Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 11/29/12

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 11/29/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Brady thanks Kristen for not involving John as he thinks she made the right decision. John calls her back so she answers the phone. John asks Kristen about calling him and asks if everything is alright while Kristen looks to Brady. Marlena thinks back to knocking Kristen down.

Daniel answers a phone call from Jennifer. Jennifer informs him that she just talked to the hand specialist and he's willing to let Daniel participate in the clinical trial. Daniel is surprised she got it done so quick. Daniel asks when he can see him. Jennifer responds that the specialist wants to see him tonight and suggests his hand tremors could be history by tonight.

Eric meets with Sister Margaret at the rectory and they discuss the church's financial quarters. Eric mentions needing a secretary as the Sister leaves. Nicole arrives with coffee and asks if he's sure he doesn't mind her hanging around. Eric likes having her around. Nicole says he's the only one and jokingly suggests he never railroad Jennifer. Eric suggests Nicole work at the church to get her mind off things which Nicole breaks out laughing at.

Hope works at the Pub. Kayla and Roman arrive to take over and let Hope pick up Ciara. Hope tells them that it's not needed as someone showed up with a lot of experience looking for a job. Roman questions hiring someone. Hope jokes about this lady that she hired as Caroline appears behind them and says she's got to do it herself. Roman and Kayla are shocked to see her and greet her with a hug.

Kristen thanks John for calling her back as she wanted to talk to him about what happened today since there's something he needs to know.

Daniel asks Jennifer about this happening. Jennifer mentions that he will have to sign a release form and understand the risks. Jennifer asks if it's too fast and if he wants to go through with it.

Nicole continues laughing at the idea of her working at a church. Eric clarifies that he's not asking her to become a nun but a secretary. Eric says the pay isn't great but there are benefits. Eric says she can live with the nuns which Nicole laughs at as well. Nicole calls it a joke but Eric is serious and says they will see each other all the time so he asks what she says.

John tells Kristen that he knows what happened today. Kristen tells him that there's more so John asks what. Kristen informs him that Brady came by and apologized and said he realized he was wrong about her and was incredibly sorry for being so mean to her. John questions that being the reason she called. Kristen says she thought maybe John had something to do with it so she wanted to thank him. John says he can't take credit but is glad it happened so they can co-exist peacefully. They hang up. John tells Marlena that Kristen called to tell him that Brady apologized and changed her mind about her. Marlena says Brady told her that so it appears Kristen hasn't lost her touch. John asks if that's why Marlena was so upset earlier.

Nicole tells Eric that as hard as it is to pass up living with nuns next to her ex-lover, she will make the difficult choice to let that opportunity go. Eric tells her that there won't be much other opportunities for her so he asks what she will do for money. Nicole says she has money left over from previous jobs. Eric says he wasn't suggesting this job for her life but it would help fill her days. Nicole agrees to think about it so Eric thanks her. Eric says there is something else she will have to do to improve the quality of her life and that's make things right with Daniel.

Jennifer tells Daniel that she can cancel the appointment but Daniel tells her not to since he's made his decision and will commit to doing it. Daniel says if it works, it will be worth the risk. Jennifer says she'll see him soon. Daniel thanks her and hangs up. Abigail enters and asks Jennifer who she'll see soon. Jennifer tells her it was Daniel that she made an appointment for. Abigail asks her about Daniel meaning a lot to her. Jennifer calls it just an act of friendship. Abigail comments that he's lucky to have her friendship and have her in his life as they hug.

Maggie goes to Daniel's and gives him papers to read. Daniel doesn't have time but Maggie suggests he make time because she researched online the side effects of the treatment. Daniel says he knows it all already. Maggie worries that the treatment can make the tremors permanent. Daniel calls it a small percentage. Maggie wants him to read it but Daniel informs her that he's on his way to meet with the specialist already to get the injection in an hour. Maggie can't believe it and questions the rush. Daniel says the specialist is in town so he might not get another chance. Daniel tells Maggie that Jennifer already set it up and his mind is made up.

John questions if Marlena was upset because Brady apologized to Kristen. Marlena responds sure and says Brady had been her ally. John tells her it's not a war. Marlena sees that she can't convince John that he's wrong about that so she just hopes that Kristen finally realizes she needs to keep her distance from her and everyone she loves. John thinks back to Kristen hugging him when he forgave her. John agrees with Marlena.

Kristen tells Brady that she just wanted to make peace. Brady asks if she's going to let it go. Kristen says she had every right to expose Marlena after what she did but she's trying so hard to take the high road. Brady says he owes her but Kristen says he doesn't since he risked his life to protect her from the muggers. Kristen declares they are kind of even.

Roman can't believe Caroline's home. Kayla says she just talked to her doctor. Caroline jokes with them that she was an A student and she and Bo convinced the doctor that sooner was better than later. Kayla asks about her memory lapses. Caroline says they still happen once in a while but not as often. Caroline thanks Kayla for the clinic and the doctor. Roman asks about Bo. Hope informs them that Bo is picking up Ciara. They figure Ciara will be happy. Hope says she's not the only one because everyone is finally back home.

Maggie goes to Jennifer's and tells her that they need to talk. Jennifer guesses it's about Daniel since he told her about the injections. Maggie worries about the treatment stopping any other treatment from working. Maggie says Jennifer left that out before. Jennifer knows but made it clear to Daniel who still wanted to go ahead with it. Maggie points out Jennifer pulling strings to make it happen this afternoon. Jennifer says she didn't insist and would've stopped it if he wanted. Maggie says Daniel never denies anything from Jennifer. Jennifer doesn't want to be blamed. Maggie informs her that Daniel told her that he told Jennifer that he still loved her. Maggie thinks Jennifer is guilty because she can't say she loves him too. Jennifer calls it not true and says that's not why she's doing this. Maggie thinks Jennifer is doing this to make it up for Daniel by giving him back the other love of his life. Jennifer wonders if that's so bad. Maggie says it is if it jeopardizes Daniel's future and accuses Jennifer of trying to ease her guilty conscience. Maggie demands that Jennifer talk Daniel out of this before it's too late.

Nicole tells Eric that she already tried talking to Daniel and couldn't go through with it. Eric wonders how it could be worse than talking to Jennifer. Nicole says she doesn't love or even like Jennifer. Eric asks if she still loves Daniel. Nicole says Daniel made her feel like she still had value and she worries that Daniel can't forgive her. Eric says she may not have a future with Daniel but she still has a future. Eric says that until Nicole tells Daniel that she's sincerely sorry, he doesn't think she can move forward in a meaningful way. Nicole agrees that she needs to try and talk to Daniel again. Eric suggests now and wishes her luck as she exits.

John tells Marlena that he ran into Eric earlier and asks about canceling lunch. Marlena claims she just got all jammed up and says she should go to the rectory to apologize to Eric. Marlena asks John if he knows how much she loves him. Marlena says this thing with Kristen is just something they can't let come between them again or ever. John responds that it won't because he won't let it as he hugs her.

Kristen tells Brady that he did his damage control for Marlena and wonders why he's still there. Brady responds that he doesn't know. Kristen doubts it's the beginning of a beautiful friendship but it's nice to be in the same room without him attacking her character. Brady jokes with her about it and brings up being on the church board together so they should get along for everyone's benefit. Kristen agrees. Kristen tells Brady that he has to leave now as she has things to do since she spent all day at the hospital. Kristen goes to leave but gets a pain in her arm when she tries to open the door. Brady knows it's from her fight with Marlena and checks on her bruised wrist as they exchange looks.

Nicole goes to Daniel's and starts to knock on the door. Daniel suddenly opens the door and asks what she's doing there. She jokes with him at first and says she came to talk to him if she has a minute.

Jennifer tells Maggie that she wants to help Daniel do this and talks about the low percentage in the risks. Jennifer talks about Daniel being a surgeon again and can't believe she'd want Daniel not to do this. Maggie wants Daniel to wait until the odds are better and doesn't think Jennifer isn't thinking clearly. Jennifer says she is and how Daniel feels about her is irrelevant because he's doing the right thing. Maggie disagrees and calls Jennifer dangerously naive for not seeing that she pushed Daniel into this. Maggie declares that if Jennifer won't stop Daniel then it's up to her. Jennifer stops her and asks if they are okay. Maggie says she'll always love Jennifer but she wishes she would butt out of her son's life as she then exits.

Nicole thanks Daniel for not turning her away. Daniel says he doesn't have a lot of time. Nicole says it won't take long. Nicole just wanted to say she's sorry then decides it was inadequate. Nicole tells him she's so sorry for accusing Jennifer of killing her baby as she was a desperate grieving woman but it doesn't excuse it. Daniel tells her that she doesn't have to do this but Nicole insists that she does. She had to say it to Jennifer and needs to say it to him. Nicole recalls Daniel being so good to her and she did nothing but pay him back with lies and deceit because she thought it was the only way to hang on to him. Nicole adds that he has every right to hate her for the rest of his life but she hope some day, he can find it in his heart to forgive her for what she did.

Marlena goes to the rectory to see Eric. She brought him cookies and hugs him. Eric mentions Marlena ditching lunch. She apologizes for that. Eric asks if everything is okay. Marlena claims everything is fine but then admits that her life is spinning out of control and she keeps making it worse. She asks if he's sorry he asked.

Kristen tells Brady her arm will be better tomorrow and reminds him that he has got to go. Brady opens the door, Kristen walks out and then turns around causing them to get close as she walks back in having forgot her purse. Brady exits, Kristen follows. They get close again before Kristen walks away.

John joins Brady at the town square and asks how he's feeling. Brady says he's fine. John comments that he looked like he was thinking about something serious. John tells him that he knows what happened between him and Kristen. Brady asks if he means letting her off of the hook. John asks if there was something else. Brady says no and he just thought it was the right thing to do since he's gotten so many second chances. Brady hopes he's not making a mistake and comments that she's not easy to read. John tells Brady that forgiving her for what she did in the past doesn't mean he has to deal with her in the present. Brady sees he got a call from Eric and says he needs to explain why he rushed out of the Pub earlier so he walks away to call him back.

Marlena tells Eric that she never thought she and John would be in this position again. Eric understands why she would be completely wary of Kristen. Marlena calls him the only person that understands as Kristen then arrives. She says she should've waited but had church business to discuss. Marlena decides she will leave and says goodbye to Eric then walks out. Kristen calls it kind of embarrassing that Marlena refuses to trust her. Eric remembers that Marlena has every reason not to trust her.

Daniel paces as Nicole comments that he's not saying anything and asks if she should leave. Daniel accepts her apology. Nicole is happy and thanks him then stops from attempting to hug him and says she should know when to leave. Nicole notices the research on his table and asks about it. Daniel tells her it's information on a new treatment for hand tremors. Nicole asks how he arranged it. Daniel tells her that it was all Jennifer. Daniel adds that there are risks but if it works then he could be a surgeon again. Nicole knows he wanted that more than anything and comments on Jennifer making it happen for him. Nicole wonders why she never thinks to do things like that. Nicole is glad that Jennifer is still looking out for him. Daniel calls Jennifer a good friend and says he needs to get going. Nicole asks when he does his treatment. Daniel says the injection will be in about an hour so he should know if it works later today. Nicole wishes him luck and says she'll see him around as she exits. Nicole says to herself that Daniel said he and Jennifer are just friends so she wonders if Jennifer is keeping him at arms length and if she's stupid. Nicole decides she's going to find out for sure and heads to the elevator.

Kristen tells Eric that he never was one to beat around the bush so he hasn't changed. Eric asks if she's changed. Kristen hopes so and brings up redemption. Eric says if she's truly changed then he believes she deserves to be forgiven. Kristen thanks him and believes God has forgiven her but doesn't think Marlena ever will. Eric tells her it will take time and a lot of hard work. Kristen responds that she knows exactly what she has to do.

Nicole goes to Jennifer's and Abigail answers the door. Nicole tells her that she apologized to Jennifer but knew she needed to say something to Abigail too. Abigail doesn't want to hear it and starts to close the door. Nicole knows what she did was horrible. Abigail again tries to close the door but Nicole stops her. Nicole brings up hearing Jennifer crying herself to sleep over Jack while she lived there. Abigail says she still tried to ruin her life. Nicole says she really is concerned about Jennifer and asks if she's still lonely. Abigail calls Jennifer a very strong woman who is trying to recover. Abigail says if some day, Jennifer wants to start a new life with Daniel then she has her complete support. Abigail then shuts the door in her face. Nicole says to herself that it answers her question that Jennifer and Daniel are not together as she walks off.

Maggie joins Daniel at the hospital while he's filling out the consent forms. Maggie points out that he hasn't had the injection yet. Daniel assures her that he can handle it if it doesn't work out. Maggie thinks it never hurts to sleep on it. Maggie wonders why can't he wait until it goes through more trials. Daniel tells her that he's a surgeon and will do whatever it takes to be one again. Daniel says he's sorry but he's made up his mind on this as he walks away leaving Maggie looking tearful.

Kristen looks through her purse for a check for the chuch from DiMera Enterprises. Eric has to go so Father Tobias says he will wait on Kristen. Kristen assumes she must have left the check at her hotel and asks if she can bring it tomorrow. Tobias says it's fine with him. Brady arrives and hides behind the door listening in as Tobias asks if there's anything he can do. Kristen says maybe if he has a little time now. Kristen says it's been an awfully long time since she's made a confession and asks Father Tobias if he's willing to hear hers now.

Roman sits with Caroline at the Pub. Caroline reads the paper and says it looks like Salem wasn't boring while she was gone. Roman calls it not the same without her. They talk about what Nicole did to Jennifer. Roman says it was rough on her. Roman has to get going and kisses her goodbye as he walks away. Caroline resumes reading the paper until Eric enters the Pub and greets his grandma. She gets up shocked as Eric hugs her. Caroline remains speechless as Eric worries that something is wrong. Eric asks if she doesn't know him and if the doctors were wrong.

Nicole calls Eric from the coffeehouse and leaves a message that she's accepting the job and it gives her a reason to stay in Salem. Nicole thanks him for urging her to apologize to Daniel as it was the right thing to do and put her life in perspective.

Maggie paces at the hospital as Jennifer arrives with Abigail. Jennifer goes to check on Daniel. Abigail approaches Maggie and says she doesn't like her being mad at Jennifer. Maggie responds that she doesn't either but there's a lot at stake here so if Jennifer is wrong then Daniel's life will be ruined.

Jennifer checks on Daniel. He says he can't thank her enough for arranging all of this. Jennifer prays that it works. The specialist, Dr. Lewis enters and greets them. He talks about going over Daniel's test results and examines his hands. Daniel says he signed the release forms and understands the risks. He tells Daniel that he is then ready to proceed.

Marlena walks through the town square and sees John in the distance, happily talking on the phone. Marlena assumes Brady must have persuaded Kristen not to say anything or else John wouldn't be in such a good mood. Marlena wonders why Kristen didn't expose her and what she's up to now.

Father Tobias agrees to hear Kristen's confession. Kristen tells him that a face to face confession right there would be fine. Brady continues to listen in from the door as Kristen tells Tobias that something has been weighing on her quite heavily. Kristen says she has done some terrible things in her life and there's one thing that stands out that she regrets the most. Kristen states that what troubles her is that she's afraid she's about to make the same mistake again, causing Brady to worry about what he heard.

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