Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/30/12

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/30/12


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Dr. Lewis talks about going over Daniel's test results and examines his hands. Daniel says he signed the release forms and understands the risks. He tells Daniel that he is then ready to proceed. He understands it's a great deal to consider since Daniel is precluding himself from any other treatments so he's open to giving him more time. Jennifer asks for a moment so he exits. Jennifer asks if Daniel is okay. He says he is. Jennifer knows it sounded before on the phone a little like Daniel had a change of heart. Jennifer tells him it's okay if he's having second thoughts.

Will goes to the coffeehouse and greets Sonny. Sonny asks how it went with Gabi and Chad. Will thinks back to agreeing with Nick not to say anything. Will tells Sonny that it went great. Sonny thinks he looks upset and asks if Chad said something. Will doesn't want to talk about it but he wants to be with Sonny right now. Sonny tells a waitress to watch over things as he steps out. Sonny and Will then exit.

Gabi lays in bed as Nick arrives with food. Gabi tells him that she's feeling much better and says she did get some sleep. Gabi says he didn't have to do this and she feels bad. Gabi apologizes for not telling him about the pregnancy. Nick apologizes for saying the things he said. Gabi asks if they are okay. Nick says they are better than okay and kisses her.

Eric asks Caroline what's wrong. Eric asks if she doesn't know him and if the doctors were wrong. Caroline recognizes him as her grandson and talks about when he was a baby. She says her memory isn't perfect but some things always stay with her. Eric asks her what's wrong. Caroline says there's some things that she'd rather forget.

Brady continues to listen in from the door as Kristen tells Father Tobias that something has been weighing on her quite heavily. Kristen says she has done some terrible things in her life and there's one thing that stands out that she regrets the most. Kristen states that what troubles her is that she's afraid she's about to make the same mistake again, causing Brady to worry about what he heard. Kristen says she knows if she commits the same sin then she can't ask God for forgiveness. Brady bumps into a picture on the wall making a noise that Kristen hears and wonders what it was.

Daniel admits to Jennifer he may be having second thoughts. Jennifer knows it's a huge decision and he hasn't had time to think about it. Daniel says it's not just the side effects but it takes away all of his other options. Daniel wonders what he would say if he was his own patient but he doesn't know. Daniel says if he can really get his career back then he'll do it in a heart beat. Daniel calls the doctor back into the room.

Father Tobias tells Kristen to relax as it was probably just the radiator. He wonders if she's trying to avoid a difficult conversation. Kristen admits that she needs to talk about this. Brady continues to listen. Kristen says she knew it would be hard coming back to Salem but she wonders what the point of all her work was if she can't find a way to move on. Kristen says it's been such a long time and she thought she had come a long way but now that she's there, she's starting to wonder if it was all for nothing. Tobias asks why. Kristen says she's treated like a pariah and people hate her. Kristen would like to blame them but to be honest, it's all on her.

Dr. Lewis gives Daniel the injections into his hands as Jennifer anxiously watches on.

Eric asks Caroline again what's wrong. She says she had a little reminder today that threw her. Eric asks what it was and if it was him. Caroline says she couldn't be prouder of him. Eric asks her what it is. Caroline says she was catching up on the news and read about Jennifer and Nicole and the terrible accident. Caroline says she started thinking about Daniel but it's a long story. Caroline tells Eric that she hurt Daniel badly. Eric says whatever happened, he's sure Daniel forgives her. Caroline points out that he doesn't know what she did and she's ashamed of it.

Daniel and Jennifer walk out with the doctor. He asks Daniel how his hands feel now. Daniel says they are numb. The doctor says it should soon pass. Daniel asks when he could see results. He tells him that they hopefully will see something in an hour and won't see any traces of the tremors. Daniel calls it the longest hour of his life. Dr. Lewis notes that Daniel has good company with Jennifer as he walks away. Jennifer tells him that she said a prayer for him. Daniel has a pretty good feeling about this. Maxine approaches and says she does too. Daniel hugs her as Maxine jokes with him about nurses lining up to assist in his first surgery back. Daniel says they'll take it one day at a time. Maxine tells him that Maggie had to go due to an electrical emergency but said she'd be back as soon as she can. Maxine tells Daniel that Maggie sends all her love as she walks away. Jennifer asks Daniel what she can do. Daniel asks if she feels like getting out. Jennifer does and wants to know where he wants to go. Daniel says anywhere as long as they are back in an hour so they agree and exit together.

Will sits in Sonny's bed playing a video game. Sonny kisses him and asks if he's okay. Will says he's better than okay and wishes he never had to leave every time he's with Sonny. Sonny asks what's going on out there that's so bad. Sonny says he's there for him whether it's Gabi or something else. Sonny pauses Will's video game and asks Will to please talk to him about what's wrong.

Nick and Gabi lay in bed together. Gabi thanks him for making her feel special and not running away when he found out she's having Will's baby. Nick says he loves Gabi and you don't walk away when you love someone. Gabi comments that most guys would. Nick is glad that Gabi didn't go through with the abortion. Gabi says she is too as it wasn't what she wanted but she was just so scared. Nick tells her that she doesn't have to be scared anymore as he wants them to be together with the baby. Gabi questions the three of them. Nick tells her that he's really thought this through and knows it seems complicated but it comes down to one simple thing and that's he loves her. Gabi says she loves him too but asks what he's saying they should do. Nick tells her that he wants to marry her and raise the baby together to give the baby an amazing life. Nick wants them to be a family and kisses her. Nick hopes she will say yes.

Will tells Sonny that he can't. Sonny asks what he can't tell him. Will says he made a promise that he can't tell anybody including Sonny even though he wants to tell him but he can't. Sonny questions if the promise was to Gabi. Will apologizes and says at least it isn't about Sonny. Will tells Sonny that he saw Lucas earlier and he mentioned Sonny saying he loved him. Sonny admits he said it but he regrets telling Lucas and not Will. Sonny then tells Will that he really loves him.

Eric helps Caroline working at the Pub. Caroline talks about going to confession but still worries about Daniel. Caroline says if she wouldn't have let Daniel believe he was the father of Chloe's child then their lives could be very different now. Eric asks if she feels better getting that off of her chest but she doesn't. Eric gets a call to come back to the rectory. Caroline encourages him to go. Eric is glad she opened up to him and hugs her. Eric says he'll come back so they can talk more. Eric exits as Daniel and Jennifer arrive. Caroline turns away feeling guilty when she sees Daniel.

Brady continues listening in as Kristen tells Father Tobias that she's the reason John resigned from the Parrish board. Kristen explains that she and John have a long history of being together and then not together. Kristen adds that Marlena despises her and she doesn't blame her. Tobias encourages her to continue. Kristen says as much as she's tried to turn her life around, she admits she gets a little satisfaction out of getting under Marlena's skin but she believes Marlena gets more satisfaction out of vilifying her. Kristen says John knows she's changed and moved on but Marlena will never believe it because she thinks she only came back to ruin her life and won't let it go. Kristen says she keeps trying to shrug off the insults and be the better person until today. Tobias asks what happened today. Kristen says Marlena violated something so precious to her and she's totally justified in striking back. Tobias asks how but Kristen says it doesn't matter because someone convinced her that it would only hurt things and not make them better. Tobias asks if it was John but Kristen says it wasn't John but somebody amazing that she never knew could have this effect on her. He asks what kind of effect this person had on her. Kristen says he touched her heart. Kristen adds that a long time ago, she gave her heart, mind, body, and soul to John. Kristen says her mind and soul were gone for quite a long time but she's changed and knows John believes that but she's afraid because she's having these feelings for somebody and doesn't know what to do.

Daniel and Jennifer sit together at the Pub and talk about Daniel getting his old life back. Jennifer's phone rings with a call from Abigail so she steps away to answer. Caroline approaches Daniel and greets him. Daniel says it's good to see her back home from the treatment. Caroline asks for his order. Daniel doesn't know yet so she tells him to take his time. Caroline sits down with Daniel and says that it may sound strange but she doesn't think it's a coincidence that he's there. Caroline brings up reading in the paper about Daniel's ordeal which made her think about what he's been through. Daniel isn't sure what she means. Caroline thinks he is. Caroline knows she can never make it up to him but she needs him to know that she intends to try for the rest of her life.

Will tells Sonny that he doesn't care that he told Lucas before him because hearing it is the most amazing thing. Will tells Sonny that he loves them too. Sonny jokes about Will saying it just because he did but Will swears he felt this way for awhile but was scared of saying it too early. Will admits he was scared about being honest on how he feels. Sonny has to get back to the coffeehouse and kisses him goodbye. Will asks him to promise he's not mad at him. Sonny says he won't make him go back on his word but he can't imagine ever keeping anything from Will no matter who was asking.

Gabi asks Nick about marriage. Nick says all he's ever wanted is to be a part of a real family. Gabi tells him that she loves him and knows he'd be a great dad but it's Will's baby making it Sami's grandkid and Kate's great grandkid. Gabi brings up Rafe and how complicated things will get. Nick doesn't think it has to be complicated since nobody knows it's Will's baby. Nick suggests there's no reason anyone has to know.

Caroline tells Daniel that she knows how devastated he was when Parker was taken away and she could have prevented all of that heartbreak. Daniel calls it ancient history and says his life now is not so bad. Daniel says he's on the verge of something he feels really good about. Jennifer listens from the counter as Daniel says he finds it nice to look forward instead of backwards. Caroline apologizes for bringing up painful memories. Daniel needs her to know that he honestly forgives her.

Gabi gets up from bed and questions if they should just lie to everybody. Nick wonders who's business it is anyways. Nick says it's her baby so it's her call. She reminds him that it's Will's too. Nick says Will is with Sonny and this would be a huge complication for them. Nick thinks Will would be happy if someone stepped up and took this problem off of his hands. Gabi says it's not a problem but a baby. Nick thinks Will sees it as a problem because he drove her to the abortion clinic. Nick asks if she really thinks Will wants to raise the kid. Nick asks if Will has ever said he'd be there for her, care for her and love the baby because Nick says he'd do all those things and asks if Will would.

Will follows Sonny back to the coffeehouse and tries to talk to him but Chad is there, drunk. Chad asks if Will should be letting Gabi cry on his shoulder. Will wants to talk to Sonny but Chad interrupts and asks what was going on at Gabi's before since he, Gabi, and Nick were all whispering and plotting. Will tells Chad that they were talking about what Chad said and how it upset Nick. Chad doesn't believe him. Will decides he has to go. Chad calls it convenient. Sonny agrees that he and Will can talk later. Chad says they'll talk later too. Will says when Chad's sober and not acting like an idiot as he exits. Chad tells Sonny that he's not the one acting like an idiot. Sonny questions what he means. Chad points out how fast Will left when he mentioned Gabi's name. Chad declares something is going on here and he's going to figure it out.

Kristen tells Father Tobias that she's worked so hard to earn God's forgiveness but now she doesn't know how to make this confession because it's not about something she's done but something she might do. He reminds her of the ten commandments. Kristen says she's trying to say that she's having these feelings and is not sure she can fight them. Tobias asks what feelings they are.

Caroline brings drinks on the house to Jennifer and asks where Daniel went. Jennifer says he had to take a call. Caroline tells her that Daniel will never have to pay for another drink as long as she runs the Pub. Jennifer calls it very sweet but doesn't think it's necessary. Jennifer admits she heard them talking and says what Caroline said to Daniel took a lot of courage. Caroline isn't sure and talks about how kind and generous Daniel is to forgive her. Jennifer calls him one of the most generous people she's ever met. Caroline hopes Daniel gets the happiness that he deserves. Daniel returns to the Pub as Jennifer thinks back to their argument where Daniel shouted that he loved her. Jennifer tells Caroline that she hopes so too as she walks away. Daniel returns to Jennifer. She asks if he's ready. Daniel says this is it and helps her put her coat back on. Daniel thanks Jennifer for all the hope she's given him and for pushing him along this journey. Jennifer takes his hand and they exit the Pub together.

Father Tobias knows it's hard for Kristen to pour out her inner most thoughts to someone she hardly knows but he's not there to judge, only to listen. Kristen decides she can't and says she wasted his time. Kristen says the more she talks about it, the more it feels real and wrong. Kristen can't believe after everything she's been through and done to be a better person for it to end like this. Kristen declares that she can't stand it and rushes out.

Daniel returns to the hospital with Jennifer to meet with Dr. Lewis. He asks about Daniel's hands. Daniel says the numbness is gone and he hasn't gone this long without a tremor in a long time. Dr. Lewis takes them to test Daniel's hands.

Sonny thinks it's time they clear the air about Gabi. Chad tells him to talk to Will about that. Sonny wants to talk to Chad. Sonny says he doesn't know what happened between them that made him so obsessed with what Gabi is or isn't doing. Chad says Sonny barely knows her. Sonny doesn't like how Chad treats Gabi and how he's going after Will for defending her when they are friends. Chad tells Sonny that if he cares about Will, then he will find a way to keep him away from Gabi. Sonny wonders why. Chad tells him to take his word for it. Chad adds that Sonny should find out what kind of secrets they are keeping from him before it's too late. Sonny calls out asking what Gabi did as Chad exits the coffeehouse.

Nick tells Gabi that he knows it's a huge decision and he understands if she needs more time to think about it but he doesn't know how much time they have. Gabi doesn't want to say anything until she knows how Will feels since it's his baby too. Nick agrees but thinks she knows the answer. Gabi talks about Will trying to stop her abortion and mentions that Will asked her to marry him when he first found out about the baby. Nick says that's just because he thought it was the right thing to do not because he's in love with her. Gabi didn't want to ruin his life. Nick tells her that he loves her and he wants to give Gabi and the baby the best life possible. Gabi calls him sweet. Will arrives knocking on the door.

Eric returns to the Pub and apologizes to Caroline for running out earlier but he's hungry now. Caroline tells Eric he had good timing as Daniel came in today. Caroline calls it a sign so she took her advice and feels like the weight of the world is off her shoulders. She thanks him with a hug and says she always knew he'd do great things and now he has the highest calling of serving the Lord. She thinks he will be a wonderful priest. Caroline walks away and Eric says to himself that he sure hopes so.

Daniel sees his hands are steady which makes Jennifer happy. The doctor has one more test to do. He has Daniel grip as hard as he can. Jennifer starts to worry. Daniel thinks he must be a little nervous as he keeps trying but his hands are shaky. He has Daniel try one more time but it ends up the same. The doctor concludes that the procedure has failed.

Brady goes to Kristen's room and finds her seated on her bed upset. She gets up surprised when she sees Brady has entered.

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