Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/3/12

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/3/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

EJ and Sami lie on the floor in the office to work. Sami has a drawing of a pig with lipstick as they talk about their new lipstick campaign. They talk about what it needs to be and agrees it needs to be sexy. EJ suggests they put their heads together and come up with something. Sami thinks Kristen kept one of the prototypes. EJ says they can trust her. Sami says they need them all. EJ agrees to call Kristen in the morning to get it back as they go over more papers.

Brady goes to Kristen's room, surprising her. Brady walks up to her and hugs her.

Nick tells Gabi that he loves her and wants to give her and the baby the best possible life. Gabi can't believe he's being so sweet. Will arrives knocking at the door and he enters. Gabi tells Will that she wasn't expecting him. Will apologizes and says he knows he said he'd give her a day but they need to make some decisions. Will wants to know what Gabi wants to do about the baby.

Nicole goes to Eric's office and tells him that she's all moved in to the convent. Eric jokes with her about the rules. Nicole promises to be respectful and respectable. Eric is not worried since he asked her to take the job. Nicole jokes about making up for her lack of skills with her personality. Nicole brings up her message and tells Eric that she made amends with Daniel so that she can put it all behind her and move forward but Eric doesn't believe her.

Dr. Lewis concludes that Daniel's procedure has failed. Daniel argues that he was so sure. Jennifer brings up the tremors being gone and she suggests the drug could work over time. The doctor says it's an experimental procedure and he'd never say never but he considers it highly unlikely. Daniel points out that he's no longer eligible for any other treatment. He tells Daniel that he's afraid his condition is now permanent.

Nicole tells Eric that she can't win even when she does exactly what he tells her. Eric asks if she's trying to please him or herself. Eric questions Nicole being over Daniel in two minutes. Nicole says it's sometimes easier to get over someone who didn't love her back. Nicole asks what he knows about her and Daniel anyways. Nicole argues that he doesn't even know Daniel. Eric tells her to calm down as he's not trying to make her feel bad. Eric brings up talking to Caroline, who explained that Daniel has been through a lot in the last few years. Nicole mentions Chloe and Parker. Eric hopes Nicole didn't have something to do with that too. Nicole tries to explain but tells him to forget it. Nicole says all that matters is that she apologized to Daniel and she feels better so she thinks Eric should relax. Nicole tells him that she will be fine and Daniel is too.

Dr. Lewis tells Daniel he knows where to reach him if he needs anything. He apologizes again and then exits. Jennifer tries to grab Daniel's hand but he pulls away. Jennifer tries to find the words but Daniel claims he's fine and okay as he then walks out. Jennifer follows him. Maggie waits anxiously at the desk as they return. Daniel greets Maggie as Jennifer turns away. Maggie realizes it didn't work and tries to go up to him but Daniel tells her that he just needs a minute and walks away. Jennifer stops Maggie from following him. Jennifer tells Maggie that she feels so terrible and she's sorry. Maggie responds that she should because it's all her fault. Jennifer says she was just trying to help. Maggie tells her that she didn't help. Maggie brings up Daniel being willing to go away with Nicole and give up his career for Jennifer. Maggie says Daniel loves Jennifer and that he'd do anything she asked of him. Jennifer says she didn't ask him to leave town with Nicole. Maggie brings up Jennifer being so sure. Jennifer says Daniel knew the risks. Maggie thinks Daniel would have never pursued the drug unless Jennifer convinced him that nothing would go wrong. Maggie says now Daniel has to live with the consequences. Jennifer apologizes again. Maggie tells her that sorry doesn't do any good now. Maggie says Daniel has lost Melanie, Parker, Rebecca, and Jennifer and now he can't be a surgeon anymore. Maggie states that it breaks her heart as she walks away.

Daniel returns home and sits on the couch in the dark.

Eric agrees to not talk about Daniel anymore and asks Nicole if she's had dinner but she's not hungry. Nicole tells Eric that he had been so supportive and caring so she poured her heart out to him only for him to accuse her of lying. Eric says he's worried about her because he knows her. Nicole tells him to stop worrying. Nicole remarks that she liked Eric a lot better when he wasn't such a damn saint as she then storms out.

Will says he can't imagine how Gabi is feeling right now. Nick asks if Will told Sonny anything. Will says he didn't but Sonny knows he's keeping something and he worries that when he finds out, it will be the end of them. Nick doesn't think so as he thinks there is a way to make it work for all of them.

EJ tells Sami that it's a little claustrophobic in the office. Sami agrees and jokes about wanting a bigger office. EJ doesn't think it's the best place for thinking. Sami talks about the cash bonus she could receive for this new product line. Sami jokes about having to share the bonus with EJ if he helps her but she accepts his help. Sami gets a call from Abigail who is watching the kids. Sami says she'll be right there and hangs up. Sami tells EJ that Abigail's computer crashed so she has to go to campus to finish a paper. EJ tells her that they can finish tomorrow. Sami tells him that he doesn't have to be nice as she can have hours to work after putting the kids to bed. Sami suggests the kids might like to see EJ too and then they can both continue to work. EJ agrees to continue working in a more inspiring environment.

Kristen asks Brady what he's doing there. Brady says he wanted to make sure that she wasn't going to tell John about Marlena coming into her room. Kristen says no and she's not calling the police to press charges but she already told him that. Kristen asks if Brady didn't believe her. Brady says he did. Kristen asks what he really wants.

Will tells Nick that there's nothing unless they can go back in time to undo their mistake. Nick calls it a baby not a mistake. Will thinks it is a mistake and states that he was a mistake too but he's glad he was born. Will says he and Gabi shouldn't have slept together and bringing a baby into their lives is not ideal. Nick hopes that Will won't have a problem with he and Gabi raising the child together.

Daniel remains sitting alone in the dark until someone knocks on the door. He gets up to answer and it's Nicole.

Jennifer sits in the town square and calls Daniel but gets his voicemail.

Daniel asks Nicole what he can do for her. Nicole says she wanted to see how his treatment went. Daniel claims he isn't sure yet. Nicole tells him that she had been praying. Daniel starts to get a tremor in his hand. Nicole tells Daniel that he deserved to have this work for him and she's truly sorry.

Brady tells Kristen that he just wanted to say he was sorry for the way he treated her since he now knows he was very wrong. Kristen says it's late so he should probably get going. Kristen tells him that she knows what this is about. Brady responds that he thinks they both do.

Sami and EJ unpack boxes at the Horton house where Abigail was watching the kids, as Johnny runs in and hugs EJ to say goodnight. Johnny wants to stay up since EJ just got there and mentions Abigail told him that he could stay up. Sami says they have to work. Johnny offers to help and takes things out of the boxes so Sami agrees to let him stay for a little bit. EJ asks Johnny for his opinion on naming their new lipstick product. Johnny talks about Allie playing with Sami's lipstick. Johnny suggests they just name it what it is. EJ and Sami laugh as Johnny calls work fun.

Nick tells Will that he and Gabi with the baby could be a real family. Will asks if Nick wants to marry Gabi. Nick says he loves her. Nick tells Will that he has two job offers so he guarantees his baby would not want for anything. Will asks what happens when the truth comes out that it's his baby and questions if he has any idea what he's getting into. Nick says that's why they were thinking that nobody needs to know. Nick offers to raise the child as his own. Will asks Gabi if that's what she wants.

Daniel thanks Nicole. Nicole asks if there's anything she can do for him. Daniel says he just needs to be alone right now. Nicole asks if the treatment will work later but Daniel says no. Nicole says Daniel didn't do it before because he knew the risks but blames Jennifer for trying to be the hero. Daniel calls it his decision. Nicole suggests that if they would've left to Hawaii then this wouldn't have happened but Daniel yells at her to stop because he's not going to let anyone trash Jennifer, especially Nicole ever again. Daniel screams at her to leave so Nicole exits crying.

Kristen tells Brady that they shouldn't turn this into something it isn't. Kristen says Brady saved her from being mugged and then she saved him by taking him to the hospital. Kristen doesn't want any more drama in her life. Brady tells her that she can't fight it because she can't change the way she feels. Kristen calls it nothing but Brady declares that's not what she told Father Tobias.

Daniel sits at home alone drinking until there's another knock on the door and this time it's Jennifer. Daniel invites her in. Jennifer doesn't know what to say except she's really sorry. Daniel tells her not to be as she was right that it was a risk worth taking but it just didn't go his way. Jennifer feels like Daniel wouldn't have taken the risk if she wouldn't have been pushing him. Daniel asks if she really thinks he went through this because she asked him nicely. Daniel states that he does have a brain even if he doesn't always use it. They both just wish it worked. Jennifer tries to comfort him but Daniel tells her not to do that because the last thing he needs is her pity.

Kristen questions Brady eavesdropping on her confession. Brady tries to say he didn't mean to. Kristen realizes he was in the hall when she heard a noise. Kristen says he could go to Hell for eavesdropping on a confession. Brady tells her he will see her in Hell then. Kristen tells Brady that he should've known when to walk away but it's not his strong point so she'll help him. Kristen opens the door for him to leave but Brady slams it shut and says he's not going anywhere.

Sami puts Johnny to bed and goes back to EJ, who suggests putting Johnny on the payroll as they talk about Johnny saying to call the lipstick what it is. EJ talks about it being smudge proof and water proof. They decide on the name Proof and come up with the tag line of "You know you're beautiful, now prove it."

Will asks Gabi if this is really what she wants, to marry Nick and raise Will's baby like it's Nick's. Gabi tells him that she hasn't answered yet as she wanted to talk to Will first since obviously he would have to be on board. Will doesn't think it will even work since someone will do the math that they'll have to go back 9 months when Nick was in prison. Nick says Sami and Rafe already think he's the father so they can just say the baby came early. Will appreciates Nick stepping up but says the secret will destroy his child's life. Nick has no problem and doesn't want to take Will away from his child if he's ready to step up and be the father. Nick asks if that's something Will is ready to do. Will thinks he will need some time to think about it. Nick says he understands but Will is in love with Sonny while he and Gabi are in love so this is what's best for everybody including the child. Will doesn't want Nick to pressure he or Gabi. Gabi tells Will to take some time and think about this rather than deciding right now. Nick points out that they are already telling people that he's the father but if Will wants to step up and say he's the father then this is his moment and there's no turning back.

EJ and Sami talk about not needing all the files. EJ and Sami joke around with a file as he keeps it away from her while she tries to get it. EJ talks about Sami having hidden talents. EJ says it's late and apologizes for keeping her up with work but it worked out well. EJ takes the box of files and exits after they say goodnight.

Jennifer apologizes to Daniel but he tells her not to be sorry as she can't help that she doesn't love him. Daniel knows she's grateful that he got her out of jail but she doesn't belong here. Jennifer says he was trying to help Nicole and her. Daniel tells her that she doesn't owe him anything and he doesn't need her to feel sorry for him. Jennifer states that she's never pitied him but only ever admired and respected him. Jennifer tells him not to tell her how she feels about him because he has no idea. Daniel tells her to just stop now.

Nicole returns to Eric's office at the rectory. He asks what's wrong. Nicole tells him that she went to see Daniel as he needed a friend so she tried to be one but she just doesn't know how. Eric says that's not true but Nicole insists that she's selfish. Nicole worries that she hurt Daniel more and the worst part is that she isn't over Daniel and doesn't think she ever will be. Eric suggests she will be. Nicole wonders how. Eric tells her that she's not alone in this. Eric says if she needs help, all she has to do is ask. Nicole asks if he's going to pray for her. Eric tells her that doing God's will only takes desire. Eric says if he can do it, she can do it. Nicole is not so sure. Eric argues that he's no better a person than she is. Nicole is glad one of them is in a good place and she's glad he's happy.

Kristen tells Brady that she asked him to leave. Kristen slaps Brady. Brady asks if they are going to do this again. Kristen tries to slap him again but he catches her arm. She tells him to let go so he does and then they kiss. Kristen sits back on the bed and asks Brady if he's gonna go. She takes his hand and pulls him on top of her in the bed as they continue kissing.

Will tells Gabi that she never really answered his question if she's sure that she wants to do this. Gabi says no but out of all their options, it's the only one that she can see they might all be happy in the future. Gabi talks about how it's taken forever for Will and Sonny to get together and she doesn't want to take that away from him. Will says it's his baby and responsibility. Gabi says it's not just that as she's in love with Nick, who says he can give the baby a great life. Nick asks Will to think about it. Will agrees to. Will tells Gabi to get some rest and kisses her on the cheek then exits as Gabi says she'll talk to him soon. Nick hugs Gabi.

Nicole re-enters Eric's office looking for him but it's empty. Nicole takes a folder and exits.

Eric sleeps in bed tossing and turning in a sweat. He wakes up in a panic then gives the sign of the cross and begins to pray.

Jennifer asks what she's supposed to stop. Daniel tells her to stop looking at him that way. Daniel says he needs time to deal and think. Daniel tells her that he's not trying to hurt her but he can't just stand there in her sight. Daniel clarifies that he doesn't blame her for this but he refuses to let their guilt ruin what they had. Daniel tells Jennifer that she needs to go and he opens the door. Jennifer says if that's what he wants, she will. Daniel says it is. Daniel tells her that he will always care about her and love her but he wants Jennifer to respect what he's asking and just stay away from him. Daniel closes the door as Jennifer exits and cries against the door.

EJ walks through the town square, calling Kristen and leaving a message that the name of their new product line is Proof. EJ says that also describes her plan to insert him into Sami's life well. EJ hopes her day is going well also.

Kristen and Brady make love as they continue kissing in bed.

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