Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/12/12

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/12/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Nicole lays in her hospital bed asleep and dreams about when she was trying to hurt herself while Daniel talked her off the ledge. She wakes up and wonders what's wrong with her as she's messed up again.

EJ walks Johnny through the town square as Sydney is sick with Sami. EJ tells Johnny he can do whatever he wants. Johnny just likes being with him. EJ says the same. EJ tells him to never forget how much he loves and cherishes Johnny's sister. Chad arrives and asks about their sister and if he loves and cherishes Kristen too.

Marlena makes her way to the cabin on the island. She heads inside to find John and Kristen asleep on the couch.

Gabi and Nick kiss in bed as Gabi says she had a dream that Nick told her he loves her. Nick says it wasn't a dream and continues kissing her until his phone rings. Nick says he has a meeting with his parole officer and doesn't want to be late. Gabi tells him not to worry as everything will be fine. Nick agrees as long as he has her and kisses her.

Hope goes to Jennifer's and Jennifer tells her everything that happened with Nicole already losing the baby before falling down the stairs. Jennifer regrets fighting with Nicole. Hope tells her she couldn't have known that she already lost her baby and didn't push her. Jennifer feels partly responsible. Hope thinks that's what Nicole wanted. Jennifer worries about Nicole suffering all that grief by herself. Hope asks Jennifer what she's going to do now that she knows the truth.

Nicole talks to herself about how she really thought she'd be happy this time but blew it all to hell. Nicole says she must not deserve it and now she's all alone and no one gives a damn about her. Brady enters and says that's not true as she still has him.

Marlena walks into the cabin and wakes up John then questions what the hell is going on as Kristen wakes up as well.

Jennifer asks Hope what she means by what is she going to do. Hope reminds her that she was arrested on an accusation that Nicole knew was a lie. Jennifer calls it all ugly. Hope says Nicole made it that way and not Jennifer. Hope tells her that she's not responsible for what happened. Jennifer thinks she will be because the DA will decide whether or not Nicole should be prosecuted based on what she says. Hope asks about being justice in that after everything Nicole did to Jennifer and Daniel. Hope reminds Jennifer that she almost went to prison.

Daniel works at the hospital. Maxine says he's there early and comments that it's terrible what happened to Nicole. Maxine mentions that Brady is in with Nicole now. Daniel is glad because he doesn't want her to be alone and will check on her later.

Nicole tells Brady that she doesn't want to see anyone. Brady offers to talk about it but Nicole refuses and asks him to leave.

Abigail goes to the Pub and talks with Gabi, asking who Nick is with. Gabi explains that it's his parole officer and she doesn't know why Nick was worried. Gabi praises all of Nick's good qualities. Abigail asks if Gabi has a crush. Gabi admits she more than likes him. Abigail asks if they got together. Gabi says she's never felt this way before but knows she is with the right guy. Abigail responds that she's never felt that way.

Chad talks with Johnny as he is excited to spend the morning with EJ. EJ sends Johnny to go play. Chad tells EJ that he heard about Nicole and the baby. Chad is glad that EJ finally realized it wasn't Jennifer's fault. EJ thanks him for the concern. Chad points out that they are family. EJ brings up Chad meeting Kristen. Chad is curious as to why EJ didn't tell him that she was back. Chad questions what kind of game EJ is playing now.

John wants to explain before Marlena jumps to conclusions. John tells her that Kristen was already there when he arrived. Kristen says she would've left immediately but missed the last ferry. Marlena questions her being there with John. Kristen claims that she came to be alone. Kristen tries to explain and gives John his jacket back.

Hope tells Jennifer that it's understandable to have mixed emotions. Jennifer talks about how Daniel and Nicole were going to be a family and raise the baby together. Hope says what happened was tragic but doesn't excuse what Nicole did to her or how she manipulated Daniel. Hope tells her to remember that. Jennifer knows she must make a decision but there's something she has to do first.

Brady tells Nicole to talk to a lawyer but Nicole doesn't need anyone to defend her as she's not crazy since she knows what she did to Jennifer and would do it again in a heartbeat. Brady doesn't believe her and thinks it's the anger talking. Nicole says nothing can change the fact that she lost her baby. Nicole adds that the thought of losing Daniel was too much. Brady says he understands but Nicole argues that he can't understand when she doesn't even understand. Brady hugs her as Nicole cries. Nicole wonders why her as she just wants love but always screws it up. Nicole cries that she always loses everything and tells Brady to go. Brady exits as Nicole lays crying in bed.

Gabi apologizes to Abigail as she thought that she had been with a guy in that way. Abigail admits she hasn't had sex but is not embarassed. Gabi promises not to tell anyone and asks if she's waiting for marriage. Abigail wants to wait for the right guy and says she hasn't found him yet. Gabi encourages that she will when she least expects it.

EJ tells Chad that he didn't tell him about Kristen so he wouldn't think he had an agenda and so Chad could form his own opinion on her. Chad asks if EJ doesn't like her. EJ says he doesn't really know her as it's been a long time. Johnny runs back to EJ and wants to go to the Pub to eat. Johnny asks Chad to come to so he agrees. EJ smiles as they walk off together.

Kristen has John help her remove the jacket as Marlena watches on unhappily. Kristen decides she should leave and catch the ferry. Kristen thanks John for last night. She clarifies that she meant John listened to her side of the story. Kristen calls it a coincidence but is glad they ran into each other. Kristen then exits the cabin. Marlena questions John what that was and what Kristen is up to now. Kristen walks away from the cabin, then stops realizing she accidentally took John's money clip with her keys. She starts to go back to the cabin but stops and walks away.

Nicole remains in her hospital bed as Jennifer arrives to see her.

Chad enters the Pub and has Gabi go get menus. Chad asks Abigal how she is. Abigail is doing better since the charges against Jennifer were dropped. Chad is glad to hear that. Abigail wishes she knew why Nicole did what she did. Chad suggests she just find a way to let it go. Chad asks who is with Nick. Abigail informs him that it's his parole officer. Abigail asks Chad to not cause trouble for Nick. Chad tells her not to worry about it as Nick's not the one he has a problem with. EJ and Johnny sit at a nearby table as Gabi takes their order. EJ asks how Caroline is. Gabi says she's fine and insists she'll be back in no time. Gabi adds that the family is doing as best as they can. Gabi says they will all be together soon because family is the most important thing.

John tells Marlena that there is no way that Kristen could have known he would be there since only Marlena and Hope knew. Marlena says DiMeras can always track people down and drive them insane. John thinks Marlena is overreacting. Marlena says Kristen can't shake her obsession with John and talks about Kristen being a sadistic sociopath. John suggests Kristen may still have some issues and could be struggling with pressure from her family but John believes Kristen is really trying to better herself. Marlena mocks John trying to understand Kristen. John refuses to let Kristen affect their lives but Marlena can't understand it. John clarifies that he doesn't trust Kristen but he has no reason to doubt that she came back to Salem to put the past behind her. Marlena accuses John of defending Kristen and questions what's going on. John suggests that maybe she's changed.

Kristen goes to the coffeehouse and runs into Brady. Kristen hopes he won't be bothered by her getting coffee. Brady tells her to go ahead but he won't let his guard down. Kristen calls it sweet and admirable that he's protective of his father. Brady mocks her. Kristen says she came back to Salem to make a life for herself. Brady will never believe it. Kristen tells him that he's right about one thing and that's that John will never ever have anything to do with her. Brady wonders why and starts to leave but Kristen stops him. Kristen needs Brady to do something for her.

Hope talks to herself at Jennifer's about wishing Alice and Tom could see Ciara. Daniel arrives looking for Jennifer but Hope informs him that she's been gone for awhile. Daniel asks if she knows where she went.

Jennifer asks Nicole if she can come in. Nicole says she can't stop her but she can leave if she wants an apology because she has nothing to say to her. Jennifer says that's good because she can just listen as she has plenty to say to her.

Nick continues talking with his parole officer as Chad watches. Nick finishes his meeting and goes over to Gabi. She asks how it went. Nick says it went well and doesn't know how to thank her. Gabi kisses and hugs him. Chad approaches and questions if Gabi put out as a reward to blackmail Chad into keeping him from sending her to jail.

EJ sits in the town square looking at his phone and thinking about calling Stefano. Johnny runs up and EJ sends him to go play. Abigail arrives and comments on Johnny growing up so fast. Abigail sits with him and says she's sorry for his loss. EJ thanks her and admits he owes Jennifer an apology. Abigail agrees. EJ says he was just looking for someone to blame but knows it's not an excuse. Abigail understands because he'd otherwise blame himself.

Hope invites Daniel in to wait for Jennifer. Daniel talks about being stuck in the ER and wanting to make sure Jennifer is alright. Hope says Jennifer is alright but is confused as to why everything happened. Hope insists that Jennifer doesn't blame Daniel. Daniel says if Jack was still around then Jennifer would be focused on life with him instead of suffering from his decisions. Hope tells him that he did everything he could and says Jennifer will heal with support from friends, family, and Daniel.

Jennifer talks to Nicole about knowing she and Daniel were covering something up and then overhearing EJ talking about a paternity test. Nicole accuses her of being jealous about not being the center of Daniel's universe anymore. Jennifer couldn't understand why Daniel wanted to risk his entire career. Jennifer apologizes if she added to her pressure. Jennifer says that while she didn't push her down the stairs, she did push her to a breaking point. Jennifer says the fight should have never happened and she gets that she interfered in her life making her feel trapped and desperate. Jennifer tells her that she is truly sorry.

Chad asks if he got too close to the truth. Gabi tells him to stop and tells Nick not to listen. Chad asks if they started hooking up before or after he kicked Nick's ass. Chad calls Gabi a whore. Nick tries to go after him but Gabi holds him back and tells him to let it go and go to the back. Nick walks away. Gabi turns to Chad and says she gets why he hates her but asks why is he doing this to Nick.

Brady tells Kristen that he doesn't owe her any favors. Kristen asks if it helps John and Marlena. Kristen tells Brady that she was with John last night and left with something of his so she wants Brady to give it back to him. Brady questions her being with John. Kristen says they had a wonderful talk. Brady mocks what she likely said to John. Kristen says she accidentally took his money clip and hands it back to Brady. Brady asks how she got it. Kristen tells him again that she was with John all night long.

Marlena tells John that this is mind boggling. John says he's just giving someone the benefit of the doubt. Marlena says it's not a normal person. Marlena brings up what Kristen has done to them. John admits that Kristen has convinced him that she's trying to change her life around. John thinks Marlena should believe she can change too. John says Kristen told him that she wanted his forgiveness so John told her they should both move on. Marlena calls it sweet that they came to that in the cabin that means so much to them. John says it meant something a long time ago but not anymore. John tells her that Kristen doesn't want him and just wanted to put the past to rest. Marlena might believe it if it was anyone other than Kristen but she doesn't and she won't. John says they will just agree to disagree then.

EJ doesn't think he's ever truly expressed to Abigail how sorry he is about what happened to Jack. Abigail says Jack died saving her life so she's constantly wondering if she could've done something different to keep him alive. EJ tells her that she can't do that as things happen in life that are random and cruel. EJ says the pain of losing a father must be incredible. EJ tells her that in his experience, it can give a certain amount of clarity and it teaches you what's important. Abigail likes that. EJ says the clarity might not last long and they end up making the same mistakes. Abigail feels it doesn't have to be that way.

Nicole sarcastically tells Jennifer that she's good coming in there like an incredible selfless person. Nicole applauds her for her act and asks what she was hoping for. Jennifer says she wasn't hoping for anything. Nicole tells her that she will never forgive her no matter how many times she apologizes. Nicole orders her to get out so she leaves.

Chad asks Gabi about having a thing for the ex-con. She warns him not to call him that as he's a good man and she's in love with him. Chad questions her being in love with him and asks if it's the same way he was in love with Melanie until Gabi destroyed that. Chad threatens to return the favor and warns her not to hope for a fairytale ending. Chad tells Gabi that he will find a way to blow up her happiness too as he then exits the Pub. Nick returns to Gabi and asks if she's okay. Gabi says she is and Chad's just a jerk. Nick asks what he said but Gabi says it doesn't matter and goes back to work. Gabi sits down in a panic and faints into Nick's arms.

EJ and Abigail continue to talk. Abigail suggests that they should always remember what really matters in life. Abigail starts to leave but EJ stops her and says it was good talking to her as she then walks away.

Brady questions Kristen spending the night with John and accidentally getting his money clip. Kristen explains that she had his jacket since it was cold. Brady doesn't believe her but she tells him to ask John and then goes to get coffee.

John tells Marlena they should get going to catch the last ferry. Marlena walks out and John follows.

Daniel exits Jennifer's and starts to leave just as Jennifer returns home. She asks what he's doing there. Daniel says he was just waiting for her and wanted to see how she was doing. Daniel asks how she's doing. Jennifer informs him that she went to Nicole but it didn't go so well. Jennifer adds that she went to see the DA and they asked how she felt about pressing charges against Nicole. Daniel asks what she said in response.

Hope goes to the hospital to see Nicole. Nicole assumes Hope is there to arrest her.

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