Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/16/12

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/16/12


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Sami sits with Eric at the Pub and Eric thought she would have forgiven Nicole by now but Sami says Nicole is worse than she's ever been and warns Eric to stay away from her. Eric hears her but doesn't think she has to worry. Sami doesn't think a priest collar will stop Nicole since she's been through jail and restraining orders. Eric reminds her that he and Nicole was a long time ago. Sami doesn't think Nicole sees it that way and wants him to stay away from Nicole. Sami warns him not to let Nicole get anywhere near him.

Nicole sits outside the town square. She gets up and prepares to leave but is stopped by EJ. EJ tells her not to leave on his account as he wants to chat.

Daniel enters Jennifer's office and she's surprised to see him. Daniel reminds her that she wanted to talk. Jennifer didn't realize he would be there so soon. Daniel offers to leave if it's a bad time but Jennifer says it's not bad time, she's just out of it after Kristen showed up. Jennifer explains that Kristen is not really a friend anymore and she realizes now who her true friends are and how much they mean to her.

Kristen questions why Brady took John's place on the church board. Brady informs her that he did it to keep her away from John. Kristen tells him that she's only there to serve the people. Brady laughs at her. Kristen starts to prepare for the meeting but Brady reveals there is no meeting. Brady says he told Father Tobias and the board to postpone the meeting. Kristen asks why. Brady doesn't want the board to be subject to their conversation. Brady knows she wanted to spend time with John but instead she's going to have to deal with him.

Eric tells Sami that he doesn't think he has to worry at all. Sami talks about how Nicole is and doesn't think she will give up. John arrives and greets Eric with a hug. Marlena joins Sami and hugs her. Marlena comments that it doesn't get much better.

EJ asks Nicole if he makes her nervous. Nicole asks if she should be. EJ asks what she thinks. Nicole recalls EJ giving her a look when he left the hospital. EJ states that Nicole lied to him for nine months and kept him from the joy of impending fatherhood. EJ wonders where they would be now if she just told him the truth. Nicole thinks they would be exactly where they are now. EJ tells her that she doesn't have anything to be nervous about then.

Abigail arrives at the hospital and runs into Chad. Chad talks about helping Abe with a patient. Chad asks Abigail how she is. Abigail tells him that she brought flowers for Jennifer to welcome her back and hopes everything is going well. Chad says he's going to take Theo for ice cream and he invites Abigail to join. Abigail says she would love that.

Daniel tells Jennifer that he thinks he knows what this is about but she doesn't think he does. Jennifer picks up papers and says it's something that will change Daniel's life.

Sami asks Eric if he would have come back if the church didn't send him home. Eric says he was planning a trip. They joke about Sami keeping Eric being a priest a secret and it being the only secret she's ever kept. Eric appreciates all of their love and support. Eric wants to hear about them. Marlena thinks he's trying to change the subject. John wants to know what Eric has been up to. Eric says he's not the only one trying to change the subject.

Kristen thinks she and Brady have talked enough. Kristen asks him to go but Brady says he's not the one that needs to go. Brady tells her that she will have to go through him to get to John and it won't happen so she should pack her bags and go. Kristen tells Brady that he doesn't know her. Brady responds that he knows she's a bitch. Kristen tries to slap him but he catches her arm.

Nicole doesn't expect EJ to let bygones be bygones and asks where his minions are. EJ asks what she thinks he's going to do to her. Nicole doesn't know but thinks he will think of something creative. EJ wonders what he could possibly do to her that's worse than what she's done to herself. EJ talks about Nicole suffering the most horrible loss possible twice. EJ says their baby is gone. EJ comments that it takes talent to take that situation and make it worse for herself and everyone. EJ questions Nicole being jealous of Jennifer. EJ calls Jennifer sweet, nice, kind and talks about how everyone adores her. EJ asks if it's bad enough that her baby died and if she really had to let an innocent woman suffer for what she herself did. EJ supposes it's a relief to know that Jennifer is now being cared for by Daniel. EJ tells Nicole that he's really glad that she didn't take her own life. EJ asks Nicole if she thought she'd see her two dead babies in Heaven. Nicole doesn't respond. EJ adds that the only thing worse than the hell she's living in now is Hell itself. EJ says the men she used, Daniel and Rafe, won't forgive her because they don't love her. EJ tells her that they won't give her a second chance or a second look. Nicole tells him to shut up. EJ says he will shut up because he thinks his words will echo in her head because they are true. EJ tells her that she will be alone for the rest of her life. EJ tells her to enjoy it because he knows he will as he walks away.

Eric asks if there's something he should know about. Marlena says he's been gone a long time. Father Tobias enters and joins them. John talks to him about Eric joining St. Luke's. Tobias says he just found out himself. He adds that Eric couldn't have arrived at a better time. Marlena says she'll let Eric take care of things. Eric says they will have dinner and hugs her goodbye. Tobias tells John not to be a stranger as they will miss him on the board. Marlena asks what that means. John says he will explain as he and Marlena exit the Pub. Eric talks with Sami. Eric says he has presents for the kids. Sami talks about not getting used to him being a priest. She jokes about all the women who's heart will be broken when they find out.

Kristen makes Brady let go of her. She says if she's a bitch, what does that make Brady. She asks if he's the hero coming to his dad's rescue. Kristen brings up Brady being a former addict so he's not good news either. Brady warns her to find a way out of town or he'll put her in a box to ship her out himself. Kristen says she's trying to be civil with him but he isn't making it easy. Kristen wants to end their conversation but Brady doesn't think so. Kristen questions if he wants her to go or stay. Kristen then decides she doesn't care and storms out. Brady declares that he's not done with her yet and follows her out.

Nicole sits back on the bench crying as Eric arrives and asks what it is and what he can do. Nicole tells him there's nothing. Nicole says she's dug herself a ditch and now has to lie in it. Eric sits with her and suggests she might just need someone to listen as he takes her by the hand and they walk off together.

Jennifer brings coffees for her and Daniel. She shows Daniel papers about an injection for clinical trials that could stop his hand tremors and get him back to being a surgeon. Daniel questions where she heard about this. Jennifer explains that it was in a press release and then she got side tracked but also didn't want to give him false hope. Jennifer continues to encourage him about this treatment. Daniel can't believe she did this for him. Jennifer hopes he will follow through with the trial. Daniel agrees to do the research and then let her know. Daniel thanks her and calls it very unexpected. They get close before Jennifer goes back to her desk. Jennifer wants it work out for him because he deserves some really good news. Daniel says he will take the papers home and start reading. She wishes him luck as he exits.

Chad plays with Theo as they return to Abigail. Chad asks if she's ready to go. Abigail wants to stop by Jennifer's office first. Daniel walks by and Abigail greets him. Abigail doesn't want to interrupt Jennifer if she's in the middle of anything but Daniel tells her that she will be thrilled to see her. Daniel walks on. Abigail heads to Jennifer's office but Jennifer comes out and runs into her. Abigail gives her the flowers and says she's going out for ice cream. Jennifer agrees to see her at home. Abigail asks if things are weird with Daniel since he looked pretty serious. Jennifer says he's just doing some research. Abigail hopes so too and tells her not to work too hard. Jennifer promises not to as they say goodbye. Abigail exits with Chad and Theo. Jennifer walks on and finds the papers she gave Daniel in the trash.

Kristen walks outside of the town square and runs into a man, who threatens to rob her.

Daniel is at home as Jennifer arrives with the papers. She asks him about it as she thought he was so grateful but she found them in the trash. Daniel insists that he is grateful but says taking the research and telling her that he would look into it was a lot easier than telling her that he's not interested in pursuing it.

Eric takes Nicole to his church office and asks if she wants to talk as he sits with her. Eric thinks she could use a friend. Nicole says they aren't friends. Eric reminds her that they were best friends. Nicole adds that was until she broke his heart and he doesn't know her now. Eric thinks he does. Nicole says the old her is gone. Eric vows not to judge her anymore. Nicole asks if they're just supposed to leave it up to God. Nicole doesn't think he'd approve and tells Eric to judge away since he won't be able to help himself after he finds out what she did.

Sami finishes a business call as EJ arrives and informs her that he's taking over Kristen's responsibilities at Countess Wilhelmina. Sami didn't get the memo. EJ says it must be being sent over on a busy day. EJ reveals to her that she is now working for him. Sami calls it interesting since she thought Kristen loved pushing her around. EJ says she did but apparently loves her family more. EJ explains that she wanted him to be more rooted after losing his son. Sami asks if that means she's brought him back into the DiMera fold. EJ insists that he's maintaining his independence. Sami asks if he'll get enough power from this. EJ doesn't want her to diminish the work that she does here. EJ brings up Marlena. Sami says she told Marlena that she couldn't quit. EJ calls it good since jobs are hard to come by. Sami states that she thinks she's very good at her job. EJ asks her not to be nervous. EJ says he knows they have had a tumultuous relationship but thinks she would appreciate being out from under Kristen. Sami doesn't think that's why he did this. EJ calls it a win-win situation.

Marlena and John go to the coffeehouse. Marlena doesn't think John resigning from the board will keep Kristen out of their lives. John tells her not to be so sure since he drew a line in the sand and she understands. John reveals that Kristen resigned from Countess Wilhelmina and won't be Sami's boss anymore. Marlena is surprised by that and happily calls it great news. John says he knows they were arguing but if she's upset then he's upset. John adds that he would be a fool not to listen to her. Marlena jokes about reminding him about it. John promises that she won't have to.

The robber tries to grab Kristen's purse from her until Brady arrives. Brady pulls the robber off and knocks him down with punches until another man appears and knocks out Brady from behind as Kristen screams.

Abigail and Chad sit with Theo at the Pub as they eat ice cream. Theo is thirsty. Chad goes to get some water and Abigail goes to get napkins. Chad tells Abigail that he's really glad she came with them. Abigail is glad too and likes that Chad is smiling again. He tells her the same. Abigail thanks him for getting her out of the hospital. Chad brings up Cameron. Abigail says they've talked but it's awkward, though she knows it's her fault. Chad knows what she means. Chad feels bad for Theo missing Lexie and Melanie. Chad blames himself for Melanie being gone. Chad says Theo keeps asking when Melanie is coming back and he can only hope that it will be soon. Abigail then reveals that Melanie is staying with her mom and is not coming back. Abigail thought he knew. Chad is surprised since Daniel, Maggie and her friends were here. Abigail brings up Gabi and asks what she did to make Chad and Melanie so upset with her but Chad tells her not to worry about it and goes back to Theo.

Daniel informs Jennifer that he had already heard about the trial. She didn't know that. Daniel talks about side effects and it wouldn't allow him to try any other treatment. Jennifer talks about Daniel thinking this is too risky. Daniel says being a surgeon used to define him and it took him months to come to terms with what he had lost. Jennifer gives him the papers back. Daniel admits he sees some hope there but worries about it not working. Jennifer knows he doesn't want to go through it all again but she knows it's not just about Daniel losing his career. Jennifer knows he felt like he had to go through it all alone and he left Salem to close off. Jennifer tells him that if he does decide to do this, no matter what happens, he won't be alone as she touches his arm.

Sami tells EJ that if he thought her family had a problem with her working for Kristen then this is not much better. EJ says she already shares two children with him and doesn't see the difference unless she's worried about what Rafe would think. Sami assures him that Rafe has no say in what she does. EJ wants her to tell him what the problem is then.

Kristen calls for help as the robbers run away. Kristen makes a call for an ambulance saying there's been an attack. She tells them to hurry as she checks on Brady and tries to wake him up.

Jennifer feels like Daniel has been really selfless with her and with Jack and Nicole. Jennifer says Daniel has taken care of everyone but himself. Daniel feels he doesn't need her to take care of him. Jennifer knows he doesn't but she's trying to figure out a way to thank him for everything he's done. Daniel tells her not to. Jennifer says it's not about her, she just wants him to know that there are people who care about him like Victor and Maggie. Jennifer assures him they are not going anywhere. Daniel agrees to look at it but that's all he's going to say for now. Jennifer accepts that and says it's all she will ask for now. Jennifer tells Daniel that she knows he won't be sorry as she exits.

Sami tells EJ that she loves her job and didn't mean to sound ungrateful as she knows she wouldn't be there if not for him. EJ calls her extremely talented and he thinks working with her will be wonderful. Sami thinks EJ has ideas. EJ says he has an idea for a new product line that will involve them working intimately together if that's not a problem. Sami says it's not. EJ calls it good. Sami asks EJ if this is about her or them. EJ responds that there is no them and they agree on that. EJ says they don't have to start tonight since it's late and he heard she has a family to get home too. Sami talks about having to work until midnight in the past. EJ understands that she has a private life and tells her to go on and kiss their kids goodnight. Sami thanks him and exits.

Nicole tells Eric that she feels like she's going to confession. Eric tells her to forget where she is or that he's a priest. Nicole doesn't think so. Eric suggests saying things out loud might help and it might not be as bad as she thinks. Nicole insists that it is. Nicole decides he will hear what happened anyway so he may as well hear it from her.

Marlena apologizes to John and says Kristen coming back has made her anxious and out of sorts. John would think something's wrong if she wasn't. Marlena needs to remind herself that John is not her enemy but Kristen is. Marlena thought he was about to disagree with her but John tells her that he gets it. Marlena admits she feels better. John tells her that he loves her and kisses her. Marlena responds that she loves him too more than anything. Marlena remembers she has to call a patient for an appointment. She checks her phone but her battery runs out. John offers his phone. Marlena thanks him for everything. John steps aside to give her privacy.

Kristen calls for an update on the ambulance as she stays with Brady. Kristen holds him and tells him it will be okay so he needs to hang in there. Kristen then calls John but gets his voicemail. Kristen leaves a message that Brady's been attacked so he needs to hurry to the hospital.

Marlena uses John's phone to call her patient and leaves a message about rescheduling their appointment. She hangs up and then sees a new message from Kristen. Marlena decides to delete the message.

Brady starts to wake up as the ambulance arrives. Kristen encourages him to hang in there and he'll be all right.

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