Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/21/12

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/21/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita


Sami tells Nick to cut Rafe some slack because he can't be thrilled to find out that his sister is pregnant which shocks Nick as he did not know. Sami thought he did know and she never would've said anything if he didn't. Nick asks if she's sure. Nick tells her that he didn't know anything.

Rafe goes inside Gabi's room but she's not there. Rafe wonders where she is. Rafe says he has to find her and pulls out his phone.

Will walks through the gate to Gabi saying he got $150 from Sonny and just needs $50 more as he then sees Lucas. Lucas questions which one of them is going to tell him what's really going on. Will claims they need the money for a school project. Lucas comments that it must be some project with that much money. Lucas thinks they need to talk in private.

Hope and Jennifer prepare food for their book club meeting. Jennifer is glad they are doing it. Billie arrives and tells Jennifer that she owes her the biggest apology and hugs her.

Nicole asks Eric if he realizes how long they have been there talking. Eric says they had a lot to talk about. Nicole says the short version would've been easier to just say that she's been through hell. Nicole feels the whole town is judging her. Eric tells her that he's not judging her but Nicole questions how he can't. Nicole adds that she's lost Daniel forever and calls herself a sad sack. Nicole wants Eric to admit that he hates her now like everybody else in Salem.

Nick tells Sami that he can't believe Gabi is pregnant. Sami knows they haven't been dating long and Nick has been through so much so it has to be a lot to take in. Nick asks why Gabi told Sami and not him. Sami explains that she found out accidentally at the hospital. Sami tells Nick that he's going to be a dad.

Rafe tries calling Gabi but her phone is in the room. Rafe questions Gabi leaving her phone. Rafe sees the uneaten breakfast on the table and wonders what's going on.

Gabi tells Lucas that they are busy with the project and suggests they talk later. Lucas says it won't take long. Will tells him that they really have to go but Lucas steps aside with Will. Lucas informs him that he talked to Sonny. Will asks when since he just saw him. Lucas is surprised that he didn't say anything. Lucas calls it just the first step. Will doesn't get it. Lucas says he can't promise that everything will be perfect but he promises not to screw up like he did before. Will asks if he told that to Sonny. Lucas says he sort of did and he knows he needs to accept things in the life Will wants to lead so he also has to accept Sonny and he knows that. Lucas adds that it will be hard on him because he loves Will but apparently so does Sonny.

Eric tells Nicole how sorry he is for the loss of her child and as far as what she did after, he can't and never could hate her. Nicole thinks it's because he's a priest but Eric says he's her friend and she's suffered long enough. Nicole tells him that there's more. Nicole wants to know what Eric is thinking that he's not saying.

Nick asks Sami if she's sure there's nothing else wrong with Gabi. Sami assures him that she's fine. Rafe comes back down and asks Nick when he last saw Gabi. Rafe warns him not to lie. Sami informs Rafe that Nick just found out Gabi is pregnant. Rafe questions Gabi not telling him. Nick says he's trying to take it all in. Rafe wants Nick to help him find Gabi.

Will asks Lucas if Sonny actually said that he loves him. Lucas admits that he did and asks Will if he doesn't know how Sonny felt. Will guesses he does. Lucas doesn't like to lie. Will asks what he lied about. Lucas admits that he wouldn't have acted the same as he did walking in on he and Sonny if he was with a girl like Gabi. Lucas tells Will that he was right so he's apologizing. Will thanks him. Lucas says if Sonny makes Will happy then he does. Will says it means a lot and hugs him. Will goes back to Gabi and asks if she's ready. Will tells Lucas he will talk to him later. Lucas gives them the $50 they still needed. Will calls it very generous of him. Gabi thanks him. Lucas wishes them luck on their project as they walk off together. Lucas adds that he's proud of him.

Billie joins Jennifer and Hope in the living room. Billie apologizes to Jennifer for thinking the worst and jumping to conclusions. Jennifer wants to put it all behind them. Billie hates herself for it but Jennifer assures her that she's forgiven. Billie thanks her with a hug as the doorbell rings and Kayla arrives with Adrienne. Billie asks about Caroline. Kayla says she's anxious to come back. Hope adds that it will be sooner than they thought which they all agree is great news. Jennifer declares there really are a lot of things to be thankful this year after all.

Nicole tells Eric to tell her whatever he isn't telling her. Eric admits he's a bit uncomfortable because they haven't been able to really talk about what this is. Eric says Nicole hasn't found a way to make things right with Jennifer and Daniel. Nicole asks if that's what he thinks she should do. Eric suggests it could help her move on with closure. They joke about Nicole not being the best at apologizing. Eric thinks back to doing a photo shoot with Nicole on Venice Beach. Eric talks about Nicole never apologized for wanting the pictures thrown out. Nicole tells him that she's retroactively sorry. Eric thanks him as she jokes about the pictures. Nicole tells him it wasn't about his work but about her and how she felt. Eric says looking in the mirror she might see flaws but forgets all the things she does. Nicole says she knows all those things. Nicole asks what will happen to her if she takes his suggestion to do what's right. Eric thinks she'll feel better and lose the feeling that the world hates her. Nicole worries that Jennifer and Daniel won't care and have no intention of forgiving her. Eric encourages her about forgiving herself. Nicole is not comfortable with all the God talk. Nicole tells him to stop preaching to her and listen. Nicole yells that she's sick of the God talk and Eric telling her that she needs him.

The girls talk at their book club meeting. Billie discusses her book choice of "The Scarlet Letter" and talks about the problems for women. Hope asks what made her choose that book. Billie responds that it was the theme of forbidden love.

Eric encourages Nicole that God has not turned against her. Nicole tries to change the subject and asks how he became a priest. Eric thinks she's trying to avoid things. She asks him again about becoming a priest. He explains that he went to Colorado to start over and became a photographer caught up in a civil war in Congo. Eric recalls missionaries helping him find his way back and it changed his view of the world Eric doesn't expect Nicole to understand but she says that she does.

Rafe mentions that he called Gabi's phone and it rang right next to him. Sami suggests she just forgot it. Rafe mentions there was breakfast that was not touched. Nick says Gabi was feeling sick and realizes now it was morning sick. Sami asks if Nick saw her leave. Nick says he didn't unless she went down the back stairs. Rafe goes to ask someone in the kitchen if they saw anything. Sami tells Nick to give Rafe some time but Nick is not worried. Sami asks Nick how he feels now that he's adjusted to the news.

Will and Gabi go to the hospital clinic. Will asks if she's okay. Will tells her that he only wants her to do this if she's 100% sure. A nurse enters and asks if she can help them.

Nicole tells Eric that she's known him for a long time and admits that he does seem different, calmer, and at peace. Nicole says it's the exact opposite of how she feels. Eric says it's God who's there for everyone but not everybody is there for him. Nicole knows he's not trying to convert her but she's not comfortable with the God talk. One of Nicole's earrings falls off. Eric tells her that she'd be amazed what could happen with her life if she would be open with him. Nicole says she needs to go and thanks him for the talk. Nicole exits.

Nick tells Sami that he's fine and he just wants to know why Gabi didn't tell him about this. Sami really thought she did. Rafe returns and says no one has seen Gabi. Nick wonders why he's so worried. Rafe says because she's pregnant and scared. Rafe wants to go check her room again but Sami wants to go with him. Rafe thinks Nick is mad at Gabi for not telling him but Nick insists that he's not mad at her because he's in love with her. Rafe tells Nick to come find him if he finds Gabi. Rafe and Sami head back to Gabi's room.

The nurse gives Gabi some forms to fill out. Will asks her again if she's sure. Gabi nods and begins filling out the forms.

Hope goes to see Eric and hugs him, telling him she's so glad he's back in town. Hope asks how he was able to get a job in his hometown. Eric doesn't know how it happened. Hope talks about bringing Ciara to see him. Eric goes to get her some tea. Hope notices Nicole's earring and picks it up. Eric says it must be Nicole's before she left. Hope questions Nicole being there with him. Eric tells her that they caught up which Hope warns was a big mistake.

Nicole walks through the town square and looks up at the stairs, causing her to think back to falling down the stairs. She recalls accusing Jennifer of killing her son and then thinks back to Jennifer's apology. Nicole remembers telling Jennifer that she'd never forgive her. Nicole tries to stop replaying it in her head as she walks on out of the town square.

Sami asks Rafe what he's thinking in Gabi's room. Rafe says he's thinking a million things like did he let Gabi down by not paying closer attention to her life. Sami tells him that Gabi didn't get pregnant because he neglected her. Rafe points out that he's the only family she has here. Rafe talks about Gabi being really close to Arianna and maybe he didn't realize how much the loss of Arianna affected Gabi. Rafe looks at the photo of Gabi and Nick. Rafe asks Sami if she thinks Nick loves her. Sami says she does and knows Nick was really worried after Gabi fainted. Sami adds that Gabi told her she loves him too. Sami tells Rafe that it makes a big difference.

Gabi finishes the forms and gives them back to the nurse at the desk. She thanks Will for coming with her. Will reminds her that he's with her all the way. Will tells her that he's sorry this happened as he should've been more careful. Gabi repeats that they were both there so it was both of their responsibility. Gabi's name is called to meet with the nurse. Will tells her that if she's not ready or if she has any doubts then they can take more time. Gabi says no. Gabi wishes Will could come in with her. Will does too but assures her that he will be there and won't go anywhere. Gabi hugs him and then heads into the room with the nurse. Will remains in the waiting room. Will checks his phone and looks at a picture of Sonny.

The nurse asks Gabi if she understands everything and is sure she wants to go ahead with the procedure. She says she knows it's difficult but can't proceed unless Gabi gives her a verbal response. Gabi responds that she's sure. The nurse tells Gabi that she will take a sonogram to find out exactly how far along she is. She instructs Gabi to put on a gown as she exits the room.

Rafe tells Sami that maybe this happened because he was overprotecting and she was rebelling. Sami promises it's not that as Gabi knows Rafe is there for her and would sacrifice anything for her. Rafe says that's right and mentions that he was even willing to sacrifice Sami for Gabi.

Hope tells Eric not to make her state the obvious. He thinks she already did by thinking him talking with Nicole was a big mistake. Hope tells him that he doesn't need this. Eric explains that he ran into Nicole by accident and she was just filling him in on what's going on in her life. Eric tells Hope that Nicole told him everything. Hope warns him that letting Nicole back into his life for any reason would be a catastrophe. Hope warns him to stay away from Nicole.

Adrienne talks to Jennifer about getting together for Thanksgiving as she exits. Now alone at home, Jennifer looks at a photo of her and Jack and walks on. Nicole then opens the door and enters the house.

Eric asks how it can be a mistake to try and help someone. Hope says it's not if that person is able to accept help and be grateful. Hope tells him that Nicole is not only dishonest but she exploits people. Hope brings up what Nicole did to Jennifer and calls her a sociopath. Eric says he is not excusing what she's done but she's in really bad shape and needs someone to talk to. Eric tells her that Nicole is grieving the loss of her baby and thinks that everyone in Salem hates her so he's just trying to show her some support. Hope comments that Nicole needs to be watched. Hope assures him that Nicole is not suddenly reformed. Eric asks how she can sure. Hope calls it instinct and she has a terrible feeling about all of it especially that the conflict between Nicole and Jennifer is far from over.

Nicole approaches Jennifer in her home startling her.

Nick tries to call Will. He leaves a message about Will doing a school project with Gabi. Nick asks if she's with him and needs him to call as soon as he gets it because it's important.

Rafe tells Sami that it's true that he was willing to give her up to save Gabi but it ended up being a moot point since he lost her anyway. Sami thinks it proves the point that Rafe is willing to do anything for his sister and she respects him for how loyal he is to Gabi. Rafe says he loves Gabi with all of his heart and he loves her baby too. Rafe adds that he'd do anything to help her.

Gabi puts on her gown and hears nurses discussing her sonogram and her being ready. A nurse knocks on the door as Gabi says to herself "God forgive me."

Sami asks Rafe if she can use Gabi's computer to send an e-mail. Rafe is sure she wouldn't mind. Sami turns on the computer and up pops the abortion website that Gabi left it on.

Will waits outside of Gabi's room. Gabi meets with the doctor who is there to perform her procedure.

Sami shows Rafe the computer and he begins to worry.

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