Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/26/12

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/26/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Nicole approaches Jennifer in her home, startling her. Jennifer asks what she's doing there. Nicole tells her not to be afraid.

Daniel sits at home and has a tremor in his hand. He thinks back to his last conversation with Jennifer until he's interrupted by a knock at the door. Daniel answers and it's Maggie. Maggie greets him and asks if it was a bad time. Daniel says he was just looking at stuff and invites her in. Maggie says they both know why she's there and asks what happened with Jennifer.

Hope tells Eric that what Nicole needs is to be watched. Hope assures him that Nicole is not suddenly reformed. Eric asks how she can sure. Hope calls it instinct and she has a terrible feeling about all of it especially that the conflict between Nicole and Jennifer is far from over. Eric understands why she feels that way. Hope tells him that he has a complicated history with Nicole. Eric states this has nothing to do with that. Eric says he wouldn't have a job if he didn't believe people could change and learn from their mistakes including Nicole.

Jennifer tells Nicole that she can't be serious as she comes in her house, letting herself in. Jennifer goes to the door and notices that Nicole locked the door. Jennifer wants a reason why she shouldn't be afraid. Nicole reveals that all she has is an apology.

Sami shows Rafe the abortion website on Gabi's computer. Rafe starts to worry. Sami tries to calm him down but Rafe worries that they won't be able to find her and they need to stop her.

Will waits outside Gabi's room at the clinic. Will thinks back to finding out that he's the father of Gabi's baby. Will sits down nervously as a nurse asks if he's alright. Will responds that he's not.

Gabi meets with the doctor who is there to perform her procedure. Gabi worries about never being in a situation like this. The doctor assures Gabi that she'll be okay as it's a simple procedure. She asks if Gabi has any questions before they begin.

The nurse at the desk asks if she can do something for Will. Will tells her that he doesn't know what room Gabi is in. She tells him that he can see her after but Will wants to stop the procedure as he just realized it's a mistake. Will wants to know what room it is as he promises it's a terrible mistake.

Gabi asks the doctor how long it takes. She responds that it takes maybe 15-20 minutes.

Sami wants Rafe to calm down. Rafe can't be calm until they know what Gabi is doing. Sami doesn't think Gabi went to that clinic since it's in Chicago. Rafe wants to find Gabi. Sami suggests Gabi was just looking at information. Sami talks to Rafe about all the questions Gabi must have being in this situation. Rafe gets that she wants him to calm down but he worries that Gabi has already made her decision.

Jennifer asks Nicole if her idea of an apology is to sneak in her house and warn her to not be afraid. Nicole says she knows it looks like every other time she set her up but she swears this time is different. Jennifer reminds Nicole that she swore she would never apologize. Nicole states that she just couldn't do it then. Jennifer asks what was stopping her. Nicole talks about how Jennifer is looking at her and sees pity, fear, and anger. Nicole explains that she let herself in because if she waited for her to open the door then she would chicken out. Nicole adds that she locked the door to make sure she would do this. Nicole realizes that they can't move on until she faces her lies and accusations. Nicole admits it was so wrong to accuse her of murder. Nicole says it just happened and wasn't planned because it was easier to hate her than to feel helpless. Nicole knows she's done horrible things but never thought she was capable of that. Nicole adds that she should be in jail now but Jennifer has reached out with nothing but kindness and generosity. Jennifer responds that she's not being generous but doing it for all of their sakes since there's been so much pain especially for Nicole and for Daniel. Jennifer declares that they all just need to move on. Nicole calls Jennifer the better person through all of this and thanks her then apologizes for all of it. Jennifer tells her that it's okay and believes she's sincere. Jennifer says the one thing she doesn't get it is why she decided to do this right now.

Hope introduces Ciara to Eric. Eric reveals that he will be leading Ciara's first communion class. Brady arrives and greets Eric with a hug.

The doctor prepares Gabi. The phone rings and the doctor is called out on an emergency. She tells Gabi that she won't be long and exits.

Sami tells Rafe that Gabi won't rush into a decision all on her own. Rafe worries that Gabi is scared and might feel alone. Sami encourages him. Rafe wonders how he didn't know Gabi was with Nick. Sami suggests Gabi could have been using the web site as a referral and decides to make the call. Rafe hopes they aren't too late. Sami insists they will find Gabi.

The nurse asks Will if he's saying his friend is making a mistake. Will explains that he's not judging but he just wants to make sure that she's okay. She asks if something is wrong. Will says Gabi is just in there by herself and scared so he wants to make sure that she's okay. She asks if Will is trying to say that Gabi was coerced into coming. Will states that it was Gabi's decision and nobody forced her but he just wants one minute. She apologizes but says Will can't go back there due to policy. She tells him that Gabi can stop the procedure at any time but it's her decision to make so he can see her when she's done.

Brady asks Eric about being a priest now. They joke with Ciara. Eric asks Brady about his bandage. Brady tells him that he was attacked by a crazy person. Hope asks if he's okay. Brady explains that he got in the middle with Kristen. Ciara wants to eat so Hope tells Eric and Brady that she'll let them catch up. Hope adds that she wants to hear more about Brady's story. Brady says a report is on her desk. Ciara and Hope say goodbye and exit. Eric asks Brady about Kristen and mentions her being on the parrish board. Eric sensed there was something John and Marlena weren't telling him. Brady calls it complicated. Brady says before his accident, he was disagreeing and fighting with Kristen for plotting against John and Marlena but she was the one who brought him to the hospital. Brady adds that Kristen could have left him there. Eric asks if he believes she's changed. Brady calls it possible. Eric suggests that if Kristen has shown care and remorse then she should be given the benefit of the doubt. Brady thinks he's talking about someone else. Eric admits that it's someone else that no one else believes can change. Brady guesses that it's Nicole. Eric mentions that Hope thinks Nicole is a lost cause. Brady disagrees since Nicole has made terrible decisions but has a good heart. Eric asks Brady if he believes Nicole can be a better person. Brady hopes so and says she hasn't been able to pull it off so far because she's her own worst enemy.

Nicole thinks it shouldn't matter how she got there and that her apology should be enough. Jennifer knows what a struggle it was for Nicole to come and do this. Jennifer wants to accept her apology graciously and without reservation. Nicole thanks her and says she has no idea how much that means to her. Nicole decides she's going to go. Jennifer asks what she will do now since she wasn't the only one hurt by all of this. Nicole says she started thinking about what she needed to do to come between Jennifer and Daniel after Jack died. Nicole recalls offering her condolences to Jennifer and telling her she was sorry when she didn't mean it. Nicole admits that she was trying to manipulate her but now she knows what loss does and how one can never really get past it. Nicole cries that she's so sorry for Jack and feels sorry for everything Jennifer has gone through. Nicole calls it the truth as she leaves her key and exits.

Daniel explains to Maggie that Jennifer just wanted to see him about a clinical trial with his hand tremors. Daniel says his impulsively saying he loved her never came up. Maggie talks about how Daniel didn't want to put Jennifer on the spot about feelings. Daniel doesn't think he has to worry about that. Maggie asks about the clinical trial and if he's looking into it. Daniel says Jennifer thought so but he doesn't know as he's conflicted with it being a trial with no guarantees. Daniel points out that it could get worse and then his hopes would be crushed. Maggie thinks Jennifer seems very invested in Daniel doing this. Daniel mentions that she made him promise to think about it which he was doing. Maggie is anxious to hear his decision and decides she's going to go. Daniel asks what the rush is. Maggie says she has errands to run. Daniel says he'll see her soon. Maggie agrees to call him later and hugs him goodbye as she then quickly exits.

Sami finishes her call and says there are two clinics nearby. Rafe wants to make a call to one of the clinics so Sami gives him the number.

Will tells the nurse that she needs to understand that Gabi didn't know she had to be alone and the only reason she came was because she thought that Will would be able to be with her in there. She assures Will that Gabi knows he's waiting for her and she knows it's not easy but he needs to take a seat. The phone rings so she answers and it's Rafe. Rafe tells her that he's looking for Gabi. She responds that they can't give out that information. Rafe asks if he has the right clinic and wants to know if someone is at least with Gabi.

The doctor returns to Gabi for the procedure.

Hope sits with Ciara in the town square. Hope asks if something is wrong. Ciara asks about prayers. Hope tells her that she can pray whenever she wants. Ciara tells Hope that she prayed for Bo and Caroline to come home soon. Hope promises it will be very soon. Ciara wants to say another prayer for everyone to be as happy as she is and Hope hugs her.

Rafe asks the nurse if someone is there with Gabi but she insists that she can't answer that to protect the privacy of their patients. Rafe asks again if she's there but she refuses to say anything. Rafe thanks her for nothing and hangs up. Sami offers to call the other clinc. Rafe tells her to call from the car as he thinks this one is their best bet. Sami asks if he needs the address but he doesn't so she throws the paper in the trash. They come downstairs to the Pub where Nick is working. Nick asks Rafe what's going on and wants him to talk to him. Nick asks if he's talked to Gabi. Rafe responds that he hasn't and isn't wasting any more time as he then rushes out. Sami tells Nick that Rafe just needs some air as he's worried about Gabi. Nick responds that he is too. Sami advises Nick to stay there in case Gabi comes back as she rushes out after Rafe.

Gabi asks if they're ready now. The doctor promises no more interruptions and tells Gabi to relax as she lays back.

Eric tells Brady that he can't get into what he and Nicole talked about because she confided in him as someone she trusts. Brady understands. Eric talks about Nicole dealing with overwhelming guilt and remorse. Brady thinks she should be because she went too far this time. Eric says Nicole is in so much pain that she lost sense of right and wrong. Eric adds that she did what she thought she had to in order to ease the pain. Brady knows it's not an excuse but a reason. Eric says Nicole dug herself into a ditch and she has to pull herself out. Eric suggests she can with a little help. Brady asks if Eric is still hung up on Nicole. Eric assures him that he is not. Eric says he's allowed to help women including ones he was involved with even if things didn't end up as he wanted.

Nicole goes to Daniel's and prepares to knock on the door.

Jennifer runs into Maggie at the hospital. Maggie asks for a moment to talk. Jennifer invites her to the cafeteria but Maggie wants to talk in private. Jennifer asks if she's alright. Maggie informs her that it's about Daniel.

Nick enters Gabi's room and thinks back to being in bed with her. Nick sits at the computer and wonders where she is.

Will approaches the nurse again but she continues telling him no. Will wants to know how she's doing and asks her to at least check on Gabi. She tells him that the doctor has been in there for awhile now so if he can patient then she should be out in a few minutes. Will asks if it's over already. She responds that it should be. Rafe bursts in with Sami who are both surprised to see Will. Rafe demands to know where Gabi is. Rafe tries to rush into the room himself. The nurse tells him he can't go in there but he orders her to unlock the door.

Nicole prepares to knock on Daniel's door but hears Daniel's phone ring inside. Daniel answers a call from Melanie. Daniel talks to her about her time there and how he couldn't be happier for her. Daniel says she doesn't want to hear about him because he's boring. Daniel admits things have been pretty intense but thinks the worst is over. Nicole listens in from the door and overhears Daniel say that he's moving on with his life. Nicole walks away causing Daniel to think he heard something so he checks the door but doesn't see anything and goes back in. Nicole walks by and exits through the elevator. Daniel is so happy Melanie called and starts getting tremors in his hand again. Daniel says he's been considering something and wanted her opinion on it.

Jennifer doesn't understand as she just saw Daniel yesterday and he was fine. Maggie responds that he is considering everything he's been through. Maggie says that's why she has to wonder why Jennifer is pressuring him about the clinical trials with his hands. Jennifer explains that she wasn't pressuring him but just wanted him to look into the research. Maggie brings up Daniel not wanting to get his hopes up and questions why Jennifer made him promise to still think about it. Jennifer thinks there's a risk in every treatment and it would be great if Daniel could have his surgical career back. Maggie is concerned with the timing and what the rush is because if it fails then it will be too much for Daniel. Maggie asks what's wrong with waiting until the drug is approved. Maggie suggests by then Daniel could be in a better place. Jennifer explains that she just wanted to help him since he's done so much for her. Maggie points out the chance it won't work and the risks are Daniel's to deal with not hers.

Rafe orders the door to be unlocked but she tells him that he's not authorized. She threatens to call security. Rafe informs her that he's a cop. She wants a warrant. Rafe threatens to break the door down. Sami tells Rafe to stop. Rafe questions Will as to how long he's been there. Will says a while. Rafe asks what that means. Will says the nurse suggested the procedure is already done. Rafe asks Will why he brought Gabi here.

The doctor tells Gabi that she'll be alright as she cries.

Daniel looks through the research some more and gets annoyed by the tremors as there's another knock at the door. Daniel answers and it's Jennifer. She asks if he has a minute. Daniel invites her in. Jennifer says she just came because she owes him an apology. Daniel asks what for. Jennifer says she pushed him into the clinical trial and should've let it go when he said no. Jennifer says it's Daniel's journey and not hers. Jennifer explains that she was trying to pay him back for all he's done for her but this isn't the way and she was way out of line. Jennifer apologizes. Daniel tells her not to apologize as he was going to call her to tell her he's going to do it. Daniel says he talked to Maggie and Melanie and couldn't stop thinking about what Jennifer said to him. Daniel declares Jennifer is right that he has got to do this no matter the results because he has to take the risk as it's who he is. Daniel thanks her for making him see that.

Eric looks at the earring Nicole left behind and puts it in a drawer in his desk then goes back to writing until Nicole enters. Eric tells her that he was just thinking about her and asks what's wrong. Nicole responds that she took his advice to go see Jennifer and apologized to her for what she did and everything she accused her of. Eric asks how it went. Nicole says Jennifer accepted her apology. Eric is proud of her since it took a lot of strength. Eric asks why she's still so down. Nicole adds that she didn't have the strength to face Daniel and say the same thing. Eric asks why not. Nicole says she heard him talking on the phone, telling his daughter that he was moving on with his life without her. Nicole cries that it was too much as Eric comforts her.

Nick turns on Gabi's computer and sees the abortion website.

Rafe continues questioning Will. Sami gets in between them and tries to stop Rafe. Rafe blames Will for bringing Gabi. Sami reveals that it's because of her since she asked Will to be there for Gabi. Sami says she asked Will to help her. Rafe asks if bringing her here is helping her. Will says it wasn't like that since she also told him something else. Rafe asks what he's talking about. Will shouts out that when she told him she was pregnant, she also told him. But before he can finish, Gabi comes out of the operating room crying. Will hugs her as Sami and Rafe look worried.

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