Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/28/12

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/28/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Nick tells Gabi that she suckered him in with her sob story about being misunderstood like him and how she hurt people that she didn't mean to like him and how she didn't mean for Andrew to kidnap Melanie. Gabi says she didn't. Nick says she left out one detail that she wanted Chad. Nick assumes that she got him and that's why Melanie left. Nick believes Chad knocked her up and says he's the only person in the world that could be the father of her baby. Chad arrives knocking on the door asking for Gabi to open up. Nick calls it perfect timing. Gabi begs him not to open the door but Nick opens it. Chad asks if it's a lover's quarrel. Nick tells him that he could say that. Nick declares that Chad is finding out right now and if Gabi doesn't tell him then he will.

Rafe goes to Sami's office with flowers. Rafe daydreams of how he wants it to go with Sami asking what she did to deserve them. Rafe tells her that she did a lot for him and Gabi. Sami calls the flowers beautiful. Rafe tells her that she is too. Rafe says the day made him realize how much he missed her and how good they are together. Sami agrees and kisses him. Rafe snaps out of the dream and then enters Sami's office with the flowers only to find EJ inside. EJ jokes that he shouldn't have and that he prefers roses. Rafe questions what EJ is doing there.

Brady checks his phone at the Pub and sees the text to Kristen that Marlena sent. Brady says he didn't send it and begins to worry. Brady makes a call to Marlena and hopes she wouldn't have. Brady goes to leave and runs into Eric. Brady tells him he has to go. Eric asks what's wrong.

Marlena finds Kristen's tablet computer in her room and looks through it until Kristen arrives, startling Marlena. Kristen asks if she's looking for something. Marlena responds that she thinks she found it. Kristen asks her to share. Marlena says she'll share it with John and Brady because she's going to expose her as a liar and a fraud.

EJ offers to put the flowers in water but Rafe pulls them away and puts them down. Rafe asks EJ what he's doing there. EJ says he's waiting for Sami so they can get started on some work. Rafe asks what he's talking about. EJ reveals to Rafe that he is Sami's new boss.

Chad questions if Nick finally saw the real Gabi. Nick encourages Gabi to tell him. Will arrives looking for Gabi. Gabi runs up to Will and wants him to stop them before everything is ruined. Nick thinks she's already done that.

Brady apologizes to Eric and says he's just busy. Eric says he gets it and came to the Pub for lunch with Marlena but she canceled. Brady asks about her canceling and says he's got to go and will explain later as he exits.

Kristen threatens to call the police and have Marlena arrested. Marlena doesn't think so and refuses to leave until she finds what she's hiding. Kristen tells her that what she's doing is against the law. Marlena says she will not allow Kristen to hurt her family. Marlena questions Kristen about a file titled "JB" in her computer and if that's why she really came back to Salem in order to destroy everyone's lives. Kristen tries to take the computer from her but Marlena pulls away and says it's game over for her.

Rafe laughs at the idea of EJ being Sami's boss and doesn't believe him, asking since when. EJ informs him that Kristen handed the job to him as of today. Rafe questions Kristen handing it over just like that. EJ calls Kristen generous to a fault. Rafe believes EJ is doing it to stay close to Sami and no other reason since he has money and power. Rafe thinks EJ is just trying to make a play for Sami. EJ questions what Sami is to Rafe. Sami arrives and asks what's going on. EJ tells Sami that Rafe brought her flowers. Rafe asks Sami if it's true that she's really working for EJ.

Gabi steps aside with Nick. Will confronts Chad and asks if he came just to upset her again. Chad informs Will that Gabi was upset long before he got there. Nick tells Gabi that Chad has a right to know the truth. Will doesn't know what's going on. Gabi begs Nick not to do this because she loves him. Chad wants to know what's going on. Will tells Chad it's nothing but a big misunderstanding. Gabi swears to Nick that she didn't lie to him. Will tells Chad to let it go since it has nothing to do with him. Will asks Chad to leave. Chad says he has no idea what this is about so he's not leaving until he finds out.

John arrives at the Pub and greets Eric. Eric asks if Marlena is okay since she canceled lunch at the last minute but didn't say why. John figures something important came up.

Kristen tries to take her computer from Marlena. Marlena asks if she wants it to hide her files to keep herself from going to jail. Kristen grabs it and they struggle over the computer. Marlena pulls away knocking Kristen down. Kristen yells for her to stop as Brady bursts in asking what's going on while Kristen starts to cry.

Sami doesn't see why it matters but admits EJ has taken over at Countess Wilhelmina so he is her boss. Rafe asks if she's serious about why it matters. Sami asks EJ to give her and Rafe a private moment. EJ reminds Sami that they are on a deadline and exits to go get some coffee. Sami wants a chance to explain. Rafe questions why she didn't tell him about this. Sami says they were doing other things all day. Rafe thinks she could have found a minute to tell him that she's now working for EJ again. Sami didn't think it was important enough and doesn't see why it matters. Rafe states that it does matter.

Nick thinks Gabi and Will are right that what Chad said got into his head that Gabi pretended to love him. Nick decides he's realizing now that he might have overreacted and doesn't think it's true. Gabi assures him that it's not true and she loves him with all her heart. Chad mocks them. Will asks Chad to go so he exits after telling them that they're something else.

Eric assumes Marlena must have had a last minute patient. John agrees to tell her that he saw Eric. Eric starts to leave but stops and asks John if there's a reason why he or Marlena didn't mention that Kristen was back in town. John apologizes and knows he should've said something but Kristen has been a touchy subject between them. Eric asks him how bad it is.

Brady helps Kristen up. Kristen tells Brady that Marlena broke in, stole her personal property and threw her to the ground. Marlena admits that all of it is true but it was justified. Brady questions Marlena breaking in and invading her privacy. Marlena says that it was the only way to show John and Brady that Kristen is hellbent on destroying her. Marlena says Kristen blatantly and obviously showed her hand at the hospital. Kristen tells Marlena that she's lost touch with reality since she came back. Marlena calls this an act. Marlena says she can prove she came back for revenge. Kristen asks for the tablet back but Marlena says not until she proves to Brady exactly who she is.

EJ finds Chad at the town square. Chad notes EJ being in a good mood. EJ tells Chad that pining over Melanie won't get his life back together. EJ says he cares about Chad since he's his brother. Chad apologizes but doesn't see him as a mentor. EJ suggests he go see Kristen and get some guidance from her. EJ insists that Kristen has his best interests at heart. EJ encourages Chad to let Kristen get his life back on track because she's an asset.

Gabi swears to Nick that nothing ever happened between her and Chad. Nick says Gabi said no one else was in her life for a long time. Gabi says there isn't and wasn't as Nick's the only one that she's been happy with. Nick says he's not the only one since she's pregnant and he's not the father. Nick points out that she didn't do this on her own. Nick begs Gabi to tell him who she had sex with before they met and who is the baby's father. Will steps up and admits to being the baby's father.

Chad and EJ sit together at the town square. EJ asks what else is bothering Chad. Chad informs EJ that every time he turns around he sees the person who ruined his life, Gabi. Chad feels he can't move on until he returns the favor. EJ tells him that sometimes, revenge is the best medicine. Chad repeats that Gabi ruined everything. EJ suggests Chad make her pay.

Nick asks Will why he would say he's the baby's father. Will says he is. Nick asks if it's a joke. Gabi says no and admits it's true. Nick brings up Will being with Sonny. Will says he is gay and is with Sonny but he's having a baby with Gabi. Nick doesn't get it and asks why Gabi would be with him at all when she knew he was gay. Gabi says she did but something happened to them and it was a mistake that they both knew. Nick doesn't get what's going on at all. Gabi explains that it was after the explosion and she was really upset and going crazy then she saw Will. Nick asks if they just decided to have sex. Gabi points out that it wasn't the first time and she didn't know he was gay the first time but she did thi time. Nick questions Will for taking advantage of her. Gabi says it wasn't like that but Will takes the blame and says he has no excuse. Gabi says she wanted it too at the time but they both realized it was a mistake and moved on but now they are having a baby.

Sami thinks Rafe should calm down. Rafe says he's very calm but is freaked out that she couldn't tell him the truth. Rafe questions how she couldn't tell him this. Sami repeats that they were dealing with other things and she doesn't think it's that big of a deal. Rafe suggests this game would work on anyone else but not him. Rafe tells her that EJ is only there to be close to her. Sami shouts that she's had it and doesn't care about EJ's agenda because she's a grown woman that can make her own decisions. Sami tells Rafe that she can have a professional relationship with EJ if she chooses. Rafe responds that EJ always gets what he wants and with Sami, it's only a matter of time.

Brady suggests Kristen let them see what's on the tablet. Kristen complains that Marlena broke in, took her property, and attacked her. Brady says it shouldn't be a problem if she has nothing to hide. Kristen calls it none of anyone's business. Kristen doesn't think it's fair that Marlena gets her way after breaking in. Brady doesn't think it should be a big deal if she has nothing to hide. Kristen says she doesn't but she doesn't want Marlena to humiliate her anymore. Brady encourages her that she will be vindicated if nothing is on there. Kristen reluctantly agrees to let them look at it. Marlena opens the file and remarks that she doesn't believe this.

Sami tells Rafe that he just can't handle it. Rafe asks if she means her inability to tell the truth. Sami blames Rafe for sabotaging any progress they make. Rafe can't believe she's blaming him. Sami says that nothing was happening her. Rafe tells her that it's EJ and that EJ loved that he didn't know the truth. Sami says she gets it but doesn't have time for this as she has a deadline to work with. Rafe remarks that EJ and Sami could end up pulling an all nighter. Sami yells at him to stop it. Rafe tells her that he will. Rafe thanks her for her help with Gabi and then exits as EJ returns with coffees. EJ asks Sami if everything is alright.

Nick questions Gabi why she didn't tell Rafe or Sami that Will was the father. Will says he was going to tell them but Nick came in and he didn't have a chance. Gabi says she's in love with Nick and Will's in love with Sonny so she doesn't have an idea how this will work out. Will says they will have to tell Sami and Rafe soon. Nick tells them that they don't have to tell anyone the truth yet.

John tells Eric that having Kristen back in town has been rough for Marlena. They understand it but John wishes Marlena could stop expecting the worst. Eric asks if John has stopped expecting the worst since he senses that John has forgiven Kristen. John thinks back to forgiving her. Eric asks if there's something more that he's not telling him.

Brady asks Kristen if it's her journal. Kristen says it is her personal journal filled with her private thoughts. Kristen says her therapist has had her doing it and asks Marlena to put it down. Marlena reads Kristen's journal saying that Marlena has proven to be tough to crack and she gets that she hurt her deeply in the past but she knows Marlena won't put it behind them. Marlena stops reading. Brady continues reading that John is more open to forgiveness and Kristen is willing to make the effort. Marlena calls it a setup for show. Brady gives the computer back to Kristen. Kristen tells Marlena that she should be ashamed of herself as a doctor and wonders what her patients would say about her breaking in and attacking her. Kristen decides she has no choice but to call the police but Brady stops her and asks her not to as Kristen then looks over her shoulder and smirks at Marlena. Marlena looks to Brady. Brady steps in between and suggests Marlena go and not say another word. Marlena exits the room. Brady goes back to Kristen and tells her that he knows it's her call but he hopes she'll help him out. Brady says he won't tell her what to do but Kristen says he kind of did. Brady asks her to hear him out for three minutes. Brady says he knows it's upsetting. Kristen feels violated. Brady tells her that Marlena needs more time to see what John is seeing, that she's changed. Kristen asks if Brady thinks she's changed.

EJ sits with Sami. She tells EJ that she's fine, Rafe will be fine, and everything will be fine. EJ is glad because they have a lot of work. EJ informs her that they may have to work through dinner if that's okay with her.

Nick doesn't think Gabi should rush off and tell Rafe and Sami. Will asks why not. Nick says everything they've done so far has been without thought and they've changed their minds a lot. Nick brings up the abortion. Will says he was supporting Gabi's decision. Nick gets that but thinks they all need to calm down and look at everything to figure it out before they tell people. Nick comments that Gabi looks tired. Gabi agrees and goes to wash her face. Nick tells Will that he knows he means it when he says it's Gabi's call but also knows that it's really important to Will. Nick wants Will to give Gabi some time. Nick says that once people find out, everyone's going to want to weigh in. Will doesn't want to keep it a secret. Nick asks him to slow down and not tell Sami so she won't tell Rafe. Will agrees to give Gabi a day to think about it. Nick adds that Will can't tell Sonny either.

John tells Eric that he's more open to believing Kristen has changed but he knows why Marlena is having a hard time with it. Eric has to get back to the rectory and exits the Pub.

Kristen wraps her wrist after her fall. Brady tells her that he does believe she's changed but as important as it is to her, he hoped she'd extend herself to others as well. Kristen says she has and he knows she's tried to. Brady knows she's tried and that she wasn't welcomed back with open arms. Kristen hoped people would see that she changed and accept her for who she is now. Kristen knows Marlena never will. Brady says it's difficult for her for obvious reasons. Brady asks Kristen to give Marlena some slack. Kristen responds that Marlena hasn't done that for her but apologizes for being petty. Kristen doesn't want to succumb to all the insults and hurt she hears. Kristen says she's trying to be the bigger person. Brady tells her that this is her chance and she can prove it by not seeking revenge on Marlena for tonight. Kristen agrees not to call the police. Brady thanks her. Kristen wants Brady to promise to help her and protect her from Marlena so this doesn't happen again. Brady promises to do so and thanks her since he appreciates what she's doing. Kristen thinks John does have a right to hear what happened but Brady asks her not to call John. Brady wants Kristen to let Marlena tell John. Brady asks her to let him talk to Marlena and make sure it will never happen again. Brady begs her not to bring John into this as he's been through enough. Kristen calls John anyways but gets his voicemail. Kristen decides not to leave a message and hangs up. Brady thanks her.

Will asks Nick why it's his business what he tells Sonny. Nick asks if he really wants Sonny to know he's going to be a father. Will says he doesn't as Gabi returns. Nick asks about her. She says she's fine. Will tells Gabi that Nick was saying they should keep things to themselves. Nick thinks they need to slow everything down. Gabi asks what Will thinks. Will agrees to go along with it for now but hopes it isn't for long because he doesn't want to keep it from Sonny forever. Gabi hugs Will as he tells her to call if she needs anything. Will exits and Gabi's phone rings with a call from Rafe. Rafe asks how she's holding up. She says she's okay and tells him that Nick has been with her since she got home. Rafe suggests she get some rest as he just wanted to make sure she wasn't alone. Rafe tells her to take care and he loves her as they hang up. Gabi tells Nick that she can't lie to Rafe for long because he knows her really well. Nick hugs her. Gabi says she doesn't want to hide. Nick tells her that she won't because he's going to take care of her.

Sami tells EJ that she got the kids covered so she can stay as late as they need. Sami tells EJ that their campaign has to be a success so she can prove to Kate and everyone that she can be successful and deserves the job. EJ says that's the Sami he knows and loves. Sami goes to work as EJ says they should get started.

John runs into Marlena at the town square and asks if something is wrong. John's phone rings and he sees a missed call from Kristen but there's no message. Marlena suggests John call her back. John questions her wanting that and asks why. Marlena tells him to just do it.

Brady thanks Kristen for not involving John as he thinks she made the right decision. John calls her back so she answers the phone. John asks Kristen about calling him and asks if everything is alright while Kristen looks to Brady.

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