Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/14/12

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/14/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

At the town square, Nicole wipes her tears and checks her mirror. She looks over and notices someone in the distance. She gets up wondering if it's Eric Brady. Nicole says it can't be.

Kristen meets with EJ at the coffeehouse. She's glad he could come. EJ says she got his attention by calling it urgent and life-changing. Kristen says she didn't oversell it and she's come up with a way. Marlena then enters. Kristen tells EJ that she has a proposition for him. Marlena approaches and warns EJ to run right now. Marlena tells Kristen that she knows what she's trying to do to John and her family and it's not going to work.

Rafe sits at the town square. A waitress brings him a coffee and asks if he needs anything else. Rafe looks up and at first imagines the waitress is Sami. Rafe then snaps out of it and tells her he's good.

Will and Sonny continue kissing and begin undressing each other as they then kiss onto the bed.

Nick paces at the hospital outside of Gabi's room.

Sami asks Cameron what is wrong. Gabi tells Cameron to just tell her. Cameron announces that Gabi is pregnant. Sami is happy for her but Gabi is speechless. Cameron gets a call and exits. Sami tells Gabi that's some news but notices she wasn't expecting this. Sami promises that Gabi will be okay.

Kristen tells Marlena that this is unnecessary since they explained what happened at the Horton cabin. Marlena believes nothing has been an accident or coincidence. Marlena tells Kristen that it's not going to work no matter how many times she runs into John or uses Sami. Kristen apologizes. Marlena warns her to back off as John arrives and asks what's going on.

Nicole goes to try and approach Eric but gets cut off by Maxine, who wants to talk to her. Maxine doesn't want to upset Nicole but mentions that Jennifer is like family. Nicole tells her she gets it and tries to walk on but Eric is gone.

Rafe checks his voicemail and hears Sami's message to call her as soon as he gets it.

Gabi panics to Sami and says this is not okay as she's been very careful. Sami tells her that birth control is not foolproof. Sami's phone rings and it's Rafe but Gabi begs her not to answer.

John steps aside with Marlena and questions what Kristen did to her. Marlena complains about Kristen being there when she came in. John asks if that's it. John suggests they just go somewhere else. Marlena agrees and they exit. EJ and Kristen watch. Kristen shrugs as EJ calls it impressive since he has not seen Marlena that upset in a long time. Kristen states that Marlena is clearly unbalanced. EJ asks if that's her plan but she claims there is no plan. EJ asks about the cabin. Kristen calls it a series of coincidences that Marlena thinks she's setting up. Kristen says she'll just have to live with Marlena's bizarre outbursts. Kristen switches the topic to EJ and asks how he is doing with Sami. EJ mentions that she's been more receptive but he hasn't seen her aside from picking up the children. Kristen worries that it will take him months unless she patches things up with Rafe. EJ starts to leave but Kristen insists that she's trying to help him as she has a way he can spend all day, every day with Sami. Kristen suggests she could have Sami work for EJ. EJ thinks Sami would never agree to it but Kristen mentions that Sami has continued working for her. EJ asks about John and Marlena as he assumes there has to be something in it for Kristen which she agrees with.

Gabi begs Sami not to tell Rafe that she's pregnant. Sami agrees not to but tells Gabi that she has to tell him. Gabi worries that Rafe will hate her and will be disappointed in her. Sami insists that Rafe won't hate or judge her. Gabi tells Sami that she can't tell him since it's confidential. Sami agrees not to tell Rafe but says she has to call him back and say something. Gabi says everything's fine and okay and tells Sami to make something up that has nothing to do with her. Sami agrees to do so and exits the room.

Will and Sonny lay in bed together holding hands and kissing. Will smiles as Sonny asks if he's okay. Will thinks okay is way too mild. Sonny tells him he doesn't have to pretend. They agree that it was perfect and then kiss again.

Nick continues waiting outside of Gabi's room as Sami exits behind him and calls Rafe. Rafe asks what's up. Sami claims it's nothing. Rafe thought her message sounded important. Sami says it was but she figured it out on her own so everything's fine. Rafe doesn't think it sounds fine but Sami insists that it is and she will call him later so she hangs up. Nick approaches Sami and asks how Gabi is and if everything is okay.

Nicole rushes out of the town square looking for Eric as she wonders where else he could be. Nicole convinces herself that it wasn't Eric as it couldn't have been since it's been way too long. Nicole thinks back to her last conversation with Eric about being in love before he left town. She concludes that if it was Eric then she has to find him. Nicole goes back to continue searching.

Sonny and Will remain in bed. Sonny tells him that nothing could be wrong in this moment. Will says everything about Sonny has made him feel secure in his own skin for the first time ever. Will adds that he finally feels like he knows who he is and where he wants to be. Will jokes that it doesn't mean he's moving in with him. Sonny promises not to get freaked out. Will is not used to talking about his feelings. They are both glad to be there as they hold each other.

Cameron returns to Gabi and asks if she's doing okay. Gabi says she's not because she's pregnant. Gabi doesn't understand how it could show up in a test so soon. Cameron tells her that according to the tests, she's 9 weeks along and maybe even 12 weeks. Cameron suggests a sonogram to get an exact date. Gabi thinks back to having sex with Will when they hooked up. Cameron gets another call and steps out. Gabi freaks out and says to herself that it's Will's baby and not Nick's.

Sami tells Nick that Gabi is fine. Nick wonders why she's still there then. Sami tells her it's just the hospital. Nick has errands to run at the Pub but worries about leaving Gabi. Sami encourages him that she will stay with Gabi and she'll be in good hands. Nick agrees to leave after Sami promises to have Gabi text him when she can. Nick hurries out of the hospital.

EJ asks Kristen what's in it for her if he becomes Sami's boss and how it would affect her situation with John. Kristen asks why he thinks it's about John. EJ thinks that's why she came back to town. Kristen says her priority was to put the family back together. Kristen talks about how this would put EJ with Sami daily where he could always help her. EJ doesn't think Stefano would let him run the company if he's not talking to him. Kristen suggests EJ just speak to Stefano as it's not a big deal and he's not even around. Kristen adds that Stefano just wants a relationship with EJ. EJ says they have a bitter, strained relationship. Kristen asks if even being around Sami can't get him to make one little phone call.

John and Marlena walk out of the town square. John doesn't think dealing with Kristen will help any. Marlena knows she played into her hand. Marlena says Kristen just makes her sick and she can't believe John doesn't see it. John doesn't know what to say. Marlena wants him to say that he's no longer deluding himself and understands everything Kristen has done has been pre-meditated. John thought they agreed to disagree on it. Marlena didn't agree but she gave in because she wasn't getting through to him. Marlena says Kristen is everywhere they go and is even Sami's boss. John says Sami works for DiMeras so she'll have to answer for one. Marlena calls it a big company and thinks Kristen showing up at the cabin was a clear manipulation. John questions how she would have known. Marlena can't explain it. John wants to know how she thinks she did it all. Marlena doesn't know but suggests she's having John followed since she wouldn't put it past her. John thinks he's trying to be logical since Kristen isn't that good and she saw her unexpected face when he showed up at the cabin. John believes that Kristen is genuinely sorry for everything that happened before. Marlena doesn't think Kristen is genuine and points out that John is now defending Kristen to her. Marlena questions that not alarming John. Marlena says it will be on John if Kristen does anything to their family. Marlena hugs him and cries that she hates this but has to go to work. John tells her that it will be okay as Marlena exits.

EJ tells Kristen that she wasn't there. Kristen understands that she didn't see what he did to him. EJ questions her shilling for him. Kristen talks about being shocked when she saw Stefano. Kristen reminds him that Stefano won't be around forever. EJ says it doesn't make him any more decent or human to anyone. Kristen points out that Stefano is their father and she doesn't think a phone call is that big of a deal. Kristen says anything EJ does would be on his terms. EJ agrees to think about it. Kristen tells him to be quick because she's stepping aside at Countess Wilhelmina either way so the job offer won't be available forever. Kristen adds that in time, Sami and Rafe could get back together. EJ states there's no guarantee that will happen. Kristen warns him that the clock is ticking and he needs to act now as EJ exits.

Sami returns to Gabi. Gabi asks what she told Nick. Sami says she told him that she's fine and would text him. Gabi thanks her and cries that there's something she needs to tell her. Sami thinks she's just worried about Nick not being ready. Sami suggests Nick will step up. Gabi worries that this is all wrong as the baby would be a very big problem. Sami says she felt the same when she was pregnant with Will and look how that turned out. Gabi thinks back again to being with Will. Gabi tells Sami that she doesn't understand because she can't be pregnant. Sami asks if she's thinking about not having the baby.

Nicole walks through the town square and takes a seat at a table. Nicole says she's down to her last resort and calls Marlena who is at her office. Nicole says she needs her help. Marlena understands her need for a counselor but can't treat her because of their history. Marlena offers to refer someone. Marlena brings up everything that happened with Jennifer and thinks it was a cry for help. Marlena thinks this is a chance for Nicole to turn her life around. Nicole says she's not crazy and tells her to forget that she called then quickly hangs up.

John sits in his office and goes over papers. He looks at a photo of he and Marlena as Kristen arrives. Kristen says Marlena was so upset that she didn't know what to say. John says they are not going to discuss Marlena and asks what she wants. Kristen says she's made such a mess of things and really wants to fix it.

Sonny brings water and chips for Will and says he knows he might be used to more expensive stuff. Will talks about working for EJ but claims he doesn't miss it. Will says he wouldn't trade a minute with Sonny for anything he used to have and then kisses him.

Gabi tells Sami that she doesn't know what she's thinking right now. Sami gets it and didn't mean to assume since it's her and Nick's choice. Gabi says no. Sami understands things may be different for Gabi. Sami talks about the father's responsibilities and rights. Sami tells her it's okay and that she can talk to her. Gabi holds back tears and says she's numb and blank. Gabi doesn't want to see or talk to anyone. Sami understands and says she has time but Gabi says she doesn't have much. Sami tells her that she has time now. Gabi worries that she can't look Nick in the face. Sami encourages her to give him a chance. Sami says she will be there for her but suggests she give Nick a chance because he may handle it way better than expected.

Nick returns to the Pub, bringing everything Eddie needed in completing his errands. Nick rushes back out of the Pub wondering where Gabi is.

Cameron returns to Gabi and asks where Sami is. Gabi tells him that she told Sami to go since she needed time to herself. Cameron gives her a referral and suggests she see someone as soon as possible. Gabi has Cameron confirm that everything is confidential. Cameron reminds her to take care of herself. Gabi says she will but just has to take care of this herself. Cameron wishes her luck as she exits.

Nicole walks through the town square and stops at another table. Nicole wonders who else would know if Eric is back. She looks through her phone. She comes to Roman but says that's not a call she can make. She then goes to Sami but doesn't think she's protective of her twin. Nicole wonders why she even has them in her phone. Nicole suggests to herself that maybe she is crazy. Nicole tells herself to get it together and go shopping or something. Nicole starts to walk off but stops when she again sees Eric walking by. Nicole decides that it really is him and rushes after him.

EJ walks into the town square. He stops and looks down at his cell phone at a photo of himself with Sami and the kids. EJ sighs and decides to make the call to Stefano. Stefano calls it a pleasant surprise but EJ doubts that. EJ tells Stefano that he has a proposition for him.

John tells Kristen that there's no fixing it since as long as she's there, it will never work for Marlena. Kristen knows Marlena will never change her thought that she came back for John. Kristen is sorry she can't help here there but suggests she could help Marlena with Sami.

Sami goes to the coffeehouse worrying about work on her cell phone and what Kristen will do to her. She orders a double espresso and then turns around and bumps into Rafe. Rafe is glad he ran into her and comments that she looks stressed. Sami says she is because of work. Rafe questions if that's all. Rafe says he knows something is wrong and asks if she will tell him what it is.

Will and Sonny continue kissing in bed until Gabi knocks on the door asking for Will. She says she really needs to talk to him as it's important.

John questions Kristen offering to walk away from running Countess Wilhelmina. Kristen says she will if it makes John and Marlena happy to know that Sami won't be working for her. John asks if this is where he's supposed to tell her not to walk away from the job and that he believes she's changed. Kristen tells him that the change at Countess W is already in process. Kristen says she really doesn't want to be anyone's problem. John thanks her with a handshake and says it means a lot.

EJ tells Stefano about Kristen wanting him to take over Countess Wilhelmina. Stefano responds that it would be a great service to the family. EJ clarifies that he'd be doing it for Kristen. Stefano says it's as he wishes. EJ says he will keep all of his own business interests and if he believes they are being undermined by him working for Stefano then he is out. Stefano calls it spoken like a true DiMera. Stefano asks if he and Kristen are getting along well. EJ says it's fine. Stefano is pleased that EJ could forgive her past mistakes. EJ agrees to send Stefano the full copy of financials at the end of the year with the audited numbers. Stefano agrees to see how things go. EJ says goodbye and hangs up. EJ repeats to himself that he can do this for Sami.

Sami tells Rafe that everything is fine. Rafe questions it. She says she called him with a question but she figured it out herself. Rafe thinks she sounded urgent and is now trying to avoid things. Sami says she's busy with work and they don't really hang out anymore. Rafe doesn't think she's the person that called for help. Sami won't make that mistake again and asks him to leave it alone. Rafe says if it's no big deal then she should tell him why she called.

Gabi continues pounding on Sonny's door. Will opens the door in a hurry with his shirt off as Sonny is fixing up the bed. Will says it's not exactly a good time. Gabi says it's not a good time for anything. Will wants to know what's wrong since she looks like something is wrong. Will invites her in to tell him what's going on.

Nicole goes to the Pub and looks in the window. She sees Eric and confirms that it's him. Nicole enters the Pub and approaches Eric at the counter asking if it's really him. Eric turns around and smiles as Nicole seems a bit confused.

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