Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 11/15/12

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 11/15/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Rafe asks Sami why she called him. Sami thinks back to Gabi begging her not to tell Rafe and the conversation they had and the agreement they made not to say anything. Sami tells Rafe that it wasn't that important. Rafe still believes it was important and asks her one last time why she called.

Will asks Gabi what's wrong. She looks inside and decides she needs to talk to him but not here.

Jennifer visits with Maxine at the hospital. Maxine tells her it's about time she came back and welcomes her with flowers. Jennifer hugs her and jokes about missing her. Maxine has the nurses unveil a Welcome Back Jennifer table setup. Jennifer says it's good to be back. Daniel appears and says it's nice to hear her say that.

Kristen asks if John really thinks she changed and says she can't tell him how much it means to hear him say that. Brady arrives and says what a surprise to see Kristen and hopes he isn't interrupting.

Roman walks through the town square and gets a call from Marlena. Marlena excitedly tells him that he won't believe what she has to tell him.

Nicole approaches Eric at the Pub and asks if it's really him. Nicole notices his white collar and asks what the hell. Eric jokes with her not to talk like that around him. Nicole wonders if it's a joke as she can't believe it but Eric confirms that he is now a priest.

Will asks Gabi to give them a minute. Will apologizes to Sonny for agreeing to talk to Gabi. Sonny says he doesn't need to explain since he likes what a good friend he is. Will hopes to make this as fast as possible. Sonny tells him that for them it's just the beginning and they will have all the time in the world as they then kiss. Gabi waits outside the door wondering what she's done and what they have done.

Nicole jokes with Eric that she's driven men to drink before but never this. Eric tells her that it's great to see her. Nicole hugs him. Eric calls her as beautiful as ever then says she's even more beautiful. Nicole asks if he's here to see family or if he knows how long he'll be around. Eric reveals that he's back for good.

Sami tells Rafe there is no point in telling him what it was since she handled it already. Rafe thinks that means it was something she wanted him to handle. Sami asks why he's being this way over a phone call. Rafe says it's because it sounded like she needed him and he hoped that was true.

Gabi and Will go outside the town square to talk. Gabi apologizes for screwing things up with Sonny. Will says she didn't screw anything up since Sonny is her friend too. Will asks her what's wrong and if something happened with Nick. Will wants to know what's going on. Gabi reveals to him that she's pregnant.

Brady questions John about believing Kristen has changed. Kristen says Brady is starting to bug her. John tells Brady to dial it down. John tells Kristen that he's glad they had this talk. Kristen thanks him and knows they both have business. Kristen says she will see John at the church fundraising committee. Kristen exits. Brady asks John what he's doing. John thinks they are experiencing some kind of disconnect. John says Brady might want an explanation but he doesn't think it's any of his business.

Jennifer jokes with Daniel about everyone watching them. Daniel asks if he should keep his distance. Jennifer doesn't want him to and asks him to stop by her office so they can talk. Jennifer starts to go back to work. Daniel reminds her to take it easy on her first day back. Jennifer says she will be fine and will see him as she walks away. Maxine approaches Daniel and comments that it's nice to have Jennifer back. Daniel jokingly asks Maxine if she ever works as he walks away and Maxine says she's just saying.

Nicole sits with Eric at the Pub and asks why he did this since it seems like such a big step. Eric explains that it didn't happen all at once. Eric says he just started to think he should stop taking pictures and do something about what's wrong with the world. Eric calls it a life changing experience that prompted his decisions. Nicole comments that she's had a few of those. Eric informs her that he knows all about it.

Jennifer goes to her office and finds Kristen waiting for her. Kristen greets her and says it's been such a long time.

Will asks Gabi about having a baby. Gabi says she just found out. Will hugs her and assures her that it will be okay. Gabi admits that she's scared. Will says if Nick is half the guy that she says he is then it will be fine and she can tell him. Gabi calls it a lot more complicated than that. Will tells her it's okay since Nick has to know that he's the father but Gabi reveals that Nick is not the father, Will is.

Nicole thinks Eric must hate her if he knows what she did. Eric tells her that he could never hate her ever. Eric adds that he does not judge. Nicole wonders who told him. Eric admits it was Sami. Nicole thinks Sami just wanted to broadcast her sins. Eric explains that it wasn't like that and Sami wasn't gloating. Eric talks about Nicole going to prison and paying for what she did. Nicole realizes Sami told him about Sydney but there's more. Eric offers to let her talk about it. Nicole says she fell in love and hilarity ensued. Eric assumes pain ensued. Nicole says that's what always happens. Nicole tells him to pretend this isn't happening. Eric asks if she's okay. Nicole realizes he still cares after all this time. Nicole takes her bag and rushes off to the side.

Maggie goes to Daniel's. He tells her about coming home for an hour because of a long day and took a shower. Maggie brought him dinner since he always forgets to eat. Daniel thanks her and has been meaning to tell her that he's sorry for what he put she and Victor through when he was planning to leave Salem as he knows it wasn't easy. Maggie is just relieved that he's staying. Maggie says they love him so much and hugs him. Maggie wants to hear about Daniel's awful day but he first checks his phone as he's trying to get a hold of Nicole but keeps getting her voicemail. Maggie doesn't say anything. Daniel wants to know if he isn't supposed to be concerned or check on her. Maggie is not sure he's the right person. Daniel says Nicole has a counselor and might go see her sister. Maggie mentions hearing from Melanie. Maggie jokes about wanting her and Victor to go see Melanie. Maggie thinks they should wait until Daniel can go with them but he's not sure if he can get away from the hospital. Maggie understands and mentions Jennifer being back at the hospital. Daniel asks her to give that a rest and not start with it. Maggie wonders if Daniel came home to shower for Jennifer.

Jennifer mentions hearing Kristen was back. Kristen feels she should've stopped by sooner. Jennifer says she's been busy. Kristen is happy everything worked out for her eventually. Jennifer thanks her. Kristen adds that she's so sorry about Jack. Jennifer questions that. Kristen says they might not have ever gotten along but she knows what Jack meant to Jennifer and her kids. Kristen states that she knows she screwed up but she still cares about her. Jennifer questions why Kristen is back in Salem.

Brady asks John if he thinks he's jumping to conclusions. Brady brings up Kristen having his money clip and that she didn't tell John she had it. John mocks him about having to call 911 because of a money clip. Brady insists that Kristen is there to cause DiMera type trouble. John thinks he's getting a lot out of a misplaced money clip and wonders what else she'll be blamed for. John asks if Kristen is doing all of this then what's in it for her. Brady responds "You."

Will sits with Gabi and asks if she's sure. Gabi is sure she's pregnant and that Will is the father. Will is in disbelief. Gabi explains that she's almost 3 months along and Nick was still in prison then. Will asks if it was that one night. Gabi says it was. Will apologizes to her. Gabi says they both knew what was happening. Gabi starts to cry. Will tells her that she's not alone. Will says they are in it together and are going to figure out what to do. Will asks if she's told Nick. Gabi says she hasn't. Will asks if they are the only ones that know. Gabi reveals that Sami knows too.

Sami doesn't know what to say to Rafe. Rafe remarks that never happens. Rafe says if she's got it handled and doesn't need him then he should get back to work. Sami apologizes and tries to explain but Rafe tells her to skip it and exits. Sami comments that she should've known that would happen. Sami gets a message on her phone, is shocked by it and rushes out of the coffeehouse.

Marlena joins Eric at the Pub and hugs him asking when he can come over. Roman is there as well and calls Caroline to tell her that Eric is with them. Nicole goes out the back door. She stops and looks back in the window with a smile before walking away.

Daniel asks Maggie to just leave it alone. Maggie apologizes for teasing him after all he's been through. Daniel says it's not that but it's just him who did something pretty stupid. Daniel reveals to Maggie that he told Jennifer that he loved her and he thinks she knows that he meant it. Maggie questions that being a bad thing. Daniel says it is a bad thing because Jennifer asked to talk to him privately so he thinks she's trying to find a way to let him down easy. Maggie asks if he has it all figured out. Daniel doesn't think she's ready to get involved with him now and maybe not ever. Maggie is not so sure.

Kristen says she's been asked a lot why she came back to Salem. Kristen says she had family business but that's not the only reason. Jennifer didn't think so. Kristen doesn't expect people like her to just be her friend again but she wanted to make amends to those that she hurt. Jennifer asks if she's seen John and Marlena. Kristen says she has and she offered an olive branch but Marlena wouldn't accept. Kristen has been surprised by John understanding her need to make amends but he's the only one. Kristen brings up Brady and calls him a piece of work. Kristen asks Jennifer about Brady's judgmental streak. Jennifer tells her that she won't badmouth Brady since he was very upfront and honest about what he thought happened with Nicole and he was more than willing to admit he was wrong. Kristen hopes that someday Brady realizes he's wrong about her too.

John compares Brady's faith in him to Marlena's. Brady clarifies that he's talking about Kristen. John calls it condescending. Brady says it's great that he's trying to do the right thing and he understands that he fell in love with Kristen a long time ago but Brady feels that woman that he fell in love with no longer exists.

Will asks Gabi about telling Sami before him. Gabi explains that Sami came to the hospital and overheard the doctor. Will assumes Sami must want to talk to him now but Gabi clarifies that Sami doesn't know Will is the father and no one does. Will realizes Sami thinks it's Nick's. Gabi adds that she made Sami promise not to tell anyone. Will knows that doesn't always work with Sami. Gabi worries about what she's going to do.

Eric tells Marlena and Roman that he's going to talk to Father Matt & Father Tobias about having mass for the entire family. Roman goes to get a drink to toast with. Eric jokes with Marlena about Roman hiding his feelings about Caroline. Marlena tells Eric that they are all so proud of him. She hugs him and goes to help Roman find glasses. Eric asks Eddie about Nicole and he tells her that she took off.

Nicole walks through the town square.

Eric remains in the Pub as Sami arrives and greets him with a hug.

Daniel talks to Maggie about how Jack was everything to Jennifer. Maggie compares it to her with Mickey until Victor came into her life. Daniel calls it different. Maggie reminds him that she's his mother. Maggie agrees that there is a difference in that Victor was someone she kind of knew but Jennifer has real feelings for Daniel and Daniel's feelings are right there. Daniel doesn't think Jennifer is ready and he doesn't want her to make a rash decision. Maggie suggests waiting instead of acting like they won't have time. Maggie advises Daniel to be grown up, take it easy, and just let it happen. Maggie jokes that it's good he came home to shower.

Jennifer tells Kristen this is all fascinating but it's been a long day and she has paper work to catch up on. Kristen agrees to leave. Kristen adds that she's so glad to see Jennifer working there. Kristen tells her that her family would be so proud of her and wonders what that's like. Kristen says it was good to see her as she then exits.

Will tells Gabi it's not what she's going to do but what they are going do since they are in it together and are both pregnant now. Gabi knew he'd say that. Nick arrives and asks Gabi what's wrong. Nick asks Gabi again if something is wrong. Will blames himself for dragging Gabi out to complain about his problems and Gabi is a good listener. Nick calls it typical and questions Will if he knew Gabi was in the hospital. Gabi insists that she's fine. Nick brings up Will being friends with Chad. Nick tells Will to warn Chad to back off because he was hassling Gabi. Nick threatens to hassle Chad if he keeps it up. Will agrees to pass on the message. Will talks to Gabi as if they were talking about a school project and he promises to do his part. Will exits. Nick questions Gabi about doing a project with Will. Nick asks questions about Gabi leaving the hospital to go on a study date and then listening to Will's sob story. Nick says it feels really wrong to him.

John talks to Brady and says he loves Marlena and not Kristen. John says there's no threat. Brady calls him a fool. John warns that he's on thin ice. Brady says it's not about how John feels but about how Marlena feels. Brady says Marlena sees a troubled person who tried to kill her and not a changed person. Brady questions if John has thought about what believing in Kristen is going to do to Marlena.

Eric can't believe he's back. Sami says she would've picked him up at the airport if he called. Eric says he just wanted to get his bearings straight before seeing all the family. Eric talks about going to all of their old places. Eric tells Sami she'll never guess who tracked him down. Sami says she hopes it's not that bitch but realizes it was Nicole.

Nicole walks out of the town square with her phone. She looks at all her missed calls from Daniel and decides to delete all of her messages. Her phone rings and it's a call from her sister Taylor, who wants to know when she's coming.

Kristen goes to the church for the fundraising committee meeting with Father Tobias. Tobias tells her that he was just on his way to go meet the new priest that will be apart of the meetings from now on. He leaves Kristen there as Brady then arrives and asks about the meeting. Kristen greets Brady and sarcastically calls it a nice surprise.

Will returns to Sonny's apartment. Sonny asks how Gabi is. Will says she had a problem. Sonny asks if he made it go away. Will says wrong. Sonny doesn't mean to sound cold but states that it's her problem and not Will's. Will looks down. Sonny worries that he said the wrong thing. Will says he didn't do or say anything wrong but he doesn't want to talk about it. Sonny agrees. Will kisses him and they hug.

Nick brings Gabi to her room and thinks she should've gotten some rest after the doctor. Gabi doesn't want him to blame Will and apologizes for not calling. Nick says it's fine as long as she's okay. Nick tells her to get some sleep and text him if she needs anything. Gabi says there is something and asks Nick to stay with her. Nick agrees to and hugs her.

Sami sits with Eric and Sami talks about watching her language around him now as a priest. Eric thought she would have forgiven Nicole by now but Sami says Nicole is worse than she's ever been and warns Eric to stay away from her.

Nicole sits outside the town square and tells Taylor that she knows that she said she would be there by Thanksgiving but things have changed and she's staying in Salem.

Jennifer works in her office as Daniel arrives and they look at one another.

Kristen asks Brady what he's doing there as if she doesn't know. Brady reveals that he's there for the meeting because he took John's place on the board permanently.

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