Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/27/12

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/27/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita


Rafe asks Will if bringing Gabi to the clinic is helping her. Will says it wasn't like that since she also told him something else. Rafe asks what he's talking about. Will shouts out that when she told him she was pregnant, she also told him. But before he can finish, Gabi comes out of the operating room crying. Will hugs her as Sami and Rafe look worried.

Kristen talks on the phone with Stefano as she goes into her office at Countess Wilhelmina. She tells him that she's just packing her stuff and EJ will be ready to start soon. Stefano is glad that she was able to get EJ back in the mix. Kristen thinks it was working closely with Sami that sealed the deal for EJ. Stefano agrees but is amazed that Kristen accomplished so much in such a short time. She responds that he has no idea as she's just getting started.

Marlena goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and checks on Brady. Brady is glad she's there as he was going to call her. Brady wanted to talk and apologizes in advance because he knows it's a sore subject. Marlena responds that she also wants to talk about Kristen.

Chad goes to the coffeehouse and asks Sonny about a message he left him. Sonny says he got it cleared up but he does want to talk to Chad about Gabi.

Nick turns on Gabi's computer and sees the abortion website. Nick begins to worry and wonders what Gabi has done. Nick finds the paper with the addresses in the trash.

Gabi cries as Rafe hugs her and tells her it's okay and that he's there for her.

Kate surprises Stefano by joining him at his table. Stefano doesn't recall inviting her to join him. Kate responds that she's not going anywhere until they discuss their marriage.

John arrives at the Countess Wilhelmina office. Kristen greets him and shows him a prototype lipstick she is working on. Kristen talks about the looks she's been getting lately. Kristen says the product will be EJ and Sami's since she's stepping aside. Kristen asks if John was here to see Sami. John responds that he came to see Kristen.

Rafe sits Gabi down and tells her it's okay as she cries. Gabi cries that she's sorry. Rafe tells her he's the one that's sorry. Rafe hates that she felt like she couldn't come to him. Rafe says he's there for her and will support her no matter what. Gabi says she couldn't. Rafe blames himself and tells her that he loves her and supports her no matter what. Gabi reveals that she couldn't do it and didn't have the abortion.

Marlena tells Brady that she wouldn't have deleted Kristen's messages if she knew why she was calling John about Brady being in the hospital. Marlena admits it was wrong and thoughtless to invade John's privacy. Brady calls it understandable. Marlena says she just loses control around Kristen and can't distinguish between right and wrong. Brady thinks it's understandable. Marlena thinks she should be more calm and rational after everything Kristen did to them years ago. Brady doesn't think it's unreasonable after all that she did. Marlena thought Kristen just wanted to get John alone again and is sorry that Brady was left alone in the hospital by himself. Brady reminds her that Kristen was there. Marlena believes she was waiting for John to show up and she's still sorry that Brady was hurt. Brady says he survived and is fine. Marlena is glad it wasn't more serious. Brady asks Marlena why she thinks Kristen is back in town and what she wants. Marlena responds that it's what she's always wanted, John.

Kristen asks John if he's there to defend Marlena's paranoid accusations. John assures her that he's not because what Marlena did was wrong and she had no right to erase the messages. Kristen thanks him and appreciates it. Kristen starts to leave but John asks if she has a second. John tells her he doesn't take lightly that she helped Brady and he's very grateful. John doesn't think they will have a whole lot of talks like this because of Marlena so he wants her to hear him out for a second. She asks what he wants to talk about. John repeats that he believes her efforts to make amends and become a better person. John believes Kristen has changed because her actions have proved it to him. John calls her the Kristen that he once knew which makes her smile.

Chad asks Sonny what he wants to talk about with Gabi. Sonny tells him to lay off of Gabi because she got sick. Chad thinks it's more of her drama. Sonny asks Chad about provoking her and Nick. Chad says she was fine when he left and calls it more of her drama. Chad isn't buying it. Sonny insists that she's not faking it because whatever Chad said really upset her. Chad questions Sonny and says he has no clue about Gabi. Chad realizes Nick asked Sonny to talk to him.

Rafe tells Gabi they will figure this out and she's not alone. Sami apologizes and hopes Gabi understands that she had to tell Rafe. Gabi understands. Sami assures her that she's not alone since she has them and Nick who loves her and will be there for her. Gabi can't believe Nick knows and cries that Rafe must be so disappointed in her. Rafe insists that he's not. Rafe says he's there for her and will help her. Will tells Gabi that he tried to get in to see her so he could stop it but they wouldn't let him. Will apologizes. Sami tells Will that it's not his place as it was Gabi's decision to make and Will was just there for her as a good, loyal friend. Will responds that he's not actually a loyal friend. Gabi cries as Will says he needs to tell them something he's been trying to say. Nick arrives and Gabi hugs him.

Stefano asks Kate how she found him. Kate calls it determination. Stefano responds that it was wasted. Kate says they're together now. Stefano responds that they have nothing to say to each other. Kate pulls out the divorce papers and says Stefano didn't have the guts to deliver himself and had Kristen do it. Kate questions how Kristen got back in Stefano's good graces since he swore he'd never forgive her betrayal. Stefano points out that Kristen is family. Kate reminds him that she is too as she is his wife. Stefano says that ended when Kate decided to be a whore and went to bed with another man, a man that tried to kill him. Kate thought he had left her. Stefano wonders how many times he had to tell her that he would never leave her. Kate regrets her actions as she was in pain but never stopped loving him. Stefano calls it irrelevant. Kate asks if he's saying he will never forgive her. Stefano responds that he will not.

Brady tells Marlena that he's wondering if maybe they've been wrong about Kristen. Marlena hopes it's not happening to him too. Brady says they have always been on the same page about Kristen but he's not sure that she's still the threat that Marlena thinks she is. Marlena can't believe it. Brady says he understands Marlena's feelings. Marlena thinks Brady did a complete reversal and she got to him somehow. Brady thinks they should focus on their lives. Marlena says if he had been at the hospital then he wouldn't be saying that. Brady asks what happened. Marlena explains that Kristen acted like the victim in front of John and she refused to apologize which made Kristen very happy. Marlena tells her that Kristen came up to her and thanked her. Marlena says Kristen made it sound like she played right into her hand. Brady asks if she's sure and suggests Marlena could have seen what she wanted to see. Marlena warns him not to analyze her. Brady suggests that Marlena's feelings about Kristen in the past are clouding her judgment about who she is today.

Kristen tells John that she doesn't know what to say. Kristen is aware that John has slowly been coming around to believing in her again but saying that she is the Kristen he once knew, really touches her. Kristen says it means he understands that she's overcome her past. Kristen adds that his forgiveness means everything to her and inspires her to keep fighting. Kristen says she will keep trying to be the best person she can be. Kristen hugs him and thanks him.

Nick tells Gabi that everything will be okay. Gabi wants to believe that. Rafe says they all just need to sit down and talk about what to do next. Gabi doesn't want to do that now. Sami thinks Gabi should rest. Nick offers to take Gabi home. Rafe tells them not to do anything without talking to him first since he wants to be part of it. Gabi hugs Rafe and is sorry for not telling him before but she's glad he knows now. Rafe tells her it's okay and he loves her. Will tries to speak up again but Gabi wants to talk about it another time and not now. Will agrees to call her later. Nick exits with Gabi. Will says he's okay and starts to leave but Rafe stops him and knows he wants to talk. Sami doesn't want Rafe to blame Will for any of this as he was just trying to help. Rafe says Will was responsible for Nick not knowing and Rafe thinks Nick has the right to know as the father.

Marlena questions how can everyone be so blind with Kristen. Marlena says everyone is forgetting what she's done and that's what she wants. Brady wants to give her the benefit of the doubt. Marlena asks if she's a lesser person for not doing that. Brady tells her nobody thinks that. Marlena calls Kristen a manipulator and wants Brady and John to realize that. Brady says he would wage war against Kristen to protect their family but he doesn't think it's necessary. Brady tells Marlena that she's already won as John loves her and Kristen can't change that. Marlena thanks him. Brady thinks she's too close to what happened in the past and she's convinced it may happen again. Marlena tells him not to tell her how she feels about it. Brady says he and John are on her side but Kristen is back in town so they should let go of some of the anger and bitterness. Marlena asks Brady for one favor and says it's his prerogative if he and John choose to forgive her but warns him not to let down his guard and to protect himself and John. Brady promises to never let his guard down. Brady gets a call and says he's going to head to work. They assure each other that they are good and hug as Brady then goes to get ready. Marlena sees that Brady left his phone on the table.

Rafe says he knows it sounds hypocritical for him to talk about the father having the right to know who his child is. Sami reminds him that it was Gabi's decision. Rafe thinks Will could've tried harder to get Gabi to come to him. Will agrees and apologizes then quickly exits. Sami asks Rafe if he's okay. Rafe says he is and just wants to help Gabi through this. Sami says Gabi is lucky to have him.

Sonny tells Chad that Gabi is his business since she's friends with Will. Sonny wanted to ask Gabi what she was so upset about. Sonny brings up that Chad and Gabi used to be close so he shouldn't turn on a friend. Chad tells him that he doesn't know what Gabi is really like. Chad warns Sonny to drop this and declares that he will not let Gabi ruin anything else in his life as he storms out.

Nick brings Gabi to her room. Gabi wishes he would say something and knows he has a reason to be upset. Nick says there's more than one reason. Nick tells Gabi that what she did and what she was about to do is wrong on so many levels. Gabi tells him that she couldn't do it and talks about how he can't understand what it was like. Gabi says she tried to convince herself that it was the right thing but realized she was being horribly selfish. Nick is glad she didn't do it. Nick brings up that Gabi said she loved him. Gabi insists that she does more than she ever thought she could. Nick questions why she lied to him about the baby.

Stefano tells Kate that as long as she's there, she can pick up the used dishes. Kate says she defended him to everyone that warned her that he was a heartless monster. Kate signs the divorce papers and says she was a fool as she then storms off. Stefano takes a look at the divorce papers.

Kristen walks through the town square and her phone rings with a message from Brady to meet her at the rectory. Kristen turns around and runs into Brady. She tells him that she was just on her way to the rectory. Brady wonders why and says they didn't have a meeting today. Brady tells her that he was just on his way to the office but does want to talk to her if she has a second. Kristen says she doesn't as she to go some place and rushes off.

The maid enters Kristen's hotel room. Marlena walks by and looks into the open room.

Rafe and Sami sit outside the town square. Rafe calls the whole thing heartbreaking. Sami says Gabi has them and Nick. Gabi tells Rafe that he has to see how much Nick cares and that he will protect her. Rafe thanks Sami for telling him or else he wouldn't have been able to be there for her. Sami thought she needed him whether she realized it or not. Sami asks Rafe to go easy on Will for her since she asked him to be there for Gabi and help in any way he could. Rafe thinks he took that advice too far but Sami thinks he was just being a friend. They are glad Gabi made the decision she did. Rafe says he's blaming everyone for not telling him when he should've been paying closer attention to Gabi's life. Sami tells him that some things she won't want to share with him and beating himself up won't help her either. Rafe asks when Sami got so wise. Sami jokes back asking when he stopped noticing.

Will goes to the coffeehouse and Sonny greets him. Sonny gives him the rest of the money he needed but Will doesn't need it. Sonny asks if he's alright. Will says he doesn't know what things are right now. Sonny asks if it has to do with Gabi because something happened earlier and he hopes he didn't make things worse.

Gabi tells Nick that she didn't lie to anyone. Nick calls it a lie. Gabi is sorry that he found out from Sami. Nick tells her that he was there at the hospital when Gabi fainted. Gabi asks what he wants her to say. Gabi admits she messed up as she was scared of losing him. Nick wonders why she thought she'd lose him if she told him about the baby. Gabi calls it complicated. Nick wants to know how. Gabi informs Nick that he's not the father. Nick responds that she's damn right he's not.

Rafe tells Sami that he knows Gabi is going through hell right now but spending the last few hours with her has felt like old times. Sami is sorry that she didn't tell him about Gabi sooner. Rafe understands she was trying to honor a promise. Rafe tells her that he understands about keeping a secret out of loyalty. Rafe says at least this one didn't drive them apart and may have made them closer. Sami's phone rings and it's work so she has to go. Rafe understands and thanks her for being by his side today. Sami tells him that Gabi will be fine with him on his side. Sami repeats that Gabi is lucky and she exits.

Sonny tells Will that he doesn't know what's going on between Chad and Gabi and doesn't want to know but Chad went ballistic when he asked him to back off. Will worries that Chad may have gone looking for Gabi and says that's the last thing he needs so he rushes out.

Gabi questions Nick knowing the baby isn't his. Nick responds that he's not stupid and knows it's too soon. Gabi asks why he didn't say anything before. Nick didn't want to embarrass her in front of everyone. Nick thinks everyone will realize that she played him. Gabi tells him that she didn't plan this and was going to tell him. Nick asks if she was going to wait until after the baby was gone. Nick is beginning to see a pattern in her behavior. Gabi asks what he's talking about. Nick says she couldn't tell him the truth about what happened with the baby and about what happened between her, Melanie, and Chad.

Brady runs into John outside the Pub and invites him for coffee but John says he's got some place to be and walks off. Brady says to himself there's a lot of that going on today as he heads into the Pub.

Marlena tells the maid that she spilled her drink and sends her to clean it up while she sneaks into Kristen's room.

Rafe goes to Sami's office with flowers and prepares to knock on the door.

Nick tells Gabi that she used him. Gabi wonders why he would say that and promises she'd never do that to him because she loves him. Nick questions if she even knows what it means to love someone. Nick says now he knows why Chad was so upset with her for busting he and Melanie up. Gabi asks why he keeps saying that. Nick tells her that she suckered him in with her sob story about being misunderstood like him and how she hurt people that she didn't mean to like him and how she didn't mean for Andrew to kidnap Melanie. Gabi says she didn't. Nick says she left out one detail that she wanted Chad. Nick assumes that she got him and that's why Melanie left. Nick believes Chad knocked her up and says he's the only person in the world that could be the father of her baby. Chad arrives knocking on the door asking for Gabi to open up. Nick calls it perfect timing. Gabi begs him not to open the door but Nick opens it.

Brady checks his phone at the Pub and sees the text to Kristen that Marlena sent. Brady says he didn't send it and begins to worry.

Marlena finds Kristen's tablet computer in her room and looks through it until Kristen arrives, startling Marlena.

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