Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/4/12

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/4/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Brady wakes up bed next to Kristen. He wakes her with kisses and greets her good morning. Kristen smiles and then starts to freak out about what they did but then they kiss.

Marlena sits at the coffeehouse and thinks back to her fight with Kristen. John joins her with coffee and asks what's on her agenda today. Marlena admits there's something she wants to talk to him about. John guesses it's about Kristen.

Sami works in her office and stops to think back to her last argument with Rafe. Sami decides she at least wants an update on Gabi so she calls Rafe. Rafe walks through the town square and starts reach for his phone but EJ enters Sami's office and asks if it's important. Sami says it can wait so she hangs up.

Eric enters his office where Nicole is waiting. He greets her and she gives him a packet on a meeting. Nicole jokes about enjoying her time with the nuns. Nicole thanks him for giving her a chance and she promises to do better.

Gabi works at the Pub as Will arrives. Will talks about being glad to see Caroline again. Will asks where Nick is. Gabi says Nick took a later shift since Maggie invited him for breakfast. Will mentions that he hasn't slept since he was thinking about everything. She asks what he's decided. Will says he hasn't yet but he's going to. Will points out that it's his child's future.

Brady and Kristen continue kissing until Kristen stops and gets out of bed. Brady asks where she's going. Kristen tells Brady that he has to go and never come back.

Eric tells Nicole that he sees she's made some real steps. Nicole jokes about not knowing what to wear there. Nicole admits the changes and mentions that she slept so peacefully and asks how Eric slept. Eric recalls waking up in a panic and tells Nicole that he was just up all night working. Nicole calls him a saint but Eric responds that he's not.

Rafe checks his phone and sees a missed call from Sami so he calls her back. Sami's phone rings but she ignores it and continues working. EJ asks if she's going to answer but she insists that it can wait. Rafe wonders what Sami wanted. EJ gives Sami some research and tells her that he has to go to St. Luke's. Sami thought Kristen was doing that but EJ says she isn't answering her phone so the church must not be her priority today.

Brady begins getting dressed as Kristen insists that he has to leave because it was wrong. Brady asks if that's how she felt. Kristen argues as Brady says it didn't feel wrong. Brady wants to talk about it but Kristen declares they must forget this ever happened.

John tells Marlena that he doesn't want to talk about Kristen as he has a full day so he puts on his jacket and exits, leaving behind a lipstick tube that fell out of his jacket. Marlena tries to point it out but he's already gone as she picks up the lipstick.

Will tells Gabi that he was up all night, playing everything in his head. Gabi doesn't want it to be a mess for him and she doesn't think it has to be. Will calls it his responsibility too. Gabi knows but thinks it doesn't have to be if she and Nick raise the baby as their own so that Nick would be the dad. Will asks if Gabi's decided that she wants him out of the picture. Gabi says she wants Will to be happy and she wants the baby to have a great life which is why this is a difficult decision. Rafe enters and agrees that it was a hard decision to make but he doesn't get why Will is in the middle of it again.

Sami offers to go with EJ as she thinks she's earned a break. EJ agrees since they worked last night. They agree that the work was fun and that it should be. Sami liked being creative and calls EJ's idea brilliant. They joke with each other as they exit together.

Nicole tells Eric that she checked out the contributor list and she can think of a few that he hadn't thought of. Nicole suggests that Eric might not want people to know she's working there or else they may lose donations. Eric says Nicole is turning her life around and that's their business. Eric jokes with Nicole that she won't get out that easy. Nicole reiterates that he's a saint but Eric tells her that she should stop saying that. Nicole says he has no idea how much this means to her as she thanks him and then exits.

Brady tells Kristen that he's not going to leave while she's this upset. Kristen claims not to be upset. Kristen says this happened and she blames it on Brady going through a difficult time in his life. Brady questions her putting it all on him. Kristen admits there's an attraction but calls it a friction since Brady hates her. Brady tells her that changed. Kristen says it was just one crazy moment that's now over but Brady doesn't think it's over. Kristen calls it wrong.

Gabi tells Rafe that she called Will since he's her best friend and she wanted to talk to him about things. Rafe states that's why he's there so Will decides to exit. Rafe questions why Gabi called Will instead of him. Gabi tells Rafe to respect that Will is her best friend and she doesn't think Rafe treated him fairly before. Rafe apologizes and asks how she's feeling. Gabi says she's okay, bad, excited, and everything. Rafe asks what she needs. Gabi doesn't know. Rafe knows she has a lot to think about after her big decision yesterday. Gabi adds that she has another big decision to think about since Nick asked her to marry him.

Sami and EJ arrive to Eric's office. Sami greets Eric with a hug and introduces EJ and Eric to one another. EJ says he's heard many good things about Eric over the years. Eric thanks EJ for his company's donations. EJ gives him a check that Kristen forgot. Eric asks if EJ is taking over Kristen. EJ says he's just filling in as she's tied up at the moment. Eric thanks EJ for coming by and calls it funny that they arrived at the same time. Sami explains that they work together. Nicole returns. Sami questions what she's doing there. Eric reveals that Nicole is the new assistant. Nicole says she just started this morning. Sami can't believe it and asks Eric if he's lost his mind.

Kate enters the coffeehouse and greets Marlena. Kate sits with her and thinks she will be pleased by her news. Kate reveals that she divorced Stefano after tracking him down in Europe to end the misery for both of them. Marlena questions how she feels about it. Kate says she's rid of him and thinks Marlena would think it's a good idea. Marlena knows Kate loved Stefano and put a lot into that marriage. Marlena says a different man might have appreciated that effort. Kate admits she would've kept going if Stefano gave her half a chance. Marlena stares at the lipstick that John left behind so Kate questions where she got that.

Kristen tells Brady to get out but Brady thinks she's scared. Kristen says he should be too. Brady kisses her hand and apologizes for it being so overwhelming. Kristen says she felt cut open when Marlena broke in and read her journal which made her feel vulnerable and exposed. Brady can tell things run deep with her and that's why he knows what happened between them wasn't casual. Kristen claims it was casual but admits that she obviously has feelings for Brady but she wasn't going to act on them. Kristen admits it's because of John. Brady thought she was over John. Kristen thinks back to hugging John. Kristen claims she is over John and has moved on but she can't move on with Brady. Kristen asks if he feels the slightest bit uncomfortable. Brady says he doesn't as he can't take his eyes off of her. Brady tells her that it feels right, inevitable, and true. Kristen asks if he's sure this has nothing to do with John. Brady insists it doesn't. Kristen doesn't think John will see it that way. Brady asks why they are talking about John since he'll never know. Kristen doesn't want to sneak around. Brady thinks there's got to be a way but Kristen tells him that there isn't. She tells Brady to leave and never come back as John and Marlena can never know about this. Kristen says this must be their secret.

Sami asks for a moment alone with Eric so Nicole exits. EJ tells Eric that it's been a pleasure as he exits as well. Sami tells Eric that he's asking for trouble after she warned him about Nicole. Sami questions what he's doing and if he knows what she's done to her. Eric responds that he knows exactly what Nicole has done and what Sami has done too.

Rafe is not surprised Nick proposed to Gabi since he's really into her. Gabi says she loves Nick. Rafe figures this is good if that will make her happy. Gabi says it depends on so much and asks how Rafe feels about it. Rafe says it's not his decision. Rafe says he just wanted her to think clearly and rationally before she did anything yesterday. Gabi says she did on her own. Rafe admits he would have liked to have known sooner about the baby. Gabi is glad he knows everything now and comments that it was nice to see he and Sami together like that. Rafe tells her that they weren't together like that. Gabi states that it just reminded her of when they were married so she thinks he should make a move. Rafe doesn't want to talk about him. Gabi wonders why not since it's obvious that he's never been happy with anyone other than Sami. Rafe admits it was nice spending time with Sami but it's complicated.

Sami questions Eric talking about what she's done in the same breath as Nicole. Sami talks about Nicole lying about her baby's father. Eric compares it to Sami lying to Austin about being Will's father. Sami blames it on her being a kid. Sami can't believe Eric is comparing to her to Nicole. Eric remarks that they aren't much different.

EJ and Nicole walk to the town square. EJ is speechless as to how Nicole with her reputation end up working for the priest. EJ says he's baffled and can't figure out what she's up to. EJ asks what her plan is. Nicole tells him that she's changing and she wants a life where people like EJ can't hurt her anymore. EJ asks if she's taking up the veil. Nicole says she doesn't need to become a nun but just a better person and she will get there.

Kate explains to Marlena that the lipstick is a prototype for Countess Wilhelmina that should be under wraps for weeks. Kate says it's her business to know that. Kate informs her that only five prototypes exist. Marlena asks who would have them. Kate says Sami and Kristen would each have one which makes Marlena uncomfortable.

Brady finishes getting dressed as he and Kristen exchange looks. Brady opens the door and gives Kristen one last look before exiting. Kristen rushes over to get her phone.

Sami says Eric is talking about crimes she committed as a kid while Nicole is a grown woman that should know better. Eric tells Sami that he still loves her. Sami thinks Eric wants to believe the best in people but that means he gets taken advantage of. Sami thinks his big heart can sometime give him poor judgment. Eric compares his hiring Nicole to Sami working with EJ since he knows what EJ has done to her family. Sami says EJ isn't Stefano as he's a good father. Eric accuses Sami of bringing EJ to make sure he didn't slip up. Eric tells Sami that she's been making bad judgments all her life so she shouldn't play that card with him.

Nicole tells EJ that she has to make these changes now. EJ doesn't like the odds of her changing as he thinks she will always be self destructive. Nicole thinks EJ is still trying to get Sami back. EJ laughs and asks why she would think that. Nicole tells him that she can see he wants Sami even though it's hopeless. Nicole states that Sami fell in love with Rafe the day they met as they have real love that EJ can't compete with. Nicole tells him that she has work to do and walks away.

Rafe tells Gabi that he has to get to the station. Gabi thinks he's leaving just because she mentioned Sami. Rafe offers to call in if she needs him but Gabi insists that she's good. Rafe hugs her goodbye and exits the Pub. Will returns to Gabi and asks what she told Rafe. Gabi says she only told Rafe that Nick proposed and that Rafe said it was her decision to make. Will asks Gabi if she wants to go with Nick's plan. She thinks it's best for everybody. Will says they can get married, raise the baby as Nick's and then lie to the baby for his whole life. Will thinks it's wrong and compares it to his own life and being lied to about who his father was so he wonders how he can do that to his own child.

John walks outside the town square and thinks back to Kristen hugging him. John gets a phone call from Kristen, who says she needs to see him now.

Sami comments that she didn't think priests were allowed to be mean. Eric didn't intend to be unkind but honest. Sami claims she's not like that anymore. Eric asks about EJ. Sami says EJ is her boss and the father of her children so she wants them to get along. Eric reminds Sami that EJ kidnapped her child. Sami goes on about knowing the terrible things EJ has done but he also gave her sole custody of the kids and ran for mayor to make his kids proud. Sami insists that EJ has changed. Eric says if he, Sami, and EJ changed then why can't Nicole. Sami claims Nicole can't change as Nicole returns and listens from behind the wall. Eric believes that Nicole is trying. Sami says she won't succeed. Eric sees another side of her. Sami thinks Nicole is there for him. Eric says he's helping Nicole just like he would anyone else. Sami reminds him that Nicole was Eric's first love and storms out.

Gabi tells Will that she knows it sucks to think about lying to their child and everyone but she doesn't see an alternative with what would happen to Will's life and with Sonny. Will thinks Sonny would understand since they weren't together when this happened. Gabi points out that they've been lying to Sonny for a long time. Will thinks he'd get over it but Gabi questions if Sonny could deal with Will raising a child for the next 20 years. Gabi asks how it would even work if the kid would go back and forth between them. Will says no. Gabi tells Will that she cares about him but they can't raise the child living together since it would never work. Will agrees that it would be a nightmare. Gabi worries about Sonny leaving him when he finds out the truth but Will says it's not about him. Gabi feels lucky to have Nick who loves her and knows the truth but still wants to raise the baby as his own. Will asks if Nick would still want to be involved if Will goes public with the truth. Will suggests that Gabi could lose Nick. Gabi responds that Will could lose Sonny. Will points out that the baby bounces back and forth. Gabi suggests it wouldn't be like that but Will calls it exactly how he grew up.

Brady walks outside the town square. He pulls out his phone and thinks about calling Daniel.

Billie arrives at the Coffeehouse and welcomes Kate home then greets Marlena. Billie informs Marlena that she just saw John at the Salem Inn. Marlena decides she has to go and exits. Marlena walks on, stopping to look at the lipstick and declares that Kristen has played her for the last time.

John arrives at Kristen's room. She greets him and is glad he came by since there's something she needs to discuss with him as she invites him in.

Will tells Gabi that he was a trophy in the Sami-Lucas wars so he knows how it feels. Gabi suggests promising that it would never be like that. Gabi knows it's hard but thinks it could be a lot easier. Will says only if they lie about his baby. Gabi declares that if they tell the truth then they could both lose the people they love and would still have to raise the baby. Gabi asks if that's really what Will wants.

Sami returns to EJ at the town square. He asks how it went. She complains about Nicole ruining Eric's life again. EJ promises that he won't let that happen. Rafe walks through the town square and sees them smiling together.

Nicole asks Eric about going a few rounds with Sami. Nicole talks about Eric being new to being a priest and she doesn't want to mess it up and cause him to fight with his family. Eric asks if she really means she's changed. Nicole does and Eric says they are fine then. Eric tells her that they have work to do and gives her a list of donations to add to.

Billie asks Kate about Stefano. Kate says it was brutal but final. Billie is sorry but Kate doesn't believe her. Billie insists that she's sorry that she's sad and hurt but admits she thinks it's for the best. Billie assures her that it will get better as another door will open for her and she never knows what will be on the other side.

Marlena goes to Kristen's and prepares to knock but hears Kristen moaning inside so she barges into her room.

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