it. Brady agrees since he's late for a meeting with Victor anyways. Brady tells Kristen not to think too much about this so she doesn't talk herself out of a good thing. Brady kisses her and promises to call her later as he then exits.

John brings Marlena her glass of water. Billie decides to leave them to talk. John sits with Marlena and says that's why he called, because he went to see Kristen and wanted to tell Marlena everything. Marlena asks if it's about the lipstick. John says it is and thinks back to talking to Kristen, who told him that she lost the lipstick prototype and suggested it could have fallen into her jacket when she hugged him but he knew nothing about it. Marlena questions how John got it so he admits she hugged him. Marlena asks if that's all.

Rafe enters Sami's office and asks if she has a minute. She says of course as she meant to call him earlier to ask about Gabi. Rafe reveals that Gabi is giddy because she and Nick are getting married. Sami calls it fantastic given the circumstances but realizes Rafe is not happy. Rafe brings up Nick being a convicted murderer out on parole. Sami insists that Nick is changing, is a good person and loves Gabi. She mentions that he will be able to support Gabi as she'll hire him for a job. She asks if that will make Rafe feel better. He admits it will a little. Sami calls it progress and asks what she can do to make him a little bit happy for Gabi. Rafe states that he needs her.

Sonny works at the coffeehouse as Nick and Gabi arrive. Gabi tells him that she has great news and announces they are engaged. Sonny congratulates them. Nick thanks him. Sonny is surprised at how sudden it is. Gabi admits it is but then reveals she's pregnant. Sonny calls it incredible. Nick says they are really happy but not broadcasting it yet until they tell the rest of their family. Sonny assumes they must be really excited. Will enters as Nick and Gabi talk about their excitement to Sonny.

John tells Marlena that it was barely even a hug. Marlena questions how the lipstick jumped out of her hand into his pocket. John asks where she found it. Marlena says it fell out of his pocket earlier. Marlena believes Kristen deliberately planted it to have him come over. John insists nothing happened between them. Marlena says she believes him.

Brady arrives at the Kiriakis Mansion in a rush to meet with Victor, apologizing for being late. Victor is upset and questions where he's been. They argue. Brady says he's fine and that Titan is his priority. Victor asks what was so important that he kept him waiting.

Kristen thinks back to her last visit with John and how after he left, Brady arrived and started kissing her leading to them making love. Kristen smiles as there's a knock at the door and EJ arrives. EJ calls her a brilliant woman. Kristen agrees but asks why. EJ says the job has been the perfect way to get closer to Sami. EJ says things are going well and they're working long hours plus he gets to help her. EJ adds that Rafe can't compete with that.

Sami questions Rafe needing her. Rafe clarifies that he needs her help. Rafe says he wants to be there for Gabi but she's her sister and he has no one else in his family that can be there for her. Sami understands that Rafe wants her to be Gabi's friend. Rafe talks about how Gabi will listen to Sami as she respects her and will tell her things that she won't tell him. Rafe adds that Gabi thinks Sami is special and like family. Rafe mentions that she was family. Sami agrees to be there for Gabi.

Gabi informs Will that they just gave Sonny the good news. Nick decides they should go so they exit. Sonny asks Will if that was Gabi's problem and big secret. Will admits it was. Sonny apologizes and understands that he couldn't say anything because Gabi wanted to tell him. Sonny calls him such a good friend for helping her out. Will hopes so. Sonny tells him that's the last and only secret he can keep from him. Sonny says he loves him and hugs him as Will says he loves him too.

Rafe is happy and calls it a big relief to have Sami there for Gabi. Rafe admits he feels better and thanks her. Sami is honored to do anything she can to help Gabi. Sami asks if that's all. Rafe thinks that means she needs him to get going. Rafe doesn't want to take up her day. Sami tries to clarify that she meant to ask if he needed her. Rafe rushes out and says more than she knows as he walks away.

EJ tells Kristen that all he has to do is be there. Kristen talks about not having a plan and then something falls in their lap so they have to run with it.

Brady tells Victor that there's no excuse. Victor assumes it must have been good since few things put that look on a man's face. Brady tells Victor that he's happy because he realized that he completely misjudged someone and that's all.

Marlena tells John that she knows he and Kristen are not having an affair. John is glad and says it's settled but Marlena informs him that there's something else she has to tell him and he's going to hate it.

EJ asks Kristen what she did. She calls it perfect but not important. Kristen says what matters is what she's going to do with it. EJ asks if she's going to fill him in or not. Kristen informs him that someone is about to get the shock of their life and she can't wait. EJ asks if it's vengeance. Kristen says everything she put into motion by coming back to Salem is coming together perfectly.

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