Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/19/12

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/19/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Sami enters the coffeehouse and finds Will who she thought had class today. Will informs her that his professor cancelled. Sami suggests if he has time, he should talk to Gabi. Will thinks back to finding out he's the father of Gabi's baby. Will asks Sami why. Sami tells him that Gabi is in trouble and needs Will's help.

Gabi sits in her room feeling sick. There's a knock at the door and she assumes it's Kayla and says she feels awful but it's Sonny who enters. Sonny asks her about not feeling good. She says it's no big deal. Sonny tells her that she doesn't have to lie to him as he talked to Will.

Hope sits with Ciara and Theo at the Pub. Ciara mentions that she misses Bo and Caroline a lot. Hope says she does too. Kayla joins them and says they are in luck. Hope asks what she's heard. Kayla announces that Bo and Caroline may be home sooner than they thought.

Marlena sleeps in bed until John awakes her with a rose. Marlena asks what the occasion is. John says he had a meeting cancelled so he wants to take her out to breakfast. John kisses her and then goes to shower. John's phone rings but he already left the room so Marlena checks it and sees it's Kristen calling. Marlena remarks that she doesn't give up.

Kristen is at the hospital and leaves a message for John about Brady. Kristen hopes John is on his way and says she will fill him in if he calls her back.

Marlena says that won't work and deletes the message off John's phone.

Cameron checks on Brady at the hospital and says his signs are good. Brady wants to leave but Cameron informs him that he has a concussion. Kristen comes in to check on him. Brady asks what she's doing there. Kristen says she just wanted to stop by and see how he was doing. Brady responds that he'd be doing better if he knew she left Salem for good. Kristen jokes with Cameron that Brady is always like this. Kristen tells Brady that she's there because he came to her rescue. Cameron says he ordered another CT scan and won't release Brady until he gets the results. Cameron exits. Brady tells Kristen that he's fine so she doesn't have to stay. Kristen asks if John has stopped by to see him since she left him messages. Brady figures that Kristen is sticking around so that she can run into John.

Sonny offers to get Gabi tea to help. Gabi asks what Will told him. Sonny says he just said she was going through a problem. Gabi says she can handle it. Sonny doesn't want to get in her business but just wants her to know that she can count on him too. Gabi thanks him. Sonny says she's been such a good friend to him and he'll never forget that she stood up to T for him. Sonny tells her to just ask if she needs anything. Gabi appreciates it but says there's nothing he can do. Nick enters and suggests there's definitely something Sonny can do.

Will thinks back to Gabi telling him that Sami knows she's pregnant but not that he's the father. Sami rejoins Will and Will asks about Gabi. Sami says she can't tell him as she's sworn to secrecy but she hopes that Will can help her with this problem. Will says that he will. Sami adds that Gabi will need a friend. Will agrees to be there. Sami asks if Will isn't going to ask what it's about. Sami questions Will not trying to find out the secret. Sami says he is her son so he should be dying to find out the truth unless he already knows. Will asks what Sami thinks he knows. Sami tells him it was a nice try and has him sit back down. Sami thinks Will is trying to con her into giving out information by pretending that he already knows. Will goes along with it. Sami jokes that she learned from Eric and informs Will that Eric is back in Salem and working at St. Luke's. Sami wants to tell Will what's going on with Gabi because she thinks Will could really help. Sami suggests Will go talk to Gabi so she can tell him because she can't break her confidence. Will agrees to find out himself and make sure that Gabi is okay. Sami calls him a good person and tells him how proud she is of him. Sami asks how things went with Sonny. Will tells her that they had a great time. Sami questions it because he doesn't seem happy. Will blames his homework and then exits the coffeehouse.

Nick talks to Sonny about Chad. Gabi asks Nick not to but Nick informs Sonny that Chad went off on Gabi and made her upset leading to her fainting and ending up at the hospital. Sonny asks Gabi what Chad said. Nick thinks Sonny can get Chad to back off. Gabi doesn't think it's a big deal but Nick insists that Chad can't keep doing it to her. Gabi's phone rings so Nick takes Sonny outside to talk. Gabi answers her call from Sami who asks how she's doing. Gabi claims to be okay and says she can't talk because somebody's there. Sami asks if it's Nick and offers to talk to him. Sami asks if it's Rafe and tells Gabi that she should tell her brother. Gabi reminds Sami that she has to take care of it her own way. Sami wishes she could help. Gabi thanks her and hangs up.

Marlena and John walk through the town square. They talk about Eric and John wishes he could've worked with Eric on the church board. Marlena brings up Kristen but John reminds her that he resigned and isn't sorry because Marlena's happiness is more important. John kisses her. Marlena thanks him since she thinks Kristen would've found a way to cozy up to him. They agree that they don't want to talk about Kristen. John doesn't see a reason to ever see Kristen again. Marlena wonders how Kristen will react when finding out Brady is replacing John on the board.

Kristen tells Brady that she hadn't seen John in 15 years until she came back. Brady brings up Kristen always running into him. Kristen says she called John because he is Brady's family. Brady points out that maybe he didn't want to worry John. Kristen says she was just trying to help. Brady asks for his clothes. Kristen reminds him what the doctor said but Brady insists that he's fine and going home. Kristen tells him that if he's fine then he can get his own clothes. Brady tries to get up but Kristen throws him his clothes anyways. Kristen adds that Brady will need a ride home and it won't be with her so she's going to call John. Brady tries to get up but gets dizzy.

Hope asks Kayla to fill her in. Kayla says she talked to the doctor who told her that Caroline is the perfect candidate for the Alzheimer's treatment and the doctor said that Caroline would do better in Salem around familiar surroundings. Kayla adds that this means Bo and Caroline could come back sooner. Hope happily hugs Kayla and looks over at Ciara.

Sonny and Nick re-enter Gabi's room. Sonny didn't know Chad was the problem and agrees to talk to him. Nick and Gabi thank Sonny as he exits. Gabi asks Nick why he had to do that. Nick suggests maybe Sonny could get Chad to leave her alone. Gabi worries about Chad telling Sonny about Andrew and what she did with Melanie which could make Sonny and Will hate her. Nick questions who cares about them. Gabi says she does. Nick hugs her and apologizes, adding that he hates Chad for doing this. Nick brings in her breakfast but Gabi looks at the food, gets sick, and rushes out of the room.

Sami works on her computer at her office. She thinks back to Rafe questioning her phone call to him and their last argument. Sami says to herself that she's not the one with a problem but she couldn't tell Rafe that. Sami decides to make a phone call.

Rafe walks through the town square and answers the call from Sami. Sami says she would really like to talk to him about something and asks him to come to her office.

John goes to get the newspaper as Marlena continues eating. John's phone rings again so Marlena checks it and sees it's Kristen calling again. Marlena says Kristen's ploy just isn't going to work.

Kristen leaves another message to John about Brady being in the hospital and threatening to leave against hospital orders. Kristen asks John to call her back as Brady gets dressed. Brady tells Kristen it's good that John didn't pick up.

Marlena says to herself that she doesn't care what John says, she knows Kristen is obsessed with him. Marlena brings up that John said he didn't want to see or talk to Kristen again and then deletes Kristen's message.

Kristen tells Brady that she hopes John gets her message before Brady does something stupid. Brady asks for his shirt but Kristen tells him to get it himself. Brady gets dizzy and faints as Kristen catches him.

Abe joins Hope and Kayla at the Pub. Kayla invites Abe and Theo to come over for Thanksgiving. Abe thanks her. Hope asks if something is wrong. Abe talks about Theo's teachers worrying about him not talking much. Abe is afraid that Theo is withdrawing. Abe asks if Caroline's treatment can make a difference. Kayla says they hope so and starts to get back to work. Abe asks if she has help. Kayla says she does. Hope asks about Nick. Kayla says Nick is working out well and that Caroline did the right thing in hiring him. Kayla informs Hope that she thinks Nick and Gabi are together.

Gabi returns to her room. Nick apologizes for the food making her sick. Gabi says she must just have a bug. Nick tells her to take it easy while he will take her shifts at the Pub. Nick kisses her on the forehead and tells her to let him know if she needs anything. Nick tells her he loves her as he then exits. Gabi wishes she could tell Nick. Will then arrives. Gabi greets him with a hug and says she's so glad to see him.

Kristen puts Brady back in his hospital bed. Brady claims he just got dizzy but he's good. Kristen questions him wanting to leave. Brady admits he should probably stay a while. Brady says he can do this himself. Kristen calls him just as hard-headed as John. Brady points out that he didn't ask her to come. Kristen says he can do everything himself then and she'll leave. Brady then thanks her for helping him and staying with him. Kristen says she'd do the same for anyone who got in between her and a mugger. Brady says they'd be okay if she promised to leave his family alone. Kristen tells him to shut up and exits his room.

John sits back down with Marlena. John has an idea but Marlena's phone rings with a call from the hospital so she answers. It's Cameron who says he's treating a patient of Marlena's. Cameron talks about the patient needing to stick to his diet. Marlena agrees to come see him. Cameron informs Marlena that Brady is also in the hospital. Marlena asks why. Cameron tells her that Brady tried to stop someone from being mugged and suffered a blow to the head that gave him a concussion but he's doing fine. Marlena tells him that they will be right there and hangs up. John asks what's going on. Marlena tells John that Brady is okay but is in the hospital since last night after trying to stop a mugging and getting a concussion. John can't believe it and wonders why no one gave him a call as they hurry off.

Marlena and John arrive at the hospital and meet with Cameron. Cameron talks to Marlena about her patient. John asks about Brady. Cameron tells him that he'll be fine but was hit hard. John goes to see Brady as Marlena tells him that she'll meet him there. John enters Brady's room and asks how he is. Brady says he's fine but just being kept for tests. Brady explains to John what happened in that he tried to stop a woman from being mugged. John asks why he didn't call. Brady says he knew he was getting out today. John asks why he didn't call right after it happened. Brady admits he was unconscious.

Abe, Kayla, and Hope sit with Ciara and Theo as Theo plays on Abe's tablet computer. Ciara asks about Lexie. Theo says Lexie can see him from Heaven and he still talks to her. Abe asks Theo when he talks to Lexie. Theo says it's after he goes to sleep and asks if Abe is mad. Abe assures him that he's glad he feels he can talk to Lexie and be close to her and that he has a good friend like Ciara.

Kristen tells Cameron about Brady fainting and suggests tying him to the bed. Cameron agrees to check him and have nurses on the lookout. Marlena approaches and tells Cameron that she got the patient settled down. Cameron thanks her and informs her that Brady is lucky to have survived the hit. Cameron walks away as Marlena tells Kristen that she's in a hurry. Kristen figures she must be so worried about Brady. Marlena asks how she knows. Kristen informs her that she was the one who brought Brady in. Marlena thanks her. Kristen adds that she was the one getting mugged until Brady saved her. Kristen says it's strange though that she's been calling John and he hasn't returned her calls.

Rafe goes to Sami's office. She thanks him for coming. Rafe compliments her office. Sami thanks him. Rafe comments on cosmetics being big business. Sami sits with Rafe. Rafe guesses this has something to do with the message she left last night. Sami admits it is. Rafe asks if she's sure she won't back pedal on him this time. Sami says she thought it over and has decided to tell him the truth.

Will asks Gabi if she slept at all last night. Gabi says she didn't and Will says he didn't either. Gabi tells him that Sonny came by offering to help. Will calls it sweet but knows there's nothing he can do. Gabi doesn't think Sonny would be that way if he knew his boyfriend is the one that knocked her up. They talk about both of them being responsible for what happened. Gabi says she understands now why she had been waking up with morning sickness. Gabi tells Will that Nick was just there and thinks she has the stomach flu. Will worries about what Nick and Sonny will think when they find out the truth. Gabi worries that they could lose them both. Will says Sami would murder him if she finds out. Gabi doesn't know what to do. Will says he thought about one thing that they could do that might not be the right thing. Gabi asks what it is. Will asks Gabi if she wants to get married.

Abe talks with Kayla about having no idea that Theo has been talking about Lexie. Abe asks about Joey. Kayla talks about missing him. Abe worries that he doesn't have the connection with Theo that Lexie did. Kayla says he can't expect that. Kayla tells him that he and Theo have a long road ahead. Abe agrees that they do. Kayla tells him that Lexie would be so proud of him.

Will comments that Gabi isn't saying anything. Gabi questions Will thinking they should get married. Will says if she wants to. Gabi jokes about that being his proposal. They laugh it off. Will admits it was a crazy idea. Gabi knows he's trying to be noble and think it's the right thing to do but she doesn't think it's the right thing for them. Gabi tells Will that she loves him but she's in love with Nick. Will knows that's how she feels. Gabi says Will is in love with Sonny. Will tells her that she will never be alone in this. Will talks about seeing how hard it was on Sami to be alone and vows to never let that happen to Gabi because it's his child so he will be there every step of the way. Gabi talks about her mom being proud of her for staying in school but worries that she will never tell her that again if she finds out she's pregnant. Gabi worries that if she drops out then she will lose her scholarship. Will offers to quit school and get a job. Gabi says she could go full time. Will adds that their lives will never be the same after the baby is born but wonders what else they could do. Gabi tells Will that he knows that there are other things they can do.

Marlena walks past Kristen to check on Brady. Kristen hopes things won't be strained between them since Sami isn't working for her anymore. Marlena says Sami has always been good at handling difficult situations. Kristen wants to prove that she's not trying to cause trouble. Marlena assures her that she's not falling for her game and is done wasting her time on her. Marlena walks on into Brady's room. Marlena jokes with Brady and hugs him, glad that he's alright. Brady insists that he's fine and will be better when he gets out. Cameron enters and says he hopes Brady mentioned that he's a hero because he may have saved Kristen DiMera's life which surprises John. Cameron says everything looks fine but asks Brady about being dizzy. Brady calls it no big deal. John questions Kristen being the one Brady saved. Brady clarifies that he didn't save her but was just there at the right time. Cameron exits to get more test results. Marlena tries to get John to step out but John can't believe that Kristen didn't call him to let him know about Brady. Brady tries to explain that's not what happened. Marlena tries to intervene but Kristen enters the room and tells John that she did call him.

Nick works at the Pub and talks to Hope. Nick asks about Caroline. Hope says they are hoping Caroline and Bo can come back sooner than expected. Hope adds that she talked to Nick's parole officer and he's really proud of all the adjustments he's making. Nick credits Hope and Maggie. Hoep brings up hearing about Nick and Gabi. Nick says he's been waiting for someone like Gabi for his entire life. Nick calls her amazing and real and the best thing that's ever happened to him. Hope is happy for him. Nick thanks her but wants her to keep it quiet since she works with Rafe at the station and Gabi doesn't want Rafe to know yet since he can be overprotective.

Rafe tells Sami that he's been worrying about her ever since they talked and he thinks it's EJ but Sami clarifies that it's not about her at all which makes it so hard to talk about. Rafe asks who it's about. Sami admits it's about Gabi but she made her promise not to say anything but he's Gabi's brother and she thinks it's right that he knows.

Gabi tells Will that she was thinking last night about every possible solution and she went and did some research. Gabi opens her computer and tells Will that she thinks it's the best solution for everybody as she shows Will a website about abortion.

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