Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/20/12

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/20/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

John can't believe that Kristen didn't call him to let him know about Brady. Brady tries to explain that's not what happened. Marlena tries to intervene but Kristen enters the room and tells John that she did call him several times and asks if he didn't get her messages. Marlena thinks back to deleting the messages and tries to talk to John. John doesn't believe Kristen and questions what kind of game she's playing with him now.

Sami admits to Rafe that it's about Gabi but she made her promise not to say anything but he's Gabi's brother and she thinks it's right that he knows. Rafe asks what it is. Sami brings up Gabi working with Nick at the Pub. Rafe can't believe it. Sami asks what he's thinking. Rafe asks if Gabi is sleeping with Nick.

Will questions Gabi wanting to get an abortion. Gabi tells him that she's been thinking about it all night. Gabi talks about how he's gay and she's straight, they're both with other people and both are students. Gabi says they've had crazy years and wonders what kind of life they could even give the baby. Will agrees it wouldn't be much of one. Will asks if this is what Gabi wants. Gabi tells Will that he's always meant so much to her and if she does this, she wants to know if he will hate her. Will reminds her that he was the one that showed up that night while she was upset about Chad and wasn't in any shape to say no but he knew that and took advantage of it. Will says he wasn't thinking about her or about anything. Will tells Gabi that if he hated anybody, it would be himself because he could never hate Gabi no matter what she decides. Will tells Gabi that it's her life, her body, and her choice. Gabi reminds him it's his baby too so she wants him to think hard about this. Gabi says if Will can't live with it then she won't go through with it.

Sami suggests Rafe breathes. Rafe is upset about his little sister being with an ex-con. Sami praises Nick's good qualities. Rafe brings up Nick killing somebody and kidnapping Melanie in the past. Sami tries to explain that it wasn't his fault and that he's paid his time. Rafe recalls talking to Nick and he didn't say anything. Rafe decides he's going to have a different kind of talk with Nick but Sami mentions that Nick loves Gabi. Rafe asks if he told her that. Sami says she could see it in his eyes and she knows Gabi feels the same way. Rafe remains unhappy. Sami tries to get him to sit down. Rafe brings up them not knowing each other very long and Nick being in jail for four years. Sami says she broke Gabi's confidence to tell Rafe. Rafe appreciates it and says he won't let anyone know she told him when he kills Nick. Sami wants to calm him down. Sami warns him that he would be disrespecting Gabi.

Kristen tells John that she called him several times and left messages. John looks for his phone. Marlena gives it to him since he left it on the table. John checks it and sees no messages. Kristen gives him her phone to check. Brady adds that he heard Kristen leave a message. John thinks he knows what happens. Marlena tries to explain. John tells Brady that he's sorry for not being there and apologizes to Kristen for jumping to the wrong conclusion. John exits the room and Marlena follows as Brady wonders what just happened.

Marlena follows John and he asks what she knows about the missing messages.

Brady tells Kristen that he knows John is mad at Marlena but he doesn't usually get mad at her. Brady wonders why. Kristen doesn't want to get involved and suggests he asks them if he wants answer.

Marlena tells John that she didn't listen to the messages. John questions if she thought he was gullible. John asks if she doesn't trust him anymore.

Lucas enters the coffeehouse. Sonny asks if he can help him. Lucas makes an order and adds that they may need to talk too.

Will feels like Gabi is making it his decision when it's not. Gabi knows they aren't together and never will be but he's been there for her and helped her not feel alone through this. Gabi calls it their decision but Will says no. Gabi says she can face having the baby alone but can't face not having Will as a friend. Gabi says they need to agree together. They sit down and Will tells her that he will always be her friend no matter what. Will talks about watching Sami go through it. Will says Gabi is the one that would have to carry the baby and have it which he can't imagine. Will tells Gabi that her life will drastically change a lot more than his which they both know is true. Will says he wants whatever she wants and he will be there for whatever she decides to do as he hugs her.

Rafe tells Sami that she knows how much he loves Gabi and questions how protecting her from Nick is disrespecting her. Sami thinks Rafe beating up Nick would make it look like Gabi can't make her own decisions. Rafe thinks she clearly can't. Sami questions Rafe always knowing best. Rafe says in this case it's true. Sami compares it to Rafe not trusting her with Nicole's secret. Rafe calls that totally different. Sami agrees but warns him that Gabi will walk away from him just like she did if Rafe shows that he doesn't have faith in her. Rafe insists that he does have faith in Gabi and Sami. Sami tells him to prove it by letting Gabi know that he won't judge her and let her live her life how she wants to. Rafe compares it to Sami and Will. Sami admits they had a rough year but it's better now because she took that same advice. Rafe agrees that she's right. Sami calls it a first. Rafe states that he still doesn't like Gabi and Nick together. Rafe thanks her and goes to leave but Sami asks where he's going. Rafe says he's going to tell Gabi that he knows everything. Sami looks away and Rafe realizes he doesn't know everything. Rafe asks what else is there.

Maggie arrives at the hospital and rushes in to see Brady but is surprised to see Kristen there. Maggie mentions hearing she was back in Salem. Kristen brings up hearing that Maggie married Victor. Kristen says things have a way of changing in life. Maggie says they are very happy and Kristen is glad. Kristen exits to let them talk. Maggie asks Brady what Kristen was doing there. Brady calls it a long story.

Marlena assures John that she trusts him. Marlena explains that she thought it was one of Kristen's ploys. John gets angry about the fact that Brady could have died and tells Marlena not to blame Kristen because it was on her. Marlena says he's right. Kristen enters and asks if everything is okay. Marlena informs Kristen that she deleted the messages but says Kristen knows that. Kristen wonders how since all she knew was that John wasn't picking up or answering her messages. Marlena asks why she didn't call Hope or another family member. Kristen says she doesn't have their numbers. Marlena tells her to stop lying and warns her not to play innocent but John steps in between and says that's enough and he tells Marlena to leave Kristen alone.

Lucas sits with Sonny. Sonny asks what he wants to talk about. Lucas admits he might have pushed him too hard and Sonny feels he did the same. Lucas insists that he doesn't have a problem with anyone being gay but he never thought his son would be one of them. Lucas knows he is the one that has to change and accept things. Lucas adds that it won't be easy because he loves Will. Sonny remarks that they have that in common.

Will asks Gabi if she's thought about adoption. Gabi says she thought about it for a long time but she feels like her mom and Rafe would never stop wanting her to keep the baby so she would feel guilty and cave in. Will thinks his family would do the same thing. Gabi says the baby would still be their responsibility. Gabi says she's felt so lost and was just finding out who she is as she looks a photo of her and Nick. Will knows what she means as he feels the same with Sonny. Will asks if she's afraid that if they keep the baby then they'd have to give up Nick and Sonny.

Rafe tells Sami not to play games with him and wants to know what else she knows. Sami wants him to promise not to go ballistic. Rafe asks how bad it could be. Sami is trying to figure out how to say it. Rafe wants her to just tell him. They sit down as Sami says she has to look at the information. Sami tells Rafe that she really believes Nick and Gabi are in love. Rafe points out that she already said that. Sami talks about Nick coming back from Hell and making a better life for himself. Rafe promises they can talk about whatever it is before he talks to Gabi. Sami says okay and reveals to Rafe that Gabi is pregnant.

Will tells Gabi that when he looks at her and Nick, he sees that she has something she always wanted which she didn't have with he or Chad. Gabi says the same about Will with Sonny. Gabi says she wants kids. Will understands that just not now or with him. Gabi asks if Will wants to go tell Sonny that she's pregnant with his baby. Will says it kills him not to tell Sonny since he wants him to know everything about him but he's afraid of what he might do. Will states that his parents were young when they had him and it wasn't easy being the big mistake of two stupid teenagers. Will says it seemed like they were still looking for what they wanted and just passed him along. Gabi talks about this being the time in their lives to chase after what they want. Will doesn't want his kid to grow up feeling the same things that he felt. Gabi asks if he's saying that he agrees that this is the right thing to do.

Lucas says if Sonny loves Will then they both want what's best for him. Sonny agrees but says what's best might have different meanings to them. Lucas thinks what's best is that they get along. Sonny agrees and thinks it might take time. Lucas says he's Will's dad so he's not going anywhere. Sonny says he isn't either so Lucas decides they've settled things and exits.

Will asks Gabi how much the abortion would cost. Gabi says it's $350 and she wants to pay cash. Gabi brings up just paying her tuition so she has $90. Will checks his wallet and see he has $48. Will tells Gabi not to worry as he'll get the money. Gabi says there's another problem and that's Sami. Gabi says at least Sami thinks it's Nick's. Will points out that Sami didn't think she'd have to worry about him getting anyone pregnant. Gabi decides she will just tell Sami that she lost the baby. Will asks when she wants to do it. Gabi says she wants to do it today if she can before it gets too obvious. Gabi says it's their choice and she wants to take care of it before anyone else finds out or anyone starts running their lives.

Rafe can't believe that his baby sister is having a baby. Rafe asks Sami if she's sure. Sami informs him that she was at the hospital when she got the news since Nick brought her in. Sami mentions that Nick was so sweet with her. Rafe is in disbelief. Rafe brings up that Nick swore to him that nothing was going on between them. Sami suggests that they just became more than friends.

Brady asks Maggie what brought her to the hospital. Maggie says she came to check on him. Brady thinks she must have thought it was drug-related. Maggie reminds him that she's his sponsor and a friend. Brady explains that he stopped Kristen from being mugged. Brady calls it just a concussion and no big deal. Maggie is glad he's okay but asks why he was after Kristen. Maggie asks what she's done now. Brady says honestly she hasn't done a damn thing.

Marlena asks John if he doesn't see that Kristen showed up in Brady's room at the right time and again now like it's a coincidence. Kristen says she couldn't have known. Marlena says Kristen is trying to stop her from explaining and she knows what she's doing. John tells Marlena that this isn't helping. Kristen tells John that it's okay and she understands they are upset about Brady. Kristen tells Marlena that she has to know that she's trying. Kristen brings up giving up her position to get away from Sami and then she was just trying to do the right thing with Brady. Kristen says at least they are both there now. Kristen promises to make sure that if anything like this happens again, she'll have someone else contact them. Kristen understands that there is no getting passed the past with them. Marlena agrees that Kristen needs to leave and leave Brady's care to them. Marlena warns her to crawl back under her rock.

Will goes to the coffeehouse. Sonny greets him and says he'll never believe what happened. Sonny asks if he's okay. Will says he didn't sleep much last night. Sonny says he didn't either. Will asks him for a favor. Will says he needs to borrow some money from him and can't tell him why.

Gabi looks at herself in the mirror and feels her stomach. She grabs her phone and thinks about calling Rafe but says that she can't yet.

Rafe still can't believe Gabi's pregnant. Sami adds that Gabi didn't want her to tell him so that he didn't hate her. Rafe says he could never hate Gabi and wonders why she would think that. Rafe realizes she thinks he'd make her feel like a screw up which is the last thing she needs right now. Rafe declares he's going to see her. Sami decides she's going with him and follows him out.

Maggie asks Brady why he was after Kristen if she didn't do anything. Brady talks about how busy Kristen has been with running into John and Marlena. Maggie calls it their problem and suggests Brady should be more concerned with taking care of himself instead of John and Marlena.

Kristen says she can't take anymore of this and exits the room. John tries to stop her. Marlena questions if John's going to comfort her. John asks what she's doing. Marlena asks if he's going to lecture her about overreacting. John thinks this isn't like her. Marlena believes that Kristen hired the muggers. John calls her paranoid. Marlena doesn't want to wait around until someone else she loves gets hurt. John says she has no proof that Kristen is playing them. Marlena brings up Kristen trying to kill her in the past. Marlena says she's sorry but she's hurt and scared. Marlena doesn't want Kristen in their lives and she wants John on her side and not Kristen's. Marlena tells John that if he can't understand then he can go ahead and forgive Kristen but she can't. John says he never asked her to forgive Kristen but just to move on for him. John asks if she can do that. John asks if she's going to respond as she holds back tears. John then asks when they stopped talking to each other as he exits the room.

Kristen returns to Brady's room looking for her phone. Brady gives it to her and she thanks him. Kristen tells him that she really appreciates what he did by rescuing her. Brady thanks her for catching him when he fainted. Kristen jokes that it was a big challenge as she exits the room.

Will tells Sonny that he needs $200 and knows it's a lot. Sonny says he left his wallet at home and has $150 on him now. Will calls that perfect and promises to pay him back as soon as he can. Sonny agrees and gives Will the money. Sonny hopes it all works out for him. Will thanks him and tells him that last night meant so much to him. Sonny feels the same. Will says he'll see him soon. Sonny hopes so. Will exits.

Rafe storms into the Pub with Sami following him. Rafe finds Nick and demands to know where Gabi is. Nick tells him that she's upstairs resting and that he would've called them but she begged him not to. Rafe warns Nick to do the right thing as he heads upstairs. Nick calls out that he loves Gabi so he doesn't have to be told to do the right thing.

Gabi paces outside the town square as Lucas walks by and greets her, asking if she's alright.

John returns to Brady's room and tells him he'll be out soon which Brady is glad to hear. Brady asks if everything is alright with he and Marlena. John says no and goes to leave but Brady stops him. Brady brings up Kristen. John doesn't want to argue. Brady says that he talked to Maggie and he agrees that he's been a little too involved in it when it's John's business and not his. John jokes that he must have been knocked on the head. Brady adds that John may be right about Kristen.

Kristen returns to Marlena and walks up behind her. Kristen says she has one last thing to say and that's thank you. Kristen exits with a smile leaving Marlena upset.

Sami tells Nick to cut Rafe some slack because he can't be thrilled to find out that his sister is pregnant which shocks Nick as he did not know.

Rafe goes to Gabi's room and knocks on the door asking for her to open up. Rafe goes inside but she's not there. Rafe wonders where she is.

Gabi tells Lucas that she's okay and it's nice to see him. Will walks through the gate saying he got $150 from Sonny and just needs $50 more as he then sees Lucas. Lucas questions which one of them is going to tell him what's really going on.

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