Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/13/12

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/13/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita


Nick returns to Gabi and asks if she's okay. Gabi says she is and Chad's just a jerk. Nick asks what he said but Gabi says it doesn't matter and goes back to work. Gabi sits down in a panic and faints into Nick's arms. Eddie, the other worker at the Pub, goes to get her some water as Nick tries to keep her conscious. She opens her eyes and Nick encourages her to look at him and stay with him.

Will practices apologizing to Sonny in the mirror.

Lucas goes to Sami's office and asks if she can believe everything with Nicole. Sami is not surprised that Nicole would lie. She doesn't think it's much worse than what Nicole has done in the past. Sami brings up Nicole dumping her brother Eric for Lucas in the past. Lucas tells her that he came by to give her Allie's workbook. Lucas notices Will's jacket. Sami comments that he left it at her place so she brought it to work since he was going to come by so he can get it. Sami asks Lucas if he wants to stay and see Will. Lucas says he has to go but Sami says she knows when he's lying and questions if he's avoiding their son.

Hope goes to see Nicole in her hospital room. Nicole assumes Hope is there to arrest her. Hope informs her that the DA met with Jennifer and made their decision. Hope asked to come by herself to deliver the news to Nicole in person. Nicole figures she's done and offers to be handcuffed.

Jennifer informs Daniel that she went to Nicole but it didn't go so well. Jennifer adds that she went to see the DA and they asked how she felt about pressing charges against Nicole. Daniel asks what she said in response. Jennifer reveals that she said she has no interest in justice if the price tag is revenge so she asked not to press charges against Nicole which the DA agreed with. Daniel hugs Jennifer.

Nicole is surprised to learn from Hope that no charges are being filed. Hope informs her that she's free and she has Jennifer to thank for it.

Jennifer thinks Daniel seems surprised. Daniel states that he's impressed by her generosity and kindness but he's not surprised since that's her character. Jennifer tells him that she did it because she wants them all to move on from this and have their lives back.

Hope points out that Nicole doesn't look that relieved but she says she is. Hope doesn't think she's grateful. Nicole questions what she expects her to do. Hope warns her not to take granted what Jennifer did for her. Hope says Jennifer came through for her even though she put her through Hell. Nicole tells Hope that she can go now since she got her news. Hope declares that she got the news but she did not get the message.

Sonny works at the coffeehouse and finishes up a phone call as Cameron enters and jokes with him about his busy schedule. Cameron comments that he must not have much time for a personal life. Sonny is hoping to change that today.

Nick checks on Gabi as she drinks water. Gabi tells him she's fine and has Eddie go get her some tea but she does not want to eat. Nick thinks she still looks pale and worries about her going unconscious. Gabi thinks she's okay as she just didn't eat and had that fight with Chad. Gabi is glad Nick was there. Nick says he will always be there for her as he loves her. Nick decides he's going to take her to the hospital and walks her out of the Pub.

Lucas tells Sami not to push as he doesn't want to talk about it. Sami questions him avoiding Will since she's going to find out one way or another. Lucas tells her that it's Sonny as he's pushing Will way too fast while he's vulnerable. Sami asks what he means. Lucas asks if she wants pictures. Will enters and after seeing Lucas decides to grab his jacket and go. Sami asks Will where he's going. Will says he's on his way to see Sonny. Will adds that Lucas may not like it but it's not his call.

Cameron asks Sonny if his personal life is about Will and if they have plans. Sonny says they are going to try and fix what's broken. Cameron asks if it's fixable since Sonny sounds unsure. Sonny says he didn't think it was but is now hopeful. Cameron wishes him luck and exits.

Lucas stands by what he said about Sonny. Will tells him that it doesn't matter to him. Sami doesn't understand what's wrong with Sonny and questions Lucas. Will says it's okay but Sami doesn't think so. Will realizes that Lucas will never be happy with who he dates unless it's a girl. Will thinks back to having sex with Gabi. Will adds that it probably won't happen. Lucas insists that it has nothing to do with being gay but it's about Sonny. Lucas accuses Sonny of luring Will into his apartment. Will compares it to Lucas being lied to in the past. Sami thinks Lucas' opinions are affected by those lies. Will doesn't want to be in the middle of this. Lucas asks what if he's right about Will making a huge mistake. Will says it will be his mistake but he thinks it'd be wrong to walk away just because his dad has a bad feeling. Sami hugs Will and wishes him luck as he exits. Sami warns Lucas that she will blame him if things get screwed up.

Nicole questions not getting the message. Nicole says she tried to blame her baby's death on someone else, ruined her chances with Daniel, and lost everything. Nicole shouts that the message is that she deserves everything that happened. Hope apologizes. Nicole has nothing left to say to her. Hope wants her to see that she has a second chance. Nicole cries that she does see it and will be sure not to waste it. Hope exits the room as Nicole cries.

Daniel tells Jennifer that he feels responsible for everything Nicole got caught up in since he stepped up when she was alone and needed someone. Daniel blames himself but Jennifer disagrees but won't argue since it's so like him to say that. Jennifer asks if Daniel still has feelings for Nicole. Daniel thinks back to he and Jennifer's argument where he shouted that he loved her. Daniel decides he should get going. Daniel thanks Jennifer again and starts to walk away but Jennifer stops him. Daniel asks if there's something else she wants to say. Jennifer assumes this is it and it's all over. Daniel agrees and walks away.

Sami questions Lucas messing with their son's life. Lucas asks what's wrong with Sami trying to show him up in front of Will. Lucas points out that they aren't together anymore but agreed to be a united front for their kids. Sami calls Lucas a bigot. Lucas argues that he's not one and insists that he doesn't care about Will being gay. Lucas worries that Sonny is going to hurt him. Sami calls it an excuse. Lucas says she's wrong. Sami says Will is well adjusted at making decisions in his life unlike Lucas. Lucas again says he doesn't care that Will is gay but Sami doesn't believe him. Lucas says she knows who he is. Sami tells him to stop trying to undermine Will and his entire life. Sami encourages him to be the good guy that she knows he is and then she exits the office.

Sonny looks out the window as he paces at the coffeehouse. Will then arrives and greets him. Will apologizes for being late and says that's the least of everything he's sorry about. They sit together. Will apologizes for the way he acted and talks about how bad he felt when he thought he blew everything for them. Sonny felt exactly the same way. Will feels he let what Lucas said get to him. Will isn't trying to make excuses but apologizes and says he really missed him. Sonny adds that he missed him too. Sonny apologizes for getting so angry and not letting them talk. Will blames himself and says he can't be mad at Sonny for being angry or at Lucas for what he said. Will says how he acted was his decision and promises to never do it again. Will asks if Sonny can give him another chance. Sonny thinks that's what this is now. Will breathes a sigh of relief and continues apologizing for asking Sonny personal questions. Sonny admits that he has not been completely honest with Will.

Sami enters the Pub and talks to Eddie at the counter, who informs her that Nick went to the hospital with Gabi because she fainted. Sami worries about if Rafe knows. She quickly calls Rafe and leaves a message for him to call as it's important and she rushes out of the Pub.

Gabi complains about having to have blood taken at the hospital as she's embarrassed. Nick tells her it was just a precaution. Cameron enters as her doctor. Nick introduces himself. Cameron asks if she fainted. Gabi claims she just got dizzy but Nick insists she fainted and he caught her. Cameron says he will look at her blood test results but is going to do a short exam first so he asks Nick to wait outside. Nick exits the room as Cameron checks her blood pressure. Gabi can't believe Nick made her go to the hospital just for this. Gabi tells Cameron that he will not find anything and will be wasting his time.

Hope returns to Jennifer's and is still in awe of her dropping the charges. Jennifer guesses Nicole wasn't so gracious with the news. Hope thinks Nicole was relieved and surprised. Jennifer says Nicole was still so angry and blaming her. Hope reminds her that she gave Nicole a second chance. Jennifer worries about people in the town finding out and how Nicole lost everything with Daniel and her baby. Jennifer says Nicole might not be in jail but she's in a prison just the same.

Daniel enters Nicole's hospital room as she is preparing to leave. Nicole says she got conditional clearance but will still have to see a shrink. Nicole asks if he heard the news. Daniel says he did. Nicole states that she dodged a bullet. Daniel asks if that's all she has to say. Daniel points out that she's gotten her life back and won't be in jail. Nicole gets that whatever Jennifer said worked. Nicole just thought Jennifer hated her. Nicole asks Daniel if he hates her. Daniel tells her that he does not hate her. Nicole asks if he doesn't love her either. Daniel doesn't answer so Nicole says it's time for her to go home. Daniel questions where her home is now. Nicole calls it a good question. Daniel asks where she's going to go. Nicole doesn't know, she just says anywhere. Nicole suggests she could go visit her sister Taylor. Daniel offers if she needs anything. Nicole says she agrees to keep in touch with the staff whether she stays in Salem or not. Nicole notices Daniel wearing his necklace and recalls that he had lost it the night before they were going to leave for Hawaii. Nicole realizes that Daniel came back to find his necklace and that's where he found out what she had done. Daniel goes over how he found the baby clothes. Nicole figures it must have been a terrible moment for him. Nicole cries about putting Daniel in the line of fire when she thought there weren't any more secrets. Nicole says she did this all to herself. Daniel tries to calm her down but Nicole pulls away and exits the room.

Hope asks Jennifer about calling Daniel to tell him what happened but Jennifer informs her that she already talked to him. Hope asks how it went. Jennifer says Daniel still feels responsible. Hope calls him a great guy. Jennifer agrees and talks about how Daniel just wanted everything to work out for everyone but himself. Jennifer decides she's going to take care of something that she should've done before. Hope wishes her luck as Jennifer exits.

Sami arrives at the hospital and finds Nick to ask about Gabi. She explains how she found out. Nick says he just wanted to get Gabi checked out and doesn't care if Gabi is mad about it. Sami tells him that he did the right thing and reveals that she left a message for Rafe. Nick worries since Gabi made him swear not to tell Rafe unless something was wrong. Sami asks what she thinks it is. Nick says Gabi claimed it was just not eating. Sami thinks he's worried. Nick is sure she's fine. Nick tells her that Cameron is with her and told him to wait out here. Sami says he didn't tell her to wait so she goes to find the room.

Cameron tells Gabi that so far all her tests are normal. Sami bursts in and questions if Gabi is okay. Gabi wonders who told her she was there. Cameron tells Sami that Gabi seems fine. Cameron goes to check the blood work. Sami mentions to Gabi that she left a message for Rafe. Gabi is surprised and insists that she's fine and shouldn't even be there. Sami mentions that Nick said she was mad about him bringing her. Gabi admits it's kind of cute. Sami says they are getting serious and suggests maybe all the love made her light headed when she fainted. Sami hugs her as they laugh together.

Will questions what Sonny means that he wasn't honest about. Sonny clarifies that it's not Brian as they are just friends and nothing happened. Sonny wants Will to feel comfortable asking about his past but Will no longer feels the need to. Sonny tells him that he hasn't exactly been a monk since he's been back in Salem but he hasn't felt a connection with anyone until he met Will. Will doesn't think it sounds like anything he hasn't been honest about. Sonny talks about how he got Will to his apartment. Will asks if it was the Halloween boxes and questions if Sonny actually set that up. Sonny asks if Will knew. Will says no but Lucas said Sonny did it on purpose to lure him to his apartment. Sonny apologizes but offers to explain. Sonny says he knew Will was new to all of this and wanted to respect that but there's taking it slow and taking it slower. Sonny tells Will that he's really hot and he thought Will would be nervous but he was actually nervous. Sonny thought if they hung out and relaxed then it wouldn't feel like he set it up or was pushing him into anything then it would just happen naturally. Sonny apologizes for rambling. Will concludes that Lucas was right and decides he wants them to tell Lucas as he'd be thrilled to be right. Will kisses Sonny and tells him that he doesn't think he could be lured anywhere he didn't already want to go. Will wanted to be there and wanted everything that happened to happen. Sonny calls it amazing to hear him say that. Will doesn't want to be here anymore. Sonny jokingly asks if he's sure he's not luring him anywhere. Will kisses him and then takes his hand as they walk out together.

Nicole walks through the town square looking up at the stairs that she fell down. She gets teary-eyed and rushes the other way but bumps into people walking. Nicole looks around at everyone in the town square. She shouts out that it's all true so everyone should keep their distance. Nicole yells for them not to stare at her because she's not a freak show. Nicole sits down on the bench and wonders who she's kidding. Nicole says to herself that she was finally going to have a child and a great guy to raise him with but she ruined it and lost them both. Nicole cries out wondering why it has to be this way.

Daniel makes coffee at the hospital as Jennifer enters. Jennifer doesn't think things ended right between them. Jennifer says they said goodbye like it was over but she doesn't want it to be over. Jennifer says the last weeks have been horrible and they stopped being friends. Jennifer hates it and calls him one of the best friends she's ever had and doesn't want to say goodbye to all that. Jennifer wonders if they can just be friends again and offers her hand. Daniel accepts her handshake and agrees on friends.

Nicole wipes her tears and checks her mirror. She looks over and notices someone in the distance. She gets up wondering if it's her ex, Eric Brady.

Gabi tells Sami that it's been great how quick and easy she and Nick connected as she's never felt like this before. Gabi apologizes but Sami tells her not to worry about her past with Will. Sami wants them both to be happy with who they are supposed to be with. Cameron returns so Gabi asks if she can go but Cameron needs to talk about her blood work. Cameron asks Sami to leave but Sami questions if something is wrong.

Will and Sonny return to Sonny's and start kissing. Sonny asks if he's okay. Will says he is and they continue kissing.

Nick paces at the hospital outside of Gabi's room.

Gabi asks Cameron if something is wrong. Cameron tells her that she's perfectly healthy but wants Sami to leave out of respect for her privacy but Gabi insists on Sami staying. Sami asks Cameron what is wrong.

Will and Sonny continue kissing.

Gabi tells Cameron to just tell her. Cameron announces that Gabi is pregnant.

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